My Daughter in Law’s Problem

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My name’s John, I’m a widower and I’m 52 years old. My story starts with a visit from Paula, my daughter in law who is married to James, my son. They have two young children. Paula is 34.

She was very upset, she told me that James had for the last twelve months been gambling away all their savings, he had not paid the bills or the mortgage, now the debt collectors had begun contacting them, the bank was threatening with repossession, by the time she had finished she was shaking and sobbing. Apparently James had promised her six months ago that he was going to stop gambling, he had assured her that the mortgage was being paid and she believed him. Paula told me that the debts was not her main worry, the bank though was a different matter, if she did not deposit £5,000 by noon tomorrow they would start legal proceedings to repossess their house.

“Please John…you are my only hope, there’s no one else I can ask, I’m begging you John…will you lend me the money?” she sobbed. Christ! 5 grand is a lot of money to me, if I gave her the money it would have practically cleared me out. I made myself a stiff drink as I thought about her plea, Paula is an only child, her father left her mother when Paula was young and her mother died a few years ago. “What about James?” I asked, “Is he still gambling?”

“I haven’t seen him for weeks” she answered, “We had a big row and he walked out, I haven’t heard from him…I’ve no idea where he is…the bastard has just left me to sort things out” she sobbed. I sat next to her on the couch, I took hold of her hand and slid my other arm around her shoulder; basically I just tried to comfort her as she cried. “It’s ok Paula, I’ll help…I’ll get the money you want, c’mon…stop crying, don’t worry, it’ll be all right love” I told her.

She looked at me, “You mean that John? Oh!…thank you John, you can’t know how much of a relief it is to me, I promise you John, I’ll repay it all…I’ll get an evening job, I’ll make sure you get every penny back, Oh thank you…thank you so much.”

Tears were running down her face, but now her eyes were lit up, it was as if a huge weight had been lifted from her, she faced me, looked deep into my eyes, took hold of my head with both hands and kissed me full on my lips – nothing passionate but still…it was a nice kiss. Sure, we’ve kissed before but it would be just a quick peck on the cheeks, a ‘friendly’ sort of kiss but this time it felt different. She accepted the drink I offered her then sitting back next to her I again took her hand in mine; she wiped her eyes with a tissue. “I’ll get the cash first thing in the morning” I told her. She squeezed my hand, “Thank you John…I really don’t know what I would have done if you had said you couldn’t help, you are a good man” Again she looked deep into my eyes as she spoke, “You know John…if there was ever anything I could do for you I’d do it…no matter what, I mean that…anything at all!”

“That’s nice to know love” I told her, “Maybe some day I’ll hold you to that offer” I grinned. “I know what…to say thank you to you how about if I arranged for the kids to stay with friends on Saturday, you could come over and I’ll cook you a nice dinner…we could have a few drinks, we could watch a video…it’d be good to have some adult company for a change, what do you say?”

“How could I refuse such a tempting offer of a home cooked dinner” I grinned, “That would be great” I told her.

When Paula answered the door on Saturday evening she looked beautiful, the black dress she wore was fairly low cut and showed a very nice cleavage, her hair was tied back in a pony tail and make up made her look very sexy! She gave me a big hug, her tits pressed hard into my chest and a quick kiss on my cheek. I’ve known Paula for more than twelve years and I can honestly say that throughout that time I’d never looked at her as I did that night, this was not my daughter in law I was visiting, that night my thoughts oh her were totally sexual! Paula was in a happy, bubbly sort of mood – as if she had already had a couple of drinks, she had cooked a lovely meal and during dinner we got through two bottles of wine.

“I’ll leave the dishes till tomorrow” she said, “C’mon John…I’ll just go and freshen up, why don’t you choose a video to watch? There’s a box of tapes I found upstairs, James must have got them from somewhere, they are in the sitting room, I put them next to the video, you can fix the drinks as well if you like” she smiled as she went upstairs.

I went into the other room and rummaged through the cardboard box, some of the tapes had labels and going by the titles they had to be ‘Adult’ – very adult! Some were unlabeled and seemed to be home recorded with no indication of what they might be about. As much as I would have liked to pick out a porno tape for us to watch together I thought better of it and chose one titled ‘Die Hard’. I put the tape in the machine and fixed us drinks; I sat on the couch and waited for Paula to return. Paula joined me, took her drink and sat next to antalya escort me on the couch. “So, what have you picked out?” she asked. I told her it was called ‘Die Hard’ – “Bruce Willis I think.”

“Oh…I though we might have watched a… – Oh…never mind” she said smiling. Paula kicked off her shoes and sat with her feet tucked up under her, as she did I noticed her dress ride up a bit and I could see the darkness of her black stocking tops. I pressed the play button and sat back, my mind was spinning. What did she mean…we might have watched a ‘what?’ Surely she didn’t mean a ‘Blue Movie’?

I thought about what she had said, about this being a ‘Special’ evening – her way of saying thanks, about her doing anything she could for me, about the way she was dressed, the way she was acting, some of the things she had said tonight definitely had double meanings, the kiss she had given me, was it a case of wishful thinking on my part or was my daughter in law coming on to me.

As it worked out after about ten minutes into the movie the screen went blank for a while, then after a few seconds of flickering the screen was filled with a very pretty young girl sucking a guy’s huge dick. Paula looked a bit embarrassed and quickly reached for the remote control and pressed the stop button. “Oh…Christ!, I’m sorry about this John, I never realised…I thought James had put all his porno tapes in his cupboard, what must you think of me” she said. “I must have bought down the wrong box.”

“Hey, it’s no big deal…come to that, I think I’d rather watch an ‘Adult’ type film rather than Die Hard anyway, talking of which I bet that guy ends up ‘dying hard!’ I grinned. I reached for the bottle, filled my glass and offered a top up to Paula. “Well…I guess we could, I mean…as you said, it’s no big deal a couple of adults who are friends watching a blue movie together…Is it?” She smiled. “Definitely not, anyway…I haven’t watched a sexy film for years” I replied, “It looks like my son has quite a collection there if they are all the same type, there must be over twenty tapes in that box”

“Yes, James did like his porno films” Paula replied with a big sigh. “How about you Paula, do you enjoy watching them?” I asked. “Sure…we used to watch them together, it used to be fun until James began to want more, I suppose I shouldn’t tell you this John but, well…I feel I can talk to you. James wanted to experience different things, he pressurised me into a threesome with a guy he knew, after that I guess that’s when we started to drift apart and he started to gamble. I suppose you could say it was my fault…the way things worked out”

As she spoke she looked down, not wanting to make eye contact. “Hey, c’mon…this is supposed to be a happy night, what has happened between you and James is your business, no one else’s, what’s been done is done and can’t be undone” I told her, smiling…trying to put her at ease. I reached out and took hold of her hand and gave it a gentle, reassuring squeeze.

“Paula, I need to ask you something…you and James, the future, what are you two going to do?” She looked at me, “There is no future for us” she replied, “I’ve been to see a solicitor and started divorce proceedings, it’s all over between us, it has been for a long time” She took a big gulp of her wine and stood up, I could see tears in her eyes “If you will excuse me for a few minutes, I need to freshen up”

While she was gone I thought about her in a threesome with James and another guy, Christ! My dick was hard imagining it, as well as that she’d agreed to watch the tape with me, I adjusted the bulge in my pants and got myself in a comfortable position on the couch eagerly awaiting her return.

Paula sat back next to me, again tucking her feet up under her as she too got herself comfortable on the couch, this time she sat closer to me, our arms touched, “Ok you horny old man, hit the play button!” she grinned. I did as she said and the couple reappeared on the screen. The girl was quite young, blonde and very sexy looking, she sucked hard and deep on this guy’s big dick as he played with her tiny tits and tweaked her hard, pointy nipples, “She’s very pretty, don’t you think?” Paula said. “Yeah, I guess she is” I answered my eyes not leaving the screen. After a few minutes he started licking and fingering her pussy, she was shaved smooth which made her pussy appear very young looking.

My dick was hard and bulging out my trousers, he slid his dick into her cunt and proceeded to fuck her hard and deep. I noticed Paula’s breathing becoming heavy, she shifted around seemingly trying to get more comfortable, I glanced sideways and saw that her dress had now rode up quite a bit and all of her stocking tops were visible, she stared intently at the screen taking in all that was going on. The couple fucked in various positions, one of which amazed me. “Christ!…she must be a gymnast to do that” I said, “Oh…I don’t know, it’s not that hard” Paula replied with a big smirk on her face. After a few more kemer escort minutes the guy finished off by shooting his cum over and into the girls mouth, she then sucked him dry, I pressed the pause button. “Wow!…that was one of the best porno films I’ve watched for ages” I smiled, “I think I need a drink to calm myself down,”

“Yeah, that sounds about the same for me, wow…it’s getting warm in here” Paula said handing me her empty glass. I pressed the play button again, this time there were two guys and just the one girl, my mind immediately thought of Paula and what she had earlier told me. I watched as they stripped the girl, sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy, she had a dick in each hand.

The thoughts in my mind and the images on the screen had made my dick hard again, there was a noticeable bulge in my trousers and it was my turn to shift around to try to get comfortable. If I was home now I would have my dick out and I would be playing with myself. Christ! It had been some time since I had sex…a long time indeed. I guess it was the drink that made me say it but seeing those two guys with that girl I just had to ask. “Paula…you don’t have to answer me if you don’t want to, I know it’s personal but…What you told me, about you and James, you know…I mean… you two being with another man, How did it all start?”

Paula turned to face me; she picked up the remote and stopped the tape. “Ok John, I’ll tell you everything. I suppose it began when James asked me not to wear any underwear when we went out, no bra or panties, then…later he wanted me to wear shorter skirts, tighter, thinner tops, then it was see through tops. He got a buzz out of seeing me flaunt my body to other men. He told me to ‘accidentally’ flash whenever the opportunity came up like if I was sitting on a stool I had to make sure my skirt had risen up to show my stocking tops and I had to sit with my legs open enough so that there would be a good chance some guy would see my pussy.

He started taking me to seedy night clubs, we would dance and he would openly feel my tits or lift my skirt and fondle my ass knowing full well that we could be seen. Then he would pretend to leave for a while but before going he would tell me that if I was asked to dance or if a guy chatted me up I would go along with it. Basically he told me he wanted to see me making out with another man. Of course, after he pretended to leave it wouldn’t take long for someone to ‘try it on’.

At first I did those things to please him, I loved him. It made me feel dirty dancing with a stranger, kissing him and letting him maul my tits or try to feel my pussy but knowing that it pleased James I went along with it. One night we bumped into someone he used to know, his name was Martin. Well…it ended up with Martin coming back here with us. That night I had both of them. You know something John, sex with Martin was a big turn on for me, he had a huge dick, much bigger than James’s and he certainly knew how to please a girl. I guess that after having sex with him it was never the same between James and me, of course I never let on to James about how much I enjoyed that night. Over the next few months we saw several other single guys and then James found this club, it was for ‘swinging’ couples.

The first night there we got off with this couple and went back to their house, that was my first experience with another woman, to be truthful, it didn’t do that much for me, I guess it’s more a mans fantasy seeing two women together. Anyway, we saw them for a while, it was weird watching James with another woman but I guess at that stage I didn’t really care any more. She was quite pretty but he was overweight, bald and not very good in bed. I was glad when we finished seeing them. We didn’t see anyone for a few months, then one night we received a phone call from this couple, without telling me James had put an ad in a contact magazine, I later found out he had been writing to them for some time.

They wanted to meet up with us and James without even consulting with me arranged for them to visit the following Saturday. Well…what can I say, they were both good looking, youngish and appeared to be very well off, Sarah and Tony were their names. We didn’t do anything sexually that first night but as we all got on with each other they invited us to their place the following weekend. As I guessed, they lived in a massive, very expensive house, it was she, Sarah who had all the money, Tony was not her husband, he just lived with her. Well…we saw them quite often over the next few weeks but I felt uncomfortable about it all.

They would think nothing about spending £200 on a night out, we just couldn’t compete. James seemed to think the world of Sarah; it seemed to me that he was always talking about her. That was about when I began to notice our money was just about gone, he had been gambling it away to try to win more so he could impress her I guess – stupid or what! That’s where he is now, with her, she’s ditched Tony konyaaltı escort and James has moved in…There…now you know all my dirty secrets, you know everything.” Christ! I was speechless, I just sat there. “I suppose you think I’m a proper tart, you are probably thinking all this was my fault, I should have been stronger…refused to have done what James wanted…In hindsight I probably would have but you can’t put the clock back, can you.”

“I don’t think of you as being a tart Paula, far from it. I would guess lots of couples experiment sexually, I just think it’s a shame things worked out the way they have. I thought of you and James as being a perfect couple and thought you would always be together.”

“You know something John; just talking about it, sharing my problems with you, well…it’s really made me feel better. Now, I think it’s fair that you tell me your secrets don’t you?” she grinned, “What have you got up to in your life John?” she asked. “There’s not that much to tell you” I replied, “While I was married to Barbara I suppose our sex life was ok, nothing special just basic sex I guess, when she died I sort of, well…I shut myself away from women, there was a lady I got close to about two years ago but we drifted apart”

“Did you have sex with her?” Paula softly asked. “Yes…a few times but, well… I guess it’s hard for you to understand but I kept thinking of Barbara, stupid eh!”

“No, I don’t think it stupid but…do you mean to tell me you have not had sex for over a year? Christ…there’s no wonder you have such a big bulge in your pants” she laughed, “Sorry John, I didn’t mean to embarrass you but I couldn’t help noticing”

“You haven’t embarrassed me Paula, far from it but what with hearing about your exploits and watching the film, well…to put it bluntly what man wouldn’t get excited!” I told her. Paula reached out and took hold of my hand and squeezed it, “You really are a sweet, nice man John” she said. She kept hold of my hand as I rested it on my thigh, very near to my dick and we resumed watching the film, every now and then she would give my hand a squeeze. The two guys fucked the girl in many different positions, when it came to the part where she took one dick in her cunt and the other in her asshole Paula let out a big moan and gripped my hand tighter. “I bet she’s enjoying that” she said, “What about you John…do you think taking part in a threesome would do anything for you?.”

“Yeah…sure, in my dreams I guess” I told her. As most porno films do it ended up with the two men shooting their cum onto the girls face and she then sucking on their dicks. There was about another thirty minutes left on the video tape, it showed scenes that I had only read and dreamed about, then the film reached the end of the tape and started to rewind “You know something Paula, tonight has been the best night I have had for many years, thank you so much, it’s getting late, I guess I should be going” Paula kept hold of my hand.

“No John, it’s late and you’ve drank too much, I think it would be best if you stayed over, anyway…I told you, tonight was a special night for you, my way of saying thanks for what you have done for me. I think to start with I ought to take care of this…don’t you?” With that she placed her hand on to my hard dick and gently squeezed it. Then she got up, stood in front of me and sank down on to her knees, she undid my belt, unzipped my trousers and looking into my eyes she delved her hand inside and fondled my dick. “There…does that feel better” she asked.

Within seconds she had pulled off my trousers, my dick stood up hard, as hard as it’s ever been, still looking at me she started to play with it, I had been hard for so long a fair bit of cum was oozing out, using her thumb she smeared it over the head of my dick, the darting her tongue out she slowly licked it. I let out a big groan and sunk back into the couch as she took it into her mouth and began to suck on it. Oh fuck! Did it feel good. I watched as her head bobbed up and down, she took it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt my dick swell up, it started to throb, I knew I was ready to cum. “Paula…I’m going to cum!” I gasped.

She continued to suck on it, at the same time she cupped my balls and gently squeezed. This was a new experience for me, I have had my dick sucked – sure, but to actually cum in a woman’s mouth!…I felt my cum spurt out and watched as Paula kept sucking, it felt as if she was sucking the cum out of my dick, I saw her swallow several times. Eventually my dick softened and licking the cum from her lips she raised her head. “I think you were ready for that” she quietly said. She stood up and reached out her hand, “Now that you’ve cum once you’ll last longer the second time, c’mon John…time for bed, I need a good fuck…interested?” she smiled.

She pulled me up from the couch, I stood in front of her and we kissed, her tongue darted into my mouth, we kissed deeply, passionately, I could taste my cum on her lips, then holding my hand she led me up to her bedroom. Paula turned, lifted her hair and offered the zip of her dress to me, I unzipped it down to her waist and slipped it from her shoulders, it fell to the floor. She turned to face me; she wore a lacy black bra, black panties and her black hold-ups.

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