My First Black Princess

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I still remember when I met the love of my life. The gorgeous Black woman of Haitian descent I would marry one fine day in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. Ivy Saint Preux is her name. Six feet tall, lean and muscular, with jet-Black skin, and long Black hair braided into neat cornrows. Oh, and she also has big tits and a big round butt. A sexy Black goddess. The captain of the all-new women’s wrestling team at Boston’s very own Magnus Titus College. I’ve always had a thing for tall, dark-skinned Black chicks. I think they rock. And Ivy Saint Preux was an extremely hot sister.

When I first came to Magnus Titus College, I thought I would stick out like a sore thumb. The campus of this historically Black private school was surprisingly diverse. Students of Asian, Hispanic, Caucasian and Arabic descent made up thirty four percent of the student body. African-Americans made up the majority at sixty six percent. As a Japanese female student, I think I was expected to be nerdy and into white guys. Newsflash, not every Asian chick you meet is into white guys. I’m bisexual but don’t find white guys or white chicks to be attractive. They’re cocky, overrated, deeply boring and annoying. I find Black women and sometimes Black guys, to be really hot.

My name is Emily Yamamoto. Daughter of Eric Yamamoto, CEO of Cyber War Inc. The biggest videogame console designer in North America. My mother Astrid O’Bannon is an Irishwoman who died giving birth to me. I consider myself Japanese American. My family is incredibly wealthy, to say the least. I surprised my conservative Japanese family by bypassing schools like Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and numerous others and choosing instead for Magnus Titus College. Asians are the most racist people on the planet, next to Caucasians. I’m Asian and I admit it. My folks didn’t like my choice of school. Well, tough. It’s my life. I wanted to learn among African-Americans. They are shaping the future of America, you just don’t know it.

I’ve always had lots of admiration and respect for African-Americans. No other group has been more mistreated in all of human history. Yet Black Americans are tough, smart, resilient and fearless. And they let no one stop them. White people know this and fear them. What I like about Black folks is that they have to be themselves. They don’t change to please White people the way Asians do. And Black Americans succeed on their own terms. casino oyna The Mayor of Newark in New Jersey is a Black man. The Governor of New York is a Black man. The President of the United States of America is a Black man. How many Governors do you know happen to be Asian? Nikki Haley became the first Indian woman elected Governor in the United States of America and she isn’t exactly popular with either republicans or democrats because of her past. All other ethnic groups in the United States of America are meek, except for the Hispanics. Black men and Black women in America are fearless. To me, they’re like super people. Look at the WNBA and the NBA. Look at the NFL. Take a look at Major League Baseball. Read their magazines like Essence, Ebony and Black Enterprise. Black Americans simply rock!

My new school, Magnus Titus College is a student-athlete’s paradise. The school has exactly seven thousand six hundred and eighty four students. And many of them participate in some sort of athletic endeavour. They offer men’s varsity baseball, basketball, cross country, soccer, volleyball, swimming, wrestling, football, golf, rugby, tennis and track & field along with women’s varsity softball, basketball, cross country, volleyball, soccer, swimming, wrestling, field hockey, lacrosse, rugby, gymnastics, golf, tennis and track & field. Women make up fifty three percent of the overall student body. I tried out for the women’s swim team. All of the other swimmers were young Black women, except for one chick who was white and another chick who was Mexican. The swim team captain is a tall, sexy young Black woman named Tamika Jean-Baptiste.

It’s through Tamika Jean-Baptiste that I met the lovely Ivy Saint Preux. You see, they’re second cousins or something. I found Tamika Jean-Baptiste to be hot but she was hopelessly heterosexual. Her cousin Ivy Saint Preux appealed to me because she was even hotter. I love darker-skinned Black ladies. If you were to visit my dormitory you’d see pictures of Serena Williams, Venus Williams, Gabrielle Union, Lisa Leslie, Garcelle Beauvais, and numerous other Black female celebrities who are darker in skin tone. I think darker-skinned Black chicks are hot. Especially big-booty dark-skinned Black ladies like Tennis superstar Serena Williams.

I set out to get Ivy Saint Preux in my bed. Now, that’s easier said than done. Just because a chick is tall, athletic and butch-looking doesn’t mean she’s slot oyna queer. Lots of heterosexual tomboys get hit on by wayward lesbians all the time and they don’t like it. I wanted to make sure that Ivy Saint Preux and I played for the same team. So I asked around. I’m a five-foot-nine, chubby, fat-bottomed and moon-faced Asian chick. And I wear thick glasses. Nobody thinks I’m a threat. Just call me Secret Asian Chick as I went snooping on campus to find out more about my secret crush. It turns out that Ivy Saint Preux is the daughter of Marvin Saint Preux, President of Magnus Titus College. Wow. I like what I’m hearing.

Sorry to say that I basically turned stalker in my growing obsession with the tall, sexy and elusive Ivy Saint Preux. Simply put, I wanted some of her hot chocolate. I sometimes saw her walking around with a tall, blonde-haired white chick named Amber or something. Isn’t just about every white chick in America named Amber, Heather or Tiffany these days? African-Americans come up with unique names for their daughters. Tamika. Lashonda. Sholonda. Marika. Damita. Lamia. Lameika. Damika. Wow. Unique and sexy names. You won’t meet two Sholondas in the same bloody place, that’s for sure. Another thing I admire African-Americans for. I dug up some dirt on Amber. It turns out that Amber O’Neill is a big lesbian who’s got a crush on Ivy Saint Preux. My Ivy. Luckily, her feelings were unrequited. Ivy Saint Preux, the sexy Black goddess, didn’t like the blonde. Cool. Would she give a sweet Japanese-American mama a chance? I promise to love her long time!

I ran into Ivy Saint Preux at the campus library while she was doing some homework. I offered to help her and she politely but firmly declined. Then she gave me a lecture on my assumption that just because she was a Black athlete, then she must not be a gifted academic. I would never assume anything like that but I apologized anyway. Ivy Saint Preux accepted my apology and we began talking. The next time I ran into her on campus, she actually acknowledged my existence. That’s really cool. Usually tall Black goddesses like her don’t even notice chubby Asian broads like myself.

Ivy and I hung out casually, and I began learning a bit more about her. This six-foot-tall Black goddess was undefeated in the 189-pound weight class of NCAA Women’s Wrestling. Wow. Oh, and she also had a 3.8 GPA. Making her one of the best students at Magnus Titus College. Myself canlı casino siteleri I’ve got a 3.6 GPA. Not every Asian chick is super nerdy and super smart. Okay? Ivy and I sat in my dorm one night, just talking and watching TV. And she looked really good in a red tank top and blue shorts. I admired her sexy body and gorgeous face. Giving into temptation, I kissed her.

Ivy stared at me, stunned. I began apologizing profusely. I thought I had crossed the line. Ivy smiled and silenced me with a kiss. Then she pulled me into her arms. We rolled around on the bed, hastily undressing. Ivy laughed as I took off her shorts and tank top. She wasn’t wearing any panties. I went straight for her pussy. Eagerly I spread her long, sexy legs and began fingering her pussy. At long last I got my first taste of Black pussy. I began licking Ivy’s pussy gently, enjoying the taste of her. She tasted wonderful. I fingered and licked my sexy Black goddess pussy until she cried out in pleasure.

We continued with our fun. Ivy laid me on the floor and fingered my pussy while licking my tits. I shuddered in pleasure as she fucked me with her fingers. Hot damn she was good. Later, she would don her strap-on dildo as she took me for a wild ride. Putting me on all fours, she raised my legs in the air and thrust the dildo into my pussy. I wrapped my arms lovingly around Ivy as she fucked me with her dildo. Gently rubbing my tits together, I relaxed and enjoyed. I lost count of how many times Ivy made me cum that night. It was awesome.

Later, I got to fuck Ivy with the strap-on dildo. I put her on her hands and knees and made her suck it. Then I fucked her. Face down and ass up, that’s how I fucked my sexy Black goddess. I held Ivy’s hips tightly while slamming the dildo into her cunt. She screamed in pleasure as I fucked her. I smacked her big butt and pulled her hair while fucking her. And she absolutely loved it. We went at it until exhaustion from multiple orgasms claimed us. And I then fell asleep in her arms. One great night!

And that’s how it all began. I fell in love with Ivy and she fell in love with me. Our families were less than thrilled. My father, the strict Japanese patriarch, basically disowned me for being queer. Up until I met Ivy, I had always hidden my bisexuality from my family. As for Ivy, her relatives weren’t happy to see her with a woman, let alone an Asian woman, but eventually they came around. That was a while ago. Ivy and I live together now. We’re both juniors at Magnus Titus College. And life is okay. I’m not rich anymore since Dad caught me off. I work in the Student Life Office as a tech support. I stand on my own two feet, with the woman I love.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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