Mothers’ Day Weekend Ch. 04

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Just a quick notice, there is no hot sex action in this chapter; pass by if you are after a quick fix. If you are enjoying the story so far, it introduces another character and some tension in the plot, setting the scene for the next chapter which gets a quite a bit more frisky. Enjoy!


“What the fuck?!?!?!” Mel screamed as she stepped into the living room and encountered the tangle of naked bodies draped across the furniture.

Ordinarily a scene like this would be amusing, perhaps intriguing depending on the cast; she ran with a pretty libertine crowd at school and had attended a few “play parties” as the organizers called them, the term ‘orgy’ being a bit passé. But the fact that her mom and her brothers were clustered naked on the sofa, Mom’s front plastered with what looked like lots of dried jizz, was not in the realm of Mel’s rational expectation.

Apparently her voice triggered some hidden explosive device in the sofa that hurled the bodies aloft into a scrambling mass of limbs (and other appendages she was not prepared to witness) seemingly searching for nonexistent textiles with which to hide their nakedness, accompanied by a verbal flurry of expletive laced stammering and floundering.

Three very shocked and shamefaced family members stared silently back at her, bleary eyes wide, mouths agape.


“Mornin’ Mel,” Chase casually greeted her while sprawled naked in her father’s chair.

“What the fuck are you doing here?!? What the fuck is going on here?!?!?”

“Just some good clean family fun, Mel,” Chase quipped, reaching for the bong. “Wake and bake?” he gestured toward her with it.

“Jesus, Chase, give it a rest,” Penny chided as she walked around the sofa and reached for Mel’s hand. Mel shrunk away as if fearing that whatever had obviously driven her family to depravity might be contagious.

“Come on honey, let’s go talk in my room and let these boys get decent,” Penny herded her eldest child. Mel looked again at her nude brothers who stared at the floor as their cocks obviously chubbed up, and at Chase, leering over the bong as he loaded its bowl, his own cock (‘Wow!!’) at half mast; she decided following her mother was the less frightening option, tho no less confusing and frustrating.

The ladies stepped into the master bedroom and Penny closed the door behind her, locking it for good measure, before reaching into her closet for a robe to cover herself; this might be somewhat less awkward if she weren’t naked while trying to explain the situation. Not that it really took a lot of explaining; the evidence on display had been pretty blatant, so really this would be more about helping Mel to integrate the reality with the least possible trauma; already not off to a great start.

Penny sat on the bed facing her daughter. “I can imagine that was pretty shocking for you honey; I’m not going to make any excuses but I will answer any questions you want to ask.” Up close now, Mel noticed the remnants of dried jizz scattered over Penny’s face, neck, and chest.

“Oh fuck Mom, I don’t want to ask…” Mel bolted for the bathroom. She made it to the sink before she heaved up the protein smoothie she’d had for breakfast while driving over; not as effective as the toilet, but at least it wasn’t on the carpet and the counter would wipe down easy. She grabbed a towel and wiped her mouth while running the water in the sink. She appraised her reflection, face paled, eyes red-rimmed and brimming with tears.

Penny stood in the doorway. “I’m sorry, honey.” Mel glanced at her, saw the tears in her eyes, and turned to collapse into her arms. Penny held her and stroked her hair, comforting her as she had so many times before; this was a thing she could do instinctively even as her own tears traced down her cheeks.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Mel cried into Penny’s collar.

“Well, right now we are having a very important and unexpected mother/daughter bonding experience. As for what happened, what you came in on, well that was also something unexpected and I’m going to just trust that you are mature enough to understand that sometimes things can get out of hand and…”

“You said no excuses, Mom. Tell me what happened.”

“Well, long story short, I had sex with Chase and…”

“And Ray and Jay?!?!”

“Well, not exactly…”j

“‘Not exactly’ what Mom?”

“Not exactly ‘sex’…”

“What happened Mom?”

“I blew them.”

“You blew my brothers?!?”

“Yes, dear, but…

“And you fucked Chase?!?!?”

“Yes, Melanie.”

“Mother, how could you?!?!?”

“Honey, its complicated, it’s a long story…”

Mel sat on the edge of the bed, “So start at the beginning.”


“Holy fuck, we so fucked esenyurt otele gelen escort up,” Ray blubbered into his hands.

“Shit, it ain’t that bad, dude,” Chase prodded.

“Lay off him Chase,” Jay warned. He didn’t want to let tensions escalate between these two; it was already a complete shitshow and the last thing they needed was friction between Ray’s emotional volatility and Chase’s obstinate needling.

“Yeah, haven’t you fucked things up enough here already?” Ray spewed.

“Ray, just chill out; Chase instigated things yesterday, but we all acted on what we wanted, so there’s no point in blaming him. None of us knew Mel would show up and find us like this. We gotta just trust that Mom will smooth it out best as she can.” Jay turned and glared down Chase who was about to make a smartass remark.

“Chase, we went into this as a team, and you need to back the fuck down and be a team player now; no fucking hotdogging til this shit with Mel gets sorted out. If you can’t handle that just get the fuck out right now and don’t bother coming back.”

“Shit, Jay, I just said ‘it ain’t that bad’…

“I heard what the fuck you said Chase, and I’m telling you straight up, back the fuck down, this is not the time for your instigating and one-upping. This may be just another game for you, but this is now some serious shit for our family to deal with. Either you are in for the team or we don’t need you here shooting off your smart mouth and making more trouble.”

“Alright Jay, I read you loud and clear. I’m in it to win it.”

“Okay Chase, I’m going to trust you, but if you fuck it up we will both be on you like stink on shit.” They all knew that one-on-one Chase would take either of them but he had no chance against the twins’ combined force.

“So what do we do now?” Ray asked.

“We wait for Mom to call the play and we follow her lead.”

“Can we at least make some fucking breakfast? I worked up one hell of an appetite this morning!”

“Fucking check yourself, Chase.”

“What, man? I’m not shitting you, I’m starving!”

“Alright, let’s go chow down, just watch your mouth.”


The story had not been as long nor as complicated as Mel imagined, though her family members’ motivations were certainly confusing to her. She prided herself on being pretty hip in general and was certainly sexually savvy: she’d toyed with various kinks, tried bondage and dominance play, explored sapphic delights, enjoyed group sex. But incest had remained firmly planted outside of her imaginable realm of acceptable deviance. She could grasp intellectually that her brothers were young studs, but they’d always remained somewhat annoying if thoroughly lovable pests thruout her life and Dad was, well, just Dad: strong, warm, caring, funny, and positively neutral.

Mom’s revelation had suddenly burst this bubble of conditioned naïveté; in her mind’s eye she saw the swirling rainbow film of cultural inhibitions retracting in slow motion from the pinprick point of contact, collapsing upon themselves in a shimmering fluid cascade, releasing the held breath of forbidden urges, now undifferentiated from the surrounding atmosphere. Still her emotions struggled with the cognitive dissonance inculcated by a lifetime of accepted taboo.

“Ok Mom, I understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’, but I’m having some trouble with the ‘why’. Is there something wrong between you and Dad?”

“Oh shit!” Penny exclaimed, jumping up to scramble for her phone, still plugged in and powered off. “Sorry honey, I’ve been so caught up in this weirdness, I need to check in with your father.” She looked up from her phone as it booted up and met Mel’s searching eyes.

“Actually things have been just fine with us, honey; this was as much a surprise to me as it is to you. Things just snowballed into this unexpected territory. I still don’t understand it completely myself. If someone had suggested this to me yesterday I’d have thought they were as crazy as you must think I am. But it happened and it was the most powerful sexual experience of my life and I’m trying to make sense of it and what it means for the future. I still love your father deeply and pray that he can forgive me for giving in to the passion of the moment.”

Penny glanced down to check the time (10:47) and her text messages.

[good morn sexy <3] [part delayed by storm :(] [should be here soon] [be home for dinner] [everything alright there?] The last one came about half an hour ago. [phone died last nite :p] [full house here, boys had a guest over] [mel showed up n we r catching up] [hows the job? when will u b home?] Mel leaned in checking esenyurt rus escort the screen. “Way to play it down Mom.”

“Well I don’t think it would be fair to dump the whole truth on him while he is so far away; I’ve been thinking a lot about how to deal with this when he gets home.”

“What are you thinking?”

“Honesty is the best policy, honey; now that you know I don’t imagine we could hide it anyway…”

“Would you if you could?”

Penny paused, “I don’t think so Mel. Your father and I have always been pretty honest with eachother and we’ve built a lot of trust. We’ve also been fairly sexually adventurous, and I’m hoping this can be resolved in a positive way for us both.”

“Dad’s stuck out of town for a night and you have sex with your sons and their friend and you think he is going to be okay with this?!? How much dope have you been smoking lately Mom?!?”

“Melanie Desiree!!”

“Don’t middle-name me Mom, I’m not the one who fucked up here. I just want to know what’s going on with you. You ask me to bring you pot, Chase is doing naked bong rips the morning after your orgy; I’m just piecing the puzzle together.”

“Well if you must know, yesterday was the first time in a very long time, and I wasn’t expecting it. It helped to calm my nerves after we had our first ‘encounter’ and it may have loosened me up for the second, but I was pretty straight when that happened so I can’t blame either one on the pot. I’m not a dope fiend though, if that’s what your wondering.”

“So what is twisting your mind to think Dad is going to accept all this?”

“Well Chase brought up an interesting point…”

“That little fucking weasel,” Mel spat, “do you think he’s got anything but his own interest in mind?”

“Not much, but I do see an honesty in his directness, and I must admit I enjoyed myself as much as he did; he surely instigated but I am fully responsible for the choices I made. And I do think he may have a valid hunch about your father’s stake in this; Chase seems certain that he wanted this to happen.”

“What?!? Why?!?”

“Honey, we suspect your father may have a cuckold fantasy.”


“Cuckoldry, its when a man wants his wife to have sex with other men. I’ve just done some research and to my surprise it’s actually fairly common, tho not many men are open about it.”

“Yeah I’ve heard of it, but what makes you think Dad wants to be cucked?”

“The idea surprised me at first too; I’ve been so close to your father for so long that I think I was blind to some of the signs. He had suggested we try swinging quite a while ago, but honestly I thought it was just about him wanting other women and it never went anywhere; we were too busy with parenting and the business anyway. Then as you kids got older and there were always horny young men around the house, there was a spark that came into our sex life, and he encouraged me to enjoy the extra attention, then he introduced me to the MILF concept. It was subtle, but once Chase suggested it, I felt that he may be right.”

“Okay so even if Dad does get turned on by the idea of you with other men, what makes you think he’d be okay with you cheating on him while he’s away? And incest with your kids?”

Penny fleetingly noticed the choice of that final designator, not ‘your boys’ or ‘your sons’; “your kids”. She looked deeply into her eldest child’s eyes, seeking for a sign of something that she couldn’t quite name yet. Her world was suddenly so full of new questions where before there had been stolid assumptions. The moment slipped away as she focused on the easier of the two questions to answer.

“I can only pray that your father will be understanding and forgiving. It was all so disoriented and impulsive; I felt driven by urges I hadn’t felt with anyone else in a long time. I know it was selfish, but I didn’t set out to hurt him, I just got caught up in my desire; it was beyond anything I’d ever felt before. I felt like some deep primal part of me that had been asleep for a long time woke up and took control. And I don’t regret it; it was a truly liberating experience to respond without the usual constraints, I felt so completely alive in a new and exciting way.”

“Sounds kinda cliche, Mom. But I guess couples are entitled to have whatever agreements work for them. I just hope Dad will be able to deal with it without getting too hurt. Do you plan to keep fucking Chase, I mean if Dad is okay with it? I hope you’d stop if he’s not.”

“I’ve thought a lot about that, and all I can say is wait and see how it goes with your father before I make any decisions. The sex with Chase was amazing, but I don’t know how much of it was him and how much was the totality of the experience, esenyurt türbanlı escort the excitement of the newness. Your father and I have an amazing relationship that has stood the test of time and I’m not going to treat that lightly, despite what just happened. So I don’t have a clear answer for that yet, honey.”

“Mel, I want to thank you for hearing me out on this without being too judgmental; I imagine it’s been quite a shock and you’ve been pretty mature and understanding. I really appreciate that as it really helps to have someone I trust to confide in, it helps me get more clear myself.”

“Any time Mom,” Mel quipped with a modicum of sarcasm. She leaned in toward Penny, meeting her gaze firmly. “So what about the incest issue?”

Penny paused, pregnantly. She took a deep breath, then another. Mel held her gaze, unflinching.

“Honestly that is the hardest thing to face fully. Probably not surprising, huh?” she chuckled, hoping to make light, but it was still heavy. She took another deep breath. “I loved it Mel. I wanted it. And I’m pretty sure they did too. It felt natural, just another expression of my love for them. I always knew I’d do anything for my kids, I guess I just never considered that as a possibility before. I’d never consciously had those kinds of thoughts about your brothers, but in the moment it just seemed so genuinely right to open myself up to them and share pleasure with eachother.”

“Afterwards I realized the attraction had been there dormant for a long time, held back by automatic repression, like it wasn’t even an option. Your brothers admitted they’d felt it for a long time but just kept it in their fantasies. Now we all know it’s an option and the question is what to do about the option. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen, or that we didn’t enjoy it. It’s an issue that obviously affects our whole family so I think we will just have to work it out among ourselves before making any decisions.”

“Seriously, Mom? You sound like you’re okay with it continuing if there are no objections in our family, but it’s bigger than just that. Society doesn’t accept it; it’s actually against the law, even if they are adults now.”

“So is smoking weed, honey. We all make choices that we may keep hidden from public scrutiny. Somehow some absolutes have suddenly become open questions for me. I really don’t know what will come next, but I’m getting comfortable with the questions right now. And some things I know hold true, like the love I feel for my family; that’s still an absolute.”

Penny reached out to take Mel’s hand in hers. “I love you honey, and I’d do anything in my power to ensure that you are safe and happy. I won’t judge your life or your decisions or hold any expectations about you, and I ask you to do the same for me. We all have a lot to learn from life, and I think it’s important that we live it as fully and honestly as we can.”

“I love you too Mom,” Mel replied, her eyes again brimming with tears. “I’m trying hard to be understanding, it’s just a big shock is all.” She leaned fully into her mom, throwing her arms around her neck as she broke into sobs of relief and confusion.

Penny held her close, soothing her, and the two eased down onto the bed to cuddle as Mel’s emotions washed thru her. After a few minutes Mel pulled back a bit and tilted her face up to Penny’s.

“I have a lot to think about, Mom, and I feel like I need to go check in with Ray and Jay. Are you okay with that?”

“Of course, honey. Please be gentle with them, I suspect they are having an even harder time with this than I am.”

“I’ll do my best, Mom.” Mel paused, her face mere inches away from her mom’s, their eyes meeting tenderly. Penny’s scent, delicate and musky, wafted around her, their warm breaths mingling in the close space; she felt slightly intoxicated. She felt the soft warmth of her mom’s full breasts pressed against her own through their clothing, the strong beat of her mom’s heart against her own slightly faster pulsing. She moved in gently and pressed her full lips into Penny’s, timid, vulnerable; the kiss held for a few moments as they gazed into each others eyes.

Then, slowly, Mel withdrew and said “I love you, Mom” as she rose and left the bedroom.


Penny lay on the bed, processing what had just happened. So much raw emotion and honesty had been shared in this short time. She and Mel had always been close, but this was a new level of intimacy surpassing all that came before. And she was not sure how to read that kiss; it was not the passionate kiss of a lover nor the chaste kiss of a daughter for her mother, it drifted somewhere in the grey unknown between the two familiar shores. It seemed to her it was a question as much as it was a kiss; yet another open question. But there was no question about the effect it had impressed upon her body which was now alive and buzzing.

Unsure about so much of what lay just ahead, she decided a shower would be a comforting and practical diversion; it would be respectful at least to wash off the residue of her illicit sexual adventures before Marshall got home.


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