Mum’s Divorce Ch. 02

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The ten-mile drive home was terrific, Jo had Jack’s cock out in seconds, she went down on him, teasing the bulbous head of his erect cock with her tongue firstly, she licked the precum that was on the slit of his cock away then she wrapped her lips around his long thick cock, Jo got halfway down then came up for breath, Jo said, “Kay will never find a cock like this one again, it’s enormous.”

Jo had moaned with pleasure when Jack had played with Jo’s enormous tits, Jack glanced down, Jo’s lips were wrapped around the base of Jack’s cock, Jack then saw Jo’s long sex slit, Jo’s skirt was now above the waistband of her G-string panties, Jack slid his hand inside the waistband, his fingers now exploring Jo’s swollen vulva.

Jo wasn’t smooth, she had a strip of hair above her sex slit, it was an inch and a half long and half an inch broad, it felt good. Jack spread her cunt lips open, Jo was like Kay, they both had big clits, Jack teased her clit with his middle finger, Jo pulled her G-string off then said, “Baby, that’s so good, keep teasing my clit that will make me so wet and ready for your big cock.”

Five minutes later as Jack drove into Jo’s driveway, Jo climaxed, she was like Kay, very noisy, Jo said, “Baby, I loved that, sucking a big cock makes me so horny, the last cock that I sucked was my husband’s, he wasn’t as big as your big boy.”

Jo then brought a zapper out of her handbag, the garage door opened, Jack parked his car next to Jo’s then Jo’s tongue kissed him, she was a better kisser than Kay. Jo said, “Baby, you smell so good, your body feels so firm, let’s go straight to bed, I’m so happy I came in the car, baby, love me in bed.”

Forty-five minutes later they both climaxed within seconds of each other, Jo was a fantastic ride, her cunt muscles were so strong, Jack had fucked her in the missionary position, she was holding her ankles above her as Jack pounded her hungry cunt, Jo was a far better lover than Kay, it was close to eleven, they chatted for a while as Jack knew that he would have to leave soon, Jo said, “Jack, I loved that, I’ve always fantasised that I had a son and we were lovers, could you call me mum when you fuck me, that would turn me on?”

Jack knew where this was going, it was turning him on too, Jack replied, “Sure mum, if mum has any other fantasies, then please let her baby know, and we’ll do it? Mum, I love your beautiful body, how did my cock feel in your sweet tight cunt? ”

“Darling, don’t worry, mum’s got a very creative imagination, mum likes to do different naughty things, thanks for the compliment, I heard you and Kay often fucking, she liked you to give her a titty fuck then spray her mouth and tits, I’ve never done that before but I’d like to do that with you. You filled mummy’s cunt baby, the head of your big cock was stimulating my cervix, I’ve never had that before, I enjoyed it.”

They kissed and touched for several minutes, Jack’s cock was rock hard, Jo said, “Mummy must give your cock some relief, let mummy ride you.”

Jo then mounted Jack in the cowgirl position, her pussy was dripping with their juices, Jo’s massive tits were bouncing everywhere, they looked impressive. Jack was stroking Jo’s clit, she loved that. Then Jo turned around and started riding Jack in the reverse cowgirl position, she was pounding Jack’s cock now, Jo asked, “Does my baby like how mummy’s antalya escort fucking her baby, your cock feels so good?”

“Mum, you’re giving me a great ride, fuck me harder.”

Jack then lubed his middle finger with Jo’s cunt juice, he then gently slid it up Jo’s tight ass, Jo said, “Baby, I’ve never had anything up my ass before, I’m still an ass virgin, baby, that feels so good, could we put an ass fuck on our to-do list? Mummy wants to give her ass virginity to her baby.”

Jack knew that Kay loved to be ass fucked, he would ass fuck her but not tonight as he was close to cuming, Jack said, “I’d love to ass fuck mummy, I’m sure mum would enjoy it, Kay loved it, mum are you close to cuming? I’m very close, but I’ll hold back for you?”

“Whose the better fuck, mummy or her daughter?”

“Mum, Kay is not in your league, you give a far nicer fuck than Kay, Kay was a selfish lover, she was only interested in herself, you give pleasure to your partner, mum cum for me, cum for your baby.”

“Baby, I’m cuming, mummy, fantasised about having a threesome with you and Kay, mummy is so dirty, cum inside your mum’s hungry cunt, fill me with your spunk.”

Jack shot his load inside Jo’s cunt, Jo spun around and leaned down and kissed Jack tenderly with affection. Jack left Jo’s house ten minutes later, he was happy, he had found a replacement for Kay, he also had more respect for Jo.

The next four weeks were fantastic, the day after their first date, Jack did Jo’s back door. Jo loved it, she came three times with intense orgasms within ten minutes, Jack’s cock stimulated her G-spot, which gave her a vaginal orgasm. They had sex five times a week.

Jo was also helping more in the Antique Centre, Jo was a Maths teacher, she also was an Auditor. She created a system for the commission payments in the Centre. Jack was impressed, he said, “Mum, you’re a clever woman.”

“Not really, mum just knows how to use Excel, mum now wants your cock, baby.”

Jo was now auditing all the Company’s businesses, slowly but surely she was getting through them all. Their lovemaking was getting better and better and much more varied. One night after an intensive session, Jo also had a little too much to drink told Jack that she had been having sex with Kay, Jack was not surprised about this. Jo also said to him that Kay was also having online sex with an American lawyer that she had met in Florida, Jo was sure that Kay was seeing him now, but she still hadn’t heard a word from Kay. Jo also told Jack that she had a couple of girlfriends she saw for sex but hadn’t seen them since she had started seeing Jack.

Jack was happy that Jo was honest with her, he was also pleased with the way the business was going, Jack had sponsored a local theatre that had eight weeks of shows during the summer. Jack enjoyed these shows as it was good entertainment, the shows were directed by a director/actor who did many television shows. He also used the Prop business Jack had set up. Through this director, this business was getting a lot of work. Part of the sponsorship was Jack had two good seats on a Wednesday evening, the shows started at seven and finished at nine. Jack couldn’t take Jo as that would have got tongues wagging.

On Wednesday morning, Jack got a message from Jo, asking if she could see him. The met in the Bistro in the Centre. serik escort Jo had a concerned look on her face. Jo told Jack that she had been Auditing the Double Glazing firm which the Company owned. It was one of Jack’s grandpa’s friends who had set it up, Jack’s grandpa had financed it. Grandpa’s friend had died, they had several Manager’s, but for the last sixteen years, it had been run by Jack’s dad. Jack was the Managing Director of the Company and Dot, his mum was the Chairwoman.

Jo, who had no idea that Jack’s father was the Manager of the business said, “Jack, there’s a problem here, money is disappearing out of this business, there’s a pattern built-up since last year, it’s gone from a company making a million a year to a hundred thousand through the turnover has increased by ten per cent. I’ll have a closer look at it, but it’s not right.”

Jack wondered what was going on. He was just about to leave the Penthouse when his mobile rang, it was his mum, who asked, “Jack, I’d like a word, is Kay there?”

“No mum, Kay is history, I’m alone now, where are you?”

“I’m sitting in the car outside the apartment can I come up?”

“Sure mum, I’m going to the theatre, I’ve a spare ticket, would you like to come with me then we can have some supper afterwards?”

“I’ve heard it’s excellent, yes, let’s do that but open the door as I need the bathroom first.”

Jack opened the door, his mum arrived at his front door, she looked tired, Jack gave her a big hug then said, “Mum, I’ve been thinking about you but the last five weeks have been chaotic, we must be there for seven, we can walk so we can have a glass of wine.”

Mum used the bathroom when she came out, she looked good. Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous, let’s go now, and we can have a glass of wine before it starts.”

As they walked to the theatre Jack told his mum about the props business he was developing, the director/actor of the show they were going to watch was an excellent customer who used Jack’s Company for a lot of television shows.

They had a glass of Champagne on arrival then took another drink to their seats. The show was first-class, it was captivating entertainment, at the break they had another glass of Champagne, mum said, “Jack, I’m really enjoying this, it’s so entertaining, should I become a Patron too, would that help you?”

“Mum, you don’t need to, there are five performances left this season, you can come with me every Wednesday evening at seven.”

“That’s wonderful, Jack, I’ll be there with you. Could we have supper in the French Bistro as it has booths and that gives us a little privacy?”

“No problem mum, we’ll do that, I believe that they have a new menu, but I haven’t seen it yet.”

The show had a surprising ending, they both enjoyed it. They arrived at the Bistro and were shown to a booth. They ordered their meals, they both ordered different items as Jack wanted to see how they presented the meals. When the Champagne had been served mum said, “Jack, I’m divorcing your father, I can’t take any more of his betrayal.”

“Mum, I’m so sorry to hear this, what’s he done?”

“Jack, I came home unexpectedly yesterday morning, he was fucking his new young secretary on the kitchen table. I told him to take his clothes and get out of the house, dad never trusted him, side escort dad’s been proved right. Dad, told me to never make him a director, he wanted to be prompted, I’m so glad that I didn’t do it, dad looked after the Glazing business, I know nothing about it.”

Jack then thought about what Jo had told him, he switched his smartphone on, he had switched it off in the theatre, he had a message from Jo which read, “Jack, went to the Glazing Company’s office this afternoon, the Managing Director and his secretary haven’t been seen all day. I checked the invoices, just over a year ago a PayPal account was set up as a method of payment, I can’t find any PayPal account here, there hasn’t been a PayPal payment made in the Company’s account, that’s funny, I don’t know how to investigate this as I know nothing about how PayPal works. If you need me to call me, there’s something funny going on here. Regards, Jo.”

Without saying anything to mum, Jack phoned Peter, he was a Senior Manager with the Bank Jack used. Jack was an excellent golfer, he had played golf with Peter many times, last year they had played with a guy called Archie who held a senior position with PayPal. Jack explained to Peter all that had happened, Peter told him he would phone Archie now and get back to him as soon as possible.

Jack then told his mum about the losses in the Glazing business, mum was not surprised. Over dinner, mum said, “Jack, I’d like to stay with you tonight, I don’t want to stay in the house anymore, I leave it up to you if you want to sell it. I have a salary from the business, I would like to start working with you, I’m sure that I can help you. I’m impressed the way you’re handling this, dad always said that you were the person to run the business, he’s now being proved correct.”

They got back to the Penthouse, they were sitting in the lounge talking about what mum could do in the business. Jack’s phone rang, it was Peter, he had contacted Archie, who had checked the PayPal account, there were just over five hundred thousand pounds in it which was now frozen, no money could now be taken out of it. The bank account set up to handle the PayPal account was in a branch of Peter’s Bank, that account had over one hundred and fifty thousand pounds in it, the account had also been frozen. Peter suggested that Jack reported this to the police as it was a fraud. Jack thanked Peter then told his mum what had happened.

Mum asked Jack if she could have one of his shirts to use as a pyjama for this evening. Jack gave her one, and she came back into the lounge wearing it to finish her glass of Champagne, mum said, “Jack, tomorrow I’ll contact my lawyer, your father will have the option to sign the divorce papers by Friday or be charged with fraud which he most certainly would be given a prison sentence. He would also be dismissed from his position and have to return his company car. He has stolen two hundred and fifty thousand from us, but I’ll have a speedy divorce. I had the locks and alarm password changed at the house yesterday, he can’t access the house anymore. Jack, you’ve handled this magnificently, thank you, I’m so looking forward to working with you, I should have done this year’s ago.”

Jack looked at her, she looked a lot happier than she did earlier this evening, she filled his shirt beautifully, mum had gorgeous thighs and legs. He saw that her nipples were hard, Jack wondered if they were as sensitive as Jo’s, he thought that he shouldn’t be thinking about his mum like this but the thoughts were arousing him, Jack said, “Mum, you will be a fantastic asset to the business, I’m looking forward to working with you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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