Mom , Me

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This is my first attempt in this genre and I hope you enjoy it. This is a fictional story and all characters are at least eighteen years of age. It’s a story of a mom and her son, both frustrated by being abandoned, for different reasons, and how they comforted each other.



Mom & Me

Feeling Abandoned and Experiencing Depression

It’s September first and my dad has been gone for one month. He’s a Colonel in the United States Air Force. He’s also a well- decorated fighter pilot with many enemy kills to his credit, and he enjoys combat flying.

My birth mother died when I was thirteen years old in a freak vehicle accident, so I spent two years living with my sister JoAnn until my dad fell in love with a very sexy and wonderful woman named Ginny, who is only seven years older than me. She loves my dad but she hates being an Air Force wife and being abandoned when he is deployed on special missions. She had no idea what she married into, but she’s kind, loving, and smart. She is also very sexy and she enjoys dressing to draw attention to her well-formed and endowed body. She loves to dance and go out with my dad on Friday and Saturday nights. She’s also a flirt and loves the attention she gets from men. She’s not shy and I’m sure she causes a lot of men to get hard when she is teasing or dancing with them.

We just moved here at the beginning of the summer and have just recently settled into our home when my dad received order to be deployed to a war zone. It really pissed my mom off and I was worried she might divorce him, I like my mom, she takes good care of me and helps me in many ways, but what I enjoy most are the times she spends talking and listening to me. She’s interested in what I think, and encourages me to be the best man possible. At the school I transferred from I was on the golf team and she would walk around the golf course cheering for me.

My mom and I don’t know where my dad went specifically, and he’s forbidden, by military law, to reveal his location to us. This is his third deployment and my mom is still having difficulty dealing with his absence and his assignment.

Just before my dad left, my nineteen-year old steady girlfriend, who I met the week after we arrived here, dumped me for a stud on our high school varsity football team. You can see why my mom and I were having trouble adjusting to our new life in this town.

We have a large house and it seems empty without my dad. Knowing my dad would be gone for at least eighteen months didn’t help either, especially when he wrote later explaining his deployment might be extended if the covert operation wasn’t completed satisfactorily by the time he was due to come home.

As a result of this discouraging news, both of us were getting depressed. I was sure my senior year would be a drag without Jennifer.

My mom has always been angry and fearful when my dad is deployed overseas, so she has been depressed almost every day since he’s been gone, and although I’ve missed my dad a lot, I was still trying to deal with bahis firmaları the lost of my steady girlfriend, and the sex we enjoyed together for the last couple of months. My mind was consumed with thinking of Jennifer spreading her legs wide apart for her new squeeze to fuck her, and I imagined how much Jennifer was enjoyed having his big hands massaging her breasts and sucking her awesome tits, and, yes, it was driving me crazy!

As a result, I feel empty, angry, and sorry for myself, and I also feel guilty for neglecting my mom’s troubled soul and not doing what my dad asked me to do when he instructed me to take care of all my mother’s basic needs. I knew my mom was depressed, but I hadn’t really noticed that I was becoming depressed too.

My mom is usually a very happy energetic social being. I had recently noticed she wasn’t doing anything with her new girlfriends she met this summer. I did notice she was sleeping longer in the mornings and having difficulty getting up to make breakfast before I had to leave for school. She would emerge from her bedroom wearing her see-through nightgown, apologizing to me for not getting up in time to make me a good breakfast. Seeing her sad face I would hug her and tell her I didn’t mind getting myself some cereal in the morning. I told her I didn’t really feel like eating much since dad left. She would hug me back and say, “But Billy, you need a good breakfast to be able to concentrate on your studies.

I began to notice my mother’s gorgeous body more and focusing in on her perky tits, which were very visible through that thin transparent material. The top of the gown had a large loose fit around her pretty neck and when she leaned forward to pick something off the chair or floor I could see her beautifully shaped breasts. When this happened I could feel my penis move or twitch.

I knew I needed to get my act together so I could help my mom with her depression and anger. Before my dad left he told me, “Billy you are nineteen years old; therefore, you are now the man of the house, and it’s now your responsibility to care for your mother’s needs, wishes, and happiness while I’m away. Do whatever you can to make her feel loved and cared for.”

I now realized I wasn’t doing my job as the man of the house, and I needed to start taking care of my mom, and putting my problems with Jennifer on the back burner. I knew she was getting increasingly more depressed and needed my help, and as my dad told me, it was my duty to help her. It was my responsibility to step up to the plate and be the man of the house and do for my mom what needed to be done to make her feel loved, cheerful and happy. She needed me and I intended to take care of all her needs and make her feel loved and secure.

My mom is now 25 years old and her physical appearance hasn’t changed much since she was a high school student. When someone sees or meets my mom for the first time they think she’s my older sister. Her radiant smile captivates almost everyone. She’s about 5′ 8″ tall and very slim and petite. Her face is clear kaçak iddaa of wrinkles or blemishes. She has lovely long blonde wavy hair, and her brown eyes sparkle with love and merriment. She has a flat stomach, long shapely legs, and a well-shaped ass. She walks with a positive erect posture and she definitely knows how to move her ass when she walks in public.

She very striking to look at as she displays her well-shaped perky breasts under her stylish clothing and she is not shy. She knows how to be sexy and will flit with any man who happens to be in the area. Even I find my mom a very sexy and sensual. I told my dad once I hope someday to marry a woman just like mom.

My mom was definitely a people person and she was also fearful when left alone. About two weeks after my day left for his deployment my mom asked me if I would lay with her in her bed until she fell asleep. She didn’t like being in her bedroom alone and when the wind blew or it rained hard it bother her. Trying to be supportive of her fears I told her I would lay with her in her bed.

She smiled broadly and gave me a nice hug, one where I could feel her tits protruding through her blouse and pushing against my chest. She hated to wear bras, she found them too confiding for her. She said, “Billy, before we go to bed will you sit next to me in the living room and watch an hour of TV with me?”

I said, “Sure, mom, that would be nice. I’ve felt pretty lonely for the last few weeks.”

“Oh, me too, Billy.” Then she said, “Why don’t you get into something more comfortable than your clothes. Why not put on those gym pants of yours.” Then she said, “I’m going to slip on my nightgown. I’ll meet you in the living room when you’re finished changing your clothes.”

I went into my room and took my clothes off and even hung up my shirt on a hanger and then put my trousers on another hanger. Then I got my gym shorts out and put them on and went out to the living room. She was already on the couch and selected a movie to watch.

She took my hand and held it in hers and placed our hands on her leg. The movie she had selected was sexual in content and after several minutes asked me if I would rub her back. She said she had been on her feet most of the day and would appreciate me rubbing or scratching her back with my hand or fingers. She asked me to move to one end of the couch and she slipped off her night grown and as she turned toward me she reveal her wonderful full breasts to my horny eyes. She must have seen my expression because she smiled and lay on her stomach and placed her head on my lap.

I began moving my fingers across her back and then made smooth circular motions over her entire back. She moaned and said how heavenly it felt and I realized I was beginning to get aroused. My mom could get anyone aroused but in addition to having her head on my lap, I was watching the woman in the TV movie attempt to seduce a delivery boy who had delivered a box to her house. I continued to rub her back as she switched from looking out toward the TV to facing my body and I kaçak bahis could feel my penis hardening under her face. It twitched and I heard her a satisfying moan escape from between her lips. Then she moved her right arm between my back and the couch. I was focusing on her beautifully shaped ass, and I allowed my hand to move all over her back and I even moved my hand over her silky smooth ass. She moans again and moved her head slightly and I knew she could feel my penis enlarging and I knew she was enjoying it.

She whispered, ‘I love how you’re massaging my back and my ass. I like feeling your fingers moving over my ass Billy. Oh, that just felt good. I liked how your fingers feel as they moved down along the crack.” She moved her head again and I could feel the tip of her lips pressing against the tip of my harden penis. Her lips weren’t moving, but my penis wasn’t quiet at all. It began to twitch and I was afraid I might have an orgasm, but she suddenly lifted her head off my lap and sat upright with her breast fully displayed for my eyes. Then she moved away from me and then said, ‘Lay your head on my lap and I will rub your back now.” Before I could reply she reached for my hand and pulled me to her and I lay my face down on or very near her pussy. I felt warmth coming from her bare skin. She began to rub my back, moving her hands skillfully over my bare back. Then she took her left hand and began to caress my hair. I didn’t move, but I could smell her seductive odor and I wanted to kiss her pussy lips. I moved my head slightly so my lips were touching her pubic hairs and I heard he moan softly again and even lifted her ass a little. She kept rubbing me tenderly. Finally she said, ‘Billy, I think it is time we go to bed. You have school in the morning and you need to get some good sleep tonight.

I got up and she said, “Billy will you help me get up off this couch? She extended her hand and I pulled her beautiful naked body up off the couch and she put her hands around my neck and kissed my mouth lightly. Then she paused, looked into my eyes and said, ‘did you enjoy your back rub?”

“Oh, yes, that was wonderful?”

‘Yes, and I enjoyed you rubbing my back too. I feel more relaxed right now than I have for a month. I’m glad you enjoyed it Billy, we’re going to have to do this more often. Would you like to have more back rubs?’

“Oh, yes.”

“I thought so. Well, I definitely want more of your touches, but right now we need to go to sleep. She took my left hand in her right hand and led me to her bedroom. She pulled back the covers and said for me to lie on the right side. As I was about to lie down she said, “Billy, no shorts or pajamas. Take your shorts off and put them on the chair. I got in and it just occurred to me I was sleeping next to my mom and we were both naked. She turned toward me and pressed her lips against mine and kissed me hand. Then she smiled saying I really appreciate you lying with me until I go to sleep. It’s so lonely without someone else laying next to me.”

“I don’t mine mom, I have lonely moments too.”

“Thank you Billy, I’m very much in need of a man in this house. Good night Billy,”

She turned away from me and I laid there next to her and trying to figure out what just took place.”

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