Mrs. Robinson Ch. 02

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Summary of Chapter one. Jack is seriously dating Sue with the idea they could marry when he finishes three more years of college and get a job. In the meantime, Sue wants be a virgin when she marries, but Jack does not want to wait that long to have a sexual relationship. Mrs. Robinson thought she could help Sue remain a virgin by making a deal with Jack. Mrs. Robinson decided to give Jack all the sex he wanted if he agreed not to fuck her daughter.


Mrs. Robinson had been giving Jack sex for the past several months. Jack and Sue continued to go out often for a good time with their friends while Mrs. Robinson stayed home most nights. She would still be up when Jack brought Sue home. After Jack kissed Sue goodnight and left, he waited outside until Sue was in bed and probably asleep, then Mrs. Robinson sneaked Jack back in the house and into her bed. This continued without Sue suspecting anything. In addition, there were other occasions when Jack met Mrs. Robinson to consummate the deal she made to Jack.

Mrs. Robinson was wondering if Jack was keeping his promise to refrain from fucking Sue. One evening when Sue was home, the two started a conversation.

Mrs. Robinson causally commented, “Looks as if you and Jack are having fun and getting along alright.”

“Yes, mom, we love each other very much and can hardly wait until we get married.”

“That’s nice to know. I never did discuss sex with you before, but I guess you know all about it without my teaching you anything.”

Sue looked a little shocked with her mother’s statement. “You don’t need to worry about me and Jack doing anything before getting married.”

“That’s nice to know that you will still be a virgin when you get married.”

“I told you long ago that I wanted to be a virgin until marriage. Several months ago, Jack was pressuring me for sex, but lately he seems to be happy with kisses and feeling around. I let him feel my breasts, but I resist when he wants to feel my crotch.”

“Daughter, dear, since you two are in love, don’t you realize you can do a lot of intimate things, but still remain a virgin.”

“What do you mean, mom?”

“You could let him feel your bare breasts and maybe let him kiss them.”

“Wouldn’t that be going too far?”

“You can do lots of things even though he doesn’t penetrate your pussy with his cock.”

Sue responded with disgust, “Mom, you are using some bad words.”

“Listen, as time goes by you will become well acquainted with more words like that, such as fuck, screw, blow job, and many more.”

“I’ve heard most of those words, but I don’t repeat them.”

“Ok, Sue, you’ve heard a lot of words, but what about your close relationship with Jack. I expect he would like a more intimate relationship with you even without fucking.”

Sue asked, “What do you suggest?”

“Let him feel your naked body.”

“If I do that, we’ll both get sexually excited and before I know what is happening, I would surrender.”

“He wouldn’t have to fuck you to give you relief, he could lick your pussy. That’s much better than masturbating.”

Sue didn’t want to admit about masturbating, but said, “Mom, you talk so awful.”

“Get used to it, daughter, dear, and you won’t be embarrassed around Jack.”

“I know Jack gets hard when we hug and kiss, but he’ll want to do more if I’m naked. What will I do then because I want to remain a virgin?”

“Give him a blow job, I’m sure he’ll like it”

Sue raised her voice in a disgusting manner, “Mom, how could you suggest a thing like that. That’s nasty and I just couldn’t do it. I’m sure you wouldn’t ever do anything like that.”

In a very consoling voice, Mrs. Robinson replied, “Daughter, you have a lot to learn. Your dad loved the blow jobs I gave him. It’s so easy. Just take his cock in your mouth, go up and down a little bit and he will cum right away. He will like it and you will learn that you can like it too.”

Sue thought for a few seconds, then asked, “What would I do if he squirted in my mouth. I don’t think I would like that.”

“Of course, he is going to cum in your mouth. You have antalya escort the option of spitting it out after he finishes or you can swallow it.”

“Mother, I don’t know if I can do that.”

“Sure you can learn. He will like it and you will too.”

“Mother, I need to go to bed, I’ll think about what you told me tonight. I may need some more advice and help from you.”

“That’s good. We’ll talk some more later.”

Mrs. Robinson went to bed thinking about the discussion she had with Sue and what might develop. She would tell Jack all about it the next time she had a chance to be in bed with him.

Jack and Sue went out the next Saturday night. When Jack brought Sue home and kissed her goodnight, Jack went outside and waited about a half hour before Mrs. Robinson invited him into her bed as usual.

Jack and Sue had kissed and hugged so much, he was anxious to get started with sex.

Mrs Robinson noticed that Jack had quickly removed his clothes which exposed a very stiff erection.

While Mrs. Robinson was still undressing, she said, “Wow! You look like you are more than ready to put that thing in me. What happened tonight?”

“Sue let me feel her naked body. She even let me slip her jeans down her legs enough so that I could feel her pussy. But I promised you that I would not try to fuck her and I didn’t go any further.”

“That’s a good boy. Sue and I had a good talk recently. Let’s get in bed so that we can fuck, then I’ll tell you more. I suggest you lie down on your back and I’ll sit on your cock.”

Jacked had that pleased look on his face as he assumed the position on the bed. Mrs. Robinson slowly sat down on his erection until it was fully in her.

Jack said, “That really feels good and I need relief after getting so worked up with Sue. Tell me what you talked about.”

“I told her there were ways for you two to be intimate without actually fucking and she could stay a virgin.”

“What ways did you discuss?”

Mrs. Robinson started slowly moving her pussy up and down on his cock, allowing it come nearly all the way out and then sat back down on him. While she continued her movements, she said, “I told Sue that she could let you feel her naked body. Also, when you both get all sexed up, you could give her an orgasm with your tongue and she could give you a blow job. She was a little apprehensive about it, but I expect she may be ready to try it.

Jack was jubilant. “You actually told her she should give me a blow job and that I could lick her pussy?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did you tell her about us and our sex together?

“No. But that may be a good idea. I’m not sure how she will receive that news.”

Jack thought about it and responded. “What if the three of us could be in bed together. Do you think you could convenience her that it would be a good idea and that she could learn from you?”

“I doubt she would agree to that, but I guess that is a possibility. She and I have a very good relationship and can talk about anything.”

Mrs. Robinson was now gyrating on Jack’s cock as he pushed up to her. She knew he would soon be filling her pussy with his sperm. It didn’t take much longer before his body jerked and surged while he did his best to refrain from making too much noise.

A few days later, Mrs. Robinson had another casual talk with Sue and decided to tell Sue about her sexual relationship with Jack.

“Sue, I want to tell you something that has been going on and you don’t know about it. You wanted to remain a virgin until you get married to Jack. As you know, Jack is horny and might look for another girl, so I wanted to help you keep him. I made a deal with him that if he refrains from fucking you, I would give him sex.”

“Mother, I can’t believe he would want sex with you. You are my mother and much older than Jack. Have you actually had sex with him?”

“Yes, I did and I did it for you.”

Sue started crying and whimpered, “Mother, I love him and you are taking him away from me.”

“No, he loves you and you have to believe it is only animal sex between Jack and me. He and I are not serik escort in love, but he loves you very much.”

Through Sue’s tears she said, “Please leave me alone, I’ll have to think about it.”

Later, Sue came in her mother’s bedroom to say, “I’m sorry that I was so upset. I know you love me and was trying to help me stay a virgin. I thank you because I was wondering if I could keep Jack from straying until we get married. Maybe I’m just nuts for wanting to stay a virgin.”

“Sweetheart, I’ll help you stay a virgin if that’s what you still want. Jack and I talked about the three of us being involved with sex. You two can make out however you want to, but then he can actually fuck me.”

“Do you mean the three of us would strip off and have sex? Isn’t that kind of kinky?”

“I don’t know about the kinky stuff, but I could give you tips on how to satisfy Jack if I’m there with you. Since Jack and I have been having sex, I know what he likes.”

Sue thought about that, then responded, “Maybe you have a good idea, but I think I’ll be embarrassed.”

“We’ll keep the lights down low for you.”

Jack was delighted when he was informed. It was decided that Saturday night would be a good time to start.

Jack promptly arrived Saturday evening with a big smile on his face when he came in to kiss Sue. Jack hugged Mrs. Robinson and lightly kissed her lips.

Sue served the drinks and sat down on the couch by Jack. Jack hugged her and kissed her deeply while Mrs. Robinson observed from a chair. She was glad to see her daughter and future son-in-law show their love for each other. She felt she was doing the right thing by suggesting the loving couple be involved in some type of intimacy even though her daughter wanted to remain a virgin.

After a second round of drinks were finished, it seemed rather easy for the three to get up and go to the master bedroom where Jack and Mrs. Robinson had sex during the past six months. However, Sue felt a little unsure of what was going to happen.

Mrs. Robinson dimmed the lights while Jack held and kissed his Sue. Mrs. Robinson glanced their way to notice that Jack was undressing Sue in between kisses. Once they were naked, Jack led her into the bathroom where they stepped into the shower. Mrs. Robinson undressed, put on her robe and sat down on the edge of the bed to wait.

Mrs. Robinson heard laughter and giggling coming from the shower. She assumed this was the first time Jack’s naked body was rubbing against her daughter’s nakedness.

When Jack and Sue had dried off, they walked out of the bathroom in each other’s arms. They were concentrating on each other so much that they hardly notice Mrs. Robinson. She was pleased to know that her daughter was so happy being in her lover’s arms. Maybe she didn’t really need to be in this room with them.

Finally, Sue said to her mother, “Mom, I’m so glad you suggested this.”

Jack and Sue were still hugging and kissing while standing up with their naked bodies pressing together. Mrs. Robinson then suggested in a soft voice, “Why don’t you too love birds get on the bed. Sue, I’ve already told you a little bit about taking his cock in your mouth.”

In the semi-darkened room, Mrs. Robinson could see them get on the bed. She instructed, “Sue….., grasp his cock in your right hand, then lower you mouth over the head.”

A few seconds later, Sue replied, “I didn’t know he would be this big. It is so big that it’s filling my mouth.”

“That’s alright, go up and down on it and take it in you mouth as far as you are comfortable.”

Mrs. Robinson could see Sue’s head going slowly up and down in the darkened room. Within a few more seconds, she could hear Jack breathing hard and beginning to groan.

Mrs. Robinson softly competed, “Get ready, he is about to cum. Go faster up and down and move your hand up and down on his cock, too.”

There was no answer from Sue because she had a mouth full of cock waiting for the first time in her life to get a mouth full of spurting cum.

Jack started yelling and groaning at the same time side escort his cock was erupting into Sue’s mouth.

Mrs. Robinson raised her voice, “Sue, keep jacking his cock with your hand and pull back up some so that you don’t choke. Hold on to his cock and keep the head in your mouth to prevent spurting on your face.”

That last bit of advice came a little too late because Jack’s body was jerking around so much that Sue’s mouth was suddenly not on his cock head. Some cum spurted on her face before she could get her mouth back on his cock.

Sue seemed to be a little stunned with what had happened. Once Jack settled down, she quickly got up and rushed into the bathroom to spit in the sink. She came back n the bedroom to say, “Wow! That was a lot in my mouthand I had no idea he would jump around that much. Jack are you alright?”

Jack was just beginning to feel back to normal. “Wow! Sweetheart! That was wonderful!”

Mrs. Robinson had been quiet for a little bit, then injected, “Sue, you did a good job, but you did get a little on your face. You’ll do it better when you get more experience. I suggest you go wash your face.”

“Yes, mom, I forgot to do that when I was in the bathroom.”

When Sue came back to bed, Jack said, “Now, I’m going to give you an orgasm.”

Once Mrs. Robinson saw Jack move his head at Sue’s crotch, she realized she didn’t need to give Jack any instructions. She decided to get in the shower and be ready for Jack to fuck her.

By the time Mrs. Robinson dried off and returned to the bedroom, Jack had just finished giving Sue an orgasm and was lying beside her.

Mrs. Robinson commented, “Already finished?”

“Oh, mother, I’m so glad you told us to do this. This is wonderful.”

Mrs. Robinson turned the big light on and sat on the edge of the bed. She reached over to hold Jack’s flaccid cock in her hand. “Sue, in a little bit, I’m going to show you how to get this hard again.”

“What are you going to do, mom?”

“I’ll show you.” Mrs. Robinson moved to a comfortable position on the bed to take Jack’s cock in her mouth.

She sucked it in her mouth, then pulled back allowing it to come out with a plopping sound. She said, “Jack is a young man and can recover quickly for a second round.”

Sue watched as her mother started licking all around his balls and shaft, then vigorously took his whole small cock in her mouth. She sucked on it causing it to become bigger. This time when she let it come out of her mouth, Sue exclaimed, “It is getting bigger.”

“Of course, would you like to do it?”

“Sue quickly moved to take it in her mouth. It wasn’t very long before it was hard and the head practically filled her mouth.”

Mrs. Robinson then told Sue, “Now let me fuck Jack while you sit back and watch.”

Jack laid on his back while Mrs. Robinson was beginning to sit down on his cock, She said, “This is one of Jack’s favorite positions. After you are married, you will like this, but in the meantime you just watch while I give Jack his thrills this way.”

Sue watch her mother take one hand and guide Jack’s cock at her hole as she eased her butt down. She saw Jack’s cock head spread her mother’s pussy and then completely disappear. As her mother eased down, she watched Jack’s shaft slowly disappear into her mother’s body. She wondered what that would feel like in her own body. Earlier she had enjoyed giving Jack a blow job and he had sucked on her clit to give her an orgasm, but she was missing the feeling of getting a cock like her mother was getting from Jack, her own boy friend.

Since Jack had already cum once, Mrs. Robinson had plenty of time to work up to an orgasm. She slowly fucked Jack for about five minutes, then said, “Let’s turn over and you get on top.”

Now that Jack was on top between Mrs. Robinson’s legs, Jack was in a position to pound his cock in her pussy at any speed. Sue could see Jack’s cock coming out and then going back in her mother. She wasn’t jealous, but she wished she was in her mother’s place and Jack’s cock would be fucking her.

Then Mrs. Robinson started gasping and her body sexually shuddered through an orgasm. This caused Jack to groan and shoot his cum in her body. Sue had watched it all with wonder. She was beginning to realize what she was missing by wanting to stay a virgin until marriage. Maybe she would change her mind and go on the pill.

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