Muddy English Delights Ch. 03

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I awoke from the dream as the sounds of Kathy’s rasping were replaced by other noises. Her eyes flickered as the morning light streamed through the trees by the banks of the river. The night had been hard and long. The shackles must be chaffing her ankles. The mud was still gooey and would remain so for a fortnight. We were bound together in the pit of pleasure. Every slight movement caused the slick muck to slide deliciously over me.

The noise continued. My crazed mind slowly gave way to my daytime, rational mind. The noises became real and more insistent. Kathy was staring over my back. She croaked – for that was all she could manage – and I turned my head around to look. There was a massive tractor parked right next to us. The engine was running. A large farmer with an angry red face stood there with arms folded over a powerful chest. The mucky long boots were making squishy noises in the sticky mess. A felt cap was pulled down low and a scarf muffed the neck.

We were done for. With one quick movement I was grabbed by my neck and forearm. Kathy managed a squeal. She reached over and grabbed my legs. The farmer looked uncertain at the protection offered me. I imagine it looked more like a rape had been committed than a night of passionate lust fulfilled.

It was then I realized that the farmer was not a man. Being crushed in her arms against the massive chest made me feel her voluptuous bosom. She took one look at us and then laughed uproariously. She told us that this was her field and no dumb yuppies were going to fertilize them; that was her job. So saying I started grabbing for our mucky clothes and looking for our trainers.

I was rudely stopped short by a strong arm. The farmer was holding our aromatic cum and mud drenched rope. She sniffed it carefully, then grinned as a plan developed in her mind.

She led me to the back of the tractor where I saw the manure spreader. There was an iron rake under it. She threw me onto the ground, then spread my legs apart and tied my ankles with the rope to the rake. My head was pointed away from the tractor. My ass was buried in the mud. Then it was Kathy’s turn. She looked afraid as her legs were spread and her ankles forcefully bound onto the rack next to me. Struggling did her no good.

The farmer gave a lusty laugh as she flicked a lever and made her way back to the cab of the tractor. The vehicle lurched once or twice as she got it into gear and it started rolling over the field. Our asses were dragged through the mud and it flowed up over our chests. As if this wasn’t bad enough the brown muck suddenly started spurting from the nozzles of the mucker splattering and covering us. At least the muck was still hot.

Maniacal laughter rolled out of the cab. She was teaching us how to properly fertilize a field. We were her captive audience. We were having a front row viewing of the technique.

Kathy and I could only watch helplessly as our bound bodies were scrubbed through the mud while brown, liquid manure was rained down on us. After furrow after furrow of mud had slurped over my balls my cock started to enjoy the stimulation. I noticed that Kathy did too. She was arching her back trying to get more of the mud to slide over her pussy. The stench was becoming rather pleasant as the heat of it was giving a satisfying contrast to the cold of the mud.

The minutes stretched to an hour as the tractor made a circuit through the field. I was beyond redemption. A spurt of cum shot out of me flying up to meet the brown muck. Kathy wasn’t holding up very well, either. With her craven desires fulfilled last night, I realized she had more wants that she hadn’t dared mention to me. She abandoned herself to the spraying as she came.

What I could see of her face through my stinging eyes was a mouth that was open in a spasm of crazy lust and arms that trailed back through the mud. The sucking of the mud and the heat of the manure formed a device for her pleasure. She reveled in the glory of it. She didn’t need her hands, or mine, at the hole of her pleasure.

The wheels of the tractor sprayed mud behind in every direction, adding to the torment. Every once bahis firmaları in a while it would get stuck in a rut and the wheels would spin thrusting massive gobs of the mud all over us. It was all I could do to wipe it off my eyes so that I could see.

The churning mud crashed over us like a relentless surf, stirred up and softened by the wheels and the rake. The methodical swarming motion of mud sliding over and under my ass, my balls and cock massaged by the wonderfully adept hands of the mud caused my monster to remain stiff and erect. The mud covered the tip and slid over it so gracefully I imagined that Kathy’s tongue was licking and swirling around the head. In my fantasy I thought I saw Kathy attached to him, her mouth sucking and stroking the proud member. Another stream shot into the air as my body clenched in a spasm of lust. Shit sprayed from my ass, then piss spewed into the air, mixing with the collected detritus of the local sewage plant that was pouring over us.

Kathy was no longer aware of me, so consumed was she in the device of her torment. Her body was slack, mud spilling over her hips, over her pointed nipples, and across her neck. Once in a while I heard muffled moans and a shaking of the rake as her legs trembled and rattled the cage. Her pleasure must be divine – more so than the pleasure my cock was receiving. The cold mud was sliding over her slit, rubbing it ever so softly, while hot manure rained down on her convulsing body.

The farmer thought that this was punishment. Little did she know how we enjoyed the abuse of our bodies. To my consternation the tractor slowed. I was just about to come again. With a frustrated growl Kathy struggled in the mud trying to force more mud against her ravaged pussy. Her hands moved to cup her cunt and plough mud onto her.

Little did we know that our delight would not end so soon. As soon as the engine shut down with a shudder the mucker emptied its load all over us. It was all I could do to hold my breath until my head was clear of the shit. Kathy was not so lucky. I could hear her strangled gasps as she shook with another orgasm while under the load of manure. Spitting and coughing she spat what she could out of her mouth. Slowly the load shifted off our bodies and drained away.

The farmer came round the back of the tractor. She unshackled me, pulling me away by my ankle and left me in the grass. Kathy was dragged next to me. She was still retching. A satisfied smirk stretched across the farmer’s face. She told us in no uncertain terms that this is how you fertilize a field and asked if we enjoyed the up- close demonstration. The smile on my face told her we really did appreciate the attention. Kathy gave a submissive look upward. Her hands lingered on her slit, rubbing it ever so slowly. Yes, Kathy loved it and her look asked for more, please.

The farmer turned away in disgust and headed toward the barn. We scrambled to our feet, reluctantly free from our delicious bondage in the mud. We thought it best if we escaped now. Without clothes and in the light of day we jogged through the muddy field as best as we could, trying to get our bearings. After a while we arrived at our pleasure pit, and fond memories came back to us.

We came to our senses, though, as people were running past us on the path and a cyclist or two raced past. Who cares? We searched for our clothes, thoroughly soaked in mud, at the edge of the field. Our trainers were spotted sticking out of a furrow. The ankle stakes still held our t-shirts. The socks were lost somewhere deep in the mire.

Then the smell came to us. Our bodies were drenched with rotting sewage that was starting to harden. There was no way out of it. We jumped into the pit to completely submerge ourselves and cleaned ourselves with the mud that had satisfied Kathy so much all night. With her hands Kathy ran the mud out of her hair and cleared her eyes. She whispered to me her promises to do all that I asked. The look in her eyes told me she meant it. We were completely caked with the slithery mud that dripped about us and made ourselves senseless to the stares of people as they passed by.

Too wanton to care kaçak iddaa who saw her, Kathy responded to my wish and grabbed my cock. Slurping on the now rising monster she looked deep into my eyes with lust and pleasure. She loved the taste of cock she told me and she adored the flavor of this special mud. I whispered to her my wish that she get up on her knees. With a struggle and much slurping Kathy managed to get on her unsteady knees and looked back at me expectantly as my cock reluctantly popped out of her mouth. Her ass stuck out of the mud delightfully. I grabbed her hips and poised my cock at the gate guarding her precious little pussy.

With slow movements I crammed him into her palace of lust, inch by inch, as she squirmed with pleasure. The moaning became more intense and reason started leaving me. The sliding stimulated my cock and crazed my sense of propriety. But briefly I noticed that one or two bystanders were glued to the depraved scene of two oblivious lovers clenched in a dance of desire in the wet muddy fields of dreams.

We sent torrents of mud into the air as I pistonned into Kathy’s steaming tunnel at a frantic pace. Our bodies squeezed the mud between us into fountains of spraying brown cum. I could care less if the whole world was watching. In fact, if I knew Kathy, she would enjoy it even more. The feeling was so good that no cares stopped me, no bonds of decency or morality could stem the tide of our lust.

It was then that I noticed that we were joined by an appreciative audience. Naked bodies ringed our pleasure pit, knee deep in the mud. Men were hungrily working their fists over their cocks – women were madly rubbing themselves off. The thought of so much pleasure being felt drove me into a frenzy of fucking as I pulled back Kathy’s head so she could watch. Her eyes were hooded with desire. The tingling pleasure send warmth and urgings of cum up my shaft.

I ordered and she obeyed. She pulled one of the cocks into her mouth. Unfortunately, her hands were busy keeping her head above the mud, so I released her from this duty by moving my hands forward holding her torso horizontal. Now free, I told Kathy to grab two more cocks and she roughly and seductively coated them with mud and her sweat.

There was a mass orchestra of moans and grunting until one climax came, then the next. Cum splattered over us, dripping into the mud. Kathy’s mouth leaked streams of sperm as the fortunate member exploded into her pulsing mouth. As he pulled out, shooting streams over her face, another was pulled into place and the carnal sucking ran on. I was carrying on, delighting in the spray of sperm.

A woman suddenly could take no more and jumped into the pit on all fours, begging to be fucked. In no time her pussy had it’s stuffing. Jerking violently her ravenous cunt spewed sprays of cunt juice into the air. The musty smell of cunt overpowered me. A cock found a way into her mouth and she emitted a strangled gurgle as she gagged on the massive member banging against her mouth. There were cocks and cunts all over as couples started fucking in the mud. It was raining cum as jets erupted all over the pit.

With what was left of my sane mind I wondered how a group of strangers can be so turned on by mud so as to act like intimate lovers. Now these weren’t your ordinary type of people. These were runners and ramblers, out to get fit, and of all ages. Being as it was a Saturday morning these weren’t your “out all night drinking and I have a hangover and want to stay in bed” type. These were the frustrated bastards who would have been at home masturbating, but came out to walk or run it off, and then go home to masturbate alone or with each other, or to fuck together.

What a sensation as my cock slid in and out of Kathy’s sopping wet cunt! The deliciously pulling friction of her tunnel got to me as her bucking and moaning drove me to insanity.

The climax came as I felt a horny mouth licking my balls. That was it. How she got under me in this mud I don’t know. Suddenly I was jerked taut and stiffened as a finger rammed into my ass. The cum squirted deep into Kathy and I could hear her grunt as she too stretched kaçak bahis and came, and came, and came. Smelling all the wet happy bodies spraying cum all over us and into the available, eager pussies and mouths was too much to endure. It was heaven on earth, a day in the garden of eden. It was Adam and maiden.

The mouth left my balls and swallowed my cock, greedily sucking and licking the stringy cum. Kathy collapsed in the mire, only to be set upon by another prick in her ass hole. This was never going to end. We were fucked left right and center. It was an assault on the senses that drove my mind away and replaced myself with a robotic fucking machine that had no off switch.

Cunt after cunt passed in front of me as I licked, sucked, and fucked in this orgy of lust in the field of dreams. Kathy was in delirium. I did not remember how many times I had Kathy, as there were several women wiggling their quims at me, so that after a while the aromas intermingled and were difficult to tell apart.

In the end the survivors numbered us and three couples. Others had been spent, dragged themselves off singly or in couples, likely to continue the feast at home in the shower. A sticky wetness clung to my skin as gobs of white spumes dolloped off my back, my face, my hair, my arms. Kathy was practically covered in a thick layer of cum. Another dream fantasy no doubt, else she would’ve wiped it off her, or had it licked off.

As if on cue, the men descended on Kathy and the women on me, carefully harvesting the cum with their tongues and hands. Pools of cum in the hollow of Kathy’s back were slurped up as her cunt hole and her ass hole were probed by merciless tongues and fingers. There remained but her arms and legs and in a short while she was clean. My cock was cleaned many times over because cum kept dripping and spurting from it from all the attention of the hot hands and tongues over my burning body.

Kathy and I collapsed into the pit. The strangers wandered off finding clothing scattered here and there. We paid no notice, but just smiled at each other with a blissful rapture of delight. Kathy whispered to me that she had never enjoyed herself so much, and worried that it might not ever be as tormenting again. My smile and strong assurances convinced her that she did not have to fret – her frustrations would be made worse and the torment made even more unendurable with all the plans I had for us.

Unfortunately, we had better escape lest the muckers return and we would enjoy more glorious bondage in the field of dreams and perhaps never find a way to live a normal life any more. But then, who wanted a normal life?

Our bodies had been bathed by the licking of the thirsty couples. We jumped into the raging river to wash the sweat and mud from us. After a while we returned to the bank to rinse the mud out our clothes in the river. I wished they could be drenched and rinsed in cum so we would have worn them to remind us of our deep pleasurable night and day in the field of dreams. In no time we were dressed again. It felt unnatural not to be naked – to be forced to wear clothes.

Limping wearily with trembling legs and uncertain knees we made it up the small hill through the gorse bushes to the running path. This was another experience long forgotten: walking. Running was out of the question. There was no coordination, or energy, left. It was all we could do to hold on to each other, linked by our arms around each other’s shoulder as we slowly and painfully learned to walk again.

Kathy whispered that she wished she could live in the pleasure pit and never stop fucking. My mind glazed over at the heat of that possibility as a plan formed in my mind.

That day in the shower as we soaped and scrubbed each other we talked about our deepest desires. The intensity of the passion that flowed through us became hotter and hotter and the sex started to get longer and more lingering. The stimulus of the memories of the joys of the lust in the muddy field of dreams just would not be forgotten. Wrinkled and sore, totally spent, we limped out of the shower and collapsed onto my bed, numb to the world, smiling the sleep of the totally satisfied.

What was to happen to our lust without the pit of pleasure in the field of dreams? Was this the end? Would we have to once more lead a normal life, clothed and properly behaved?

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