Mums Relief Ch. 04

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I went outside to finish up the mowing and try to get my mind round the day’s events so far. The guy next door was just about to get into his car, when he spotted me.

“Hey how’s it goin’, you keep taking a breather?” he said.

“Its going OK,” I replied.

“That’s some hard on you got there son,” he said looking down at my still tenting cock.

I looked down as if to confirm that it was hard, it was really hard and then I looked almost by chance at his pants and he was obviously hard too.

Without warning he took my hand and placed it on his pants and I felt his cock through the material. Just for a minute my mind went numb, what was going on here I thought.

I gave his cock a squeeze through the material.

“That’s real nice son,” he said “I bet you’re much bigger than this old thing, eh?”

“Yeh I am bigger,” I said without thinking.

He leaned in to me and took hold of my hard through my pants and he found out I was considerably bigger than him. He worked my pole through the material and I could feel that he too was getting harder.

“Jerk me some more son, that’s the way, long slow, nice,” He said.

After a few moments he gasped and I felt his cock pulsing out its load inside his pants.

“You want me to finish you off son,” he said “lets go in your garage and I’ll suck that big old pole ’till she blows.”

He didn’t wait for my answer but walked in through the garage side door and knelt near to the wall. I walked in after him and went straight up to him, wriggling down my pants as I got close to him. He reached into my briefs and tugged out my pole and started straight off to suck the hell out of my cock. He had done this a few times before because he had all the techniques of tonguing my cock end and licking and stroking my cock and balls.

With all my spunk sessions so far in the day my load was so much less than it would have been, but he still thought it was good. He gobbled up my juicy load and swallowed it down, licking my cock end and slit in case he had missed any.

“Whenever you need any more, son, just tell me and I’ll suck you dry anytime, just anytime,” he said and got up and went over to his car in the drive and went on his way.

Whatever would happen next I thought.

“Wow that was hot,” said my mother. She was stood at the doorway looking at me as I gently folded my cock back into my pants.

“Hey you shouldn’t be looking,” I said.

“Ah but I was looking,” and she dipped her hand down the front of her cotton briefs.

I didn’t know quite what to do next.

“I know another neighbour that would welcome the opportunity to help you out of those baggy pants,” and she laughed out loud.

“You do?” I responded.

“Oh yes, for sure I do. Young June next door would walk on hot coals to get some of your delicious pole, you can be sure of that,” she said and turned to go back into the house, “perhaps you should check when she needs her grass cutting”

Maybe I would do just that.

I went round to the back lawn and finished off the mowing there and glanced across to June’s house.

There she was, stood at her kitchen sink pretending to be busy, she was not a very good actress.

I waved vigorously and shouted “Hi!”

“Hi!” she shouted back “Are you all done out there?”

“Nearly, just putting things away. Say did you really want your grass cutting?” I asked.

“Come round and I can talk to you instead of shouting,” she said.

I walked round to her kitchen door.

“Come in come in, don’t stand out there,” she said “not only do I want my grass cutting but I need a few other things doing too” she said with a slight smile.

I could only guess what they were.

“I need a couple of door handles re-fixing and the carpet in the hall needs tacking down … oh there are a million and one things that are falling apart in here,” she said

“Well I can do all those things,” I replied “but it’s just a matter of time really.”

“There’s no rush, just do them when you can and I’ll be happy,” she said “what sort of payment do you want?” she went on.

“I hadn’t thought about it really,” I said looking puzzled.

“You’ll never be a millionaire if you take that attitude,” she replied laughing.

As she laughed her shoulders moved up and down and made her tits jiggle about. I didn’t think I was staring but I suppose I must have been.

“They’re not bad are they?” she asked “I try hard to keep in trim”

“No you’ve got a great figure June, you don’t mind me calling you June do you,” I asked quizzically.

“I don’t mind what you call me, well, mostly I don’t mind,” and she laughed again.

She ran her finger round the elasticated Spanish top, slightly pulling it away from her tits exposing her cleavage.

Boy was that some cleavage too! Like two melons fighting to get out of a sack.

I badly wanted to get my hands on those.

“Come over here and take a cool drink,” she said.

As I got within arms length of her I could smell the musky smell of a warm woman on heat. Whether it was my imagination or not but, her tits seemed to be heaving up and down like a bucking bronco.

She passed topkapı escort me a glass of home made lemonade in a tall glass. The droplets of iced water ran down the outside of the glass and fell on the floor. I looked down at the floor to see them splash onto the tiles and saw my tented cock again. He sure had had a busy day so far and the way things were going I reckoned there was more to come.

She took a long hard look at my pants and moved closer to me.

“It’s been a long time since Rob was taken from me you know, and there are things I miss ….. lots,” she said “perhaps a good looking boy like you with a nice hard pole in his pants may be able to help me out some.”

“I … I suppose I might be able to help you out there June,” I muttered.

Her hand slid nervously over my cock and she toyed with it, clutching at it and then nervously letting it go.

“Do you mind?” she asked.

“No, no problem at all,” I responded.

She gripped it really firm and sighed deeply as she pulled herself closer in to me.

She spent 5 or 10 minutes just rolling it in her hand and playing with it, gently massaging it through the pants.

“Wow that’s good,” I said.

“Your not kidding, it’s better than good,” she replied.

“Would you…..” and she took my right hand and slid it over her pussy.

I gently lifted her dress with my other hand and placed my hand over her briefs, which I discovered were soaking wet. I stroked her pussy through the wet fabric and she moaned quietly.

“Please take me upstairs and fuck me,” she said in a matter of fact way.

I needed no further asking, but felt that this was a mission of mercy to a woman in difficulty. I took her hand and she led me upstairs to a large and open bedroom with a huge double king size bed in it.

We helped each other out of our clothes, she had a figure to die for. Those mammoth tits were even bigger than they looked tucked into the Spanish top.

They had possibly the biggest aereola’s I had ever seen, darkish brown with small really hard nipples in their centre. I greedily sucked on them for all I was worth and she took hold of my rampant stick and yanked at it like there was no tomorrow.

“Come on,” she said and threw herself backwards onto the bed opening her legs, as she lay fully naked and outstretched in the centre of the bed.

I climbed onto the bed and she clutched my cock and forced it towards her pussy. I straightened my body and got my cock in alignment with her hot steaming pussy and in one straight movement drove it in. She yelped as it sunk into her, in a second I was balls deep into her thrusting right up against and into her cervix. She wanted it all and that’s what she was going to get.

She was eager and ready for as much cock as I could stick into her, she wanted it all, she wanted it rough, she wanted cock, cock, and more cock.

I thrashed my 7″ into her wet sloppy hole and she tightened her pussy hole, gripping me so hard I thought she was going to squeeze it off.

She moaned and thrashed about the bed and finally screamed and gasped as she tightened her cunt in one last twitch of my cock head in her. She came, a wet wet wet come, leaking out round the sides of my cock and dripping onto the covers. It ran round her groin and all round her cunt and ass cheeks.

“Have you come?” she finally said.

“No I haven’t, you still have more to get yet,” I told her.

“That was just great, and yet you say I have to have more?” she queried.

I straddled her body and shuffled up to her waste and laid my cock in between those delicious tits.

“Now I’m going to tit fuck you and your gonna really enjoy this, OK?” I asked.

I held her hands round her tits and laid my pole in between them and then made her push them in and over my thrusting cock head.

I stroked my cock in this tight little nest and soon I felt a build up coming as I looked at both her tits and nipples and warm mouth.

“Let me suck it out of you babe,” she said

I moved my cock head up to her mouth and she greedily gulped it into her mouth. I massaged her tits as she sucked on my pole with lots of slurping and juicy noises. It was only minutes before I was ready to unleash another load of the day into her warm wet receptive mouth.

A single thin stringy rope of come went into her mouth and dribbled over her lips.

She swallowed it and licked her wet lips.

“I’m gonna have a lot of that this summer my little angel,” she said.

“Just as much as you want June, just as much as you want,” I replied.

I got up and wiped my cock of all the cum and juices and kissed her on the lips.

“This will do as the way to pay me off June, I think this will suite us both fine, don’t you?” I asked.

“You bet it will,” she replied.

I made my way over to home and went in and threw myself onto the couch.

“So have you completed your business arrangements with the lovely June?” Mum asked.

“Yes I think we have come to a working solution for payment for my odd jobs,” I responded.

“Odd jobs!” Mum replied with a chuckle “Looks to me like she already made a down payment and türbanlı escort you left her a deposit”

“Something like that I guess,” I said.

We both laughed out loud.

I lay back on the couch and fell sound asleep, what a day so far and it was only mid afternoon. I drifted in and out of sleep and heard what I thought was a conversation close to me by two women.

“He’s some guy in bed I have to give you that!”

“He’s terrific and what technique for a guy his age”

“I could eat his cock all day”

“You and me both”

“Let’s peak at it when he isn’t looking”

“I love a semi hard cock”

“Me too, but I like a rock hard cock when it’s in me”

I awoke out of my dreamy sleep to feel the snap of my elastic waistband.

Standing at the back of the couch were my Mum and June.

Had I dreamed it, was it real?

Surely these two ladies had not been comparing notes about me, surely not.

“Ah the sleeping giant awakes,” said June.

“What would you like for your meal my love?” Mum asked.

“Whatever you like Mum,” I responded.

“Would you like to stay for a meal with us June?” Mum asked her.

“Oh that would be just fine, yes please,” June answered.

“So, are you all refreshed after your little nap,” June asked me.

“Mmmm, I’m still a little sleepy, I guess I’ll go up for a shower before my meal though,” I said sleepily.

“June, give me a hand will you please,” said Mum.

“OK,” said June as she wondered into the kitchen.

I stood up and went upstairs grabbing a fresh towel from the cupboard on my way.

I stepped into the shower and used the shower gel to foam up my body. I washed the foamy soap suds all over my body paying special care to get my cock, balls and ass especially clean. I towelled off, combed my hair, splashed some cologne over my body and slipped on a clean T shirt and jogging bottoms. No briefs at this stage I wanted to feel free and fresh from a gorgeous hot shower.

I got back downstairs and went into the kitchen to see what the two girls were up to. What I saw surprised me and made me stop dead in my tracks. Mum was stood at the sink and June had her hand down the front of Mums blouse. I stayed as silent as I could.

“Your tits are about the same as mine for being firm aren’t they?” June said.

Mum turned towards June and put her hand over June’s right tit and squeezed it gently.

“Oh I don’t know,” she said and laughing said “it feels harder to me,” and she moved her hand back onto her own tit.

“My God that felt good, do it again,” June said.

Without any spoken word Mum moved her hand back towards June’s tits, and at the same time June pulled her top down to expose her bare tit to mums grasp.

Mum rolled June’s nipple in her fingers and massaged round it with her other hand.

“Wow I never done that before,” said Mum “how I wish I had”

“Mmmm feels good to me, do me some more,” said June and she closed her eyes and leant back towards the kitchen worktop.

Mum worker her magic on June’s tit and it soon had the nipple stood proud against the brown aereola. June’s hand slipped easily towards the top of her jeans and slithered its way, snake like, into her pants.

I could see her hand working her clit as Mum rubbed her nipple and at the same time she pulled hard on the dress top and exposed the other nipple to her gaze.

I sneaked into the kitchen beside Mum and took the newly exposed nipple in my mouth and sucked and nibbled at it with my teeth. June must have thought it was Mum that was doing it and started to go frantic down her pants rubbing her clit like a mad thing. With my mouth firmly clamped round her nipple and drawing part of her tit into my mouth with full suction mum said, “and how does that feel, June?”

June nearly fell over as she opened her eyes and saw me with a mouth full of tit, sucking madly and slobbering over it.

She said nothing and closed her eyes tightly as she worked her hand over her clit. Mum looked at her hand and lowered the zip on June’s jeans sliding it all the way to the bottom. June’s jeans sunk to her knees and mum and I were able to see Junes soaking wet bikini briefs, bulging with her hand whirring away inside them. Mum still kept one hand on June’s tit and tugged at her bikini briefs, dragging them down to her thighs. She then mingled her fingers with Junes and rubbed June’s pussy at the same time as June’s hand was in there.

This was a truly great sight to see and I rubbed the front of Mums tits at the same time as trying to keep my mouth on June’s tit and watch what was going on, all at the same time. June slowed her pace and opened her eyes, gazing round at us with half open eyes.

“God I hope you guys are enjoying this as much as I am,” she said.

With her free hand she lifted up Mum’s dress and there it was possible to see her wet briefs as well. My hand moved from mum’s tit to her pussy and June looked surprised at this change. I slipped my hand inside her pants and felt her hot sticky pussy leaking into her pants and my hand. June smiled and pulled the dress higher so she could get a better look tüyap escort at my fingers working Mums clit.

June was so enjoying the feeling of her tit being sucked mums hand in her clit and pussy and the sight of my hand in Mums clit was really taking her high.

“Can we all go upstairs do you think,” June said breathlessly.

“Yeh lets all go upstairs,” I said.

“OK, my bed though it’s bigger June,” said Mum.

We all got onto the double king size in Mums room and started to get back into the positions we were in downstairs. I pulled back so I could see Mums fingers working their magic on Junes clit.

“Oh don’t stop sucking will you?” June said.

“I wont I wont,” I responded.

Mum moved onto June’s right side and slowly started to finger June’s clit and pussy.

“You go on the other side and we’ll do this as a team,” Mum said to me.

I went the other side of June and sucked her left nipple, again pulling a large amount of tit into my fully open mouth along with the nipple. I licked all round the nipple and the tit inside my mouth and June squirmed and wriggled on the bed.

“Raise your knees June,” said Mum

She gestured to me to get lower in the bed and took hold of my left hand first finger and indicated to go for June’s ass hole with it.

I lubed the finger with spit and circled June’s ass hole with the finger then gently eased it into her just up to the first knuckle.

She sighed and eased her ass off the bed to let me get a better angle into it. I didn’t disappoint her, I pushed the finger all the way in. Mum was watching what I was doing and at the same time she sunk 2 fingers into June’s pussy and in perfect harmony we finger fucked her through both holes until she was writhing and twisting in a huge orgasm on the bed.

“Oh stop, stop she shouted at the top of her voice,” almost hoarse with emotion.

“Don’t take any notice of her,” Mum said to me” go for it make her come again”

We continued with almost more vigour to finger fuck her this time with 3 fingers in her pussy and 2 in her ass. She writhed and twisted as we relentlessly fucked and fucked her. Her whole body was wet with sweat running over her stomach and legs and combined at her pussy with her cum juice she was soaking.

The juice ran in the nick of her thighs and round to her asshole where it helped to lube my fingers. Both Mum and my fingers were flying in and out like a machine. June yelped and squealed as she neared another orgasm and we slowed as she reached her peak, her back arched as she came in a violent shaking orgasm.

She sank back onto the bed, sweat dripping from her chin and running down her tits and chest.

“You bastards, you lovely bastards,” she said smiling at us both.

She pulled us close to her and she had another involuntary shiver as another wave washed over her.

“You shits, you bastards. I told you to stop,” she said

“Doesn’t mean we have to obey, does it?” Mum said.

We all pulled closer together and the heat from June’s body was almost over powering.

“In just a few minutes I’m goin to fuck your brains out lady,” June said to Mum.

I was totally sure she meant it as well. We all cuddled up together, I was conscious that my cock was stood up like a flagpole and that Mums tits were hard and the nipples sticking out like stalks.

June eased herself onto her elbows and said, “OK lady get your ass in the middle of us you are gonna be fucked like you never been fucked before”

June and Mum swapped places and I gently stroked my cock while they started to play with each other. June started to kiss Mums body and as she did, her tits swung under her, gently moving and rubbing down mum’s body.

This was obviously a turn on for mum as she groaned and moved under Junes attentions. It was obvious that mum was much more vocal in her newly found state. She kept opening and closing her legs together as though she was exercising her pussy. I slid down to the bottom of the bed and went in between her legs. Her pussy lips were very red, perhaps it had something to do with my attentions earlier in the day.

I put my hands on her inner thighs and pushed them gently but firmly apart. I moved slowly in between her thighs and started to lick her pussy lips with the flat of my tongue. It tasted absolutely divine, sweet yet slightly salty and with a smell all of its own. I loved it.

I found the little nub of her clit and held my fingers round it trying to expose it to the tip of my tongue. I didn’t have to wait long for it to poke out and get the attention of the end of my tongue. I lapped at it like a kitten lapping milk and it responded. Mums legs tensed up and I felt the muscles on her thighs tense and her toes stretch out straight as every fibre in her body seemed to be building up.

June was kissing her tits and lips, neck, throat and ears. Mums face and the V at the top of her chest were turning a bright red and she was getting well on her way to her first come. June rubbed mums nipples and massaged her tits with one hand while she stroked her ears lobes and neck with her other hand, her wet sloppy lips moved over mum’s mouth teasing her with her tongue. I could feel her going stiffer and stiffer over her whole body and my first finger plunged into her pussy hole and my middle finger found her ass hole. I started to work my fingers in unison with one another in long slow strokes then four or five quicker strokes and then back to slower strokes.

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