Mutual Feeding

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My name is Dillon, for the majority of my life I’ve been simply called ‘Lon’.

Last weekend was the weirdest of my life.

Let me begin…

My wife had never been able to successfully breastfeed our baby. In the end we decided it was best to use a formula.

One weekend when they were 3 months old, we paid a visit to my in-laws, after they had finished being fed the formula by their Nanny, she looked up from them and asked if we had really given breastfeeding a try? We agreed that we had, she then announced ‘Let me try!’ to my surprise her reached into her bra through her tee shirt and pulled out one of her what I now know to be 38DDs.

She rubbed the nipple in our sleeping babies face, before putting her breast back into her bra and handing the baby over to my father in law.

The next visit we made, i couldn’t get over how much fuller once one saggy 38DDs had gotten, I tried everything in my power to not look down her v necked tee shirt and thought I had succeeded.

I sat in their living room, watching the TV, when my mother in law emerged from the kitchen, looking slightly pained! She sat on the sofa next to me and explained that the breast pump that they had purchased had broken, as my wife and her Dad were out, and her beasts were swollen and full of milk, she desperately ucuz escort needed some relief and could I help?

‘How?’ I asked.

‘Play with these!’ She announced squeezing them together ‘they are a 38F now, and are serious uncomfortable!’

I sat on the sofa with my mouth wide open, as she sat down beside me, and unhooked her nursing bra and leaned in to me. I took her left breast in my hand and began to gentle massage the tender swollen breast, as I gentle pulled on her nipple, a little milk came out and she gave a groan as if the pain was pleasurable.

After what felt like an age, she looked me in the eyes, her brown eyes had sudden gone doe eyed as she spoke ‘you’re hands are driving me crazy! Suck on my big titties, there’s a good boy!’

For the second time that had day I sat on the sofa with my mouth open, she cupped my face in her hand and told me it was okay, no one was home and that she needed this. I thought for a few second, looked back into her doe eyes. Everything was telling me to leave the room. How would I be able to face my wife again.

Then she said something that embarrass me into doing as she had asked ‘Me and Devon, have both caught you looking, it’s okay don’t be embarrassed everyone looks now.’

‘Oh kay’ I stammered ümraniye escort ‘where do you want me?’

She instructed me to lay across her lap, my head rested on her left knee, she looked down into my eyes, before scooping up her 38F and physically dropping it into my mouth, gingerly i became to suck on the nipple, before she leaned forward and forced a little more breast onto my mouth, then, I couldn’t help myself, I reached up to her breast and began to squeeze it with my left hand, deeply massaging the flesh, before, without thinking, biting the nipple. She let out a groan of pleasure as I watched her eyes roll back in her head.

Eventually we switched sides and then same thing happened all over again, however this time, she became more vocal ‘That’s it Lon! Suck the milk outta my big tits! Good boy! Oh! Oh shit! I’m going to cum!’

The orgasm both shook and surprised her! As she wriggled uncomfortably on the sofa, I sat myself up at the opposite end in awkward silence as she composed herself.

Shortly afterwards, she lay with her head on my lap as she watched the TV, her mouth was slightly open and after the breastfeeding to my surprise my cock was thick and hard, sneakily and somehow without her realising, I unzipped my files, released it from my underwear, üniversiteli öğrenci escort before plainly saying ‘now it’s time I fed you’ slipping my cock into her waiting mouth, she paused for a second, as if thinking about it, before gingerly sucking on my head, ‘come on, a little deeper!’ I instructed, she went slightly deeper, but, began to suck a lot harder and began working the shaft with her soft left hand.

After a few minutes of her working my cock, I decided to chance my luck and grabbed her hair and pushed her head down ‘come on, take it! Take my big cock down your throat!’ I instructed, after a few seconds of her taking half my cock in her mouth, she began to quiver, so I let go of her hair, she soaked my cock in saliva as she began to breath again, she gasped before stating ‘Devon’s never done that to me before in 20 years of marriage. I like it!’ Before putting my cock back into her mouth and gingerly sucking it again, this time, I moved my hips back and fourth, she began to gag and wretch and choke as I fucked her throat, as I did so, I began to groan, she moved her head to the tip of my cock

‘No! Don’t you cum in my mouth. Devon always forces me to swallow his load. He tells me as his wife I need to do as I’m told. I don’t like it!’

‘Okay, get on your knees!’ I instructed.

Once she was on her knees she grabbed hold of my throbbing cock, and began to play with the shaft, about 4 plays in I was done, I stifled a groan as I came all over her pretty face and breast!

Awkwardly we both went upstairs to shower.

That will be a Morning I’ll never forget.

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