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The Lee was a rundown theater past its prime. Its heyday was probably in the fifties, and it probably went through several revival attempts before becoming the adult theater for the town. It was alright that seats were broken, and everything was musty with mold smell in the air, because people were coming to see movies that they couldn’t see anywhere else because of the war on pornography. Nothing in the layout of the theater had been changed or even professionally cleaned for that matter. The men’s room with the glory hole had the original dirt on all of the fixtures and it was only cleaned by spreading bleach.

Everything in this theater contributed to this sexual experience for me. This was my first glory hole experience and the first dick I had in my mouth was here. I learned how to raise a cock to rock hard with my warm wet mouth and I learned to appreciate that warm fluid that filled my mouth. I knew what this did to the stranger whose cock was in my mouth and how for a brief time that stranger would have no control over himself. Even if this man held my head tightly as he fucked my face, there was a moment that my mouth forced this cock to shiver in excitement and explode. I always got excited when I walked in the door and bought my ticket. I became so regular that the several cashiers knew me. I had a short affair with one of them, and several of his friends who were a couple wanted to meet me and we got together several times.

The real attraction for me in the theater was the glory hole, although I did like the cashier because he had a fat cock and shot huge loads. It was clear that I had become a cock worshiper with a sperm addiction and that’s why I was so attracted to the glory hole. A cock and balls would come through this hole for me to inspect and work it into a frenzy until the man attached to this cock would shoot out all of his frustrations in a fit of joy. It didn’t matter if it were a large or small cock, as long as it was sticking through that hole, it was there for me.

My first trepidation about cum shooting into my mouth was gone by the end of the first blowjob that I gave at the glory hole. Watching cum ejaculating from that penis and hitting me and hitting the opposite wall, and dripping down my hand was enticing, exciting and beautiful. That increased my desire to have someone sliding their cock in and out of my mouth, hitting the back of my throat and shooting semen out in the final moment. I came to like everything about cum. I liked to watch it come out of a dick, I liked to feel it hitting my face, I liked for someone to lay his cum on my tongue and then push it down my throat with his cock. (I had a massage once and after I sucked the man’s cock he pulled out and put his dick on my left nipple and just let his cum ooze out into a pile. When I saw the sincan escort bayan warm goo come out like that I shot my load automatically.)

The first time a man shot cum in my mouth was shortly after my first glory hole blowjob. I was sitting in the stall waiting and a man came in to the urinal. I peeped as the piss came out of his cock and it excited me just to watch it come out. We each did our flirty little dance until I put my two fingers in the hole. Immediately, a cock came through the hole that was already more erect than it was seconds ago. I had very little finesse since I was so new to this, and I put my lips around the head of this strangers cock and started bobbing my head back and forth. After a minute he said, “Let me come in there” so I opened the door slightly as he walked around and pushed it open and walked in. He pulled the cock out of his pants and shoved it into my mouth. It was an average size cock but when it swelled in my mouth it felt huge. After a few minutes of bobbing my had back and forth, he put both hands on the sides of my head and held it as he started pumping his cock into my mouth (my first mouth fuck).

As he was fucking my mouth, I had no idea he was getting ready to cum, but before long I felt semen slam against the back of my throat. One, two, three shots and he was still holding my head firmly as he changed rhythm slightly and one more shot. He didn’t let go for several seconds, but I knew that his frustration had been released as the semen shot into my mouth. As he zipped his pants and walked out, I just sat there feeling the cum in my mouth, and remembering the feeling of it hitting the back of my throat. The thought of a rigid cock shooting cum into my throat, or on my tongue, or face became a calming meditation for me. From that day on, an actual cock and cum would transport me to another state of consciousness.

I didn’t particularly care if he wanted to come into the stall with me, I was happy to accommodate him, and if that would let me feel a hard dick and warm jizz, it was fine. But the glory hole with a cock sticking through it waiting for me to work it up in my warm wet mouth and suck those balls was what turned me on. In video booths, sometimes after I had been sucking a cock through a glory hole, the stranger would whisper through the hole, “I want to come over there”. After I had been attending to his cock in my preferred method, he would say, “Let me fuck you in the ass.” That was quite pleasurable, but I prefer it in a more private setting where there are showers, and beds, and plenty of time. But, if I can make that body quiver, I will do what I have to.

Sometimes I would go into the bathroom at the Lee and somebody was in the stall. Usually it was someone who wanted to suck a cock and drink tandoğan escort bayan someone’s cum, but occasionally there would be somebody in the stall that wanted their dick sucked but didn’t want someone to walk in and see them. If someone was in the stall I would go to the urinal and look through the glory hole. If they were playing with their erect cock, I offered a blowjob. The first time I did a blowjob from the outside of the stall I was still new to the glory hole but I was at the point that I would try to get a hard dick and warm cum in my mouth anyway I could. I found myself on my knees outside of this stall with this man’s cock in my mouth and I didn’t care where I was. When I got finished and the cock in the stall had throbbed and pulsed and shot ejaculate into my mouth, the guy said, “Man, You’ve got a hot mouth.” At that time I didn’t know if that was a compliment or a criticism. Of course it was a compliment and I should have known that from the warm goo in my mouth.

When I went to Lee I would go in and sit in the back so that I could see who was going into the bathroom. On the left side of the theater when someone left you could see if they were headed to the bathroom that was on the opposite side of the theater. The door shut very slowly so you could see if someone headed that way. If you sat in the back toward the corner someone could come in and move toward you. With my hand on my knee and I would encroach into the space of the seat next to me. If he sat down in that seat he would have to at least bump me, and that could tell me whether he didn’t see me since he was coming into the dark from the light, or if he would like to share his cock with me. There were several times that I gave a hand job right there. I could barely contain myself when I felt a pumped cock getting ready to shoot, and the stranger’s legs would stiffen and warm cum would run down over my hand. My excitement almost made me sigh out loud as I tried to gather all of the warm gooey sperm in my hand.

After I went into the theater I would sometimes go straight to the men’s room and sit in the stall for a long time. Many of the same cocks would come through the glory hole while I would sit patiently waiting. They must have known I was there because they just unzipped and pushed their cock through the hole for me. After I had given one man a blowjob several times he handed me his business card under the stall. I was still too shy to be that open, although I thought seriously about calling him. He had a massive uncut cock that could barely fit the head in my mouth. It wasn’t long but it was fat, I could barely get my hand around it when it was fully engorged.

That was my first uncut cock and I fell in love with it. Once it was fully engorged the hole was tight around the tunalı escort bayan shaft. This cock was mine until I massaged and sucked all of the semen out of it so he could pull out of the hole. I learned how to play with the foreskin and run my tongue under the skin and around the glans. The hole was too small for his balls to get through so I could only concentrate on the foreskin and head and shaft. I could only get the head into my mouth and that left me with a sore jaw, and all I could do with the shaft was lick it and stroke it with my hands. I wanted so badly to suck his balls into my mouth and kiss and lick his pelvis at the base of his massive cock. If I had called the number on his card I could have done that, but I was too shy for that.

Once after the door had been removed from the stall, I was sucking this great cock when someone walked into the bathroom. The way the bathroom door opened the entrant couldn’t immediately see into the stall, but once it shut he could see my head pulling away and this massive cock trying to rapidly shrink so that it could retreat from this glory hole. I sighed desperately at the loss of this chance to have this cock that I loved much pulse and pump cum into my mouth as I felt and tasted this man’s joy in my mouth.

One cock that came through that hole several times surprised me when I first saw it. My first thought when I saw it was ‘corkscrew’. It had several curves that made it a challenge to work in my mouth, but I loved to patiently work on that beautiful black cock. The warm cum that shot into my willing mouth proved that this man on the other side appreciated what I was doing. The curves made it impossible to get much more than the head in my mouth, but working the shaft with my lips and my tongue made me find all of the spots on a cock that can be attended to in order to bring this beautiful cock to complete exhilaration and climax. I couldn’t contain all of the semen in my mouth when he shot out all of that wonderful cum. Some would run down the shaft as I tried to chase it and capture it all. This seemed to be so thrilling for this cock that more cum would ooze out as I was caressing the shaft and balls with my mouth. I loved to see that cock come through the glory hole.

One man came into the bathroom while I was at my station in the stall. He put his cock through the hole and I worked on that wonderful cock for several minutes. His dick was average length but plump for its length and he was so smitten with my mouth on his cock that he wanted to take me home to his wife. This was my first swinger experience and my oral joy was overwhelming with a pussy and a cock to please with my mouth. He wanted me to fuck his wife while he watched and then his wife and I both sucked his cock. I had never been fucked in the ass but while I was fucking his wife I got the idea that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He didn’t, but I was so overwhelmed I would have happily submitted. I often wished he had since I have never had that experience. Since I was submissive, they liked me and we got together several more times but he never came back to the glory hole.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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