My Secret Lover Ch. 01

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My husband and I lived in a quiet village with only one neighbor, an elderly couple. Our children had grown up and were attending university and I worked part-time in my husband’s firm. David, my husband, worked away from home, leaving me alone to run the small office and our home for what seemed to be weeks on end. Love-making was passionate between us but I have to admit my libido was greater his. I kept myself in good shape, taking a run each morning and going to the gym twice a week. My figure was … healthy; my breasts are 38″ and still firm but let’s face it, not those of a 25 year old. I met David the start of secondary school, and although we didn’t start dating until I left school at 16, he has been my only sex partner. Sex was wonderful but after some years, sex became less frequent as our energies focused on bringing up our two girls. We were not very adventurous with our sex either and now, with the time I spend alone, I started to fantasize, never thinking for a minute that any of my fantasies would ever mount to anything more that a simple personal and innocent fantasy.

My fantasies, I have since learned, lacked imagination and were also somewhat handicapped by my limited sexual experience. Cable television and library books were my solace as I’d imagine being whisked away by my romantic hero whisking me up in his arms and jetting off to live a life with plenty of sex. Watching adult videos with my husband got me aroused but I no real interest in watching them when he was out of town. I longed to be touched and hugged and kissed all at the same time with my pussy filled and when I went to bed I lay there alone, with a pillow between my thighs squeezing tight and gently rubbing my clit with my fingers. Had my sex life now come this with a once-a-month romp with my husband?

And so one day, my quiet country life was disturbed. At the end of our garden, a fence was being erected and I soon learned that a new road was to be built. There, at the foot of our garden, the contractor was starting to build his temporary offices. This was a distraction, hardly interesting and certainly no further thought was given or that the presence of the temporary offices would ever impose itself into my sex life. Yes, there were men. I am not flirtatious, after all, I was married and my husband loved me, I loved him and my family even though they were seldom at home. I had a maid who helped me take care of my elderly mother-in-law and the housework, and we all lived under the same roof.

Gradually the contractor’s staff occupied the temporary offices. Occasionally I’d see one or two men at the window but most of the time the window blinds were down … except one. This one was opened as soon as the guy arrived in the office at 8am. It was about this time that I would taken my shower after my early morning run. He’d pull up the blinds bahis firmaları and open his window each morning and look out as if to take in the country air and country smells. When I could, I would watch him go through this same routine most mornings from behind my curtains. He had a kind face and his eyes always seemed to be smiling. He was slim, always dressed casually and clean shaven. I’d sometimes see him at the window talking to unseen colleagues; other times he could be staring out of the window, as if he was deep in thought and I soon found myself fantasizing about him; what was he like? Can he see me? Does he know if I exist or even that I have been watching him? Stepping from my shower each morning, I’d look to see if he was there as I’d dry my body.

I found myself imagining that he was stroking my body gently with a towel; my hands would stroke my breasts – I was hypnotized, focused on the window of his office, hoping he would appear, with my hands slowly caressing my breasts. My towel would drop and I stood there naked, in the middle of the room, as my fingers played with my nipples until they stood erect and hard. Then I catch a glimpse of him at the window and my hands would move to my pussy and gently massage my mound. It felt good; I could feel my heart beating faster with the excitement — does he know that I even exist? Does he know what I am doing right now? How can I meet him? Would he hold me close? Will he kiss me, hug me, caress me, make love to me? So many questions as he disappeared from view once again. I would collapse onto my bed with my fingers wet within my pussy — I closed my eyes and imagined his body against me, his arms holding me, hands caressing me, bringing me to a climax that I ached for more and more each day.

It was perhaps a month later that one afternoon, while I was gardening that he looked out of his window and saw me. He smiled and mouthed a silent ‘hello’. I smiled back and said “hi”. I gathered that he was not alone in his office, but at least he knows I exist … if only. I could not give the garden my undivided attention as thoughts raced around my mind. I had said ‘hi’, only ‘hi’? If only he knew what I wanted to say as he disappeared from my view … again. I could feel a wetness within me as I started to think about what to do next. How could I speak to him without being too forward? Should I? After all, I am married. What am I doing? What about his co-workers? What if the neighbors saw me? I would have to be discrete … but how? What am I doing? Is he even interested? I looked at my reflection in the window of my home, dressed in my old gardening clothes and thought to myself, he won’t be interested, just look at me.

The next time I was in the garden I was dressed in a summery dress and he noticed me and gave a little wave. I waved back and he disappeared for a minute and returned kaçak iddaa with something in his hand. He was folding a piece of paper. He looked around before flicking the piece of paper into my garden from his window. I casually picked it up and held it tight as I disappeared indoors. I was nervous and my fingers were shaking as, in the privacy of my bedroom, I opened the paper; on it was his name and telephone number. My heart was racing, what was I going to say to him, and when? Should I call him?

I was a bit anxious when I called, but when he answered, he was cheerful and obviously pleased that I had called. He introduced himself again and I told him my name. Small talk followed and I found that he was very easy to talk to; any nervousness was quickly dispelled. He asked about the others that he had seen in my house throughout the day. I told him that I worked in my husband’s business; I also learned that he too was married. We talked for what seemed ages and we would speak again the next day. I felt relieved, excited — I liked him, he was easy to talk to with a sexy voice over the phone. Definitely I would be thinking about him tonight.

I couldn’t wait to speak to him again the next morning. I had a sleepless night and was up extra early for my run. I was going to talk to him again and I did so after my shower. The blinds went up and the window swung open and there he stood, looking at my house. As usual the net curtains were drawn but my window was also open. With excited expectation, I dialed his number and he answered it almost immediately.

“Good morning.” I said

“Good morning, it’s lovely to hear from you so early. Have you been on your run? Where are you?”

“I can see you from my bedroom, first floor.”

I was dressed in my bathrobe as I drew the curtains a bit so that he could see where I was.

“Yes, I have had my run and I have just finished my shower. Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes, I have it at home, before I leave for work. I can’t see you properly because of the reflection on the window. Can you open the window a bit more please?”

I stepped closer to the window and did as he asked and drew the curtains open a little more. I was still a little shy about others seeing me so I stepped further away from the window and sat on my bed.

“That’s much better, thanks” he said. “How are you, today?”

“Gooood,” I said and really meaning it. “I like your shirt today, it suits you”

“Thanks. I feel much better for seeing you, and I was hoping to see you today. What are you wearing? I cannot see it very well.”

“My bathrobe. I have just finished my shower and I am about to get dressed to go to work.”

“Are you wearing a bra?”

I was a little shocked at first when I heard his question but I already felt at ease with him. No-one had ever asked me such kaçak bahis a direct question like that before, not even David!

“Yes,” I said smiling and wondering what he was going to ask next, and where this was leading.

“… and panties?”

“Yes.” I answered truthfully.

I was beginning to feel a little aroused. I suppose it was the fact that it felt a little daring and … impetuous. I liked the feeling.

“Can I see them please?”

I hesitated for a moment. What was I doing? I got up to close the bedroom door and feeling more secure I returned to the bed and sat down. I looked at him and felt sure he could see my cleavage in the V of my bathrobe. With the phone to my ear I dropped the bathrobe from my shoulders, revealing my cleavage and bra. I was breathing a little heavier now with a hint of excitement. I wondered if he could see my nipples as they were hardening.

“Lovely,” he paused. “I wish I could kiss them.” Oh, I loved the way he said that. If only he knew that I wanted that too.

“I cannot see your panties. What color are they?”

I was still nervous. Only my husband had seen me in my panties and now I was considering showing them to a virtual stranger, someone who I had only talked to on the phone and seen at a distance. But there was something intoxicating about doing this — it felt good, I felt good. I was excited. I was thankful that the panties that I had put on earlier were respectable and not overtly sexy and seductive. After all I didn’t want to give him the wrong message. I pulled the bathrobe from my lap and stood up slowly. My panties were small but not transparent, cream in color.

“Cream.” I croaked. He must have known I was nervous and he quickly set me at ease.

“You have a beautiful body and panties to match. I love panties and I will dream about what I have seen today. Can you turn around for me so I can see the back?” I did as he beckoned. I felt like a model and it had been such a long time since I heard anyone say something like that to me.

I sat down on the bed again “Arrr,” he complained “I could watch you all day, but I suppose that will have to do for today?”

“Did you like that?” I craved reassurance.

“Of course I did, and thank you. How do you feel?”

“Excited.” was all that I could say.

“I hope I can see you again tomorrow.”

“I’d like to as well.”

I think he was disturbed when someone came into his office as he quickly said that he had to go but would speak to me tomorrow. As he said good-bye, I ducked away and quickly closed the curtains lest I be seen by others. For the rest of the day I would be thinking of that first encounter. He was direct but polite; understanding and like me, he wanted to be discrete. I had bared my body, well not all of it, to another man for the first time and I found it exciting and definitely arousing. I felt beautiful and almost younger — it was good to be admired and I felt exhilarated. My fantasies now had a face and I couldn’t wait until the next morning to see my stranger again.

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