Mrs Moorhead Art

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(This is my second story I have submitted. The first thing I want to say is thank you to a great critic and a good pal…and fellow veteran. I met him here. You know who you are. This whole story was his idea, based on an email he sent me. I never intended to do any pure fiction, but his idea was way too good to pass up. So, bud, this is my thank you. I want to find a way to submit my art here, and my problem lies within the story. Suggestions are welcome! Lastly, I want to say “OOORAH! Semper Fidelis to my fellow Marines here who were nice enough to drop me a note after my first story. Y’all are the salt of the earth, brothers.)

The moment I found I knew I had a mission. See, my biggest talent is, I am a caricature artist and a cartoonist. Combine that with my deep love of the female form, I naturally have always gravitated to erotic cartoons. I have a certain series I have done for years. She is called “Mrs. Moorehead.” She is a very imperfect married BBW with the massive tits only achievable in the cartoons. But, to me…she has become a very real person. Of all the cartoons I have done, I knew I had something from the day I first drew this over weight married brunette white trash slut who is constantly fucking friends, family and everyone else…male and female…without remorse. Talk about a desperate housewife. Except Mrs. Moorehead doesn’t seem desperate at all. Horny, but not desperate.

My problem is this. I drew everything on poster-sized paper. Would it, could it, be reduced and keep its perspective when I resized it in an attempt to submit them for publication? I mean, it definitely won’t work on a scanner that I own. So, I gathered up about 5 years of work, put it in my truck, and headed for a printing company. There was a small, single building place near my town I decided to try. I was just wondering if I had the courage to actually show the people there my stuff! I mean, half the time she is sucking cock, taking it up the rear, fucking everyone on “Dildoagain’s Island” (my play on ‘Gilligan’s Island” and things like that….)

So off I go. I gather up my large portfolio and walk in. Great. My heart sinks. There must be 4 or 5 people lined up at the desk, and not a minute after I walk in, two teen-aged kids from the high school walk in with sports paraphernalia. Great. I was just about to walk out, when I heard this way too robust laugh. Out from the back door stepped the clerk. Damn! She was, well…fuck me if art isn’t imitating life here! She looked way too close to my caricature, Mrs. Moorehead for me to believe!

I heard the customer, who obviously knew her, call her Donna. Donna must have been somewhere between 45 and 55…it was hard to tell, because she was heavy set, thus she didn’t have all the tell tale lines in the faces skinny women do. I don’t mean to imply she was obese, but as the kids say, she was definitely thick Tall too. I stand about 5’10”, but she had to be at least 3 inches taller. She wore a low cut black T which was obviously stretched to the limits. She definitely was displaying a serious mound of chest flesh. My eyes riveted onto that luscious, too white cleavage. She didn’t get much sun I guessed!

Donna was the type who wore a bit too much eye shadow, whore red long nails, dark brown hair which was a lot taller than it was long. She had on a pair of those tight fitting jeans, which stopped not far below the knee. Probably a bit too tight because it only accentuated her ample belly. Probably wasn’t that ample, but it was too much for her to dress like this. But, guys, the thing that got me was this…she had on a pair of slip on platform sandals and she had amazing feet! I love feet! Beautiful antalya escort red nails with a couple toe rings. Rings, hmmm…might as well mention she wore rings on her fingers, too…about six. Thumb rings, pinky rings, and one huge fucking wedding ring. Serious diamond. Damn! Big assed dangly earrings too. I mean, this was the trailer park trash that always just turned me on! I am going to show her my work? I wouldn’t mind…but not in front of business folks and high school kids.

I finally was next.

“What can I do for ya, honey?” she asked. I think she called everyone honey.

“Well, I would like to schedule a appointment…ahem…uh, I have some work here, but it is rather private, and uh.”

“C’mon, baby…lets see what you got and went for my portfolio.

“No way!” I jumped a bit too fast and closed it…”Uh, I am a artist, and uh.well, is there another time I can bring this back, cos you know…experimental stuff…” She just stood there looking me in the eye. Did I mention this was about the time she clicked her gum? Fuck. I felt like I was in a ‘Duke’s of Hazard’ episode. This was getting surreal!

“Ok, baby,’ she said, ‘here is my card. My staff isn’t in today, but be here at 4. I close then. Actually, 3:55 honey. if you’re late, I am outta here. Husband and kids hate mommy comin’ home late!”

“I’ll be here, ma’am.”

Cut the shit. By 3:55 believe me; I was in the parking lot!

I walked in, Donna looked up from her register. Closed it way too fast. Like I want to rip a place off. Shit.

“Hi, Donna, thanks for staying for me,’ I said.

“Baby, do me a favor first,’ she said, ‘Lock that door and turn the” I’m closed” sign to closed?”

I did so. “Ok, let’s see what is so secret?”

Well, I just laid the portfolio out in front of her, and told her I wanted it reduced for web publication…(yes, she did ask where, and I told her about she said she would check it out.) She just started thumbing through all the pages. She would laugh. Then make a sound. Every once in a while, she would either say, “Oh, wow…or wow…or this good…” or the usual stuff…I didn’t expect a critique…I thought printers were indifferent. She was reading everything intently! Mrs. Moorehead getting ass fucked. Cum drooling outta her mouth from a shoe salesman. Her sucking off a rich uncle in law. Getting gangbanged by 25 escaped prisoners. Eating her neighbors wife’s pussy. All of that. She just kept clicking her gum. Flipping the pages.

“I take it you like big tits, I see?” she finally said.

My head rushed!

“No, Hon…this is pretty good. I mean, it is good! You really did all this?”

“Yeah, of course.” I said.

“You want to put this on the web, right? I am not sure how it will reduce, but tomorrow I will show my web guy…I am just the owner, not a tech! Lets take it back here. Follow me.” She grabbed up my portfolio and went behind a door-sized curtain. I followed her. We walked past all the computers and screen presses and all that, back to a smaller room. It was obviously her office. It contained a desk, a chair, a computer and a couch. Pretty sparse.

“Tell me, you a local?” she asked. “Yeah, but I was gone about 20 years. I was in the Marines.”

“Baby, I believe that. You got some muscles going on, don’t you?”

“I lift. It is just a habit a lot of us get into.”

“You can draw. I like you’re style. So tell me, what is this thing with big titted married women who fuck around, especially in the ass? That is pretty kinky shit, honey? By the way…what is your name?”

“Paul.” I had to laugh. She sat on her desk and motioned for me kemer escort to take a seat in her chair right in front of her. “I just thought it was good stuff to make a strip around.” She just nodded. “Hold on baby…” she started dialing the phone and looked me in the eye all the time.

“I gotta make a phone call,’ she said, ‘I hope you don’t mind?”

I sat there. She dialed the phone and raised one leg and put in on the desk while the other just hung there. Essentially, I was inches from her spread crotch. She was good. I couldn’t tell if she was coming on to me or not. I would have fixated, except she kept bending lower, dialing the phone, showing me more cleavage. Man, I was getting a serious boner! Shit, ok…I was way beyond that!

She clicked her gum, and after a second, said, “Hi, Honey!” (What else would she say?) “Home from work?” “How are the kids?’ “Did you feed them?” and just going on…I am thinking less about sex now. This is depressing. Suddenly, she leans over to me, cups the phone, and whispers to me, “Take off your pants!” Damn! You coulda knocked me down with a feather! “Excuse me?” I whispered. She just motioned hurry up! Ok…well, here goes…I mean dropping your drawers in front of a woman talking to her husband is not an every day occurrence! Regardless, I did not hesitate. This big woman turned me on tremendously! Cowboy boots off, jeans down. Underwear next. My cock just popped out, fully erect. I stood there in front of her. She reached over and raked her nails up my shaft. I grabbed both breasts and started licking her neck. She threw her head back, but kept talking to hubby. I started to massage those big, beautiful fleshy mounds. I licked behind her ears. Her legs closed around my waist; still she kept talking to him, like nothing was going on.

I yanked her shirt up from her jeans. Over her huge chest. This old broad had it going on. Yeah, her belly and love handles were there, but for me, it only added to her sexiness…I was so glad I worked out that day, earlier…. I bet her hubby wasn’t in shape. I really wanted to ride this old slut. Especially the way she was teasing me, talking to hubby! I liked it, in truth…She was a gamer…to me, Donna was defining erotic! I pulled her shirt off, over her head, working around the phone. She wore this sexy black lacy bra. My face went for the cleavage as my hands worked the snap in back. God, she smelled like flowers there! She kept talking to her husband as the bra came off, and man, did those big puppies drop! Almost to her legs! She was huge! Musta been at least 48’s! She leaned back, and talked while I kissed the soft undersides…up the middle…around the nipples…till I finally started sucking the right one. Her hand was still groping me…cupping my ball…jerking me…I was getting too close to cumming…I backed up. She looked at me. I knelt down. I took off a sandal and started sucking those beautiful red toes, rings and all…then the other foot…she had gorgeous feet!

“Honey,’ I heard her say, ‘I am gonna be late tonight, ‘I have a school group coming in late…no, no, I can talk for a bit longer.” She was really getting into this! I motioned for her to stand up. She did. I unsnapped her jeans. I started sliding them down. Past her nice wide hips. Oh, man…her underwear didn’t match! That was funny! Big, white unsexy panties…more like underwear!

I removed her remaining sandal, and pulled off her jeans. She lifted her ass off the table as I gripped her panties. Off they came. Shit! Her legs were nice and shaved, so I thought…oh, fuck no…this crazy bitch had the thickest brown pussy hair, tinged with some gray, konyaaltı escort I think I ever saw! It was beautiful!

I knelt down and started on her feet…licking …sucking those toes…up her legs…under her knees…all the while she has her head thrown back, eyes closed, but still talking to hubby! Unbelievable.

I grabbed her hips, and her legs spread wider for me. I licked up her thighs, till I got to that over grown middle-aged bush she called a pussy. Still, I must tell you…the heat and the smell was intoxicating! Oh, man…she smelled like raw sex! Wet, wild, wonderful!

I spread her pussy lips wide. She wasn’t what y’all call tight, lads! This is a mature mom for sure. More than a couple babies have spilled from this hole! Her pussy lips were brown, but the inside was a wet pink… My tongue found its way deep…up her hole…she was so wet…one finger, then a second followed…I began to finger fuck her slowly, then faster, and now my tongue found her clit…I wanted to see if she could still talk to hubby while I orally assaulted her wet fat pussy with increased vigor! Suddenly, she put the phone in her shoulder, and grabbed my hair! Fuck! I thought she was gonna suffocate me! She wrapped those big thighs around my head, pulled my face in deeper…then…something that happens only so often…she totally exploded! I don’t mean the cumming of a woman where you’re not sure…I mean this fat assed hot mom literally ejaculated pussy juice all over my face, shirt, shoulders, everywhere! Damn, she came! After about 30 seconds, she tightened…”Oh, I am sorry honey, I was working on something….uh…uh…oh…what did you say?….no baby…I am ok…just busy with a project…I am learning how to do this…hey, I will be home in about 30 minutes….Ok…I love you too…bye!”

She hung up the phone.

“Damn, motherfucker! Where did you learn to eat pussy like that? What is your name again, baby?”

She didn’t even remember my name? She got naked while talking to hubby and can’t remember my name? Amazing!

“Come here.’ I said, ‘With me, baby…I will tell you my name before I go…cos I am coming back…right now you are going to get fucked by a man whose name you can’t remember. You like that idea?”

Donna literally hopped off the desk and just giggled!

“Oh, baby! This is unreal! What are you? Some fucking Clint Eastwood fan? ‘Man with no name?” she was laughing!

I laughed too…”No, baby,’ I said’ you are beautiful. And you may be possibly the hottest babe I have ever been with.”

“Oh,’ is all she could say…she kissed me deeply…”Nobody has done what you’re doing to me baby…’

“I want to make you cum again…I really like you, Donna…you are a beautiful woman.”

She just kissed me as I lay upon her…my cock quickly slid into her already very wet hole…I fucked her long and slow…I loved the feeling of her ample, soft body beneath me…her pussy was sloppy…but wet and so warm…I sucked those huge tits…as she started to shudder, and threw her legs up over my back, I moved a bit…I put her legs on my shoulders, now I had a clean angle in…I pulled out almost all the way…then slowly penetrated deeper…until I bottomed out…again…then faster and faster…I was fucking this fat married broad on her business couch while hubby waited at home with the kids and she starts to cum all over the place…she literally soaked our loins…I came…. I really, REALLY came! I must have unloaded a coffee cup of sperm into her. She just grabbed my head and kissed me hard…her tongue was actually in the back of my throat. I found out she sends her kids to the same school my son goes to…(I am a single Dad)…. she loves to fuck before going to school functions…I know her hubby well now…nothing like shaking a mans hand while his wife’s pussy is filled with your cum…No problem. I love older gals. They don’t bleed and don’t breed. I see Donna almost nightly now.

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