Mixed Up Family Ch. 01

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Chapter One – Belinda

Belinda brushed a stray wisp of blonde hair from her eyes as she chatted with her best friend Amy. “I am sooo fucking bored Ames!” she said to the best friend who was resting on the chaise lounge beside her. ” Marriage isn’t anything like I would have expected it to be!”

“What did you expect B’Lin?” Amy responded. “A 24-hour a day sexfest?” Amy giggled at her friend, who stuck her tongue out at her in mock anger. The girls had been best friends since they had been five years old, rarely did a cross word pass between them.

The two young women were sitting by the pool at Belinda’s parents home, where they’d spent the afternoon. Chad had gone to work and Belinda’s mother had invited her daughter for lunch. When she accepted, she’d called her best friend and asked her to come over for an after-lunch swim. They sat around the pool and yakked about Belinda’s newly-married life, which was – as she had previously stated – NOTHING like she had expected it would be. Amy was sorry for her friend, Belinda was a little bit spoiled and used to getting her own way – obviously Chad was failing to make his pretty young wife happy in the sack.

“Well — actually, yeah, dammit!” Belinda said angrily. “When we were dating in High School, Chad couldn’t keep his hands off of me – or his cock out of me!” she sighed.

The pretty blonde smiled inwardly at the thought. She’d been captain of the Cheerleaders and aside from a few make-out sessions and a little friendly kissing with her girlfriends – including the adorable redheaded Amy – she had come to her Chad in a virginal state. The first time they had sex, Belinda had been nearly insatiable. It was like something hitherto unknown in her persona had been unleashed, something dormant, something that craved sexual gratification.

Belinda watched her pal put suntan oil all over her luscious body. Amy was so absolutely, frickin’ gorgeous, Belinda could never understand why tons of guys weren’t lining up at her buddy’s door to take her out.

Belinda’s mom was inside the house, making dinner and she looked out at her daughter and best friend. From the moment her little girl had set foot inside the house, she’d known something was wrong. It was always simple to tell when Belinda was out of sorts, her normally sunny disposition vanished in an instant. Still, not wishing to pry, she decided to wait until her daughter confided in her. Over the last few months, she’d become one of her daughter’s confidantes and didn’t want to break the bond of trust that had developed between them.

That had not been the case in the past though. She’d always confided more in her father and her sister Beth. Becky and Beth were close though, she knew all Beth’s kinky sexual desires. Beth was a wild woman and in that, she took after her mother. Becky had been “hot-to-trot” in her younger days. Becky had been one of the wildest teenagers this town had ever seen. Her motto had been: If it feels good, do it. If it feels really good, do it again!

Belinda barely remembered where she and Chad went on their first date. She did remember that she wore her favorite tight pink shorts and top and that she’d been very tanned at the time, with no tan lines. Her parents weren’t prudish about tanning naked by the pool, both her mother and sister did the same thing. Chad, who Belinda had really been into, had finally summoned up the courage to ask her out on a date. The hot young man had been after her for some time now and she’d finally agreed to go out with him.

He had not been able to keep his eyes off the nubile little cheerleader and he ached to fuck her. She wasn’t the kind of girl who “put out” but Chad’s muscular body made illegal bahis her wet from the second he’d kissed her. His tongue worked magic over her body and she felt as if she were having an “out of body” experience as the big-dicked football player removed her tiny top and short-shorts. Her “all over” tan was evidently pleasing to him as well, judging from the silly grin on his face.

His fingers slid into her pussy and he fingerfucked her until she thought she couldn’t stand it anymore. His fingers sawed in and out of her hot, blonde, tight pussy as they kissed, their tongues entwined and their breath coming in short, furtive gasps.

“Oh God baby, this is good, but we shouldn’t!” Belinda moaned at her aroused boyfriend. “I don’t want to get pregnant, I want our first time to be special — ” Belinda knew she was babbling a bit as she tried to fight off her desire to fuck him.

“Why not, B’Lin?” he moaned as he continued to manipulate his girlfriend’s body. Chad had many girls in his car – lots of them had gone for a ride on his hard dick – but none of them excited him the way this hot blonde cheerleader did. She had the cutest face, the sexiest little tits and the hottest, roundest little ass he’d ever seen! He just had to fuck her hot little pussy and fuck her HARD!

Her mind overcome with lust, Belinda tried to resist the urges that were running through her hotly aroused body. She’d petted before, most girls had, but now she wanted to fuck – but she knew she HAD to resist these urges!

But WHY?, she thought all of a sudden. She knew that Chad was the boy for her, that his cock was the cock she wanted to have – she wanted to marry this man, the man who was a lot like here daddy, who made her pussy ache with want and need.

“Chad honey?”

“Yeah Belinda?”

“Do you want to fuck me baby? Do you want to put your cock in me and finally give it to me?” she said in the most teasing, seductive voice she could muster.

“Fuck you Belinda? God, fuck you?! Can I?”

Belinda nodded to her long-time boyfriend. “I think it’s time, don’t you? I know you love me darling, I know you do – don’t you?”

“Of course I do, Belinda baby, of course I do!” He would have said anything to get into her panties, but he really did care for Belinda a great deal. She was kind, warm and friendly – all his buds were envious that he was going out with the little cutie.

The sandy-haired youth moved on top of the panting teenage girl and worked his way between her sensually splayed legs. He licked passionately at the blonde furry pussy as he had many times in the past, this time knowing he was going to put his cock deep inside of her and love her for the first time!

She squealed with delight as her hard-cocked boyfriend worked her into a frenzy of fuck-lust. “Now baby, don’t make me wait any longer, please, fuck me NOW!” she cried out.

Chad moved between Belinda’s thighs and rubbed his hard cock against her wet, fleecy pussy lips. With a hard thrust, he put himself deep within her pussy and began to fuck Belinda in the way he had only dreamed of before. Belinda dug her nails deeply into his back as he began fucking her, thrusting and pumping and grunting as he took her once-precious virginity.

His long, juice-slicked cock moved in and out of her pussy, finding almost no signs of the virginity that had been there just moments before. Her hymen had torn easily before Chad’s lusty assault and now she was arching back at him, meeting him thrust for thrust, movement for movement, every inch as turned on by the hot fucking as he! As he gripped her ankles and his bulbous, purple knob slid in and out of her cunt, Belinda wondered if it were possible to die illegal bahis siteleri from too much pleasure.

Chad pumped in and out of Belinda ferociously, almost uncaring if he was hurting her or not, satiating his own lusts on her tiny, young body. The walls of her sweet, tight cunt gripped him like a vise as he plunged in and out of her body, as if urging him for more fucking. Chad was eager to comply with the requests of his baby, then he heard her crying out.

“Fuck me, fuck me, oh god, FUCK ME TIL’ I DIE!” she screamed at him, her nails raking his sweat-soaked flesh as he see-sawed out her aroused cooze. It was if she was a new woman, but the hard-dicked youth had no complaints as he fucked her harder and harder. She seemed to love his savage fucking, the harder he pounded into her, the louder she screamed in passion. Harder and more ferociously, he pumped his shaft into Belinda’s aroused, young pussy.

Like dogs in heat, the two teenagers rutted noisily. Her legs were high up in the air as Chad pumped and pummeled her aroused young cunt, her blonde hair now soaked with the perspiration from their heated fucking.

He slowed down for a few minutes, panting. Despite his athletic prowess, the youth hadn’t had much experience with fucking anyone this wild, her sexual passions seemed even greater than his own. Chad was quite surprised at how much energy a fuck with pretty, sweet Belinda required! Belinda drummed her tiny feet upon his back, urging him to resume his hot screwing of her heated little pussy! She wondered why he was slowing down, surely he wasn’t running out of steam already! She needed more cock to fill her hungry, needy little snatch! “Come on lover, I need more of that good cock!” she wailed.

Chad resumed screwing her and in the recesses of her mind, Belinda thought OH GOD, WHY THE HELL DID I WAIT SO LONG TO START FUCKING? THIS IS WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL … The aroused young teen knew she’d never be able to go without sex again, she was already addicted to it.

Belinda didn’t have much experience with sex, but if men were much bigger than her Chad, she wouldn’t want to fuck any of them! She knew, from surreptitious peeks at her Daddy in the shower, that some men were slightly bigger, but her Chad’s pumping cock was all she needed for now. She shouldn’t be thinking of other cocks, like her Daddy’s, while Chad Warren was fucking her horny little pussy so darned good!

In and out, Chad fucked the tiny blonde teenybopper, her pussy walls squishing around the throbbing maleness that invaded her hot cunt. She fucked him back to the best of her ability and he sure seemed to be enjoying her enthusiasm. His savage grunts as his rod moved in and out of her, the sounds of flesh slapping against heated flesh was turning them both on!

She was loving it!

Belinda was loving the feeling of a hard cock inside her cunt. Already, she thought inwardly, I’m already thinking like a hot little slut! And I like it!

She gave herself over completely now to the wild sensations coursing through her body, she spread her legs wider apart to give her boyfriend easier access to her hot, horny pussy. She wasn’t even slightly afraid anymore, no did she feel any pain or regret over losing her formerly-precious virginity. Indeed, she felt silly for having waited this long!

Harder and harder and faster and faster her boyfriend moved inside of her and she wiggled and bounced and fucked him back! For every thrust Chad gave, she thrust back against his invading cock and balls, feeling him hit home each time! She had been transformed this very night from a sweet young girl into a depraved teenage fuckslut. A fuckslut just waiting for a man’s cock. canlı bahis siteleri There were other positions she wanted to try, other things she wanted to do. Belinda intended to be a first-class student of fucking!

Her hands clutched hard at Chad’s back now, her nails raked his heated young flesh as he pounded deep within her depths. Both the lewdly fucking teens now seemed oblivious to pain, only pleasure existed for the both of them as they enjoyed each other’s bodies.

As he neared his own impending orgasm, it occurred to Chad that Belinda was no longer fighting him in any way, that she had given herself to him, and it thrilled the young athlete to his core. He moved in and out of his girl and he knew that is what she was – his girl, his to fuck any way he wanted!

That hot idea made the youth climax within her, shooting copious loads of hot, sticky jizz all over his pretty, blonde, teenage girlfriend. He exploded within the formerly-virgin body of his sweetheart, his B’Lin, again and again and again, a never-ending gush of lava flooding the walls of her formerly-chaste cunt.

Belinda accepted all of it, her legs kicking and flailing about as she came moments afterward, thinking to herself “Nothing has ever felt this good, nothing will ever feel this good, ohhhh Godddd, cumming is the best, fucking is the best, ohhhhh Gooddd, I love to fuckkkkk….”

Afterwards, the two young lovers held each other close and promised to do it again soon. And they did, the very next night. Their lust for each other seemed to prove insatiable.

They married shortly after graduating High School and for the first 3 months of their marriage, were blissfully happy. She loved all the domestic things, cooking and cleaning for him, fussing over him.

She still loved Chad, Belinda knew, but God, life wasn’t what she thought it would be.

For one thing, his football career had gone nowhere, he ended up working as a mechanic in a local garage. He loved it and it provided, but the hours were long and the work hard. Their sex life dwindled.

Even when they had sex, Chad was a straightforward, put-it-to-you kind of lover. She wanted to try lots of new things. Romantic things. Sensual things. Letting her be on top. Tying him up. When she suggested a threesome to heat things up, Chad had freaked. “I’m not sharing you with another guy, that’s final!” he had said angrily. Belinda hadn’t considered another guy, she wanted to watch her husband fuck another girl. She was curious to see him in action with someone other than herself. The lewd thought titillated her. The thought of joining in thrilled her even more!

So today, Belinda was home for a visit with her Mom and Dad. She sighed wearily as she looked inside, watching her Mom prepare dinner. She bet her Daddy was great in the sack, Mom always looked happy. She knew that her daddy had a nice, big cock and Belinda bet her daddy, Jake, knew that letting a woman take control could be fun. She sighed. She wished her Chad was a little more like Jake, somewhat less rigid.

The two young women walked into the house and Belinda walked upstairs to her old bedroom to change out of her swimsuit. Amy watched her friend wiggle up the stairs and turned towards Becky.

“Mom says she’ll be over tonight at 9” she smiled at Becky.

“And will you be here as well?” Becky said, smiling back at Amy.

“Of course. You know I wouldn’t miss one of our little – gatherings – for anything in the world!” Amy said, as she rubbed her firm bikini-clad breasts against Becky, moving in for a soft, passionate kiss. The young woman and her best friend’s mother moved sensually against each other, tongues entwined, sharing a stolen moment.

Becky thought if her daughter knew what her best friend was really like, she’d probably have a heart attack. “This is one naughty secret I will keep to myself!” she thought as she lovingly squeezed the cheeks of Amy’s tight little ass.

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