More then what I Thought

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Life was always how I remembered it. Silent and deadly. Like the Gothic Era all over again. I have always been alone. My mother died when I was very young, and my father left me at my mother’s sister’s house, Aunt Delia. She treated me like I was her own. It wasn’t always like that. Delia could never have children and she recently lost her husband the summer before I was brought to her. She always tried to give me everything I always wanted.

Throughout kindergarten to second grade, I was bullied nonstop. Delia withdrew me from Evan Elementary and started to home school me. I didn’t mind it, still was the same thing as always. Now that I’m in high school its totally different. The work is harder. Being 18 is hard. “Eclaire?” My aunt calls to me from downstairs.

“Yes Delia?” I say as I peek my head out of my door. I am wearing a black plain shirt that I had always wore. Over that was my black jacket with my last name on the back that plainly spelled out ‘Valvort.’ I always have hated my name but my last name was very unique. Delia always said that I was named after my grandmother that died when my mother and Delia was young.

Heading down to the kitchen where Delia had all my homework for the entire day laid out for me. “Good Morning sweetheart.” She kissed my forehead like she always did. She would do this when I was younger when I came to visit her with my mother and father, but I barely remember going to bakırköy escort her house when I was that young.

My mother was always jealous over Delia getting my attention as a baby. Being able not to ever give birth to her own biological child was always a curse but yet a blessing. She got to treat her friend’s children like they were her own. I recall a story that my aunt had told me when she first found out that she couldn’t have kids. She said that she had kept it secret from her family. No one in the family could never know. It was forbidden for someone in the family not to have children.

“I won’t be home tonight as normal, but I will be a little later then I am normally.” Aunt Delia says to me while she gets her coffee and her brief case. She leaves out the door and I know now I’m alone. I rush upstairs and go back to my room.

In my room, I turn on some music that I’ve always liked and that made me sorta horny every time it plays. I slowly walk over to my bed and I strip myself of my clothes. This leaves me in my black thongs and black laced bra that I loved so much. It made my boobs bigger than they actually were. “I don’t want anyone more than you.”, the music fills my room and I turn it up slightly so I know only I can hear it.

I lay down and start to massage my breasts through my bra. I can feel my nipples harden thinking of being pleased by a man, a man that bakırköy eve gelen escort loves me for me. I run my hands down my body slowly down my stomach and I reach the top of my thongs. My hand aches to reach in and feel my sensitive part of my body. Slowly I run my hand down inside them and begin to softly touch my slit. My touch is so soft that I ache for more.

I arch my back when I run down further and begin to rub my tiny clit. I gasp wishing that someone else would touch it. I run my hand up and down to my entrance and begin to thrust a finger inside. This feeling is amazing and makes me wetter than I’ve ever been. “Ahhh~”, I moan out a little and then I hear it.

A giggle from outside my door. The door bursts open and it’s my Aunt Delia! I quickly jump up as she enters. She doesn’t seem mad, but yet somewhat satisfied with me. “What are you doing Eclaire?” She walks in and I could tell that she was touching herself. Her shirt was undone and it was wrinkled.

“N-nothing.”, I hesitated. I didn’t want my Aunt to know what I had been doing while she was gone to work. “I-I…What are you doing here? I thought that you had left to work.” I pulled my shirt over my somewhat exposed breasts and covered my bottom half with my blanket.

“I had left my keys on the table. So I came back to get them and noticed that you weren’t at the kitchen table doing bakırköy grup yapan escort your work. So I came up to your room only to find you playing with yourself. You naughty girl.” She waves her finger at me and I blush. My Aunt was gorgeous. I’ve always knew this. The only thing I didn’t realize was that she was flirting with me. She never showed any signs that she might be gay, but I guess now I realized it.

She walked over to me and slid onto my bed. She forcefully pulled off my blanket and sunk down between my legs. “A-aunt Delia?” I say to her as she reached to pull my thongs off. She put her finger to her lips ans began to go back to pulling off my thongs.

I squirmed in her grip. She slid her tongue up my thigh and began to tease me that way. I moaned, wanting to feel her warm, wet tongue on my throbbing clit. She knew exactly what to do to turn me on. I gripped the bed sheet and arched my back. She smirked and chuckled under her breath. Then the feeling that made me scream so loud that I bet the neighbors heard us. She slid her tongue up from my entrance to the tip of my clit.

The pleasure was something that I’ve never experienced before. I wanted more. She knew that I did. The flicks of her tongue over my clit felt amazing. I couldn’t stop shivering. I was already cumming on her tongue and she seemed to be enjoying it. I heard her moan from the depth of her throat and sooner than I thought she seemed that she wanted more.

I moaned again feeling my climax come to a screaming end. I screamed as loud as I could, that’s when I squirted all over her precious pink tongue. “MMMM”, Delia said. “Next time you should do your homework before the play.” She got up and walked out of my room. I sighed in pleasure. My night had come to an end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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