Movie Star Mom Ch. 05

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All characters in this work of fiction are over the age of 18.

In case you missed them, I encourage you to read the first four chapters of this story.

Special thanks to Ciaosteve for his assistance in editing and for his suggestions on how to improve this chapter.


Jenna pulled herself out of bed. She looked over at Rich as he slept. She stumbled into the bathroom, not bothering with a robe. As she finished peeing, she thought about her family and how lucky she was to have her husband and sons. She washed her hands, staring into the reflection in the mirror. A woman with messy hair and bloodshot eyes stared back.

The prom two weeks ago had gone off without a hitch. It was a miracle, but Tony asked a girl out. Jenna smiled at her reflection, thankful that he had not wanted to take his mom to the dance. She even got him to admit to fucking his date in a hotel room on the Vegas strip once the dance ended. He only admitted to it because Jenna threatened not to suck his cock the following afternoon unless he gave her the dirty details of his date. He brought protection and used it. He even admitted to using a pussy eating trick his mom had taught him. Tony smiled at his Mom when he admitted that he wanted to see the young woman again.

The afterglow of the prom was destroyed by a phone call on Monday night. The family was sitting around the table when the phone rang. As Jenna turned away from the mirror, she recalled the sounds of Rich’s voice “What…” She recalled how he never finished the sentence.

As she stood in the doorway of the bathroom, she looked at her husband sleeping soundly. The last four days has been tough on him and she didn’t think he came to bed until after two in the morning. His brother David had passed away in a car accident on Monday afternoon and that phone call was from his sister-in-law.

Rich had spent the next four days talking to his family, his sister-in-law and their sons. It was decided that all three of the boys would travel out to the Midwest to attend their uncle’s funeral. Rob decided to leave from San Diego instead of Las Vegas. Thankfully, Sarah was joining the guys on the trip.

Jenna pulled on her shorts and tank top. The guys would be up soon, and she wanted to ensure they had breakfast before heading to the airport. The clock on the nightstand showed that Rich had about 20 more minutes of sleep before he needed to get up. Slipping out of the room as quietly as possible, she walked across the hallway and gently knocked on Will’s bedroom door.

“Come in.”

Jenna pushed open the door and walked into the room. Will was standing there in his jeans and was in the middle of pulling on a polo shirt.

“Hi. How are you doing?”

Jenna walked up to her middle son and gave him a hug. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him into her breasts. On any other recent day this may have been the start of the wild sex session, but not today. Will hugged his mother back, squeezing just a bit hard.

“I know you miss Uncle David.”

Jenna kissed him on the cheek. It took every motherly instinct she had left to not kiss him on the lips. To not run her hand up and down his cloth encased cock. Will pulled his mother into him even tighter. Jenna could have sworn she heard a sniffle from her middle son. David and Will had always been close. David’s son Ben was the same age as Will and the two had played together as small kids. That was prior to Jenna’s life in porn and moving to Las Vegas.

After a moment Will let go of his mother. Jenna took that as an opportunity to let go of him as well.

“Why don’t you finished getting dressed. I’m going downstairs to make some breakfast for you guys before you leave for the airport.”

“Okay, Mom.”

Jenna walked out of the room and walked over to Tony’s room. The process repeated itself, with Tony hugging his mother. He was a little more open with his sniffling and the clinginess of his hug. He may not have been as close to his uncle as his brother, but Tony was the more emotional of her sons.

Jenna ended up in the kitchen a few minutes later. She checked the text messages on Rich’s phone as she pulled the waffle maker from a cabinet and plugged it in. Jenna scrolled through the messages, following the exchanges between her husband’s family. There were references to her boys and her oldest son’s girlfriend. The green light on the waffle maker drew her attention away from the phone as she set it down and quickly pulled out the ingredients to make batter.

In about 20 minutes the boys started showing up for breakfast. Each grabbed a few waffles and a glass of orange juice. Rich eventually made an appearance about 10 minutes later. He’d taken a shower and his hair was still damp.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Jenna smiled at her husband.

“Hi Dad.”. Tony said hello to his father in between bites of waffle.

Jenna kissed her husband and wrapped her arm around him.

“Hi” Rich was not really in the mood to talk. eve gelen escort He grabbed a few waffles and some milk and sat down. He scrolled through the text messages. He stopped at the one from Ann and he looked over at his wife.

“Did you read this one from Ann.”

“Yes.” Rich looked just as glum as he finished his mouthful of food and answered his wife.

Jenna tried to give an air of acceptance to the text message.

“I’m, sorry.”

“You have nothing to be sorry about. Don’t apologize to me.” Jenna tried to smile at her husband.

“You know that you can still come with us.” Rich’s voice cracked at the end.

“I know. I would love to be there to support you and the boys. However, the client wants to close this big deal this weekend and I don’t want to throw a year’s worth of work away. Anyways, Ann understands, I think. I would just be getting in the way if I had to do the meetings with the client on the phone in the middle of the funeral.”

The lie was for her sons. It was more about not wanting to let them in on the tension between Jenna and Ann, rather than a conflict with work. Jenna gave Rich a look that they would discuss it in a few minutes and that is what they did. It took about 10 minutes for Tony and Will to finish their breakfast and soon they headed up to their rooms to finish packing. Jenna looked at her husband with a caring eye.

“I’d love to go with you and the boys to the funeral, but it’s obvious that Ann doesn’t want me there.” Jenna took another bite of waffle.

“I know you’ve had issues with her in the past, but I think that she can move beyond that.”

“No Rich she can’t move beyond it. You saw her text message, she intentionally left my name out of everything.”

“She’s grieving, she may have just forgotten.”

Jenna knew her husband was making excuses for his dead brother’s wife.

“She seemed to remember Sarah’s name in one of those messages but not mine. As for grieving, was she grieving when she called me a home wrecking, fucking whore last year?”

Jenna kept her voice down, so not to let the boys hear what she said. The family fight started last year when Ann caught her husband watching one of Jenna’s movies in his man cave. Up until that time her career had been hidden from Rich’s straight-laced family. Ann told Rich’s parents and his sister that Jenna was a whore. She used those exact words at a family reunion a week after catching her husband jerking off to the sight of Jenna sucking a black cock.

“No!” Rich gave his wife a look of defeat.

“Listen Baby, I want to go with you. It’s best if I don’t. Can you imagine the fight?”

Rich nodded at his wife.

“How about I call your Mom…”

The doorbell rang cutting off Jenna’s sentence.

“I’ll get it. Why don’t you get finish getting ready since you guys need to leave here in about 20 minutes?”

Jenna walked to the door and opened it. On the porch stood a beautiful young brunette.

“Hi, I’m Chelsea. Is Tony home?”

The young woman in front of her had C cup breasts. Jenna sized her up, noting that her tank top and shorts matched her sandals. Manicured fingernails that matched toes signaled that she either had them done for the prom or that she was little on the ‘high maintenance’ side. As Jenna finished sizing up the young woman, she smiled and approved of his son’s choice.

“Come in please. Tony is upstairs getting ready. I’m afraid that he is about to leave in a few minutes.”

“I know. That’s why I stopped by. I wanted to give him this.” The young woman held out an envelope, which appeared to be some type of greeting card.

“One second Chelsea, let me see if I can get him to hurry up.”

“Thanks Mrs. M.”

“You can call me Jenna, sweetheart. Give me one minute.”

Jenna hurried past the kitchen to the stairs, climbing as quickly as she could to the second floor. She thought about how cute Chelsea is, imagining how she would have looked on her knees sucking Tony’s cock with her tits hanging out of her strapless dress. Jenna knocked on her son’s door and waited until he told her to come in.

“Sweetie, you have a visitor.”

“Really Mom, right now? Tell the guys that I will call them in a few days.”

“It’s not the guys, it’s Chelsea.”

Jenna watched her youngest son cycle through about six shades of red. He combed his hair with his fingers and then checked his breath in his hand.

“You look fine sweetheart.”

Jenna marveled at how quickly her lazy son bounded down the stairs. She spied around the corner of the stairwell, to catch a glimpse of the teenage couple, but not hearing their conversation. She needed to finish the dishes but didn’t want to interrupt the lovebirds. Chelsea stayed for about five minutes. She couldn’t tell if they kissed or hugged, but she suspected that there was some type of kiss before she left.

“Mom, you can stop spying on me.”

Jenna walked down the stairs. fatih escort Will and Rich were still in their rooms getting ready for their flight. She pulled her son into a hug, wrapping her arms around his waist.

“She’s cute.”

Tony smiled at his Mom.

“So, you said that she is really good at sucking cock?” She cocked an eyebrow at him. Her son turned about three more shades of red.


Her son said it with a degree of confidence that he didn’t have a few months ago. Jenna hoped that his willingness to ask Chelsea to the prom and his growing confidence was a direct result of their incestuous fucking. She’d worried that it would impact him negatively, but it seemed to have the opposite effect.

“I wonder if she likes eating pussy?”

Jenna smiled at her son.

“Imagine if you could fuck both of us at the same time.”

“Stop Mom.”

She told her son that he was no fun. The last statement got him to smile, something that was hard to come by in their house the past few days.

She finished up the dishes and headed up to the master bedroom. Rich was finishing up his packing. Jenna grabbed his pants, folding them and placing them in his suitcase.

“Are you certain that you don’t want to come?”

“I’m sorry but no. I don’t want to be around Ann. She is a bitch and probably a hypocrite as well. I bet you 20 dollars that she secretly watches porn. I bet the only reason that she freaked out and called me a whore is that I have better tits than her and can suck a bigger cock.”

Rich implored her to keep her voice down and stop it.

“No Rich, I won’t. I loved your brother as much as the boys, but I’m not dealing with that hypocritical bitch. I bet she is just like that televangelist that I met in Texas. Remember him?”

The chance encounter with the preacher in Texas was one of the worst experiences in her porn career. It started as a friendly conversation in a hotel lobby. That led to an admission of being a recovering porn addict by the middle-aged man. Jenna sat there quietly as she heard him confess his sins. He was polite to her, but she could tell he was looking down upon her with disdain.

She thought the conversation would end when some of his parishioners recognized him and came over to talk. It only got worse as he told members of his flock that she was a porn star and that he was talking to her about changing her wicked ways. He put his hand on her knee as she was getting up to leave, smiling at her and asking her to stay. The conversation with his flock ended a moment later and he turned back to her.

Jenna recalled watching him as he took out a piece of paper from his soft sided briefcase and wrote a short note. Handing it to Jenna, he smiled as she read it. It was a proposition to fuck her and then have her pee in his mouth in exchange for $10,000. The offer increased to $20,000 if Jenna allowed the pastor’s wife to film the session.

Jenna recalled wanting to ball up her fist and break his nose, pummeling him in the middle of the hotel lobby. Instead, she handed him the note back and thanked him for his time. Taking the moral high ground, she laughed to herself.

“Yes, I remember you telling me about the preacher.” Rich looked at her with a blank face, seeming to recall how upset she’d been at the encounter years before.

“What Ann really needs is to get gang fucked. Maybe her sons and my son’s will take her out behind the woodshed and stuff their cocks in all three of her holes. Can you imagine her getting gangbanged?”

Rich gave his wife a disapproving look.

“Okay I’m sorry. I should not have said that. I just get so pissed off when I remember how she outed me to your family. Do you remember how devastated your parents were? They didn’t talk to either of us for more than a month.”

The couple talked for a few more minutes and then headed down the stairs. Both boys were waiting in the living room when they came down. Jenna gave her husband a hug. Then she hugged Will, before he and Rich walked out to the garage. Jenna gave her youngest son a hug.

“While you are gone, imagine me eating Chelsea’s pussy as you fuck me?”

Jenna planted a kiss on his lips as he again blushed with embarrassment. Jenna followed her son out to the garage and kissed her husband again. She watched as the car pulled out of the garage, waving to the glum looking guys. She closed the garage door and headed into the house to finish the last of the dishes.

As the dishwasher started running, Jenna put away the waffle maker. With the guys out of the house, she decided to get some work done. It had been three days since she’d looked at her work email account. Shedding her clothes as she headed upstairs to their home office, she grabbed her cell phone from the kitchen. As she strolled up the stairs as nature intended, she thought about how often she’d been walking around naked. It’s been much more frequent since she started secretly fucking her sons.

The halkalı anal yapan escort first call was strictly the family business. Adam was one of the managers at their business. Rich asked her to call and check to see if the latest inventory delivery arrived this morning.

Jenna talked to Adam for about 10 minutes. He offered his condolences for the third time in as many days. He assured her that the delivery came in early this morning and that the team was already getting it unloaded. He also mentioned that one of their employees had been in L.A. yesterday visiting his sister and he had stopped by to pick up the new parts Rich ordered a few weeks before.

Rich had planned to take Tony with him next weekend to see another game, but it looked like that trip wouldn’t be needed. It also meant that Jenna would have to scrap her plans to take Will back to the strip club. It had been a few weeks since the last visit to the club and she was eager for another lap dance with Will and Aimee.

The next call was to one of the adult production companies. They had emailed her about a problem with her next booking. The premise of the movie was a MILF ordering a young male escort, but the email said that something needed to change and that she should call the producer.

“Hey Charlie, it’s Jenna.”

“Hi Jenna, can you give me a second.”

She heard Charlie talking to someone in the background. It sounded like they were talking about a new woman coming in for a screen test. She thought back to her own screen test. It involved a sleezy producer and his female assistant. She recalled that he was kind of an ass, but that the assistant had a great tasting pussy.

“Sorry about that Jenna”

“No worries. I got your email about the change. What’s up?”

“I wanted to clear a couple of changes with you before I send you the script. We need to change the location from L.A. to Vegas, so we are coming to see you. Is that okay?”

Although Vegas is convenient, she really didn’t like filming in the city. It offered too many opportunities for her boys to catch her near the Vegas strip without their father. Even worse would be one of their employees from the company or a PTA parent seeing her going upstairs to a room in a hotel.

“That’s fine Charlie.”

She didn’t have to worry about the boys now, since all three now knew that she did porn. Jenna resigned herself to taking the chance with the PTA parents or one of Rich’s employees.

“The other change is that we are going from a black cock scene to a lesbian one. There is a problem with our guy’s dick.”

“What kind of problem?” Jenna cocked an eyebrow when the director said there was a problem

“Um…the problem is that Jerome got the clap. It seems that he and a buddy hooked up with some skank in a bar in Anaheim last week and she gave both the clap. Jerome is on antibiotics and the doctor said it will take a week to clear up. As you know, he will have to be cleared medically to start filming again and is basically out for the month.”

Jenna thought about the process of getting cleared to film. Jerome would have to put up with peeing fire for a week or so until the antibiotics kicked in. It would be a few more weeks until the infection cleared up. At that point, he would need to get screened by an adult talent testing service in Los Angeles. Once he had been cleared medically, he would be given a clean bill of health in the system that tracks availability to shoot films. The tests were something Jenna went through every month.

“Who’s the woman?”

“Sophia Lux. She is going to play a young escort who you hire to fuck with a strap-on.”

She listened to Charlie explain the plot as she looked up Sophia online. Cute, blonde with decent tits and no tattoos. She could pass as a real escort, so the movie might be believable.

“Sounds good. When do we shoot?” Jenna opened her weekly planner and thumbed to the calendar.

“How about the week after next?”

“Can we do it on the 2nd? My oldest son graduates from college on the 5th and I need to be in San Diego with my family. I’m back in town on the 7th because my youngest son graduates on the 8th. We also have a graduation party on the 11th.”

“Give me a minute.” Jenna could hear Charlie ask someone in the office about the dates.

Jenna held on the phone and scrolled through Tony’s incest blog. She looked at the latest post. She was just about to scroll down when Charlie came back on the line.

“Yup, the 2nd works. I’ll send you all the details and will see you at 1pm on the 2nd.”

“Bye Charlie.”

Jenna hung up and looked at the latest blog post from her son. It showed a picture of a woman kissing the tip of a dick. The caption below it read…” My son is the sweetest in the world, which is why I make sure to give him a goodbye kiss every day before he goes to school.”

Another of the posts was a naked woman in a pool. The brunette looked to be about Jenna’s age and had large gold hoop earrings She was sucking on a cock that looked to be the size of a 20oz soda bottle. The caption read “Nothing beats a relaxing day at the pool, especially when you’re getting blowjobs from your mom.” Jenna fingered herself as she stared at the big cock on the screen. It looked to be the same size as Rob’s dick.

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