Mom Considers Labiaplasty…

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This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Copyright 2014 by the author.


Mom considers labiaplasty, gets a second opinion from her son


You might get the idea from reading the following story that I like women with large labia. You might be right.

“Hey mom, whatcha doin’?” Tim asked as he walked into the family room.

“Oh nothing.” Dana tried to quickly close the browser she had open, but in her haste, the mouse slipped from her grasp and fell to the floor. She bent down and desperately looked for it, hoping her son wouldn’t come any closer.

Unaware of his mom’s plight, Tim walked over and saw what was on the computer monitor. “Mom, why are you looking at pictures of vaginas? I thought I was the only one around here who did that.”

“I didn’t want you to see that. Where did that mouse go?” they had a wireless mouse, so she couldn’t just locate it by following the cord. “Stupid wireless mouse. Ah, there it is.” she picked it up and put it on the mousepad.

“Hold on, mom. Why do the one’s on the right look so much different than the one’s on the left?”

Dana had always tried to be as open and honest with her son as she could, she answered all his questions about where babies come from, why girls are different than boys, etc. She had always tried to give age appropriate answers, and now that he was 18 years old, and sexually active, she had decided to treat him like an adult.

“They’re before and after photographs of a plastic surgery procedure called ‘labiaplasty’. This website is from a plastic surgeon’s office.” she managed to close the browser.

“Why are you looking at that? What’s labiaplasty?”

“Labiaplasty is a procedure where they basically trim excess tissue from a woman who has overly large labia. Mainly it’s done for cosmetic reasons, but there are comfort issues as well.” she knew what he was going to ask next, and was trying to decide just how honest she should be. “some girls at work told me about it.” this was the truth, but not the whole truth.

“So, are you thinking about getting that done?” Tim had never seen his mom’s labia, so he had no idea why she might want such a surgery. He did know that his mom was smokin’ hot. She was tall, athletic and beautiful. When he was little, she did a few photo shoots as a fitness model, and had briefly tried her hand at bodybuilding, although she never got very bulked up. Even now, at age 37, she still turned heads, and all his friends called her a MILF.

“That’s a rather personal thing to ask your mother, isn’t it?”

“Sorry, mom. I didn’t realize it was so personal. I know it’s your vagina we’re talking about here, but we’ve talked about my penis before, and that never bothered you, hell you’ve even seen my penis.”

That was true. She had recently walked into his room while he was masturbating. She didn’t stick around to watch, but afterwards, she told him there was nothing wrong with what he was doing, and that it was perfectly natural and healthy to masturbate.

“I know, but this is different. This is embarrassing.”

“Oh I understand. It’s totally different than when you caught me jerking off. That wasn’t embarrassing for me at all.”

“Don’t be sarcastic. I didn’t mean to see you doing that, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed about that anyway. I told you there’s no shame in making yourself feel good.”

“So my penis isn’t embarrassing, but your vagina is. Got it, mom.”

“If you saw my, um, genitals, you’d know why I’m embarrassed.” she was starting to blush. “In fact, it’s so bad I’m considering something as drastic as plastic surgery.”

“What’s so bad about your genitals, mom? You got a blue waffle going on down there?”

“I don’t know what a ‘blue waffle’ is.”

“Google it later, on second thought, don’t. Forget I brought it up. Seriously, do not google ‘blue waffle’.”

“Here, take a look at this.” she opened the browser and pulled up the same website she just closed. “See the before pictures? See how much extra tissue there is? Doesn’t that look ugly to you?”

“Actually, no. The after pictures look ugly to me. They look fake, like they were drawn by someone who doesn’t like women. They look unnatural. Why would you want to have yourself mutilated like that?”

“I don’t think they look mutilated, they look youthful, don’t they?” she asked.

“Not one bit. I know that’s what the doctor might tell you, but those after pictures don’t look youthful, they look butchered. See how they don’t have the same shape or texture as the before picture? They look about as youthful as a 70 year old woman with jet black hair. Totally fake.”

“Do you think the before pictures look attractive? Would you want to be with a woman who looked like that?”

“Absolutely. I think they look like big beautiful flowers. I’ve never seen a set of lips I didn’t like. Except those after pictures. Eww.”

“Flowers? illegal bahis Really? So why do guys make fun of women with big lips? I’m sure you’ve heard the terms ‘beef curtains’ or ‘mud flaps’? Or they say things like ‘it’s like throwing a hot dog down a hallway.’, insinuating that a woman with big labia must be loose, physically and morally.”

“Those terms are no worse than ‘tube steak’ or ‘baloney pony’. And guys who say that women are too loose probably have tiny dicks. Most girls I’ve been with are too tight.”

“Maybe your penis is too big.” as soon as she said that, she regretted it. She had promised herself she wouldn’t say anything to him about that, but it was true, he had a very nice sized penis, well above average.

“You think so, mom?” his cock started stirring in his pants. “All the girls I’ve been with said it was big, but I thought they were just being nice, like when I tell average looking girls how beautiful they are.”

She decided not to get into it with him. “We’re talking about labia here, not your penis. Try and focus.”

“Sorry, mom, but they do kinda go together. Vaginas and penises are like peanut butter and jelly.”

“Now you’re just being silly. I thought we could have an adult discussion here, but…” she closed the browser again.

“I’m sorry, mom, but I really don’t think you should get yourself butchered like that. Seriously.”

“What if I told you that my labia are bigger than any of the before pictures on that website?”

“I’m sure they’re not that big, mom. Maybe you have a bit of dysmorphia going on.”

“You think it’s all in my head? You think I imagine it to be worse than it is?”

“I don’t know, maybe. Dysmorphia is not uncommon among bodybuilders, you know.”

“I’ve never told you this, but when I was trying to bulk up a few years back, I did one cycle of anabolic steroids. I know now that it was a stupid thing to do, but my trainer talked me into it.”

“Really, mom. You were a juicehead? Cool.”

“It’s not cool. Have you ever seen what excess testosterone does to a woman’s genitals?”

“No, what does it do?”

“The same thing it does to muscles, except the genital change is permanent.”

“Wow, mom. I’d like to see that. Um, I didn’t mean yours, I just meant… You know.”

“I know what you meant. I’m not going to show you mine, maybe you can find some pictures on the web to satisfy your curiosity. I don’t want to talk about it any more, I’m going to bed. Good night.” she stood up and kissed him on the forehead, then went up to her room.

“Good night, mom.” as soon as she was gone, he fired up the interweb and was soon magically transported to the wonderful world of porn. He searched for ‘bodybuilder porn’ and ‘huge labia’, he found websites, blogs and forums dedicated to large labia and clits. He noticed that the bodybuilders had huge clits, along with large hanging lips. He jerked off twice looking at all the beautiful pussies. The more he saw, the more he wanted to see his mom’s pussy. He tried to devise a plan, but nothing seemed very likely to result in anything more than getting himelf slapped. Eventually he went up to bed, jerking off again, imagining he could see, or even touch and taste his mom’s big beautiful lips.

The next day at dinner, he decided to bring up his favorite subject, vaginas. “So, mom, I hope you decided against that surgery we were talking about last night.”

“I haven’t made up my mind about it. I appreciate your input, but it shouldn’t concern you. I’m the one who has to live with it, not you.”

“It concerns me because I care about you and don’t want to see you do something you’ll end up regretting.”

“Maybe my only regret will be that I didn’t do it sooner. I’m not getting any younger, you know. I’d like to start dating again now that you’re growing up and don’t need my attention 24/7. It’s sad when your teenage son has a better sex life than you do.”

“Why do you need to get mutilated to start dating? Plenty of guys like a woman with big lips.”

“That’s not been my experience. I’d like to know where these guys are.”

“There’s thousands of them on the internet. I was looking for pictures of bodybuilders last night like you suggested and I found a bunch of sites dedicated to large labia. There’s lot’s of guys out there you could date.”

“You’re pulling my leg. There isn’t any such website.”

“Don’t believe me? Come over to the computer and check this out.”

She followed him into the family room and watched as he opened the browser, then started pulling up websites from last night’s browsing history. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Picture after picture of big hanging pussylips being described in glowing terms by the surrounding text. “So a few guys put up websites, that doesn’t mean there’s thousands of men looking at this.”

“I found this, too.” he pulled up a forum that was dedicated to large labia. There were several sections and hundreds if not thousands of threads solely for the purpose illegal bahis siteleri of discussing labia. There was an entire section dedicated to outlawing labiaplasty, calling it genital mutilation, and describing it as barbaric.

He clicked on the pictures section and showed her all the threads where guys had posted pictures of their wives’ pussies, asking for comments. Every thread had multiple pages of responses, all positive. Some threads were started by women themselves, proudly posting pictures of their big lips, sometimes hanging down, sometimes spread wide open. As Dana looked at the pictures, she saw that some of the lips and clits were even bigger than her own, yet the guys still raved about their beauty.

“You should join this forum, mom. Maybe you’ll realize that what you thought was a handicap is actually an advantage.”

“I must say I’m intrigued. I never knew any guys were into this. Where do I go to sign up?”

“Just click here, you’ve got to have a handle, a pseudonym to preserve your anonymity when you post your picture.” he got up to let her use the keyboard and mouse.

“I’m not posting any pictures of my pussy on the internet. Not yet, anyway.”

“How about ‘MudFlapMomma’ for your handle, mom? Ooh, how about ‘FleshyPinkFlower’?”

“How about not. Let’s try ‘LadyLabia’. That sounds classy, doesn’t it?”

“I still like ‘MudFlapMomma’, but it’s your account, you can do what you want. Put in your e-mail address and click ‘send’. That’s it. Check your e-mail for your password and you can log in.”

By the time she opened her e-mail account, her password was already there. She copied and pasted it into the forum site and was logged on.

“I’ll leave you alone with your fans, mom.”

She spent the next few hours reading all the posts she could, getting more and more confident, she decided to make a post in the new members section. She introduced herself and apologized for being too shy to post a pic, she even mentioned that she was considering surgery. She went back to the other section to look at more pictures, but every time she changed pages, she noticed she recieved a new private message. She opened the first one and read it. It was from another woman who welcomed her to the forum and asked her to at least spend a bit more time here before making any decision about surgery. She replied with a short note of thanks, then read the next PM. This one was from a man, he begged her not to get the surgery, asked her to post a picture, and gave his e-mail address and cell phone number. Most of the other messages were from men saying the same things, some included pictures of their hard cocks, some even offered her large sums of money for a private viewing.

Tim came back in to the family room. “You still looking at pussy on the net, mom? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you’ve switched teams.”

“Switched teams?” she asked.

“You know, from the hetero team to the homo team.”

“Oh, that. I’ve been on the bench so long I’ve almost forgotten what team I’m on. No, I still like men, although some of the guys on here are a bit pervy. One guy sent me a picture of him pissing into his own mouth.”

“It’s a forum dedicated to female genitalia, mom. You should expect a few crude come-ons. Just ignore those guys.”

“I know. Almost every message I’ve received has asked me to post a picture, even the other women want to see. I wonder how hard that would be?” she was getting aroused thinking of publicly displaying herself to a group of strangers.

“It’s easy, I could show you.”

“You’re just trying to get a look at me for yourself, aren’t you?”

“I’m offering to help you, mom. If I get to see your beautiful lips, that’s just a bonus.”

“I shouldn’t do this, but… Go get your camera.”

“Sure thing, mom.” he said, trying to sound nonchalant, hoping she wouldn’t notice his raging hard on straining against his jeans. He got his digital camera and went back to the living room. “OK, mom. Let’s see it.”

“Before we start, I want to remind you that I’m your mother, not one of your little girlfriends. You’re going to see my private area, but you can’t touch me, and I’m not going to be touching you, either.”

“Jeez, mom, do you think I’m some kind of weirdo who’s into incest?”

“I didn’t say that, I just know how men are. Once they see something they like, they want more and more. Don’t get your hopes up.”

“Come on, mom. I only want to see you purely out of curiosity. I have plenty of girls I can fuck anytime I want.”

“OK, here goes nothing.” she stood up, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, pushing them down past her hips, then down to her ankles. She stepped out of them and stood in front of her son in just her shirt and white cotton panties.

Tim could see a bit of a bulge in her crotch, and thought he could see a bit of a wet spot, but he said nothing.

Dana took a deep breath, exhaled, then put her thumbs in her waistband, pushing her panties down, letting them fall canlı bahis siteleri to the floor. She had a full, untrimmed bush of black hair, but her lips were still visible, hanging down below her pubes.

“Wow, mom. That’s beautiful.”

“Do you really think so? I still don’t think it looks good, even after reading all those comments online.”

“I really think so, mom. My only complaint is that your pubic hair is obscuring the view. Are you ready for the pictures?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be. Oh, I almost forgot. I’m supposed to write the name of the website and my handle on a card and hold it in the pictures. These people on the internet want proof that it’s really me.” She sat down and got a 3×5 card and a black marker out of the desk. She quickly wrote the info on the card, showing it to Tim. “Will that do?”

“That’s fine, mom. Now stand up against the bare wall over here, it’ll make a good backdrop.”

“OK, don’t get my face in these pictures.”

“I know that, mom, but you should lift your shirt up over your stomach. You don’t have to show your tits, but you should show off those tight abs you work so hard to keep.”

“I guess you’re right. I do like the way my abs look.” she pulled her shirt up just under her bra.

“Ok, mom, spread your legs just a little.” he got down to his knees to be at eye level with her crotch. She held the card beside her bush. “Perfect. Now turn around and stick your butt out just a bit.”

“Like this?” she pointed her shapely ass at the camera.

“That’s good, mom. Very good. Turn back around, facing me. Go ahead and pull your lips straight down. Really stretch them out.”

“I’m not really comfortable doing that. It makes my lips look even bigger than they already do.” plus she was getting aroused and she knew if she touched herself, it would only get worse.

“That’s the whole point of these pictures, mom. We’re trying to show just how big and lovely your lips are.”

“OK.” she said as she dropped the card and grabbed her lips with both hands and pulled straight down.

Tim moved a little closer to get a better view. “Very nice, mom. Now pull your lips apart, as wide as you can.”

She pulled them apart, showing the wet, pink interior to her son, and to the camera.

He could see her clit for the first time. It looked about an inch long, but it was hard to see through all the hair. “Fantastic, mom.” her lips must have been three inches long as she pulled them to the side. “Go sit down on the couch and spread your legs.” he picked the 3×5 card up from the floor and handed it to her.

“Like this?” she held the card next to her lips.

“Perfect, mom. Can you pull some of the hair up and out of the way? I want to get a clear view of your clit.”

She reached down and put her fingers just above her clit, pulling it up. She was really getting close to a climax now, and knew if she touched her clit, she wouldn’t be able to hold back.

“Beautiful, mom. Pinch your clit with the other hand, between your thumb and finger.”

“Mmmmm.” she let out a moan as she came from touching herself. The fact that her son was watching and taking pictures made her even hotter. “Oh God.” she murmered, trying to keep her orgasm subdued, hoping he wouldn’t notice.

“Wow, mom. Did you just cum?” he asked.

“Ohh. Mmmm.” she sighed, closing her legs on her hand. After a minute, “Yes, I just had an orgasm. I didn’t mean for you to see that, I’m just so hot from looking at that website. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that in front of you.”

“You don’t need to apologize, mom. Remember you said there’s no shame in making yourself feel good? I liked watching you.” he unzipped his jeans. “In fact, I’m going to do the same thing right now.” he pulled his cock out and began stroking.

“Tim! Don’t do that in front of me.” she looked at his cock. She could see his pre cum oozing out of the tip. “Oh, what the hell. Go ahead baby, I don’t mind. You’re going to need a tissue.” she reached over and grabbed the box of tissues from the side table and handed it to him, then she spread her legs and began rubbing her clit again.

“Oh fuck that’s so hot, Fuck yeah!” he came into the tissue as he watched his mom playing with her clit. “Oh my god, mom. Fuck.” he kept stroking even after his cum stopped spurting out. “Mmmmffff.” he grunted, feeling the final spasm of his orgasm.

“Mmmmm. Oh God. Yes. Mmmmm.” she murmured quietly as she had another orgasm watching her son stroke his cock. Dana was never really a screamer, her orgasms were very intense, but she usually just moaned quietly.

After he finished and wiped all the cum from his dick, he picked up the camera and took a few more shots of her as she was stroking and pinching her clit. “That’s so hot, mom.”

“I know it might be a little weird to watch your mom do this, but it’s been so long since I’ve been with a man, and that website made me so hot… I hope you don’t mind.”

“Mind? I fuckin’ loved it. You really have a beautiful pussy, mom. I could watch you do that all day.”

“You really thing my pussy is beautiful? I’ve been so self concious about it for years. I’ve been afraid to let any guys see me down there, that’s why I haven’t been on a date in so long.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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