Mrs. Montrose in Antwerp

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The first part of this story was posted in Trannsexuals and Crossdressers, ‘The Creation Of Shanna’, the second part is posted in BDSM under the title ‘Mrs. Montrose’. To understand what’s going on fully you need to read these first. If you want a little mindless fun, forgo the earlier chapters and enjoy.


Mike woke with a start, the tall blonde tucked under one arm, the petite Hispanic under the other.Extricating himself carefully, he smiled as the girls snuggled together.

He showered, dressed, and walked back into his office. He worked for an hour before going back into the bedroom.

He shook them, neither gently nor hard, and commanded “Up!”

Chantal woke with a start and immediately slid off the bed and into the submissive position. Edie, while not quite as submissive as Chantal due to the difference in training, was slower responding, but once awake mimicked her position.

“I hope you had a nice nap, my pets. Now, into the office, we have work to do. Come!”

Edie looked at Chantal, shrugged, and they went naked into the office. Chantal was about to assume her position again, but Mike ordered her to bring towels out of the bathroom.

“No leaking on the furniture” he reminded Edie.

She brought the towels, and folded one over Edie’s office chair, and stood irresolute, the other towel in her hands.

“Put it on one of the chairs at the conference table and sit” Mike commanded curtly. Her haste to comply was almost comical.

He handed her a laptop.

“From now on, you’re our private secretary. I know you have the skills. I’ll forgive an error or two the first few days, but after that there will be consequences. Understand?”

She nodded, eyes down. He held her chin in his large hand, raising her face until she looked him in the eye.

“Nonverbal answers are not acceptable.”

He swatted her bottom, hard. Edie could see the hand print.

“Do you understand?”

Tears fought to fall from her face. Not because of the pain, she was used to far worse, but over the inner struggle to meet his eye. She had been trained for six months to never look her owner in the eye. She finally reconciled her problem by remembering she was to obey his every wish without question.

“Yes sir, I understand.”

He patted her cheek, giving her great pleasure.

“Good girl. Now, let’s begin.”

They worked for three hours, scheduling meetings and going over any aspect of the business that needed settled before they began their overseas trip. Finally Mike snapped his laptop shut.

“Enough. Time to go home. I’ll see you tomorrow, Edie. Lock up.”

Edie looked concerned.

“What about Chantal? She hasn’t had her dinner yet. Is she staying here again tonight?”

Mike grinned.

“It’s good to see you have compassion for pets. If you want to feed her you can. Take her home with you if you want. Goodnight.”

Edie looked at her after he left. It would be simple to order her dinner and leave, but she decided to take him up on his offer.

“Chantal, dress. I’m taking you home.”

She obeyed instantly. While she was getting dressed she called Stan.

“I’m on my way home now. Put on a housecoat, I’ve ordered dinner, it should arrive shortly, I’ve taken care of the payment and tip. And set three plates.”

His eyes were big as saucers when she came through the door with another woman. Something seemed odd about her, she kept her eyes downcast and didn’t speak.

“Stan, this is Chantal. She’s our guest for the night. I see you have the food ready. Serve us please. And why do you have that housecoat still on?”

He was blushing furiously. He realized what he must look like, standing there in a pink robe with his hair pulled back in a ponytail. All he had on underneath was a pink thong. He bowed his head under her stern look and removed the housecoat. The woman never even blinked as he plated their food and stood waiting for his next command.

“Very good, Stanley. Serve yourself and join us. Chantal, eat up honey.”

The woman immediately started eating, slowly, relishing every bite. It was Mexican, from the restaurant Mike was so fond of. It was like tasting home for her. She cleaned her plate and looked at Edie, begging with her eyes. Edie laughed.

“All right my pet, have just a little more, but save some room for dessert. Ice cream, our favorite.”

Tears started leaking down her cheeks.

“Thank you, Mistress.”

Edie patted her cheek with a napkin while Stan sat there stunned.

“It’s all right baby, now eat.”

Cherry vanilla, her favorite. She was allowed one bowl. Finished, they moved to the living room.

“Clean the kitchen later, Stanley. We have things to discuss in the living room.”

He followed. She reached into her purse and pulled out two fives and a ten. He silently put them in the jar, estimating there had to be close to a thousand by now.

Edie pulled her dress over her head, allowing it to crumple to the floor. She hadn’t bothered with underwear.

“I illegal bahis didn’t get a chance to shower today, and I really need to be cleaned. Pay attention to my thighs, a lot of it leaked out and dried there.

Fighting feelings of incredible shame and unbelievable lust, he bent to the task at hand. She kept him down through two orgasms before releasing. He sat at her feet gasping.

“As good as always, my little cumsucker. Maybe one day I’ll let you get it from the source instead of secondhand. Now, we have a guest, and she needs your services too. Be a good boy Stanley. Don’t embarrass me in front of her. Chantal, remove your dress please.”

She immediately stripped and sat back down. Edie looked at Stanley.

“Do a good job, and you might get a reward.”

That motivated him. It had been three weeks since he was last allowed to come, and she made sure she fondled him to erection almost every night.

Ten minutes later Chantal gave a little squeak and pushed his head back.

“Good boy, Stanley. Go fetch your rubber.”

A few weeks before he had been so excited he missed his hand and sprayed her arm. She was so angry she hadn’t let him have any relief since. She came home one night a week later and handed him a box of XXXL large condoms. She knew they were far to large for him, and emphasized his smaller size.

“The next time you get a treat this will insure you don’t have a mishap.”

He brought it to her and stood passively as she fondled him to full staff and slipped it on.

“You get a special treat tonight. Chantal, I want you to give him the best handjob in the world.”

She held up a kitchen timer and set it for forty five minutes.

“If he comes before the timer goes off I’m punishing you both. Begin.”

She sat and watched for five minutes before deciding to take a shower. She showered, did her nightly rituals. She looked at the clock and saw five minutes left, so she started running a bath.

Stanley was almost dancing, as Chantal would slowly stroke him, then jack furiously for a minute or two. He was sweating and his face was red. There was one minute left on the timer.

“Now, Chantal, before he has a heart attack.”

She began to stroke at a furious rate, and he exploded instantly, crying out. She smiled.

“Good job, Chantal. I’ll have to think up a suitable way for him to repay you.”

She turned to Stanley.

“Clean yourself” she commanded in a firm tone.

He stood embarrassed beyond words, before he slid the rubber off slowly, taking as much of his sperm as he could with it. Then he raised it to his mouth and slowly turned it inside out, licking quickly, making sure he didn’t spill a drop. After he was done he presented the rubber to her for inspection.

“Good job, my dear. Now, clean the kitchen, and then it’s off to bed for you. Come, Chantal.”

Again the woman rose and followed her like an obedient dog. The bath was filled with warm water and perfumed soap. She put Chantal in the tub and bathed her as though she were a child, compliant to her wishes. She toweled her dry, gave her a gown that was midthigh on her but went to Chantal’s knees, and led her to the bedroom. She turned the covers down.

“Left side. And if you hog the covers, I’ll spank you in the morning.”

She checked on Stanley, kissed his cheek and sent him to his room. She had stopped allowing him to sleep with her months ago.

She woke later that night, Chantal spooned to her tightly. She was crying quietly, shaking. She stroked her back and made crooning noises.

“Hush, child. It’s all right. Go back to sleep.”

Chantal surprised her by reaching up to the hand that was caressing her cheek, kissing it and holding it like it was the last preserver on a sinking ship. She was still holding it when they woke.


Over the next few weeks Edie and Chantal became

closer. Thirteen years her senior, Edie began treating her like a surrogate child, buying her little treats, dressing her. She took her to Ramon and had her hair changed, highlights added to her naturally dark red hair.

Mike indulged them until one day when he gave Chantal a command and she looked to Edie for askance. Annoyed, he ordered both to the conference table.

He had them strip and bend over the table.

“Chantal, who owns you?”

“You, Master.”

He placed a hand on Edie’s ass.

“Mrs. Montrose, who do you work for?”

She knew he was a bit angry. He almost never called her that anymore.

“I do more than work for you, Mike. You own me too, just in a different way.”

She didn’t see the look of satisfaction on his face.

“I don’t own you, Edie. Not yet anyway.”

A shiver of pleasure went through her at the thought.

He drew his thoughts into focus.

“Well, if she belongs to me, and you belong to me, then why is she flirting with disobedience and looking to you when I give orders? It’s time to reaffirm the chain of command.”

Edie felt something illegal bahis siteleri soft slid across her ass. What was that?

He ordered her to stand. When she turned around she saw the object. Some kind of whip, with multiple straps. Where had that come from?

“Her punishment is due to your actions. Tell me when to stop.”

She flinched when he brought it down on her bottom the first time. Welts appeared instantly.

Chantal flinched the first time, but stood stock still for the next four blows.

Edie had seen enough.

“Stop, Mike, please. She’s had enough!”

He looked at her sternly.

“Not yet. Chantal. stand.”

She stood and faced him, hands at her side. He brought the lash down, first on one breast, then on the other, a web of marks appearing instantly.

He turned to Edie and had her bend over the table.

“It’s a good thing you stopped me at five. I had already decided whatever you deemed necessary for her would be your punishment as well.”

Before she could speak he brought the lash down. It felt like needles of fire across her bottom. She cried out, softly, but remained in her position. The next four blows came quickly. She was quivering when he had her stand and turn. To her surprise he handed the lash to Chantal.

“Finish” he said flatly.

She didn’t hesitate, bringing the lash down on her breasts. She hit the nipple on one and Edie nearly collapsed.

Mike looked them both over, then had Chantal bend over the table again. He pushed the bottom of her hair back and had Edie look. There, at the edge of the hairline, was a small tattoo, almost invisible.

“See that? If you’re ever truly mine, you’ll wear one just like it. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if you have it in you, but if you ever get it, you’re bound to me for life. Our paths may diverge later, you might not see me for years. But when and if I do show up, whatever I tell you will be obeyed instantly. And just so you know, she’s not the only one bearing this mark. Think about it. Now, go and put some lotion on. I want the marks gone before we leave for Europe.”

Edie thought about it as they gently rubbed each other. She asked Chantal if she knew what the tattoo said.



They got physicals, and Edie needed to update some shots, but soon everything was in order and they were ready leave.

Edie was concerned about what to do with her husband[she thought it such an odd term to use now, he hadn’t been her husband in quite a long time]and asked Mike for help. He thought about it for awhile and called Angie.

“We’re leaving for Europe in three days. This looks to be a very successful trip for us. I need a favor though. Can you watch something for my assistant while we’re gone?”

He heard her tenseness when she replied.

“I don’t have time to watch a pet. I’m not good with animals.”

“I don’t know, Angie, you seem quite comfortable around the beasts you’ve been playing with lately. How about visiting her and looking at her pet. You might change your mind. Please, as a favor to me.”

She grumbled but agreed.

Edie had taken Stanley to Ramon, and he cut his hair in a very feminine bob that highlighted his eyes and cheekbones. She had been feeding him estrogen pills that she secretly had prescribed for him when she made him go for a checkup months ago. She told him it was a vitamin supplement the doctor had recommended.

He noticed how much larger and sensitive his nipples had become, but Edie assured him it was just a side effect and would go away. He had to admit, his breasts were swelled slightly. If he pushed them together it looked like he had cleavage. He found himself pleased at the idea.

Edie insisted he wear lip gloss now, to prevent chapping, she said. They started out with clear, but she had him wearing a pale pink now. She said it gave him better protection.

Deep down he knew what she was doing, but he refused to acknowledge it, partly in shame and partly in pleasure.

He was afraid of this woman Angie. She radiated power almost as brightly as Edie’s boss. Edie was talking while she was looking him over.

“Now, Stanley, you know I have to go on this trip. I don’t want you left alone, so Angie has agreed to let you be a guest at her place. I expect you to behave and please her. I’ll be very upset when I come back if I hear you misbehaved. Follow her directions and you’ll get along fine. I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it.”

He hated it, but stood ready with a small bag when she sent a driver to fetch him. He was filled with fear and trepidation, dressed in a pink blouse and tight jeans under a red raincoat. It was San Francisco, it was always raining.

Edie had left specific instructions.

“Thank you so much for watching my little pet. You can do pretty much as you please with him within reason. And he’s a virgin, I want him to remain one until I decide to deflower him. If you punish him, try not to leave marks. He’s not allowed to come except from handjobs, and he has to canlı bahis siteleri clean up after himself. And then, only with your permission.”


They arrived in England jet lagged, their biological clock needing adjusting badly. Luckily they were a day early and were rested and ready for their first client.

They disliked him instantly. He thought he was the next Branson, and looked ridiculous in the too tight leather pants, making his hanging gut more prominent. He had his bleached blond hair tied back in a scraggly ponytail. His tan stood out in the gray English weather, looking sprayed on. He practically drooled over Edie and Chantal.

He made his living in technology, and was estimated to be worth two three quarters of a billion.

They were there to broker the sale of a small castle in the lake district. The owner, an Earl and the last of his line, couldn’t afford the upkeep any longer and contacted the local office of Dream Realty because of their reputation.

The property was appraised at the English equivalent of fourteen million dollars for the house and grounds, or eighteen if you wished to purchase the adjoining four hundred fifty acre farm, complete with a very successful racing stable.

The local realtors had a tentative agreement to buy, but at the last minute the buyer reneged. He wanted it for two thirds of the agreed on price.

That’s when Mike was called in.

The seller was very upset. He had made an agreement to buy a nice villa on the Spanish coast, but it looked like he would lose it if the sale didn’t go through quickly. The buyer knew this and was using it for a bargaining chip.

Two days of intense negotiations later, the buyer wouldn’t budge. Mike was sitting in a conference room with the buyer, sipping very nice scotch while he tried to close the deal.

Mr. Clive Burton-Winston[what is it with the British and hypenated names?]had already downed a few before Mike had arrived, and was waxing eloquent over his business successes.

He knew it was mostly bullshit. Yes he came up with the programs but it was his partner, a financial wizard, who kept the company going.

Mike had just about reached his limit.

“So, you see old boy, the property isn’t worth what he’s asking, despite what the assessors have appraised it at.

Mike was patient, barely, when explained the deal all over again.

“Actually Clive, he’s dropped the price two million under the assessed price to facilitate a quick sale. I’m afraid he’s not going to budge. You should have bargained before you agreed on his price, now he thinks you’re dishonorable.”

Mike privately agreed with that sentiment.

“Hogwash. Tell the old bugger that’s the best he’ll get from anyone, take it or leave it.”

As he was about to answer Chantal and Edie came in to fetch Mike.

Clive, judgement clouded by the scotch, made a mistake.

“Mikey, old man, I MIGHT consider raising my offer a bit, if you’d allow me a go at these lovely little crumpets of yours.”

He was watching the girls and didn’t see the momentary flash of anger in his eyes.

“Ladies, take off your jackets, blouse and bras for me please.”

Chantal started immediately, and Edie followed, hoping he wasn’t really giving them to him. When they were done Mike walked over and stood behind them, cupping a breast from each.

“You should really feel these Clive. As great as they look, they’re much better to touch. Look at their nipples.”

He had been manipulating them as he spoke, and all four nipples were erect. Clive walked over like he was mesmerized, reaching his hand out.

Before he could touch them, Mike slipped between the girls and had his hand around his throat, pushing him back into the wall.


He let him go and he slumped to the floor gasping for breath. Mike never gave him another glance.

“Dress, please, girls. Let’s go pack. Scotland next.”

They were buttoning their blouses and carrying their bras and jackets in their hands, rushing to follow him out the door.

The earl lost the villa he wanted, but Mike found him a better one for less, having the company buy and hold it until the castle sale went through.

Two months later Clive signed the contract for full assessed value, two million more than originally agreed upon, so the earl basically got the Spanish villa free.

They closed on the Scotland estate in two days, and the French villa in three. They were a week ahead of schedule, so they took four days off and spent it on the French Riviera.

He took them to a nude beach. It was the first time Edie was nude in front of strangers.

Mike and Chantal disrobed without comment. Mike looked at Edie.

“Strip!” He said, using his voice of command.

Her hands shook, but she complied.

They were instant hits, men and women ogling all three, especially the women. Word spread, and there was a lot of female traffic by their cabana, casing looks of wonder and lust at Mike.

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