My cuckold experience

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Julie came to me the other night and I told her to suck my balls so I dropped my pants and held my cock while she sucked on my hairy nuts. that felt so good that i started rubbing my cock across her face for about 15 minutes and when i looked down I had slimed her whole face but she never stopped sucking my balls. It felt so good she really likes sucking my balls she said its something that you want but she doesn’t do for you. So I told her to move down a few inches and lick my ass out and down she went. Her tongue went straight into my ass and boy that felt great. I had her do this for a long time it felt so good. Did you ever think she would suck an ass? And wouldn’t you like to do that for me while she watches?

After she ate my ass out I made her suck my cock. She gags easily but we will work on that. Julie got undressed and continued sucking me but I wanted deep throat and pushed her head all the way down to the base and held it there till I started to cum. It was a heavy load so she gagged and threw up all down her sexy body. Her eyes were so blood shot after that she looked so pitiful I took her in the bathroom to clean her up and made her kneel in the tub.

Julie’s eyes got big when I didn’t get the shower head but instead pointed my cock at her and started pissing on her tits and made her open her mouth and catch some and hold it until she gagged again and spit it out all down herself again. I stopped pissing half way through but I still needed to piss more so I sat on the toilet and some of the cum that was still on my cock dripped on the toilet seat along with some piss. I stood back up and told her to clean it up. She reached for the tp but I stopped her and grabbed her hair and pushed her face to the toilet and said with your tongue. Before this started I gave her a safe word to stop at anytime but she never used it. She started licking my toilet seat and I stood back and watched her bent over licking my shitter. That great ass pointing right at me got me hard all over again.

With my cock hard again and her tongue busy i stuck my cock illegal bahis up her ass and boy did she scream but she never said no. So I started to fuck her really hard and after a few minutes she started fucking me back. Cuck that ass is really tight do you ever get in it? Well she reached back and started rubbing her pussy but I made her stop and grabbed the toilet brush and shoved it up her cunt and she went wild. I only lasted a few more minutes with her jerking like a wild woman and came deep in her ass. I took the brush out and made her be still with my cock still deep in her ass as I finished pissing. She was moaning and grunting the whole time. I had her get up and step back into the tub and face the wall and hold her ass cheeks open and let everything out for me to see.

All of this happened because she said you made her feel like shit so she wanted to be treated like shit. Do you want to be in her place?

After draining her ass I told her to get on the bed and than the doorbell rang. I went to the door and four of my work buddies were there so I invited them in and went back to check on my slut/your wife and mistress. She did as she was told so I told the guys to undress and come into the bedroom. When they came in and saw her they all got instant hardons and she started begging me not to do this to her but she never used the safe word. My friends have some rather large cocks. So I told one to just get up there and stick his big dick in her mouth and shut her up. Then I told two others to put her hand around their cocks. She kept struggling to get away from their cocks so I told the last bud with the biggest cock (10 or 11 inches) to get up there and just fuck her. When the head of that big dick popped inside of her she screamed around the cock in her mouth and froze.
When he started fucking her it didn’t take long for her to quit struggling and start giving in to all four of them.

I didn’t want any cum in her pussy so i wouldn’t let them cum their so when the bud in her cunt pulled out and came all up her body and tits the one in her mouth illegal bahis siteleri shot down her throat and she started to gag again but held it down this time. I had the other two let her up and had one go sit on the toilet and had my slut get on all fours and suck his cock ant the last bud fuck her ass again. my bud getting sucked came too quick and she swallowed it all without gagging. He got up and she just hung her head over the toilet and got ass fucked. So I handcuffed her around the toilet and he pulled out and came all over the back of her head. One of my buds said he had to go to the bathroom so where was the spare one and i told him that was the only one with her chained to it. So he went in and started pissing on the side of her face into the bowl and Rachael just cried but never said no. Each friend took a turn and her face was a mixture of tears, piss, and eye make-up.

After all four of my friends had pissed across Julie’s face and mouth into the toilet I made her lick the seat clean again (you only had to clean behind your mistress). Then I asked her if she wanted to say the safe word and she screamed no i will not say it so I told the guys to watch what I do. with Julie chained to the toilet I stood over her and shit all over her back between her shoulders and she started to cry so I asked her again if she wanted to say her safe word and she shook her head no. So I told her to wipe my ass with her tongue and put my ass in her face and Julie licked the shit from my ass crack and it felt so good I make her stick her tongue as far up my ass as she could get it.(oh my cuck did her tongue up my ass feel like heaven). I looked up and my buds was just staring and the one with the biggest dick had a raging hard on again so I told them to shit all over her and big dick asked if he could fuck her up the ass. When Julie heard that she pleaded please no not that. not hearing the safe word I told him to go ahead and fuck her ass good and hard(now you know how she felt don’t you). The other three took turns shitting on her while he put lube on his cock canlı bahis siteleri and shoved it all the way in.

Cuck your mistress did not like the shit at all but if you remember you made her feel like shit so i was teaching her what shit really felt like. as I said my friend buried his cock in her ass and the others shit on her as she cried. One bud put his ass in her face and made her lick his ass clean and Julie did until she started gagging and started puking. So I felt sorry for her and told the other two guys to wipe their asses with her lovely hair. Julie was having her ass tore up and shit on her body and in her hair and in her mouth. Her eyes were swollen and so blood shot and crying. That big dick pulled out of her ass and put it in her mouth and came down her throat. The cum mixed with the shit from her own ass made her puke again. I asked my friends to leave and asked Julie if she wanted to say the safe word yet and through her tears and slobber she said no i will not say it as long as this lasts so i turned out the light and left her chained to the toilet and went to bed.

I slept for several hours and Julie stayed chained to the toilet and when I got up and went in and took the chains off of her she couldn’t stand because her legs were numb from being knelt over the toilet for so long. So I helped her up to sit and I rubbed her legs until she got the feeling back in them. She was such a mess and smelled like shit that I told her to stand in the shower and I got in with her and put my hard cock between her thighs and made her piss all over my cock. After she was done I leaned her forward and put my cock deep into her pussy and took my morning piss (would you like that up your ass). Then I turned on the shower and washed Julie completely and than she washed me. After drying off I took her to my bed and had slow passionate sex that lasted a long time. Ask mistress how many times she came. Then as she was getting dressed to go home I asked her why didn’t she stop it during the night. What she told me surprised me and that’s hard to do. She said that since I had made the safe word (james) that she was determined not to say your name all night no matter what happened to her because you where the reason she was doing this anyway.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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