My Brother

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“Wow look at him go.” Megan Thomas said to her best friend Britney.

“I don’t want to look at him go. It’s gross.” Britney said looking at her brother bench press 100 pound weights.

“Damn your so lucky. You get to see him everyday.” Megan said paying no attention to what Britney was saying.

“Ok Meg thats enough stop looking at him and lets go to my room. I want to show you what I got.” Britney said pulling Megan away from the door where her brother was.

“Ok in a minute.” Rolling her eyes Britney crossed her arms and stared at her brother.

Just then Rick looked up and smiled at them. Stopping he got up wiped his face with a towel and walked towards them. Britney could feel Megan shaking from where she was standing.

“Hey ladies whats up.” Rick said smiling

Megan blushed and stared at her feet. Britney distinctly heard a soft ‘nothing’ from her friend. It was weird for Britney to see her friend act so shy because she usually was very loud when she talked to anyone, even boys.

“We are going to my room. Megan just wanted to say hi before we went upstairs.” Britney said tugging her friends arm.

“I didn’t hear her say hi.” Rick said looking directly in Megans eyes. He grinned at her, a bad boy grin that even Britney didn’t know he had.

Megans eyes widened before she went even more red and quietly said hi.

“Ok bye.” Britney said quickly and yanked her friend away from her brother before she turned into an even worse puddle of mush.

Going up the stairs Britney closed the door to her room and Megan sat down on her bed.

“Geez Megan why don’t you just jump him and get it over with.”

“I’m sorry it’s just he’s so hot. His intense grey eyes and his nice spiky black hair oh and his hot body…”

“Ok, ok Can we stop with the details.”

“..and you can tell he knows how to please a girl you can see it in his eyes… and he’s 21 so he’s already experienced college. I can’t wait until we go to college in september. Maybe a guy that looks like your brother would be there.”

“That’s enough, can you go find a girl who cares about how hot her brother is?” Britney said with irritation in her voice.

“Ok, Im sorry. What did you want to show me?”

Britney smiled and took off her shirt. Right on her right breast was a tattoo of a butterfly.

“Wow, when did you get it?”

“Yesterday, Rick was talking about a girl he met that had a tattoo on her arm and he thought it was really cool. I thought it was cool too so I got one, just not on my arm.”

“What’s your mom going to say.” Megan said looking worried.

“She’s not going to say anything because she’s not going to find out.” Britney said looking at her tattoo with misty eyes.

“I hope you know what your doing.”

“I do know.” Britney said putting on her shirt. “C’mon let’s go to the kitchen and get somthing to eat.”


When they got to the kitchen Rick was sitting on the counter unwrapping what looked like to be his second burger. He looked up and smiled straight at Megan. She blushed and smiled back. Britney looked at her brother then at Megan and rolled her eyes.

“Rick get off the counter We’re going to make sandwiches.”

Rick got off the counter and sat on the table watching Megan closely.

Megan was standing in the doorway with one arm crossed over her chest and biting her bottom lip nervously.

“Megan, take a seat I won’t bite.” Rick said giving Megan a knowing look then grinning at her again.

“Rick will you maltepe escort kindly not hit on my friends please.” Britney said moving around for supplies.

“Ah Brit, I’m just having a little fun.” Rick said winking at Megan

Megan tentatively sat down across from him.

“Why so far Megan?” Rick said smiling. Getting up, he slid Megan’s chair right next to his.

“See, your ok.” Rick said patting Megan on the knee.

Not removing his hand Rick leaned into Megan.

“You know, I really like you Megan.” Rick whispered in her ear.

“I like you too.” Megan said breathlessly.

Sliding a little closer Rick kissed and sucked on Megans neck. She began to tremble and tried as hard as she could not to moan. His hand started sliding higher up her thigh towards her pussy. Rick rubbed her through her jeans and kissed her in the mouth.

Megan heard a coughing sound through the ringing in her ears. Rick stopped kissing and touching her. Megan slowly opened her eyes and looked at her friend who was staring at her apparently angry holding two sandwhiches.

“Next time get a room.” Britney said shoving one of the sandwiches into her hand and running up the stairs.

“Uh, I’d better go.” Megan said leaving the sandwich on top of the table.

Rick came up behind her and grabbed her breast while kissing her neck again.

“We’re not finished.” Giving her one last squeeze he let her go.

Britney was pacing her room confused about what she saw. When she turned around with Megan’s sandwich and she saw her brother kissing and rubbing her she didn’t know what to feel. At first she was shocked that they would do that right in front of her but then she started getting a little turned on. Not to mention angry that her friend was kissing her brother. Finishing her sandwich Britney went back downstairs.

Rick was sitting on the kitchen table eating the last bit of Megan’s sandwich.

“I don’t know how you do it.” Britney said watching her brother eat.

“Wha’?” Rick said through a mouth full of food.

“How you eat so much and stay in shape.” Britney said as her brother swallowed the last piece of sandwich.

“Well, little sis I just got skills like that.”

Rick said giving her a smile.

It was a cute smile that Britney never noticed before. She didn’t notice a lot of things. Like the way his eyes danced everytime he talked to her, the swirls of blue in his grey eyes, the way his shirt was still damp from his workout and she could see the outline of his body which happened to be very muscular. How nice and firm his arms were….

“Brit?” Britney snapped out of the trance she was in and looked up at her brother who was 5 inches taller than her making him 6 feet. There was concern in his eyes. It was surprising how he could go from joking to serious in a matter of seconds.

“Huh? Oh, uh, nothing just thinking.” Rick looked in her eyes and frowned.

“Are you angry because of what I did with Megan. I’m sorry I just couldn’t help it. She was so willing, I could tell by the way she looked at me. I know I shouldn’t have done it in the kitchen with you there but…”

“But what?” Britney whispered

“I..forget it.” Rick looked away from her then asked “So what are you doing today?”

“Uhh, I might go to the mall do you want to come with me.” Rick grinned at her.

“What?” Britney said looking puzzled.

“Nothing just thinking…” Britney stared at him with an accusing look in her eyes but let it go. mecidiyeköy escort “Sure I’ll come with you. I just need to change.”

Britney gave him one more look before she said ok.

Rick headed up the stairs slightly confused. He could have sworn that his sister was checking him out. She looked at him up and down a few times lost in thought. He must be imagening it. He probably thought she was checking him out because he in reality wanted her to.

When he was making out with Megan it got him more turned on to know that his sister was in the room. After a while he pretended it was Britney he was kissing and touching not Megan. He grinned to himself again, when Britney asked him to come with her he got an image in his mind of her actually cuming with him.

He hadn’t noticed how beautiful she was until resently. He had been working out one morning when he saw his sister reading a book in the kitchen. Her soft brown hair was tucked behind her ears. Her blue eyes were darting left to right as she read. She had looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back because he couldn’t help it. Even though he had thought about his sister sexually doesn’t mean he would actually persue her.

Finally dressed in black shorts and a white shirt Rick spiked his hair with gel as usual and went downstairs. Britney had changed into a short light blue skirt and a white tank top. She wasn’t wearing a bra and he could see some black and red lines just at the top of her tank.

“What’s that?” Rick asked moving closer to get a better look.

“What? Oh.” Britney said moving back away from him. “It’s nothing”

“No it’s not nothing let me see.” Rick said moving a little faster.

“No” Britney ran to the door and tried to get outside but before her hand reached the knob Rick grabbed her by the waist and turned her around so she was pinned to the door.

“Rick it’s really nothing.” Britney said trying to move her hands. Rick grabbed both her hands with one of his and pulled her tanktop low enough so he could see her tattoo.

Britney felt his hand reach for her tank and her nipples quickly turned hard. She bit her lower lip and tried not to moan as her shirt rubbed against her very sensitive nipples.

“When did you get this?” Rick said looking down at Britney.

“Yesterday” Britney said not meeting her brother’s eyes.

“Why?” He said not taking his eyes off her breast.

“God, Rick do I have to tell you everything. I just thought it was cool that’s all.” Britney said finally looking up at her brother.

“Who gave you the idea to get a tattoo I thought you were scared of needles.” Rick gazed intently into her eyes.

Britney didn’t answer right away. She looked into his eyes and she could see that his pupils were dilated and that this was turning him on.

“Well when you were talking about them I thought it would be cool to get one thats all.” Britney said looking bashful.

“You got a tattoo because of me?” Rick just stared at it finally he said “Its cool though I like it.” He was still looking at her breast.

Britney didn’t answer and she soon found that her hands were free. Looking down she noticed that her erect nipple was showing along with the tattoo. Lifting her tanktop Britney looked at Ricks pants and could see a bulge there.

Rick could see Britney staring at his pants. Which didnt help in the least. Coughing loudly he said “We better go”

Opening the door he waited until she got outside. Taking one more glance at merter escort him she stepped outside and got in the car.

Rick got in the car turned on the ignition and drove out of the drive way. He glanced at his sister who was staring out the window biting her lower lip deep in thought. He couldn’t help but smile. When she was little he remembered seeing her bite her lip everytime she was thinking hard.

“Hey, are you ok?” Rick asked looking at the road.

No answer.

“Brit?” Rick said again glancing at her then looking straight ahead.

“Hmmm?” She seemed to have snapped out of it.

“I asked if you were ok?”

“Yeah I’m fine I just..” She stopped in mid sentence and from the corner of his eyes he could see her getting red.

“Yeah” Rick said parking in front of the mall.

“Could you not tell mom about-“

“Your tattoo? Of course not thats between you and her. Im not gonna get into that.”

Britney smiled and got out of the car, she started walking towards the mall. Rick got out and in three strides caught up to her. He held her hand and they walked in together.

Rick wasn’t much of a shopper but he got excited by looking at how happy Britney was. She was going from place to place looking at everything her eyes bright. Pretty soon Rick had his hands full of bags.

“Let’s go put these bags in the car and get something to eat.” He said feeling his stomach rumble.

“Ok” They walked to he car put the bags away and headed to the food area at the mall. They held hands while they were walking and sat down in a small restaurant.

“So do you like Meg?” Britney asked. Rick was looking at her for a long time before he answered.

“She’s ok why?”

“She’s ok? Just ok, this morning you were about to get it on on the kitchen table and now she’s ok?” Britney said looking a little irritated.

“Does it really matter? I was in the mood in the morning thats all. It’s not like I’m in love with her and want to marry her or anything. Besides…I want someone else now.” He was looking at her strange for a long time.

“Don’t look at me like that.” Britney said feeling herself blush.

“Like what?” He was staring deep into her eyes.

“Like that.” Britney said squirming in her seat.

“Ok, I wont look at you.” Rick said finally taking his eyes off her and looking at the menu.

Nobody said anything for a while the waitress took their orders and the menus. Britney finally spoke.


Rick looked up from the table.


“Do you love me?” Britney asked looking at him

“Of course I do what makes you think I don’t?”

“I just… if you loved me you wouldnt make out with other girls.. in front of me that is.” she added quickly.

“Look I said I was sorry about that it wont happen again okay?” Rick said.

He held her hand and brought it to his mouth kissing her palm. The waitress brought them their food and they ate quietly until they got out of the restaurant and back in the mall.

“I still have to get new bras and panties. You can wait outside if you want to.”

“No, its fine I’ll go in with you.”

They stepped into Lily’s Attic and started looking around. Britney was looking for her cup size. A store helper came and asked ifm she needed help.

“No, thanks I’m fine.” Britney said smiling then “Actually do you think that a guy would like this?” She said pointing at a manequin wearing a lavender bra with matchinhg bikini panties.

Rick came over and stood next to her staring at the manequin.

“I dont know why dont you ask your boyfriend if he likes them.” The sales woman said looking at Rick.

Before Britney could correct her Rick answered

“Yeah, I love them. They look really sexy but I think it would look alot better on you though.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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