Mommy’s Boy

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Donna Jarvis reclined back on her haunches on the kitchen floor, naked and smiling happily and licking her lips as she swallowed as much of Joe’s copious delicious spunk as she could. She had just given her horny sexy son his regular morning blowjob before seeing him off to his employment as a trainee accountant in the city and, as usual, he had once again cum his load in thick hot reams.

The first of Joe’s spurts had deposited itself fairly and squarely in the centre of his mother’s face, some of it landing across Donna’s eyes and nose, a long river that broke into several little streams before running down her cheeks, and she’d shuddered with excitement as she once again enjoyed being thoroughly coated in her son’s rich cream.

Donna had quickly opened her mouth to capture the second and third helpings as Joe enjoyed another of his powerful orgasms as he served up his mother’s breakfast. It was always the same, his balls produced enough spunk to rival the great porn star Peter North so that no matter how much of his ejaculation Donna managed to catch at the back of her throat, there was always a fair amount which seeped out the corners of her mouth and dripped across her chin and down her neck before running in rivulets across her tits, a deliberate ploy on Donna’s part since she loved the feel of her son’s warm spunk on her body as well as inside it.

“Oh, so much again, sweetheart,” said Donna happily, who never tired of watching Joe shoot his load which she must have done hundreds of times since they’d first become lovers two years earlier.

“Its all yours, mom,” Joe said, proud to have once again given his mother another very full load of his thick glossy sperm and looking down at her face which was now a complete mess, her smile virtually unrecognisable through all the spunk.

“You ought to get into porn films,” Donna replied, somehow managing to speak through the goo, when Joe’s latest supply finally dried up and she watched as her son’s big uncircumcised prick started to deflate before her eyes, his amazing foreskin enclosing over his greasy purple knobhead as he came down from the intensity of his orgasm.

“Thanks, mom,” Joe replied, looking down at his mother’s face and tits covered in a thick layer of his white hot incestuous spunk, “you tell me that all the time. That’s because you’re such a great cocksucker.”

“And its also because you’ve got such a lovely big suckable cock,” replied Donna. “I’m so pleased we have this special relationship,” she added, saying the same thing she had said almost every day for the past two years.

“Me too, mom,” said Joe as he tucked his twenty years old manhood and his sweaty cum-quenched balls back inside his pants and zipped himself up, “now I must get going else I’ll be late.”

“Of course,” said Donna, giving the resultant bulge in Joe’s pants a little pat and thinking how handsome he looked in his business suit, complete with a white shirt and tie, “we’ll have a lot more fun tonight.”

“Too fucking right we will, mom,” replied Joe, smiling at his still youthful-looking thirty-eight years old mother and throwing his bag over his right shoulder. “I can hardly wait to give you another good fucking.”

“Me neither,” said Donna. “Last night was fabulous, you just get better and better. Its such a shame you have to go to work.”

“Needs must, mom,” Joe replied, “got to earn a living somehow.”

“Like I said, sweetheart,” Donna replied, standing up, “with your body and cumshots like the one you’ve just delivered, a porn studio would snap you up.”

“Yeah, sure,” Joe replied, giggling. “And what if anyone I work with now or the neighbours recognised me? Besides, I’ve told you enough times you’re the only person I want. Being a porn star would mean having it off with all and sundry, I might even have to do the gay stuff.”

“I can’t see you doing that, sweetheart,” Donna replied, dismissing the thought that Joe could probably easily take it up the ass from another man since he loved being on the receiving end of her strap-on which, as far as she could make out, amounted to more or less the same thing.

“Its nice of you to confirm you only have eyes for me,” Donna went on. “As I only have eyes for you. Ooh, I feel a song coming on.”

“In that case, then, I’m going,” laughed Joe.

Donna giggled and kissed Joe on the lips, a hard kiss in which they sent their respective tongues into each others’ mouths and which went well beyond the bounds of mother and son propriety but then so does sucking him off. A kiss is just a kiss, so the old song goes, and is therefore the least of their worries, not that they worry at all about their taboo lifestyle, both of them having enormous sex drives so that they make love as often as they can, which is every day and sometimes more than twice.

They broke the kiss at last and Joe, having tasted his own spunk, wiped his face with a towel and then left the house, very reluctantly it beylikdüzü escort has to be said. Donna went over to the window and watched her son walk away down the drive, lifting the flaps of his jacket to put his hands in his pockets, allowing the centre vent to splay into an archway and pulling his pants tight around his cheeks to reveal the decidedly erotic shape of his ass.

This was deliberate on Joe’s part since he knew his mother had a real fetish for his bottom and loved him to show his curves off to her, nude or otherwise, at the littlest opportunity. This was one of those opportunities and as Joe walked away from the house, he could feel his mother’s eyes digging into his back and watching his swaying buttocks as he walked towards the gate.

Donna wiped her face with a towel to get a better look and thinking as she always did how wonderful if was to be able to admire her son’s physical attributes quite openly, unlike the days before Joe had seduced her when she had had to cast furtive glances at his ass and package secretly covered up by his clothes. It was only after that momentous day two years earlier, when she had fallen for Joe’s incestuous charms and the power of his seduction hook, line and sinker, that they had both happily abandoned their clothes to live as nudists except when clothes were necessary, of course, like they were now for Joe setting out to work with a spring in his step after another scintillating orgasm brought on by his doting mother.

As Joe continued on his way down the garden path, Donna’s eyes were on stalks as she focused them on her son’s well-defined bottom, the shapely cheeks rubbing together inside his pants and framed by the splayed vent of his jacket which seemed to have gotten wider, his hands still deep in his pockets. To say Donna was besotted with her son’s buttocks would be an understatement.

“I bet there are plenty of other women, and men too, probably,” Donna mused to herself as she started to finger her fanny, “who’d like to get their hands on my boy’s divine ass, and his prick, too. But they don’t stand a chance,” she giggled, remembering the many times Joe had pledged his love and commitment to her and her alone.

On that Joe had never wavered, Donna often reflected since, deep down, she had thought that once they’d done it a few times, Joe would move on like every other man she had known to seek out pastures new. But no, he had remained entirely faithful to her and true to his word, displaying his love for her in an act of selfless sincerity. No matter that she and Joe were mother and son, the fact that their sexual relationship was regarded as taboo only heightened the fun of each and every one of their illicit sex sessions.

Joe was fully aware his mother was clocking his ass as he walked towards the gate, wiggling his bum cheeks provocatively and commanding all Donna’s attention on his backside whose alluring curves were now fully accentuated by the continued splaying of the vent in his jacket. He could feel himself getting horny again and wanted to turn round and go back indoors, telephone work and lie through his teeth to his boss that he was sick, and instead spend the whole day sucking and fucking with his mother but there was an important meeting at the office to-day which was crucial to his chances of promotion.

Thus, fighting back his desires, Joe simply turned, taok his hands out of his pockets and blew Donna a kiss, who blew one back through the kitchen window. Then, smiling, he turned on his heel and was gone, heading for the station for his daily commute and leaving his mother to her own devices, alas, for several hours …


In the couple of years since they had started out on their special relationship, as Donna called it, she and Joe have long banished any thoughts of guilt and shame though Donna now often laughs at her initial reticence when Joe had first come on to her.

Joe was the result of a one-night stand when Donna was eighteen, some guy she’d met in a club, gone back with and after he’d fucked her, he’d promptly fucked off. Donna’s parents had wanted her to have the baby adopted but Donna was having none of it. No matter the hasty sex-for-sex sake in which her son had been conceived, Donna was determined to bring him up as a lone parent and love him and cherish him every day of her life.

As soon as Joe was in his teens and with no father, he quickly became the man of the house, doing all the jobs a husband would and Donna couldn’t help but notice what a handsome sexy young man he had become. It had been a shock to her system when it dawned on her that she was casting him glances in a way a mother is not supposed to look at a son but it still didn’t stop her from very often, and feeling very guilty, going to her room to masturbate with an image of Joe in her mind’s eye as she fingered her fanny and worked up her pussy juice.

“Shit,” Donna would murmur as she gave herself a string beylikdüzü eve gelen escort of orgasms, “I shouldn’t be doing this.”

Then, one day shortly after Joe’s eighteenth birthday, matters had come to a head, quite literally. Joe was up a ladder changing a light bulb, his firm teenage ass cheeks prominently displayed in a pair of tight blue shorts, framed by a matching bum-freezer vest as he stood on the ladder with his weight on one leg. The sight of her son’s tight sexy ass encased in his shorts had made Donna’s mouth water as she eyed up the way the shorts emphasized the succulent curves of the firm masculine cheeks and the alluring way in which the seam in the material corresponded with the valley of Joe’s ass crack.

Joe had caught his mother looking at his bum and had smiled his handsome smile down at her, making Donna blush. She had hated herself for feeling the way she did, Joe was her son but she couldn’t help it.

However, unbeknown to Donna, Joe had been having the same thoughts towards her and had been planning to seduce his mother for a long time. He wasn’t interested in girts his own age when his mother, still drop dead gorgeous at thirty-six as she then was, was just so damn fucking sexy. Every night and morning, he would masturbate to orgasm and what orgasms they were, real porn star quality cumshots and with each spew of his load, he’d dreamed of the day when he would be allowed to treat his mother to his richer than rich helpings as he worked on his plans to seduce her, not just for a one-off, that in Joe’s estimation would be unforgivable, but for a fully committed and permanently loving relationship.

Joe had always been turned on to older women, he couldn’t stand the giggly girls of his own age with no experience of life nor love. Even the porn images Joe sometimes looked at and wanked off to on the net were all of women of more mature years but none of those whores showing their tits and asses and spreading their legs to unashamedly showcase their wet pink cunts were as beautiful as his own beautiful mother. Joe had spent hours trawling the incest sites and discovered that there were literally thousands of mothers and sons who enjoyed sucking and fucking together and had determined to get his mother into bed sooner or later, hopefully sooner.

Joe was aware of the number of unsatisfactory men Donna had had while he was going though puberty, each and every one of them a lousy contender for a lover. He knew that he had what it took to really love his mother, not just as a son but as a lover, too and give her the affection she craved which she simply wasn’t getting with all the no-marks she’d managed to get embroiled with so far, including his own father. Thankfully, from Joe’s point of view, none of them stayed long, they were just after a shag with no long-term commitment whatsoever, whereas Joe only wanted to be with his mother and love her both mentally and physically every day of his life …


The opportunity to seduce his mother had presented itself earlier than Joe had expected. As soon as he had finished fixing the light bulb, he had continued to smile down at Donna from his perch on the ladder and had been only too pleased to see her face getting redder by the second as she realised he had twigged that she had been ogling his ass. This was the moment that Joe had been waiting for and it would have been foolish of him not to seize the chance which, to Joe’s great delight, Donna was handing unwittingly to him on a plate.

“I’ll make some tea,” Donna had said, averting her eyes from Joe’s ass and hurrying into the kitchen. She had just put the kettle onto boil when Joe had walked up behind her and put his arms around her.

“What are you doing?” Donna had gasped yet finding her son’s touch decidedly exciting. “I’m your mother.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” Joe had said. “Come on mom, I’m a consenting adult now and I’ve seen the way you’ve been looking at my ass and I’m pleased you like doing so. Why d’you think I wear my shorts so tight? To turn you on, of course.”

“Sweetheart, really!” Donna had laughed, feeling a mixture of embarrassment and excitement that she had been found out and that Joe had realised his ass turned her on. It was absolutely true that she found her son’s bottom attractive and never missed an opportunity to get a good look at it when Joe was walking around in his shorts or up ladders fixing light bulbs and though she had often tried to pretend to herself that nothing could be further from the truth, she knew she was dying to see him naked, the beautiful man she had given birth to though she still had had a way to go before abandoning herself to her feelings.

“And not just now when I was up the ladder,” Joe had continued. “I’d much rather be up something else,” he had added, lasciviously, “you’d have to be blind not to realise I’ve been looking at you for months, too, mom. You’re ass and tits beylikdüzü masöz escort are gorgeous!”

“Darling, you’re awful,” Donna had found herself admonishing without really meaning to. However, what Joe had said about her being blind was true, she had been surprised to realise, since she had been so wrapped up with her own feelings she hadn’t noticed nor even expected her son to be feeling the same way.

Donna obviously knew that Joe masturbated, what young man didn’t? But she had assumed, in her ignorance, that he was doing so over porn images on his computer, which, of course, he did, but never for a moment believing that most of the time he might be wanking thinking about her while Donna did the same thinking about him in the adjoining bedroom.

Donna’s heart had been in her mouth as she had found herself getting more excited at the prospect of where this was leading. Her emotions had been all over the place, every fibre of her being wanting to give in to her feelings while her addled brain had told her she would be crossing a very taboo threshold if she did.

“I’ve heard you masturbating in your room, too, mom” Joe had cut into her thoughts, “just about every time after you’ve cast me your sly glances.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” Donna had said, saying the exact opposite to the truth, “and it’s very naughty of you to come spying on your mother.”

“Don’t give me that, mom,” Joe had said, “you know you’re up for it and you must know that I wank, too. Frequently. Why should we do so separately when we can pool our resources and enjoy ourselves together?”

“Because mothers and sons don’t do things like that together, that’s why,” Donna had mumbled in reply, though secretly thinking why on earth not? She was both hating and loving the sensations she was experiencing with equal measure and she had had to admit that Joe had a very good way of putting his case to her. “Pool our resources”, she would never have thought of it in such a way if Joe hadn’t said it like that.

“Oh yes they do,” Joe had replied to Donna’s remark, “you’ve only got to look at the porn sites on the Internet to see that incest is much more common than most people realise. Moms and sons, dads and daughters, brothers and sisters, aunts and nephews, even gay fathers and sons and sometimes whole families …”

“Yes, all right,” Donna had interrupted, unsure if she was surprised or not to hear Joe confess he had been trawling porn sites devoted to family sex, “I hear what you say.”

“And you’re not exactly running away, are you, mom?” Joe had persisted as Donna had continued to display reluctance. “In any case, why shouldn’t we show our love for each other a bit more … well, lovingly?”

“Because, as you say, this is incest, sweetheart,” Donna had continued, her emotions all over the place, “it’s against the rules.”

“Whose rules, mom? Certainly not mine nor yours nor all those other people worldwide who enjoy keeping it in the family. Who cares what the fucking rules are? What consenting adults do is no concern of anyone else.”

Donna had gasped, having never heard Joe swear before. “Come on, mom,” he had continued to coax, “there’s only us here. You know you want to.”

It had been with a thrilling sense of shock that Donna had listened to Joe’s words. Almost all her senses had told her to push him away, that this was wrong but the nerve cells in her brain had been sending out quite different messages and she had not been at all sure how long she could keep the pretence going …


It was when Joe’s hands had strayed upwards to fondle her tits, slipping his hands through her blouse and squeezing her nipples, that Donna had finally found herself tipping over the edge, she could stand the suspense no longer and thus had been unable to hold back. At that pivotal moment two years ago, Donna had finally caved in to her feelings, making an irreversible decision that was to change her and Joe’s lives forever as she and her son crossed the boundary of one of society’s greatest taboos.

“Gee, mom,” Joe had gone on, nuzzling his face into the side of her neck, “your tits are absolutely awesome. I want to love you forever, mom, and I promise you, you’ll never have to look for another man again.”

Donna had swung round and smiled at Joe, the tea forgotten even though the kettle had long boiled, assuaging her guilt in the final realisation that this was what they both wanted and furthermore wanting consensually. She’d had enough of the one-night stands and those who only stayed a few weeks. What could possibly be wrong in accepting this proposal from a gorgeous young man, even if he was her son, who had promised to love her completely for the rest of her life?

As Donna had continued smiling, she had risked glancing down at Joe’s crotch and had been pleased to see the outline of a very large bulge obscenely tenting out the front of his shorts. She had then tentatively reached out a hand, her long fingernails like talons as the hand seemed to wrap itself of its own free will around the formidable package.

“Like I said, mom,” Joe had said, smiling as Donna had continued rubbing his prick through his shorts and he had known he was getting somewhere at last, “you’re not running away, are you, standing there with your hand on my crotch?”

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