Monthly madness

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It was Saturday night and I was feeling so horny – I knew I had to go out and find some cock or I would explode. I am in my 30’s but I look more like 20 so finding willing men is never a problem but tonight I knew I would need more than a quick fuck and definitely more than one cock. I dressed in a long black full skirt….you might think this a strange choice for trying to pick up but read on and you will understand my choice. I had on a low cut top showing lots of cleavage but I covered it with a high neck loose fitting black shirt……again there was a reason.

I headed to a bar I knew would be crowded with after work revellers as well as lots of young men. It also had booths along a dark wall – perfect for my plans.

I went straight up to the bar and ordered a drink. I then turned to survey the crowd and found my first target. He was about 25, a big guy, not all that goodlooking and not too drunk. I am quite pretty, with long blonde hair and big brown eyes so getting a guy’s attention is never hard. I walked up to him and asked him if I could buy him a drink. He looked around not sure I meant him but then saw me smiling seductively so said yes. I ordered him a stubbie of beer and asked him to follow me to a booth so we could sit. I slid in first and then as he slid in I asked him if he liked the taste of pussy. He nearly chocked but I don’t like wasting time so he finally answered yes. I sat the tsubbie on the bench between us and then sat on it. It must have looked weird but what he didn’t realize is that there is a split in the back of the skirt and I was completely naked underneath so when I sat the stubbie slid into my sopping cunt. I slid up and down a bit – my face revealing my pleasure and then I lifted myself off and moved over leaving his stubbie covered in my pussy juice for him to pick up and drink from.

His eyes nearly popped out of his head and he moaned as he tasted my juices with the beer as he drank quickly from the stubbie. I smiled at him and then asked him if he liked anal sex. Again I thought he was looking at me with such incredulous eyes – he must have wondered how he got so lucky – but I had an itch to scratch and he was only number one. illegal bahis I sat up slightly and told him to slide in behind me so it looked like I was sitting on his knee. He soon realised I was completely naked and exposed to him so he quickly undid his trousers releasing his rock hard cock. My skirt camouflaged us completely and I have found anal like this is easier than being pussy fucked as the angle makes it less obvious if someone does happen to be watching. I had some lube in my bag so I reached behind and rubbed it onto his cock and then lifted myself slowly before slamming down hard so that his entire cock impaled my ass.

I encouraged him to reach under my top and as it was loose his hands could not be seen as he groped my breasts and so for 5 minutes he held onto my breasts as he fucked my ass right in the middle of one of the busiest bars in the city. I could feel myself coming and timed my scream to fit in with the music playing in the bar while I felt him fill my ass with his cum. We sat recovering for a minute or so and then I lifted my self off while he redressed himself. I thanked him and asked him if he thought his friends would like the same. He nodded enthusiastically and before long another man was sliding in behind me as I leaned forward to accommodate him. While I was grinding my ass on this guy’s rock hard cock my first friend and three of his mates came over and took up the seats in the rest of the booth. They egged their mate on as he fucked my ass hard and I jumped around to the rhythm of the band that was now playing enjoying my not so secret anal invasion.

With two loads of cum up my ass I needed to use the ladies so the guys reluctantly let me out . I felt the cum sliding down my legs and laughed. Another reason for the long skirt. I realised I was being followed so as a I entered the cubicle I bent over the seat letting my skirt fall open exposing my dripping ass and felt hands on my hips as another cock entered my anal passage. I didn’t know if it was one of the guys from the table but it didn’t matter. He fucked my ass hard and came quickly. He left before I could see who it was so I used the bathroom and returned to my waiting orgy.

I illegal bahis siteleri had only been here 30 minutes and already I had been anally fucked by three men. The night was looking good. My pussy was twitching – wanting to be used so I asked one of the guys to form a fist and I would fuck it. They all laughed saying it wasn’t possible but I just lifted myself – using my skirt for cover and began sliding my dripping cunt onto the fist presented. It took some time but gradually I had managed to stretch my cunt over the knuckles and then I relaxed and let gravity take its course. The man whooped as he felt his fist slide into me and lifted my skirt to show his mates that all that was left at the entrance to my cunt was his wrist. I started to ride him and he soon started punching my insides. I was screaming in ecstasy and soon had my first true orgasm of the night. The man ripped his fist from my cunt when I finished coming and held up his fist showing his mates the pussy juice coating him and running down his arms. I began licking his hand and arm greedily as I let him slide behind me to fuck my ass. He came quickly and moved to let another of his mates have a turn. When they had all fucked my ass they left and I sat for a few minutes recovering before I began stage 2 of my night.

With cum now pouring from my ass I felt like a dirty whore so I left the bar and headed for the street. I need more cock but I need it dirty and depraved. I needed to feel completely used so I headed to a public toilet in a rough area of town and waited outside. I sat on a bench outside and was busy sucking on my fingers when a group of young thugs walked by. They surrounded me hoping to intimidate me so were taken aback when I lifted my legs and pulled my skirt up and began fingering myself while they watched. When I was sure I had their attention I stood up and walked into the men’s room removing my clothes as I did so. They didn’t need to be asked twice so as they entered they found me on all fours completely naked waiting for them to use me. My mouth opened to a huge cock being forced into my mouth as I felt another cock enter my dripping ass. Another guy slid under me and I lowered canlı bahis siteleri my cunt onto his huge cock as I had my first “real” fuck of the night. The guys chanted and yelled as each of them fucked one or more of my holes and before too long I felt them all cum and screamed as I reached another orgasm. Over the next hour or so I was sodomised and fucked repeatedly and my face and breasts were coated in young man cum. I was in heaven as I was used as a cum bucket and reached into my cunt to scoop out cum and coat myself with it as the guys each finished and left.

I dressed my sticky body and walked outside. It was almost sunrise but despite my activities I was still horny. I knew where to go next so I wasted no time heading for the back alley I knew and loved and finding my homeless friends still asleep I undid the trousers of the first hobo I found and sucked his cock until it was hard and then lowered my dripping cunt onto it – waking him with the screaming orgasm of a bitch on heat. He was filthy with black teeth and ugly as sin but I was in heaven as I felt his cock pounding my insides. His eyes were drinking in my face and hair – covered in drying cum so I took off my clothes and let him feast on my naked body – his hands were all over me and his grunting soon told me he had cum. I slid off him and rolled over the bum next to him and before long I had his cock in my used cunt riding him like a mad woman. The noise we were making soon woke most of the men in the alley and before long I had another orgy going on with me in the centre. My body, despite being covered in cum, was so clean in comparison to my lovers. I loved how dirty I felt as homelss man after homeless man entered my body and filled me with their filthy seed. Eventually as the sun rose I curled up in a ball and slept – finally satisfied. I woke through the day as the sun burnt my naked flesh and lay there smiling. I knew and the homeless men knew I would stay with them as their fuck toy for a few days until the madness left and then I would return to my life. It happened every month – around ovulation. So far I had not been impregnated but it was only a matter of time before I was pregnant to one of the thugs or homeless men but until then my monthly fuckfest would continue and I would enjoy being used and abused in this dirty alley by these men the world had discarded but whom I craved.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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