My Big Boob Mommy Ch. 3

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My slut mommy and her whore sister are shivering with lust, as they are going to put on a great show for their beloved tit hungry daughter. I have been thinking about all the things I wanted to watch them enacting for me. I lust for their huge fucking boobs and I am so lucky that I am going to watch two great big tit whores, using their tits in all possible ways for my full satisfaction.

“So, my dear big boob nasty fucking women! Now you are at my command! You have to do what ever I am going to tell and ask you two to do. First of all, you two stand side by side right in front of me, just one foot away, with your legs wide open, so that I can watch your pink and juicy pussies, while you both, start playing with your huge knockers, by squeezing them, pulling their nipples and pinching them and moving your tongues all over your big fucking boob flesh and licking them and pushing them together and crushing thema nd licking all along your long and deep tit valley. You got to do this all, you filthy titfucking whores”. “Oh mommy bitch and aunt Donna, your lovely big tits are driving me titcrazy! Now you are going to suck your nipples on your own. You will hold your nipples between your lips and teeth and suck them deep into your mouths.. I want both of you doing this to your big fucking tits while I finger fuck my pussy and a dildo fucks my assshole. After a thourough suck and lick of your tits and nipples, both of you will then stand facing each other but very close to each other, and start rubbing your huge tits against each other. I want you both now play the usual tit nipple games, which youd did last summer. I have surprise gift for you if you can make me cum faster. “

Mommy is now probing her huge tit nipples with her tongue, and stopped after listening to my filthy words, which aroused her a lot. Aunt donna too got very hot by watching me and my mommy doing and talking nasty things.

Mommy spoke first”OOOhhh…. you filthy slutty lisa!! You have become a whore nowadays. But we love you darling, the more filthy things you do the more we like. You know your aunt, the big boob bitch Donna loves tit games much. Do somthing which would make her happy, as she is our guest. I love to play so many games with her which would make you so hot and horny that you will think of sucking and licking of your own pussy and ass honey! Aunt has not shown to us her full skills in sex. Today you are going to witness that too. She is going to lick her own pussy, while I lick and suck her very sexy and pink gaping asshole. I even think of fucking her ass with my huge tits and nipples. Better than this she is going to lick her own juicy pussy while me and you together suck her ass and lick her pussy along with her. ”

“Oh my god! Julie, my sexy big tit slut sis! you are making me feel like a real slut. I very much love to put on this great show of me licking my own pussy for my filthy Lisa. We will involve her in very many ways. You know I love to get fucked in my pussy and ass at the same time. It is better if you and your daughter fuck my pussy and ass with your great god damn boobs, at the same. It has been long sincei got fucked in my pussy and ass with tits. I would love it now, If you can please me this way in retutn. “requested my big tit filthy aunt.

It is now for sure that both my mommy and aunty are going to do great things for me and I am to participate in this nasty and filthy game very actively. My mommy is a real whore, I am convinced and she would do nastiest things if I asked her. I have now made up my mind as to what to do and ask these two filhty big tit whores. I love to play few piss games too in this sequence and if they permit me, I will make them drink my pee and I will request them to piss on my huge boobs so that I can lick and suck my pee wet tits and nipples. It is very hot and it makes me horny to watch a big boob woman pissing standing right in front of me, standing above me so that I can watch her clitty twitching as she pisses. I once licked my mommy’s pussy when she just finished peeing. She never permitted me afterwards to play piss games, but I was only 15 at that time. Now that I am mature and understand her better, I would surely force her to ask and beg me for piss games. Mommy now is all set to start the big boob games with her big boob whore sister Donna. She is now standing by the side of her sister with her fleshy thighs wide open and her pink pussy all wet with the juices woozing out. She, winking at me, shoved her middle finger in her juicy pussy and scooped up a bit of sticky juice with her finger and brought her juice coated finger to her left tit and painted the rubbery pink nipple with the juicy gum of her pussy. The nipple is now shining like a pink diamond, and she bent her head down and slowly moved it in the direction of erect left nipple. I could guess what she is going to do. She is going to lick her own beşiktaş masöz escort nipple coated with her own pussy juices, and she likes this type of sucking her own nipples.

Aunt Donna looking at what my mommy is doing got a bit hot and stood by her side with her huge melon sized udders thrusting ot of her chest. She is now a competitor for my big boob mommy and I love to see my aunt Donna dominate my mommy. Mommy is now trying to reach her juice coated left nipple by her tongue and she coud do it again. My bitch mommy touched her left nipple with her tongue and by holding her huge left boob between her hands she lifted it up and pulled the whole tit to her mouth. The nipple is almost touching her lips. She now pursed the nipple bewteen her pink lips and started sucking the long and erect nipple deep into her mouth. Oh… MY SWEET MOMMY! She is NOW SUCKING HER OWN NIPPLE! The rubbery pink nipple is now all sucked into her mouth and she is feeding her mouth with her own tit nipple. “.. Oh Momma!! You titfucking whore! What a way of sucking your own tits!! Mommy I wish those huge knockers are full of milk. I want to watch you while you suck hot milk from your own tits!!! Oh my god! My pussy is on fire now. SUCK MOMMY! SUCK YOUR PINK NIPPLE DEEPER INTO YOUR SEXY MOUTH. OHHHHH… YAH! SUCK THAT PINK NIPPLE. MOVE YOUR FAT AND LONG TONGUE ON THE REST OF THE NIPPPLE TOO. OH MY FUCKING TITS! My MOMMY’S fucking big boobs! Play with those boobs mommy! Pull now the other nipple also into your mouth. And suck both nipples at once. I want you both licking and sucking both nipples at the same time. Fuck the mouth with your tit, you nasty mother fucking slut! ”

I became extermely hot by watching my mommy and her nasty way of playing with her nipple. Aunt Donna could not resist her urge to do the same thing to her own nipples. She Squeezed her huge oversized boobs into one massive flesh and rubbed the boobs against each other. She moved the left boob, holding it with her left hand, over the right boob and mashed them together. She caught the boobs by their nipples and pulled the nipples out as far as they would come and pressed the nipples back into her huge cones of lust. She put her palms around each of her big tit and and pressed the huge tits inward with maximum force and unable to withstand such big pressure, the poor udders bulged upward towards her chin and some of her titflesh even peeked out of the gaps of her fingers and she then bent her head towards the base of her left tit and starting from the huge base of the tit, she started licking and moving her tongue around the boob flesh to make it wet. she is doing so expertly that I immediately ran to her and caught her huge boob with my own hands and asked her to continue with the licking! “Oh… big fucking Aunty! Your big melon sized boobs beat my mommy’s huge tits. This is terrific. Go slow, Do it as if you were loving my tits! Oh my fucking ass! Move that tongue into the boob too! I know if it were possible you would drill a hole into your boob flesh and lick it from inside. Oh my god! I am getting mad with that filthy licking you are doing to your knocker! It is fucking great that you have such gorgeous, sexy nipples and tits, that I just love to tell. You’re expert to show and lick them off like that! If I were a male with a long and fat cock, I would love to drill INTO your huge fucking boobs so big and tit fuck your deep tit valley! Oh my sweet tits! Love you aunty! Move that tongue you fucking big tit bitch! I feel like biting your huge tit. Mommy! , look at your bitch sister and how she is expertly licking her big boob. Come close to us mommy! LOOK AT YOUR BIG SISTER’S HUGE KNOCKERS AND RUB HER TITS WITH YOUR BIG BAZOOKAS AND I WILL HELP YOU BOTH IN LICKING AND SUCKING YOUR OWN TITS. Oh, this is so filthy! Mommy licking her long nipple and her big tit whore sister licking her huge tit. What a combianation!! “

I started squeezing the big left boob of aunty I am holding and it is so smooth and it is so huge that I am unable to hold all of the tit flesh with my hands. The boob flesh is bulging out a like a big baloon and some of the extra tit flesh is flushing out of the gaps between my fingers. Her nipples were sticking out like two small buds of flesh! These nipples were at least half an inch in diameter. She had the biggest nipples I’d ever seen in my life, and I couldn’t help visualizing her rubbing her precious titty-tips all over my clit. I wanted to devour them, make her nipples as hard as she had ever felt them. I wanted to pull on them, and imagine that I could feel milk coming out of them. While my mommy is so involved in making her nipple as erect as possible by flicking it to right and left, up and down. And She is pulling it into her own mouth and taking it out again after sucking it for a while and then shoving the huge tit flesh into her mouth as much as possible. beşiktaş otele gelen escort With me and aunty doing a nasty tit out here, she moved a bit close to us without leaving her tit in the mouth and still pursing her nipple between her sexy pink lips. WoW! This is my mommy at best, Moving around us with her nipple caught between her sexy lips and her mammoth boob hanging out of her mouth freely in air. My god! I never thought that my mommy could baheve in such obscene manner. Anyway, I like it. I like what ever is doing to her tits and nipples. Aunty is now moving her tongue all around her big baloon sized left jug and she is not leaving a single inch of her huge titflesh. She is painting her boob with her tongue and her white knocker is glistening like a big beautiful fun bag. She is often biting her tiflesh here and there. She is catching some of her mammoth titflesh between her teeth and pulling it up and asking me to squeeze the flesh between her mouth and the remaining part of her tit. My hands are shaking with lust by looking at my mom and aunty playing like this, so whorishly that I never get to watch such scenes even in porn movies. I am staring at what they are doing without closing my eye even for a single second lest I miss golden moments of my life. I loved the way she is making love to her own tit. She is petting her tit like a mom does a baby. I am squeezing her huge boob with all the strength I possess and it balooned into a massive cone of rubbery flesh meat. Her tit has become a toy of lust for me now. I slightly bent my head and started moving my tongue on the edges of her huge boob flesh. NOW TWO TONGUES, HER LONG PINK TONGUE AND MINE, NOT SO LONG, ARE ROAMING AROUND HER BIG MELON SIZED TIT. And those nipples–definitely a half inch in diameter, they pointed out pertly a full inch or more! Those glorious nipples and her three-inch wide areolae were a delicate rose color, and covered with very tiny goosebumps from her excitement. My heart raced, and my mouth watered. IT LOOKED LIKE THEY ARE WINKING FOR MY TENDER CARE AND THOROUGH FUCK AND SUCK. I held her left nipple between my fingers and pulled it outward and pinched it, while licking her big boob along with her. She is really enjoing what I am doing to her tit and her nipple. She now started the real game. She slowly started licking the base of her tit and traced the tip of her tongue to the nipple, licking her tit along a line which joins the base of her tit to its nipple. And while her tongue touches the pointy tip of her nipple, I moved my tongue too to the pointy nipple and licked her tongue and nipple at the same time. Our tongues danced on her titnub like two snakes trying to kiss each other.

“OOOOOhhh… MY FILTHY FUCKING LISA! OH YES LICK MY NIPPLE ALONG WITH ME. OH.. YAH, YOU ARE EXPERT LIKE YOUR MOM IN LICKING BIG TITS AND NIPPLES. OH MY BIG TITS! THEY NEVER RECEIVED THIS MUCH LOVE, NOT EVEN FROM YOUR FILTHY MOM! Yes flick that sexy nipple of mine. LET’S PRESS THAT DAMN FUCKING NIPPLE BETWEEN OUR TONGUES. LET’S FUCK IT WITH OUR LONG OUR TONGUES. OH MY BIG FUCKING TITS! Move your tongue along with mine. Squeeze my big fucking tit and suck its nipple, baby! Hold it up for me, my darling! Hold my big boob and lift it up till it is between our mouths. Let’s lick the huge boob together. Oh my good sweet boob! It is so huge, even three tongues moving over it and around its huge fucking flesh, still leaves so much of tit flesh for the fourth tongue. “Uttered so filthyly, my big nasty aunt Donna.

I am feeling so hot that I caught her huge boob flesh between my hands and helt it like a bottle before my aunt, by lifting it up as much as possible. Now the tit nipple is looking straight up towards the roof and I looked into the lust filled eyes of Aunt Donna, and I could read her eyes. She is ready to play the nastiest tit games with me. The nipple is now almost over half an inch, swollen with perverted lust. It looked like small rigid cock protruding out from the tip of her conical tit flesh. Her huge tit is vibrating up and down like a baloon ready to burst. I gazed at the thick pink nipple and large areola with hungry eyes. I opened my mouth and licking my own pink lips with the tip of my sexy pink tongue, I took it out and started lapping the huge boob flesh of aunty whose tit is now almost between our mouths. I started lashing at her big tit as if I was hungry for her tits for years together. I just recollected how my mom and auht Donna played with their tits last summer, when she visited our home. I am going to repeat to aunty’s tits what ever my mom did to her tits.

The whole of her huge left boob stands up like a small hill between aunt Donna’s and my mouths. She has been licking and her lapping her own tit flesh for almost half an hour and oneside of the whole tit is all with wet her juicy saliva. I put my tongue forward on the titflesh beşiktaş rus escort which is on my side and started licking like I lick a huge icecream cone inch by inch and often biting her soft tit flesh and sometimes even catching her titflesh between my teeth and pulling it out and pushing it again into the titflesh itself. Aunt too is doing the same thing on the tit flesh whcih is on her side. It is like huge heap of flesh being licked, bitten and ofent sucked by two long tongues. Her tongue is often touching mine and we even licked sometimes the same spot of her huge big melon sized tit. I could not hold my self and I often kissed her boob flesh here and there as if devouring it with lust. For me it is my long cherished dream to lick and suck her big fucking tits along with herself.

“Oh aunt Donna! your this big fucking boob is so smooth and rubbery and if you permit me, I will bite it and suck parts of it. Oh my dear mother fucking whore, shove your titflesh into my mouth, I will eat it baby! I love to fuck your whole boob with my tongue. OOOOhhh… baby, this is sexy, you and I licking your big fucking tit at the same time. oh my sweet fucking mom! You two are really whores! Two big titfucking whores! Come on mommy! Come to us and lets lick lick this big tit bitch’s fucking knockers togther. Come on you big boob mommy! Lets give your sister a tit treat which she never will forget! “

My mommy, who has been busy in licking and sucking her pussy juices off her own tits and nipples. now came running to us after looking at what we are doing. She got so slutty and horny at this tit licking. She held her huge boobs and pushed them togther and giving each of her huge tits a wet kiss spoke to us out of pure incestual lust! “… You big tit filthy sluts! Oh my tits in My ass! You two are real whores now! Yes lick that big fucking tit! Yessss…. bite that filthy slut’s big boob Lisa! and dont leave even a single inch! I feel like rubbing my big pussy all over that huge cone and fuck it with my shaved pink cunt! Move your fat fucking tongue all over that rubbery flesh. Oh yah! You really like her tits and look at your aunt’s tongue and how expertly she is licking and sucking her own boob. That bitch is gifted withso huge boobballs! LICK AND SUCK BITCHES! YOU DAMN TIT FUCKING CUNTS! ”

Aunt Donna is so hot now that she is licking, rather lapping with her long tongue, the huge cone of her titflesh, whcih is challenging our tongues. The melon sized tit is now being licked by our long tonugues, both starting at the base of the tit and slowly moving upward to the top of the tit and our tongues are meeting at her titnub. My god! I have not seen this type of filthy scene in any porn movie. I held her tit firmly and each time I am trying to push it up, aunt donna is digging her tongue into her own awsome boobflesh. She is winking at me naughtily, when both of our tongues are duelling on the titnipple. I moaned into her mouth lustily, while kissing her nipple.

“OOOOooohh….., you big titfucking slut! Your huge fucking boob is making me mad for your tits. I wanna lick and suck this god damn tit for days togther. Oh momma! Your big titsister is hungry for your mouth on her mammoth sized tits and you are playing with your tits and nipples?! Come mommy! COME AND HELP US OUT IN MAKING THIS MORE FILTHY. SHE NEEDS YOUR TONGUE TOO ON HER TITS! GOD DAMND BITCH! YOU TWO ARE BIG FUCKING WHORES! MOMMY DEAR! COME ON AND GIVE HER THE TITFUCK SHE NEEDS! YOU CAN MAKE HER MUCH HOTTER BY RUBBING YOUR TITS OVER HER HUGE BOOBS AND LETS FUCK THE MILK OUT OF HER TITS! “

My mommy is lost in the self love of her own tits. She wants to show to us what ever she could do with her tits and nipples and that is really whorish! My whore mother is now fucking her own mouth by shoving as muvh titflesh as possible into her wide open mouth and and pushing the tit deeper till she gags, then it seemed she is licking her nipple from the inside of her mouth. I could clearly see in her eyes the lust for her own tits. She is holding the whole tit with her hands like one holds a bottle and she is forcing the whole tit into her mouth, but the tit being so huge, only a quarter of its flesh could go inside and the remaining portion of the big cone is left out side which she is squeezing hard and the nails of her fingers are sometimes leaving crude marks on the so soft and rubbery tit. My god! she forgot us in her pervetrtd titlicking job and I called her out a bit louder and she did not pay attention. It seems she is loving the whole scene herslf.

Here I am unable to handle aunty and she is getting wilder and wilder. Now she is kissing her own nipple by pursing her enlarged nipple bewteen her sexy pink lips and sucking it deeply into her mouth. She is even pulling it out of heap of her titflesh and after giving the nipple a deeep suck she is taking the nipple out to show the glistening nipple to me and it is now my turn in licking the nipple. I too pursed the nipple between my wet lips and moved it towards her mouth, holding it between them like a mother animal feeds her baby pets. Aunt Donna is liking this new scene. She moved her face a bit closer to her tit and she is now stretching her tongue towards the long and erect nipple which I am holding now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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