my brothers girlfriend part 2 final_(0)

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I awoke with a sound of splashing coming from outside. I put my boxers on and made my way to the window. I peered outside to see Angelisa, ang for short, and in the pool with my brother. She had on a nice black top bikini with a red thong, her boobs just wanting to burst right out of her top. She walked out of the pool where she stood soaking wet from head to toe, dark brown hair, and a smoking hot body. I still couldn’t believe I had sex with her only a week ago. She’s been with my brother for almost 2 years and just now came onto me. She admitted to me that she always fantasized about me, she just didn’t know how to go about it. I thought about her the same way but didn’t say anything because she’s 4 years older than me, she’s 20 and I’m 16, that and she’s my brothers’ girlfriend. That didn’t stop me from fucking her and giving her 5 orgasms in a row! My train of thought broke when I saw Ang looking at me through the window. She blew a kiss and rubbed her wet boobs and jumped back in the pool. I thought about her as I fell back asleep wanting to fuck her again and I even had a sex dream about her where I fucked her until she was raw. The next day I went about as usual, I walked down the stairs and saw Ang’s bikini from last night. The site of it made me so horny, I thought about me and her fucking in the pool with her boobs shining in the moonlight, wet and soapy giving me a nice blowjob and fucking her in her asshole. I’ve never done anal but I heard it feels better than fucking a pussy. I grabbed her red bikini thong and started jerking off to the image of her fucking my brains out! I exploded my load on her thong, coating it full of cum, soaking it until it started dripping. I can’t wait to see her put these on, to feel my warm cum on her pussy, thinking about me. I put them back and went upstairs as I heard the front door open and Ang stepped in. She caught me before I could sneak away.
“Hey Mike, how’s it going?” She asked.
“Um… it’s going good. Are you going swimming again right now?” I replied.
“I wasn’t going to, but I will if you come with me,” she answered. I could tell she was thinking the same thing I was, I saw the sly smile from the corner of her lip. “Ya sure, my parents are at work and Matt’s at his new job working at Sears.”I replied back. “Alright meet me in the pool in 30 minutes, oh and Mike, put on something sexy.” She said as she bit her lip. She looked so fucking sexy I couldn’t resist her. I leaped up the stairs and thought about what I should wear, if I should just wear some board shorts or just in some regular shorts. I thought about it and decided I would go in my birthday suit to show off my abs and to make her feel extra turned on. I peeked outside and saw she was already in the water, I hurried my way downstairs and grabbed a towel and headed out the door. I don’t know why I was nervous we’ve fucked before so I guess it was because last time it was dark and she couldn’t see my body. I told myself that I was going illegal bahis to fuck her hard and deep. I opened the door and walked to the edge of the pool, she watched intently the whole time, taking me all in. “I really like what you picked out to go swimming, do you mind if I wear the same thing?”She said with a grin. “Go right ahead, it feels great.” She slowly started to strip, first her bra, then she started to rub her pussy.
”I know that you cummed in my thong, it feels so good. You’re a dirty boy Mike, I’m going to make you even dirtier.”
“How are you going to do that, because I’m pretty damn dirty,” I asked. I didn’t have a clue as to what she was planning so I went along with it hoping it was something incredible.
“ Bri you can come out now,” Ang yelled. I saw her walk from around the corner and caught my breath. Jet black hair with a face that anybody would fantasize about, D cup boobs that were waiting to be grabbed, and the hottest body with an ass that was the perfect size. It was Briana, the girl that I fantasized about more than anyone else. I remember her from 8th grade, I had a huge crush on her, and she had a crush on me too. She was fucking hot then and now she is even more fuckable.
“I brought her here because I know that you thought she was sexy and I wanted to spice things up for our second time,” Ang explained.
“I also wanted to fuck your brains out back then Mike. I thought you were so sexy, and knew you would be good in bed. Now I can finally find out for myself,” said Bri
Holy Shit! I was actually going to have a threesome with the two hottest girls I’ve always jerked off to!
“I see that your dick is ready for some pussy, nice, big, and hard. Just the way I like it,” Bri continued.
She started to take off her shirt and I got to see her nice big titties, her nipples were already hard. I wanted to grab them and suck them. She then took off her jeans and I got a clear view of her panties dripping wet and I could see her nicely shaved pussy puffy and ready for some fucking. “Let’s do this now,” I demanded. I walked into the as both girls took off the rest of their clothes. I started off by sucking Briana’s hard nipple as I fingered Ang’s wet pussy. Their moans turned me on so much that I don’t think I was as hard in my life. Briana and Ang started kissing and Ang squeezed Briana’s other nipple. “Oh yes Mike keep fingering, massage my clit. Make me cum all over you.” Moaned Ang. I took my lips away from Bri’s nipple and started sucking Ang’s clitoris. “Yes yes yes yes keep doing that right there.” Yelled Ang. I started fingering Bri’s tight little 16 year old pussy, she was so wet my finger slid in and out of her, as she was rubbing her clit intensely.”I’M GOING TO CUMMMMM, OH YES MIKE KEEP FINGERING ME!!” Screamed Bri. “I’M CUMMING TOO, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YES THAT FEELS AMAZING!!” Both girls screamed as one, spraying me with their warm, wet, pussy juice. I was covered in their delicious juices. They started to lick illegal bahis siteleri my face clean and rubbed their boobs across my face. “Is it ok if I suck your cock Mike?” asked Bri. “Yes Bri suck my throbbing cock, deep throat it, take all 7 inches down your throat.”
She got down on her knees and sucked her finger, then she did something I did not expect. She pushed her finger deep inside my asshole massaging my prostate. “Holy FUCK Bri!” She wiggled her finger in my ass, going in and out, and at the same time she gripped my cock and tugged it firmly up and down.”That is so hot,” she giggled. I hadn’t noticed that Ang came over to me and settled her juicy pussy on my face, I started to finger her but she held me back. “Here try this out.” She grabbed an 8 inch glass dildo from a chair sitting nearby that I hadn’t noticed and handed it to me. I gripped it in my hand then I stuck it in her mouth to suck it. Bri was going at my dick like a wild fire, she jerked my cock up and down so fast and stuck her finger as far up my asshole, then she added 2 fingers up my asshole.”Ya Mike, you like my fingers up your ass, you like me fingering you.””Yes Bri it feels unbelievable,” I responded. She took the glass dildo from Ang’s mouth and shoved it up my ass! I didn’t think that having a dildo in my ass could feel so good! She pumped my ass and dick until I was on the verge of unloading on her.”OH Bri I’m about to cum!!” “YA CUM IN MY FUCKEN MOUTH, I WANT YOUR HOT CUM IN MY MOUTH!!” She stuck my dick down her throat as I unloaded, load after load into her throat combined with the 8 inch glass dildo up my ass to make the biggest and strongest orgasm I ever had. I was still cumming in her throat after a few minutes and she started to gag. I finally stopped cumming and she swallowed all of my cum. God she looked so fucking sexy sucking my cock. I didn’t realize that I had been sucking Ang’s clit so hard and soon she started screaming.”HOLY SHIT, I’M CUMMMMMIINNNNNNGGGG!!! KEEP SUCKING MY CLIT MIKE, FINGER MY PUSSY!!”She screamed as she filled my mouth with her pussy juice, I gulped down all of her love juice, and sat back breathless.
”God that was intense,” I said aloud.
“You can say that again, I thought I was going to choke from all of your cum, there was so much!”Bri giggled.
“My knees almost gave out from you sucking my clit so hard!” Ang chimed in.
Bri took the dildo out of my ass, I saw it slowly coming out inch by inch until it was fully revealed. The next thing I know, Bri is sucking my ass covered dildo, fuck she licked that dick slow and nice revealing her beautiful supple lips. “Who wants to get fucked?” I asked. “I WANT YOU BIG DICK INSIDE ME MIKE WHILE BRI RUBS MY PUSSY!” Yelled Ang. She got into doggy style position and I bent down ready to penetrate her. Bri got under her in a 69 position and started rubbing her pussy and fingering her. That was fine by me I wanted to try something new. I bent down a little further and had Bri suck my dick canlı bahis siteleri to get nice and wet. She sucked my dick and looked at me and she understood what I was going to do. She took my cock out of her mouth and guided it into Ang’s asshole. She had no clue that she was about to have 7 inches of my dick invading her asshole. I watched as my dick slowly disappeared into her ass, it looked as if her ass was eating my dick and it felt 20x better than a pussy. “ HOLY SHIT IS THAT YOUR DICK MIKE? INSIDE MY ASSHOLE? FUCK THAT HURTS SO MUCH BUT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD!! YA PUMP MY ASSHOLE, FUCKING CUM IN MY ASSHOLE, FILL MY ASSHOLE UP WITH YOUR HOT, STICKY, CUM!” I pushed deeper into her ass, as deep as I could go, she was pulling me in, I couldn’t pull out even if I wanted to. But why would because the scene before me was so overwhelming. I saw Bri licking and fingering Ang’s nice pink puffy wet pussy while Ang wasn’t just receiving but she was also giving Bri’s pussy a nice fuck as she pumped the glass dildo into her pussy, ramming it in and sucking on her clitoris. We were all moaning from the pleasure. I took my dick out of her asshole and dipped it into Bri’s mouth, which she gladly choked down and licked my cock, swirling her tongue around it and using her cheek to ram it hard. I retreated and slipped my dick back into Ang’s nice warm tight asshole. God it felt so GOOD! I felt my balls tighten and knew I only had seconds before I would fill Ang’s tight asshole up with my cum. “I’m ready to cum Ang.” “OH YA IM ABOUT TO CUM TOO!!! FUCK MY TIGHT ASSHOLE MIKE, FUCK IT AND FILL IT UP WITH CUM SO THAT BRI CAN EAT MY ASSHOLE FILLED WITH YOUR CUM!!” “MAKE THAT THREE I’M ABOUT TO SQUIRT ALL OVER YOUR FACE ANG!! YA KEEP RAMMING THAT DILDO INTO MY JUICY PUSSY!!” Without more than a seconds notice I rammed my dick so deep into Ang’s asshole before I shot my biggest load yet, squirt after squirt I began to fill her asshole with my warm cum. “OHHHH YYYAAAAA MIKE THAT FEELS SO WARM AND GOOD IN MY ASSHOLE, YA KEEP FILLING MY ASSHOLE FULL OF YOUR CUM!!” She screamed, squirting all over Bri’s face, she started shaking and trembling as I filled her asshole full of my cum and Bri fingering her wet pussy! Bri also started to shake I thought there was an earthquake. She coated Ang’s entire face with her warm wet pussy juice! “HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT HOLY SHIT FUCK THAT FEELS AMAZING!! KEEPS FUCKING ME WITH THAT HUGE DILDO!!” She came once more squirting even more than before. After she stopped squirting Ang got up and squatted directly over Bri’s mouth and started to push the cum from her asshole! It slowly dripped out and Bri held it in her mouth until Ang had pushed out all of the cum. “Fuck that has to be at least half a gallon of cum! Here Bri let’s share the cum together.” And with that Bri stood up and they began to kiss, swapping cum to and from their mouths. That was the sexiest damn thing I have ever seen in my life! They both swallowed the cum and opened their mouths to show me the deed was done. They then both bent down in front of my cock and said “Were not done with you yet.” They both smiled and winked at me. I was the luckiest guy in the world!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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