Morgan Watches Ch. 01

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My name’s Rick. My wife is Morgan. I’m 33 and she’s 35. I’m 5’10”, short light brown hair, 165 pounds and am reasonably smooth. Not muscular. Not skinny. Kind of just right if you know what I mean. Morgan is tall and slender. 5’9″ and maybe 145 pounds. She’s got medium length dishwater blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes, 34b breasts and has a short waistline and long legs.

We met ten years ago and started doing the casual dating thing. This was where I dated other women and she dated other men. We had a great friendship relationship going with a lot of hot sex to compliment it. Neither one of us took the relationship seriously for a couple of years. The emotional attachment wasn’t there and I think this led to our being much more open and free sexually with each other.

We did public sex together. We experimented with another girl. This was Morgan’s second time with same sex fun and for her it just wasn’t that great a deal. She decided that she just wasn’t into women. We watched a lot of porn of every type and variety from good stuff to lousy. We’d sit back on my couch naked watching and playing with each other for seemingly hours with her cumming numerous times while she brought me to the edge time after time until I begged her to make me shoot off. She liked watching gay porn as well as straight. She liked tranny flicks if they were hot. She loved ones where the woman dominated the man and made him do her bidding no matter how kinky it got.

This got us into her asking me to let her dominate me. I “reluctantly” agreed and let her tie me to the corners of the bed. She’d let her imagination run a little wild and would “force” me to suck big dildos. I bought her a strap on that had a double dick. She’d strap it on and a five inch cock would be in her while an eight inch one would stick out in front of her. She’d get blistering hot and would delight in fucking me while she jerked off my cock and came all over the cock in her pussy. She’d call me her slut boy cocksucker while she fucked me and we graduated to her sucking out all my cum and then feeding it to me in a hot French kiss.

What she didn’t know and still doesn’t know to this day is that I had always had a thing for cocks and hot guys. When I antalya escort was a younger this guy down the block named Jack who was a little older and I would look at his father’s skin mags and jerk off together. He was about my size but had a larger dick than my 6 ½ inch one. I’d watch his hand sliding up and down his longer and thicker shaft til he came which would push me over and I’d cum like a horse. One day he asked if I wanted to jerk him off. I laughed at him and told him no but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him while he stroked.

“Come on Rick. You can’t take your eyes off of me. And it’s just stroking it. Nothing else.” He said to me as I watched the head of his cock get redder and wetter with pre cum. My right hand seemed to have a mind of it’s own as I reached over and replaced his hand with mine. “That’s it Rick. Just do it like you do yours.” I jacked him up and down slowly relishing every stroke. I slid up and down the shaft with my right hand and then reached over with my left to cup the big head and massaged it with my palm. He lasted no more than a minute before he came what seemed like a cupful all over my hands. I kept it up until nothing else leaked out of his cock and it was so sensitive that he had to push my hand away. “Jesus that was fucking good Rick. You won’t have to go to college if you just give hand jobs!” I laughed and went to the bathroom to wash my hands.

We used to get together once a week or so but after the hand job it became three or four days a week. He’d be on the couch and I’d be on the floor next to him. I liked being up close to the action so to speak where I could see all the detail of his cock complete with big veins, red head and oozing pre cum. One day I was jacking him off. I liked using baby oil and getting his cock and balls all wet and slick. I’d gotten so good at it that I could make him last for ten minutes before he blasted big ropes of cum all over the place. I had been doing his dick for a few minutes and he was watching my hand slide over him. “You know what would be fucking unbelievable Rick?”

I didn’t miss a stroke as I looked at him and asked what.

“It’d be so hot if you sucked the head of my cock while you stroked me. I’d give anything alanya escort to see my dick in your hot looking mouth.” He said as he arched his hips up.

“Yeah right. I’m not a fucking fag Jack.” I said as I stared at my hand stroking his fat cock.

“Of course you aren’t a fag Ricky. You’re just a guy who likes to play with cocks. That doesn’t make you a fag. And you know you want to do it. Cmon Ricky, just this one time to see what it’s like.”

I was really into his cock at that moment. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. In my mind I already knew I was going to do it and I wanted it so bad. Wanted to taste it and feel it against my tongue. I had unconsciously moved to where his cock was just inches from my mouth. Jack kept talking to me about how he knew I wanted to do it and I finally just couldn’t resist any more. I moved my open mouth those last few inches and closed it over the head of his gorgeous cock.

“Oh fucking Jesus that’s fucking hot.” Moaned Jack as I swirled my tongue around the head while my hand was sliding up and down the shaft. He had his hand on the back of my head and was pushing me down onto his big dick until it slid into my throat and gagged me. I pulled back but he increased pressure and was suddenly thrusting his cock into my mouth. “Oh fucking yes you little slut. Suck my cock you little fag cocksucker.”

I was shocked at what he was saying to me but I was really into his cock fucking into my mouth. I liked the power of making him hump my face and suddenly I didn’t care what he called me I just wanted to make him cum with my mouth. He was pushing his cock into me and I was bobbing my head up and down while I stroked him. All of a sudden his cock seemed to swell a little bit and he pushed my head down hard. I felt a gush of hot cum shoot into my throat. It choked me and I pulled back while the rest of his cum poured into my mouth. I didn’t swallow it but held it in my mouth not knowing what to do. I straightened up and looked down at him as his chest heaved and he panted for breath. I had done this to him. I had the power to make him cum.

“Fuck that was hot Rick. You sucked me so fucking good. Now we have to make you cum.” alanya rus escort He said as I looked at him. He had me sit on the couch so that my cock, balls and ass were over the edge of the cushion. He took the oil I used on him and for the first time ever he used it to get me slick and wet from my cock to my balls and down to my asshole. My cock was rock hard and the head was all red and hot to the touch. He slid his fingers down to my ass and started playing with my hole. I had played around with it on my own sticking one or two fingers in. Jack slid a finger into me as I stroked my cock up and down. “Yeah do your fag cock Ricky. Do it while I finger fuck your pussy.”

He held my balls with his other hand and squeezed them while I jacked off and then he stuck a second finger into me and started fucking in and out. I lasted seconds before shooting a huge load of cum that splattered onto my chest and near my face. Jack took his fingers out and scooped up my cum and then fed it to me.

“We’re going to have a lot of fun together Ricky baby.”

Over the next few weeks we were pretty much inseparable. Jack was totally addicted to my mouth and I was totally addicted to his cock. And of course the friendship changed from one of equality to one where he was in control. Contrary to what Jack had told me when he was coaxing me into sucking his cock and eating his cum, he now considered me a fag. He’d call me a cocksucker, blow job boy, pussy bitch and pretty much anything else humiliating that he could think of. But I didn’t care. I just wanted to suck his cock and eat his cum whenever I could.

One day we had gone to the movies together. In the theater he had his jacket over his lap and I had his cock out and was playing with it while we watched the film. When the movie was over we went into the restroom and I sucked him off in a stall while all these guys were coming in and out peeing. By now I had mastered getting his cock into my throat without gagging and I was swallowing the head of his dick with my throat muscles while I clenched his ass cheeks with my hands. He was shaking with intensity when he unloaded his cum into my throat. I never even tasted it. It went directly down. We went back to his parent’s place and to his room where we watched some porn and then he watched me jerk my cock off for him. When I came he made me scoop up the cum and eat it and then show it to him in my mouth before I swallowed it.

Things kept progressing with Jack. I’ll tell you more in part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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