My first Time_(70)

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MY First time

I can’t believe I did what I just did. Here I am happily married with three kids and I just went thru one of the most exciting mind-boggling sex sessions of my life. Hold on, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me begin at the beginning. About a year ago I met this older woman at church, her name is Lucyee. We became fast friends and began to go to lunch now and then or to a show when my husband was too busy to go. I don’t know why but each time I was around her I seemed to get in a very sexy mood. We never did anything but it did seem odd to me. One day we went to lunch and had several glasses of wine and Lucyee asked me if I had any fantasies. I asked her what kind of fantasies. Sexual ones she said. I said Oh sure I guess every one has at one time or another, have you? She said yes, she had always wondered what it would be like to have sex with another woman. I said that’s funny because I have always had the same thoughts. We laughed but nothing happened between us. I did notice how her nipples seemed to almost come thru her dress. I felt kind of funny, my stomach got kind of fluttery and I noticed that I had become a little wet between my legs. I passed it off as having a little too much wine and we left the restaurant.

We kept seeing one another from time to time for lunch or a school function, she was a teacher. Anyway last week I found I had to go to Flagstaff on business and I made reservations for my husband and me to go. We are in the trucking business and this was a great chance to expand. Well wouldn’t you know it at the last minuet we had some trouble with some drivers and my husband said he was sorry he just couldn’t go and that I would have to do all the negotiations. I was pretty upset because this was important to us. I really didn’t want to go alone. My husband said why don’t you ask Lucyee if she would like to go with you. School is out on break so you could take an extra day and see the sights there. I said, say that’s a good idea, I’ll call her. She said she would be delighted to go. I picked her up last Thursday and we left for Flagstaff.

My meeting was Friday with the head of this big trucking out fit. We were wanted them to let us handle all their traffic. Anyway we got to Flagstaff that evening about seven. We checked in and went directly to dinner. We shared a bottle of wine and then went to the room. When we got there I was embarrassed because I forgot I had order a queen size bed for my husband and I. Lucyee was a good sport and said it was illegal bahis OK if I could live with it. I said sure. We were dead tired and both fell asleep within minuets of going to bed. I slept clear over on one side and she did the same. The next morning about 9:00 AM I dressed and left for my meeting. Lucyee was still asleep but I noticed her large breast was causing the blanket to lift each time she breathed. I blushed and wrote her a note that I would call when I was finished with the meeting. We had planned on returning home the next day. The meeting took a lot longer than I had anticipated. The President of the company took us all out to lunch and then we continues the meeting until almost 4:00 .They then said we should all go for cocktails to celebrate the deal. I said I had a friend with me and I didn’t want to leave her all by herself. They said bring her along. I called Lucyee and she met us at the Bar a few blocks from our hotel. We both had several margaritas and danced with a couple of the guy’s.

We finally went back to the room feeling no pain. Lucyee went into the bathroom to take a shower and she left the door a little open as she undressed. I couldn’t help myself I watched in fascination as she took off her bra. Her nipples were huge. They stuck out about a half-inch. I could feel myself flush and I started getting a real warm sensation between my legs. She took the rest of her clothes off and stepped into the shower. I laid back on the bed and wondered why the sight of her made me feel the way I did. Without realizing it I had begun to massage my pussy. I blushed a little, but it felt so good. My husband and I hadn’t had sex for about a week. I began to finger myself and rub my clit. I came in about two minuets. It really felt good.

Lucyee came out of the bathroom and I said it’s my turn. As we passed in the hall our tits lightly rubbed together in passing. I almost jumped because it was like light electricity ran between our tits. I took off the robe I had on and took a long hot shower. I don’t know why but I scrubbed my pussy extra that night and I took a douche. I had unconsciously brought with me. I sprayed perfume between my legs and around pussy and between my tits. I wasn’t near as large as Lucyee but they were still nice. When I came out of the bathroom Lucyee was laying on the bed. She had her legs bent and I could see her large mound of black hair because she didn’t have any pants on under her nigh tie. My legs got real week and my pussy began to throb. I just didn’t illegal bahis siteleri know what to make of it.

Lucyee stood up and let her huge tits fall out of the skimpy nigh tie she had on. I couldn’t take my eyes off her huge nipples. She gently took one of her breasts and raised it to my mouth and took her hand and placed it behind my head and gently pushed my mouth toward that magnificent nipple. I opened my mouth and began to suck. Oh how I sucked. I rolled that nipple around in my mouth and ran my tongue over and over the nipple. I changed to the other nipple and did the same to it. The more I sucked I swear the bigger they became. They must have expanded to about three quarters of an inch or more. We laid down on the bed and I began to kiss her all over her beautiful huge breast. I moved up to her mouth and we began to kiss. Her mouth felt all warm and she pushed her tongue into my mouth and began to explore it. She rubbed the roof of my mouth and I felt my ass tingle. I pushed my tongue back into her mouth and did the same. We laid there kissing like that for about fifteen minuets. We kissed each other’s eyes, neck and ears.

Then I moved back down and began to kiss and suck her nipples. I could hear her heavy breathing. I moved down her stomach and frenched her belly button. I had never done this with another woman before but it felt so natural. I slid down between her legs and began to kiss all around her vagina. I could feel her stomach begin to heave in and out as I ran my tongue over her pussy hair. I parted her lips and gently began to move my tongue around her lovely lips. My pussy was on fire and was completely wet by now. Her cunt filled with her juices as Iran my tongue into her pussy. Deeper and deeper, until my tongue and face were fully enmeshed between her lips. I then began to move my tongue up her pussy toward her clit. She was trembling as I began to run my tongue over and around her clit. I was quite surprised at how large it was. I began to suck on it and it was like a miniature penis, almost two inches in length. I sucked that clitoris like I did her nipples. Her clit seemed to get bigger and bigger just like a cock. Suddenly she stiffened
and let lose a huge climax. I felt her juices flow down my face; Filling my mouth with her cum. She just kept cumming. I think she must have cum five or six times in less than a minuet.

I swallowed as much of her juices as I could but she just overwhelmed me. Her cum oozed down my chin and I started licking her canlı bahis siteleri all over trying to get every bit of her. I came right then and there. My ass began to shake as I felt that wonderful climax fill my pussy deep inside. I reached down and felt my juices beginning to run down my leg. Lucyee just collapsed and couldn’t seem to be able to move. I laid my head on her stomach and worked my fingers into her pussy. The lips of her pussy seemed to open to my fingers. First two and then three, I moved fingers in and out and she seemed to get a little wider so I put in all four fingers. I began to pump them in and out and she lifted and bent her legs so I could get better leverage. In and out went my fingers. She suddenly parted her knees wide and pushed up to meet my fingers and my whole hand slipped into that sobbing wet cunt of hers. I really began to thrust my whole hand in and out, driving my fist as deep into her as I could. In and out I pumped, ramming her harder and harder. She was screaming don’t stop, don’t stop! Ohhhhhhhhh god don’t stop. She thrust her pelvis up at my hand and I plunged into her like a piston. She gave out a whimper and said Oh shit, Oh my god OHHHHHHHHH as I felt her cum all over my fist. It caused my hand to shoot out of her pussy as almost a cup of her juices came squirting out of her. I had never seen myself or anyone else ever cum that much. She later said I had hit her G spot and that’s what caused her to shoot a stream of liquid like that. We both fell asleep with my head between her huge tits.

It must have been about 4:30 AM when I woke up suddenly feeling a climax run through my body. It was then that I realized that Lucyee was between my legs and her tongue was inserted in my pussy. I could hardly believe the size of her tongue it was very fat maybe three inches across and when she reached deep inside my pussy I came again. She began rubbing my clit with it and I started humping my pelvis like in a spas Mick convulsion. I couldn’t help myself, I came again. She rubbed her fingers into my pussy and then inserted two of them into my ass. I had let my husband fuck me there once but it had hurt so bad I wouldn’t let him do it again. But this time it seemed like there was no pain and it felt good as she began to run her fingers in and out of my ass and her tongue in and out of my pussy. I came, and then I came again, and then again. Suddenly I couldn’t seem to stop cumming. I was groaning and sobbing and my I was shaking all over. Wow, I had never felt like this before. Finally I just collapsed and Lucyee laid her head on my stomach as we both fell back to sleep.

This is not the end of the story, I’ll finish it another time, Good night.

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