My Life

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Please tell me what you think! I’m I the only married man that enjoys having his wife in pantyhose? Am I the only man who is lucky to have a wife that enjoys role playing?



I’m not sure really sure when it started or how it started but for as long as I can remember I’ve loved pantyhose. My mom worked at a bank during the day and at night in a restaurant. Both jobs required her to wear pantyhose. Also living up north a lot of girls in my school wore pantyhose with skirts or dresses. I loved taking the train into the city with all the professional woman dressed in power suits and pantyhose. I use to fantasies about who was wearing panties and who was bare under the pantyhose.

To me, pantyhose are soft and erotic. I become aroused when I slip my toe in them and rock hard before I pull the hose up past my knees. Sheer to waist are the best, the most erotic, for its all nylon and when I walk the friction from the pantyhose keeps me hard and some times I even cum! I do not consider myself gay as I’m attracted to women. I find the idea of kissing a guy a turn off.

I remember the first time that I came while wearing pantyhose, I had no idea what was going on. I never came before. So there I was on my bed in sheer tan pantyhose and just moving around under the covers. I had to stay covered so that my sister was unable to bust me. The pantyhose felt really good and this time my cock felt different. My toes started to tingle and then my head. It’s like I could feel every strand of hair on my scalp, each one tingling and then it happened. I looked down as my cock felt different and when I moved that last friction shot me over the edge, and I started to cum. I had no idea what it was as this thick white cream started to shoot out of my cock, clumping in the pantyhose. I was afraid and had no idea what happened but it felt good.

Crap, my mother would kill me! I remove the pantyhose and went to the bathroom where I washed them. I was so afraid for two reasons, first my mom would find out and secondly about what just happened. Luckily for me my mom had some Wool Lite and was able to clean the pantyhose.

I was never caught in pantyhose nor had any bad experiences. It, this, me wearing pantyhose was something that I enjoyed alone.

Now, I’m a smaller guy and never had to worry about stretching out my mother’s pantyhose. Even today I’m only five six and about one hundred fourth pounds. My wife Holly, when she wears heels is actually taller than me. She has no clue about my pantyhose fetish other than I love to see her wearing pantyhose. Even with Holly I had nothing to worry about as we were about the same size.

Holly came into my wife after college at my first job. I was the technical guy at the company she worked for. Holly never went to college and started working for this company right after high school. She was like the twentieth employee, and when I started there I was like number two hundred. Holly had a knack for sales; she knew what questions to ask to quality people and how to figure out what they needed. Then she sold it to them and always made sure not to leave money on the table. Some how I worked myself up to ask her out and she said yes.

Now, Holly works in sales and has to dress professional and that means she has to wear pantyhose. I love watching her in the morning from taking a shower to dressing. Holly never wears panties during the summer; she says that it’s too hot. When she puts on sheer pantyhose I always wonder if anyone will see her pussy. Oh, how I would dream about her flashing someone.

Holly has the classic pear shape and works hard to stay in shape. She’s pretty afraid that she will look like her mother so she watches what she eats. We both love riding bikes and we even go to the gym two to three times a week. Now, being a guy I really love Holly’s rack which happens to be a 36c with nipples that were made for sucking. I love it when its cold outside as there is nothing she can do to hide her hard nipples. Now if that wasn’t enough she is a natural blond! Not that it fully matters as she keeps her self pretty groomed with a sexy landing strip.

She never let on or thought that I was strange when I asked her to wear pantyhose or fishnets. We just had fun with it, or that is what I thought. Once we rented our first place Holly really started to open up. She had no toys and I of course, being a man, wanted to watch her with vibrators and dildos. So off we went shopping, and purchased Holly several toys and I got bağdat caddesi escort a lap dance which I will tell you about in a minute. Holly wanted to try out some bondage stuff; oh I never knew she had that side to her! Needless to say I was like a kind in a candy store.

Okay back to the lap dance. In Florida we have lingerie stores that offer modeling sessions. For a fee, you can pick out some clothes and have a model try on different things for you. The model changes inches from you and Holly had purchased a session for me, just so that I was sure about the different lingerie. The lingerie model had a different body type and was unable to wear what Holly had selected, so Holly was able to pick out some different clothes for the model.

Did I die and go to heaven? My wife was selecting clothes for a model to wear for me! I didn’t ask if Holly realized that the model would be changing right in front of me but I did ask if Holly could join us. The model said no, but that was due to the fact that we were new to the store. The model was worried that Holly would get jealous and confrontational. Anyway, the session was hot and so was Holly. I could tell that she was flushed and aroused; my tent was hard to hide. That night was some amazing sex! Granted I had a lot of pent up energy from the show and some how Holly was on fire.

Since Holly is in sales she has to travel a lot for business. Its just part of her job and I hate being away from her but that’s life, right? She had to dress professional on her sales calls and most nights she had business dinners. Holly never gave off signals that I had something to worry about and if she did allow a client to take her to bed, well she never expressed it. I’m sure that the guys were hitting on her and she might have been tempted but so far Holly was still all mine. I couldn’t blame the men for hitting on her as Holly is one sexy woman.

Life all changed one Friday night. Holly was up in New York and was suppose to return on Saturday morning. Well life tosses you some crap every now and then. She flew out on Sunday and by Thursday night I was very sexually frustrated. So I put on some nude pantyhose and called it a night. I really didn’t plan anything but to spend a couple of hours watching TV in bed.

Then all hell broke lose!

Out of no where Holly walked into the bedroom. My heart started to pump hard and fast, my eyes must have looked like a bugs or some cartoon character. She noticed my reaction and started to freak.

Holly screamed, “Okay, where is your slut?”

I pulled the covers up, not wanting her to see me in pantyhose. “What slut?

Oh please, just look at you. Here I am busting my ass all week and at the last minute I’m freaking able to change my plans to come home to see you. And what do I find? My husband in bed with another woman! So who is the slut?”

Holly jumped up on the bed and started to feel around. I wasn’t sure if she was looking for a magical woman or her clothes. All I could do was keep the covers up trying to hide myself in pantyhose. All I wanted to do was get Holly out of the room or look away so that I could take the pantyhose off. I was in deep shit.

Holly grabbed the covers and with all her might pulled them back. She looked mortified and raced out of the bedroom.

I was exposed and mortified, “Holly please come back here and talk to me!”

She ran downstairs and was clearly upset. I had to get her, talk to her, and I chased after her. There was no time to remove the pantyhose that I was wearing, I just ran after her not paying attention to what my body was feeling, and I found her in the kitchen. “Oh Holly, please! Oh wait.”

I was close, no this was not a good time but my body had different ideas. I had been in the pantyhose for twenty minutes before she came home as was so close to cumming. From running after her that pushed me over the edge. I tried my best to fight it and hunched forward to hide my hard cock and take the pressure off.

Holly walked over to me and pushed me back, against the pantry and had me straighten my posture. She looked down at my cock and didn’t say a word. As my posture became erect my cock started to press against the pantyhose my hard cock slide over and into the nylon. I felt wet and knew that precum had escaped. With one firm push from Holly my back was flush against the wood pantry and I started to cum. Oh crap! I tried to fight it but the feeling of nylon over my cock, how the nylon bağdat caddesi olgun escort gives as my cock pressed against the material was too much. My wife stood there and watched I as started to cum in her pantyhose. Thick stream after thick stream shot from my cock, little white beads raced down my legs.

Holly freaked when she noticed that I started to cum, “Jim!”

What could I do, “I’m so sorry.”

Holly was clearly upset and confused, “I thought we were best friends, why didn’t you tell me? I always knew you liked me in hosiery but this. I freaking leave a day early to come home to see you and in stead of a nice surprise you shock me. Here I thought you were with another woman.”

“I would never cheat on you baby. I love you.”

She took a step back and ran her fingers through her long blond hair, “Great, but what does all this mean? What are you doing?”

“I, I don’t know. It just feels good when I wear pantyhose and love it when you wear pantyhose. I don’t understand it but it feels good.”

She looked down at my cock, “Yeah, I can see that. What else do you do? Are you gay?”

“No, I’m not gay! I’m in love with you and I only want you.”

“Oh come on Jim,” Holly led me over to the family room. “We have a lot to talk about and you will tell me everything if you want our marriage to work.”

“Are you going to leave me?”

“No Jim, I don’t think that I will as I married you for better or worse. However, you are going to tell me everything.”

We sat down on the sofa but before I could sit she stopped me. Holly went back to the kitchen and returned with a towel. I started to pull down my pantyhose but she stopped me. “Oh Jim, no reason to change how long have you been wearing pantyhose?”

I sat down on the towel still wearing the wet pantyhose, “It started when I was young, not sure.”

Holly took a moment to gather her thoughts, “How long have you been wearing my pantyhose?”

There was no reason for me to lie now, “Since we started to live together.”

“Really, do you always cum in my pantyhose?”

I took a step back not sure what to do, “Most of the time, yes I do. I can’t help it.”

“Do you wear any of my other clothes?”

“No, don’t be silly.”

“Silly? Jim I come home early to find you in bed. Like I said at first I though you were with another woman. Silly? Jim you’re in our bed wearing my pantyhose! Why didn’t you ever tell me? I thought that I was your best friend!”

“Please you are my best friend, but how could I ever tell you? I’m a man and wearing pantyhose is not normal.”

She put her hand on my hand, “Jim, please no secrets. Tell me everything.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Okay,” she sat back and thought about what she wanted to know. “Have you ever been with a man before? I mean from kissing to sucking a cock?”

“No, I have not.”

“Have you ever wanted to?”

“No, not really. Holly you are the only one I think of, or want to have sex with.

“Okay, do you ever want to dress up in my clothes?”

“Not really.”

“Oh so you have thought about it.”

I couldn’t look at Holly, “Okay, since were being honest, have you ever thought about another man?” I just wanted to divert some attention.

“Well yeah at times.”


“Usually when I’m masturbating.”

Oh my god, she did think about other men. That admission hit me like a ton of bricks but I didn’t want to push to hard. However, I was finding it hard to breath. I was flush with hormones and just the thought of her with another man, wow!

“Oh I think you like that don’t you?” She moved next to me and started to rub my thigh. “Looks like you’ve thought about me with another man too.”

“Well, yeah when I’m masturbating I’ve thought about you with another man.”

“And how often is that?”

There was no reason for me to hide the fact, “Just about every day. I mean I masturbate every day but I don’t always think about you and other men. Some times I think about other women and stuff.” Her hand on my thigh felt really different. I’ve never worn pantyhose in front of someone before, let alone my wife!

She reached for my hard cock and kissed my neck, “Would you like to watch some stud fuck me?”

“I think so.”

“Jim your hard again, you know that right?”

“Yes, I know.”

She stood up and held her hand out, “Come let’s go to bed.”

Holly led me to our bedroom; bağdat caddesi sarışın escort she went into one of her drawers and pulled out a fresh pair of pantyhose. “Let’s get you out of your wet clothes.”

My wife pulled down my pantyhose, had me sit down on the bed, and helped me into fresh clean pantyhose. I wanted to have sex with my wife but she had different ideas. She had me stand in front of her and model her hosiery. Then, she knelt down and pulled the hose down a little, she went down on my cock. Holly didn’t take the head into her mouth but all of my cock.

Then, just as quickly she stood up and started to undress. “I don’t know why Jim but I’m very aroused and need to get off.”

She moved back on the bed, nude. She lay down on her back and motioned for me to join her, “Bring Mr. Big to bed with you.”

I walked over to her night stand and grabbed the life like dildo that we purchased last week and then moved up on the bed my wife opened her legs, exposed her bare pussy. She wanted me to go down on her, which I love doing.

“I want you to eat me with that cock in me and don’t you dare take off your pantyhose. I have a lot to think about these next few days but for now fuck me. After all you had your fun now it’s my turn.”

I placed the life like dildo against her very wet lips, and slowly pushed inch by inch into Holly. Never before did I realize how badly I wanted to watch some stud doing Holly. Maybe it’s because I only have a six inch cock that’s pretty thin, I’m sure that she had bigger men then me. Once that big cock was in her, I moved closer and started to lick her lips. I know my wife and she enjoys it when I tease her a little.

Holly’s was rocking her hips and that told me she was really aroused, “How does it look baby? You like watching that cock in me?”

Holly loves to keep her pussy trimmed, with a little landing strip. I’ve always loved that about her, and seeing her so clean it was easy to see the cock shaped dildo in her. “Oh I love it! Tell me Holly; have you ever had a bigger man than me? Its okay you can be honest with me. Just look at how much thicker this dildo is than my cock.”

“I’ll only admit this to you because I love you. Yes, I’ve had bigger men than you. My last boyfriend’s cock looks just like that dildo you’re fucking me with.”

I went back down on her this time taking her clit in my mouth. Holly loves it when I use my tongue and then stuck on her. I looked up at Holly but she had her eyes closed, “That is so hot!” I was so hard, so aroused. I started to eat her very wet pussy. The toy sounded so sloppy in her from Holly being so aroused. Every time toy came out of her pussy it sounded like sucking on chocolate pudding. That sexy noise a very wet pussy makes.

“I hope that you’re not upset with me, but I do miss a big cock every now and then. I would never cheat on you but I do love a fat cock.”

“No its okay, your just being honest. I do wish that my cock was two inches longer and a bit thicker.” I’ve seen my wife aroused before and she’s always hot after we spend the night dancing. I knew that she was thinking of her x, but to be honest so was I!

“Oh I’m going to cum! Come on suck my clit baby! Come on, I’m just about there!”

Holly arched up, took one last breath and let go. I pulled back a little and watched my wife cum and enjoyed seeing the dildo still deep in her pussy. It’s so erotic to watch my wife cum as she’s one of the more vocal women that I know.

After a few minutes she opened her eyes, “I’m not sure about all of this and we have a lot to talk about!”

I moved between her legs and started to pull down my pantyhose.

She came up to me and gave me a quick kiss, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to make love to you.”

“No, Jim you’re not going to, not tonight.”

I didn’t want to argue or push it, so I rolled over and started to pull down the pantyhose.

She cleared her throat, “What are you doing?”

“Well, taking these off.”

Holly looked confused by my actions, “Why?”

“I don’t know.”

“Jim, you were in them before I came home and tonight you are going to sleep in them.”

Well, it was a kind of win/win night. I mean my wife discovered my fetish for pantyhose and seemed to be okay with it. We had a very erotic night that most would call kinky, the only down side was that she didn’t want me to have sex. My rock was still rock hard and aching, I wanted to cum. But would that upset Holly? I didn’t want to test her. She moved next tome and started to cuddle, guess she was okay with things so far.

At least the next day was Saturday and we could spend the next two days talking things out.

End of chapter 1

These will be my blogs and places where I show my pictures. Remember that I’m new to blogging and it will take me some time.

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