Mom Has a Secret

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Author’s Note: This story is a sequel to one of my earlier stories ‘Missing magazines’. However, the story is complete in itself. All the characters are fictional and are creation of my imagination. My sincere thanks to simmran1 for reading and editing my story.

Chapter 1

I parked the car in the parking area of the railway station. The parking attendant quickly moved in front of my car. He scribbled my car’s license number on the parking ticket, tore it into two pieces and pasted one on the front bumper of the car. Then he handed the remaining half of the ticket to me. I grabbed it and rushed to the first class entrance.

I entered onto the platform before the train had arrived.

I slowed my pace and looked at my wristwatch. It was half past ten in the night. The train was scheduled at ten thirty five; so I had five minutes to wait.

It was a cold late November night. A couple of days ago, there was news of snowfall in the hills. That explained the sudden drop in temperature. There were not many people around. I could see only a few scattered here and there…a few more standing by the tea shop sipping their cups of hot tea.

My body shivered as a gentle cold breeze touched me. I closed my jacket properly, zipping up the front. Hot tea would be a good idea. I thought.

All of a sudden, the silence prevailing at the platform was disrupted. A female voice on a blaring speaker announced the arrival of the train. I dropped the idea of tea, walked to the front and waited impatiently.

Within a minute, the roaring engine entered into the station and passed in front of me. I stood silently, watching the coaches moving past me one by one. I was trying to look calm however; my mind was in a state of continuous excitement.

Slowly, the train halted. I scurried toward the reserved compartment. I was midway when I saw Rosy descending from a first class coach. She immediately saw me. Her face lit up with a warm smile and she waved at me.

I walked over to receive my beautiful sister. In the last five months, since I last saw her, Rosy seemed to have blossomed into a more beautiful woman. Her round face appeared puffier than the last time. Yet she looked gorgeous…just stunning…the way she always looked. I silently admired the exquisite beauty of my dear sister. I realized how lucky I was to have her as my sister and be her lover. I desperately wanted to take her in my arm, kiss her rosy lips, strip her and fuck her hard. I felt a gentle stirring between my loins.

Rosy caught me gazing at her. She face turned little crimson.

“Where’s your luggage?” I asked her.

She pointed at her attaché-case, which was kept near the door of the coach. I immediately picked it up.

“Let’s go.”

We walked out of the station, to the parking area. I unlocked the front door of our car. While she settled on the driver’s side seat, I hurled the attaché-case on the back seat. Then I sat at the driver’s seat and turned on the engine. Slowly, I maneuvered my car through the maze of haphazardly parked cars and brought it to the exit. I handed the parking ticket and the money to the attendant and sped the car on the near empty road.

We drove silently. Many things were going through my mind, and probably hers as well.

Our house was a fifteen-minute drive from the railway station. But I was in no hurry. The car was now passing through an isolated road. I suddenly hurled to a side, hit the brakes and switched off the engine.

Rosy gave me a surprised look but I could see the smirk on her face. I turned toward her, forcibly pulled her into my arm, lowered my face to hers and pressed my lips to hers. She responded positively licking my lips with her tongue. I opened my mouth and let her moist tongue enter between my lips. I could feel my cock growing inside the confines of my jeans.

A car appeared at the far end of the road. The windshield was suddenly illuminated for a fraction of second. Alarmed, we immediately broke the kiss and reverted back to our seats. I realized that I was panting with excitement. My cock had already swelled and was straining hard inside my tight jeans. I started the car again.

I didn’t try to speed up the car and drove at a leisurely pace. Rosy moved closer to me and rested her head over my shoulder. I put my one arm around her shoulder and drove with other hand. It was little risky but the road was empty and I was driving very slowly. I was in no hurry to reach home. I was with my loving sister after such a long time and I wanted our journey to last forever. Once at home, probably we wouldn’t get many opportunities to be alone.

“Did you miss me?” She asked suddenly.

“Nah…” I replied mischievously.


Rosy brought her lips close to me and kissed my cheek. I felt her warm breath over my neck. She then took my hand off her shoulder and gently placed it over her thighs. I felt another stirring in my loins. I tried to rub her thigh but she didn’t let me do it. She continued holding my hand and slowly illegal bahis placed it over her stomach.

With her hand, she allowed my hand to roam over her belly. Intrigued by her behavior, I looked at her.

“Can you feel something?”

I caressed her stomach. Her stomach appeared a little swollen but I didn’t find that unusual.


Rosy took a deep breath and whispered in my ear.

“I’m pregnant.”

“What…?” I exclaimed.


She released my hand, lifted her kurta then guided my hand to explore her bare belly. I touched the bare skin of her bulging belly. It was more pronounced than I had remembered. I didn’t notice it at the station as she was wearing a loose fitting kurta.

“That’s really good. Congratulations. Sandeep must be very happy.”

“Yeah…he’s happy.” She spoke.

“So…when am I going to be uncle?”

“You should ask, when am I going to be a Dad?”

My foot pressed on the accelerator; the car lurched forward and sped up.

“Stop.” She yelled. “What’re you doing?”

I controlled my senses; released the pressure on the pedal bringing the car back to its original speed.

I looked at my dear sister…unbelievingly.

“Yes…it’s your child.” As if she understood the question rising in my mind. “You’re the father.”

“Me…!” I was flabbergasted. “How…how…is it possible?”

“Because we screwed day and night during my last visit.” She spoke somewhat sarcastically. “I’m sure you know babies are made that way.”

“Yes…yes…”I was still not believing.” How can you be so sure?”

“Come on Rohan.” She laughed. “Don’t be so stupid. Only a mother can tell who the real father is.”

I felt my hands shivering over the driving wheel. She must be right. During her last visit, Rosy was forced to share my room because of a repair work at our house. We indulged in massive fucking sessions every night. It actually never occurred to me that I could impregnate her with my seed. I never really believed it…never gave a thought. At that time, screwing her was our only priority and we never missed an opportunity. I fucked her again and again. We spent each and every night fucking our brains out.

My horny sister was an equal accomplice in our incestuous love affair. She was married and was more aware of this fact but she never mentioned it to me. She never asked me to wear a protection.

And now she was informing me that I was going to be the father of her child.

My fingers began trembling violently. I realized that my entire body was shaking. All of a sudden, I was overwhelmed by an unknown fear. I gripped the steering wheel very rigidly.

“Sandeep…he knows about it?”

“About the baby…yes…can’t hide such things from him…you know.”

Even in the cold late November night, I could feel beads of perspiration appearing on my forehead.

“But he doesn’t know about the real father.” She gave me a assuring smile. “He thinks that it’s his child.”


A deep breath escaped my mouth. Relaxing the grip from the steering wheel, I looked at my dear sister. She was smiling mischievously.

I was feeling a little stupid. It was obvious that she wouldn’t tell her husband about the identity of the true father of her child. It was not possible for an Indian girl to admit that she had conceived from her own brother’s sperm. Our society was not yet advanced enough to accept that. She could never tell the truth to anyone.

Neither do I.

I pondered over the fact. The thought of becoming a father at a tender age of nineteen was something beyond my comprehension.

“You remember my last visit,” She continued. “Those were my peek days…I was ovulating.”

“What’s that?” I stared at her incredulously. It didn’t make any sense to me. I knew that fucking…but this peek day’s stuff make babies.

Rosy sensed my confusion.

“Actually it’s the midway between the two periods. Those days a woman is very fertile. You know about periods?”

I nodded my head in agreement.

“When I went back, my periods were about to begin. I was aware that I might conceive, so I let Sandeep fuck me daily. I missed my period but I told him only after same more days have passed.”

“Didn’t he know about your periods?” I was still apprehensive.

“Yes, he knows.” She chuckled. “But only when I tell him. Men don’t keep count of the days; they are more interested in tearing off our panties and ramming their cock into our pussies. It’s a woman thing. Don’t be afraid…he’ll never learn the truth.”

I was feeling more relaxed now. My hand slipped off her belly, into the joint between her thighs. Rosy sensed my hand moving between her thighs.

“What’re you doing?” She shouted but made no attempt to stop me.

I forced my hand over her supple mound and felt her pussy. Her thighs twitched and she spread her thighs a little to accommodate my hand. I poked my finger into her cunt through the material of her dress feeling illegal bahis siteleri her puffy lips.

She reached for my crotch, unbuttoned my jeans and unzipped my fly. I lifted my ass a little off the seat as she pulled my cock out of its confine. A tremor ran down my spine as her cold fingers touched my hot dick.

“God…it’s hot.” She whispered in my ears as she massaged my cock. “Let me warm my cold fingers.”

“Sure…you can warm your lips too.” I replied lecherously.

She laughed and gently ran her fingers along the length of my shaft. “I missed it very badly. Did you miss me?”

“If its about your pussy,” I replied mischievously. “Yes I did. I’m dying to fuck you again. See…!

I put my left hand over her hand gripping my rigid boner and squeezed lightly.

“Okay…little bro…while you drive carefully…I’ll take care of your swelling.”

She lowered her head between the steering wheel and my body, and then flicked the tip of my cock with her tongue.

“Ahh…” I moaned with excitement; my hands suddenly gripped the steering wheel tightly.

“Be careful…” She whispered hoarsely.

“I am…go ahead…suck my cock. Make me come in your mouth.” I reduced the speed even further. The car was now running at a snails pace.

“Ummmm…,” She murmured aloud as she slipped her lips over my throbbing knob. My body twitched with excitement. Rosy licked my cock head with her moist tongue running it over the swollen head. Slowly, her lips sunk even further down and soon the whole cock length was buried inside her hungry mouth.

I gripped the steering wheel tightly, trying to concentrated on my driving. It was getting difficult with every flick of her tongue over my cock. Luckily, the road was mostly empty and there was no traffic at all.

Rosy fervently sucked my cock, moving her lips up and down along the length. There was not much space between my crotch and the steering wheel; and on every up stroke, back of her head was hitting the wheel gently. However, she didn’t complain and continued sucking my boner.

I realized that I wouldn’t last long. The cum seething in my balls for almost four months was dying to come out with a massive eruption. Oh…god…how I’ve waited for this moment.

Rosy sucked my cock hungrily. I was ready for releasing my load into my sister’s eager hungry mouth. I pressed the brake pedal and after releasing my grip from the steering wheel, grabbed her head with my both hands forcing it over my cock. The car jerked and stopped on sudden engagement of brake.

“Ohhhhhhh…Rosy…yeahhhhhhhh.” I moaned loudly.

She didn’t pay any attention to my moans and kept on sucking.

Finally, I was ready to go.

Without any warning my cock erupted in her mouth. It was the most fascinating orgasm I had had in the last five months. My cock erupted again and again. Rosy didn’t flinch. She hungrily drank every drop of cum released from my cock.

Once my throbbing cock subsided, I released my hands from her head. I put them back on the wheel but made no attempt to start the car. My leg was still pressing the brake pedal. She sucked, milking my cock, squeezing every drop out of it. Finally, the shooting ceased. My cock began to shrink and then she let it go.

She returned back to her seat. I looked at her. Even in the darkness of our car, I could see the white cum sticking to her lips. She licked her lips greedily.

“That was fantastic…Rosy.” I spoke hoarsely. “You’re the best cock sucker of the world.”

“Really…!” She gave me a nasty grin. “I didn’t know you’re so popular among girls. How many girls have sucked your cock?”

I gave her a resigned look. “Only one. But I know you’re the best.”

She lowered her head and kissed me. I tasted my own cum over her lips. “You’re also the best…brother,” She whispered. “Lets go now.”

I eased the pressure from the brake pedal, changed the gear to neutral and started the car. Rosy took a handkerchief from her purse and wiped my flaccid cock. Then she helped to push my pants up, tucked my cock inside and zipped the fly back.

“Lets go. Mom will be waiting.”

I hit the accelerator and began driving at a leisurely pace. We were nearing our home and in about another five minutes, I stopped the car at the front of our gate. I stared at my wristwatch; it was ten past eleven. I left the engine running, got down from the car and opened the front gate. Then, I slowly drove the car into the portico.

The front door was not yet opened. It seemed that our parents had not heard the sound of my car entering the gate. I killed the engine, but made no attempt to get out. I lovingly stared at my sister. I gently took her hand into my hands.

“When’re we going to meet in a loving situation?”

“I don’t know…” She whispered; she brought her lips closer to me. Our lips met. “Don’t worry I’ll manage. You just be ready to return your end of the bargain.”

I knew what she meant. It would be my turn to go down canlı bahis siteleri on her the next time we would have a chance for intimacy. I was ready for that. There was nothing better than sitting between my sisters wide open legs and give her a tongue-lashing.

“If you like…I can start right here.” I said mischievously. “I’m starving to eat you right now, my sister.”

She laughed and we kissed again. This time a long lingering incestuous kiss. I slipped my arms around her waist and dragged her body to me. Rosy slipped her moist tongue inside my mouth and I sucked it hungrily.

Suddenly, there was a gentle clicking sound and the entire portico was illuminated. Rosy and I retracted with lightning speed. Mother was standing near the switchboard. I didn’t know for how long she had been standing there for I had not seen her when I stopped the car inside the gate.

“What you two are doing in the car?” Our mother smiled. “Come on…it’s cold out here. You can finish your talk in the living room.”

Rosy immediately opened her side of door and got out of the car.

“Oh…mom.” She ran to the mother and hugged her.

I didn’t wait to see them changing pleasantries; I just proceeded through the open garage door. I parked the car but didn’t come out.

Rosy and I just had a very narrow escape. In that brief moment of carelessness, my secret incestuous relationship with my sister was about to be exposed. I cursed myself for my foolishness. We had been lucky. Because of the darkness our mother couldn’t see us kissing in the car…or…did she. I didn’t have the answer.

Also the news about pregnancy… It had taken me by surprise. I never had thought that I could get my sister pregnant. It appeared so weird…so unbelievable.

But deep inside, I felt euphoric. I felt like a complete man… a man who could satisfy a woman in bed and also could help her conceive with his seed.

“I’d be a father in some months.” I mused.

“Rohan…what’re you doing there…?” I woke from my reverie. Mother was standing at the door. “Come inside.”

I followed her to the living room. Mother locked the door once I was inside the room. In one corner of the room, Rosy was engaged in an animated talk with dad. She noticed me coming inside but paid no attention.

Everything appeared fine. I dropped the luggage in a corner and joined them in their discussion.

For about half an hour I silently watched my sister talking enthusiastically to our parents. My mind had been reeling with the anticipation. My cock was rock hard in my pants and I was finding it difficult to hide the swollen area of my shorts.

Mother left the talk half way and went to the kitchen. Soon she called us for dinner. We dined together. While dining, I came to know that my parents were already aware of Rosie’s pregnancy. I was the last person to learn about it.

After the dinner, mother informed she had made arrangements for Rosy in the guest room. It was opposite to the our parent’s bedroom at the other end of corridor. That way mother would always be available to take care of her. Rosy argued and asked to be shifted to her own room on the first floor. But mother refused.

Mom refused to listen Rosie’s arguments. “You’ll stay in the guest room. I don’t want you to use stairs in this condition.”

“But mommy.” Rosy protested.

“No…I’ve decided.” She didn’t listen to her. “You’ll stay in the guest room.”

Rosy looked at my unhappy face and then diverted her gaze.

“Okay…” She resigned. “As you say. Please make my bed. I’m feeling tired.”

“It’s ready dear.” Mom was beaming with delight. “Now go and get some rest. Rohan will put your attaché-case in there.”

Rosy washed her hands and immediately went to her assigned room. It was at the end of the corridor. After that the staircase leading to my room starts. I waited for some time, then took her luggage and went to her room. I gently knocked at the door and entered inside. Rosy had changed into her favorite rosy nightgown. I kept the attaché-case on the bed and then looked at my sister. She came closer to me.

“Don’t sleep…” She whispered. “wait for me.”

Then she started looking at my mother who followed me with a glass of milk. I winked at my sister and went outside.

I immediately rushed to my bedroom. My heart was leaping with joy.

Chapter 2

I must have dozed off, because I could not realize the time when I woke up. The room was completely engulfed in the darkness with only a tiny orange light emanating from the mosquito repellent.

There was a soft movement at the door, probably the reason why I woke up. The door was not locked from inside. With droopy eyes, I watched as the vague outline of the door opened. I silhouette slipped inside my room. I knew who the intruder was.

All of a sudden, my heart started beating with anticipation. Blood started rushing to my loins and I could feel the sudden stirring.

Rosy closed the doors and locked it from inside. I watched her silhouette as she began to undress. She undid her gown and dropped it on the floor. Then she climbed onto my bed.

“Rosy?” I asked in an excited voice.

“Shut up.” Came her husky whispered reply. “Keep your voice down.”

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