My Sexy Slave Girl: Chapter 3: Exploring

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“Do you know who Donald Trump is?’’ I raised my eyes from the laptop and asked Korin. “No master. Is he an American?” Korin replied while she worked on the coffee. It has been few days since I caught up on American news. Since no English language newspaper was available I was reading news online. ‘’Donald Trump is the top contender for the Republican Party’s Presidential nomination. Though he has no background in politics, his lead over the other candidates in in double digits.” I didn’t know why I was telling all these to her. Obviously she didn’t know jack-shit about American politics. But I continued anyway. “Most people don’t even like him. The democrats say he is an asshole in a nice suit.” Korin froze for a second. But picking herself up she continued her work. It took me a second to figure out why she froze like that. Calling Donald Trump an asshole might have reminded her of my anal-assault on her last night. I was happy with her reaction. Apart from her tendency to scream, she behaved nicely. I just remembered that Ash is arriving today. I wanted to call her and check the timings. May be Korin and I can go pick her up at the airport.

It took me a while to connect with Ash. Tough it was early morning in Leongrad, it was well into to daytime in Moscow. “Hey Brad. Enjoying your days in Bastinia” Ash was delighted to hear from me. “Not so much Ash. It would have been a lot better if you were here. Anyway, what time are you arriving? Korin and me will come pick you up.” There was a pause on the line. Then she spoke. “Sorry to disappoint you again Brad. But it will be a couple of more days. I am trying my best to leave Moscow and come home. But there really is some serious things I need to take care of. I really hope I didn’t have to stay back. I will try to leave here as early as possible”. It was disappointing to hear that she is not arriving today. It angered me a little. But I hid my disappointment and asked. “What am I supposed to do for another few days without you here, Ash. I didn’t go and explore the city till now, hoping that we’ll do it together.” Ash didn’t say anything. I was annoyed by her silence. I continued with a little temper “You know what. I fucked your slave girl on the ass last night. I know you have been saving her butt for some greater purpose. But my dick was buried so deep in her ass, it took us some time to pull it out.”

I expected she would scold me but I could hear her laugh on the other side. “So how was the experience? Did she scream a lot? She’s able to sit yet?” Ash was trying to cheer me up and it was clearly working. “Not quiet. She screamed a lot though. At one point I almost gave up fucking her because of the screaming“. “What. That is not the Brad I know. The Brad I know doesn’t back out from something because of a slave girl’s petty scream. Next time stuff something in her mouth if she screams”. “So what else did you do to her? She better be alive when I come back.” I had to laugh. “Nothing much Ash. Why should I beat her? She is sweet and obedient. It will be shame to get scars on her nice pale skin.” “Well Brad. You have to toughen yourself up a little. It’s good for the slaves to beat them once in a while, even if they didn’t do any mischief. It eliminates any tiny fragment of independence they might develop over time. It also gives the owner immense confidence boost, when he/she sees another fellow being at his/her mercy. I want you to try and experience it. Anyway it has been a long time since I have given her any sort of punishment. She will be craving for some.” I was deeply thinking about what Ash said. It is not such a bad idea. Ash might be right. A little beating once in a while will help the slaves stay obedient through time. “But Ash I can’t do it. I am inexperience in corporal punishment. I might scar her or something. We’ll train her together once you are back.”

This time Ash was disappointed. “Come on Brad. Where is your confidence and courage? You know I have a friend named Boris in LeonGrad. We used to meet often. He also owns a salve. One girl who is little bit older than Korin. After having a couple of drinks we used to play a game to see whose slave is tougher. He will flog Korin and I used to flog his slave girl. Whichever slave girl screams first I owner loses. Sometimes we’ll really get drunk and take the game to the next level where screaming is not the final ribbon. We’ll punish each other’s slaves using various tools. We’ll check which slave wets themselves under pain, and the owner loses. I must say Korin did me proud every time.” I was trying to imagine what Korin went through in Ash’s drunken games. It none of my business anyway. I shook the thoughts of my head. “Say what Brad. Once I am back we’ll go to Boris’ and play the game. I want you to train Korin for the game in the meantime. Just ask her where the tools are. She’ll show you. And I don’t care if you fuck her ass. Do whatever you want.” I must say I was delighted. We continued our conversation for some more time but my mind was planning what I was planning to do next.

It was afternoon. It was heavy rain outside, pouring over the city. I was enjoying TV after the lunch and Korin was giving me a shoulder massage. My body was tired and bored from sitting around all day. Korin was quiet good at massaging that I started relaxing. I was still thinking about the punishment tools Ash has told me about. It will be good time to check them out. I read that the slaves of Bastinina only felt pain not the humiliation that usually comes with it for normal human beings. I decided to test this now itself. “Korin. My legs are tired a little bit. I want to put my legs on a footstool. “Sure master. I will get you one” She hurried to get a footstool and I caught her arm on time. “No Korin. I don’t want a footstool when you are there. You be the footstool. Your back is more softer than stool’s velvet top.” I immediately regretted on the last compliment I gave her. Without a moment’s hesitation Korin kneeled in front of me and stood on all fours like a little puppy. I kept my legs on the small of her back. Though my legs were heavy she held on position. If you use any other people as a human footstool it will be humiliating experience for them but Korin’s face showed no such emotion. “Is your ass still sore?” I asked her while giving her a small kick on the buttocks. “No master. A little may be” She was lying. She obviously had pain. “It good for you Korin. Anal sex is pleasurable. I will teach you a lot before I go”. ‘Thank you master’ was her answer. It was time to check out Korin’s training tools. When I asked her to show it to me she was obviously in fear. I tried to console her. “Relax girl. I am not going to hurt you. I just want to check it out”. Only if that was true.

Korin took me to a reasonably large room and opened a cupboard. There was a whole collection of equipment’s there. Cat-o-nine tails with broad leather straps, Whippy canes, Paddles of various sizes, small equipments for giving electric shocks, hand cuffs etc. Most of these things, honestly, I was seeing for the first time. I started checking one by one while Korin stood in the back ground silently in fear. I didn’t want to hurt her a lot but it will be a shame if I didn’t try some of them on her. Anyway I have Ash’s blessings. Interestingly I found a butt plug while going through the stuff. I dint know how it helped to train a slave but it will be shame if I didn’t put it in Korin’s Ass. I gave a crocked smile to myself. There was a bed with tall bed post, a table and couple of chairs in the room. Sitting on a comfortable chair I asked Korin to strip out of her cloths. She was enthusiastic in doing so thinking that I only wanted to fuck her but after seeing the butt plug in my hand her face was clouded with fear.

Poor little Korin. She was done in a few moments. All her cloths lay beside me while she stood naked in front of me. I kept on forgetting how pretty she looked. My hands found its place between her legs and teased her pussy. It helped in relaxing her a bit. “Come on girl. Over my lap” I told her while tapping my lap. She reluctantly put herself over my laps. I inspected her buttocks. They went back to their milky pale colour. Don’t they know that I like them pink? I spanked both of her butt cheeks couple of times and they went back to bright pink. But korin screamed after my 3rd slap. Usually she is very good at taking my butt-assault in silence. Might be because of the residual pain from our anal-adventure last night. Well, I didn’t want her screaming while I used the butt plug on her. Looking around for something to stuff in her mouth I found her cloths nearby. I picked up her panties and stuffed it in her mouth. Though it not enough, at least it will stop her from screaming out loud. The butt plug was huge and was made of crystal. It was the biggest I have ever seen bigger than my dick I must say. I parted her but cheeks and teased her bum hole using the edge of the butt plug. Korin’s entire body tensed up as usual. I was really enjoying this.

Putting it at once may be really painful. So I inserted my index finger and middle finger and started stretching her sphincter. Korin started moaning, though most of the sound was muffled by the panties in her mouth. I put 3 of my fingers in her ass started stretching. She arched her back in pain and started screaming, but only little sound came out. It was time. I took the crystal butt plug and pushed it inside. Only half of it went inside and Korin started screaming on the top of her lungs. This time the stuffed panties did little to mask her scream. I started pushing the buttplug inside but her butthole was not stretching enough for taking it inside. The intensity of her screams kept on increasing as I kept on pushing. Tears rolled down her face and created a small pool on the floor. I was almost given up on my idea of putting the butt plug fully inside her ass. But deciding to give it one last try I pushed it in illegal bahis one swift motion with all my strength and it went fully inside. Korin’s scream echoed throughout the room as I leaned back on my chair with satisfaction. It was an impossible task and I did it. Ashley will be proud of me. It took a whole minute for Korin’s scream to die down.

Once she was silent I asked her to stand up. She did so. But the thick butt plug between her legs was making it difficult for her to stand up. She wiped the tears of her face using the back of her hand and tried to look as cheerful as possible despite the pain. “You can take the panties of your mouth now girl” I said. She removed the panties and tried to fake a smile. “Korin. Your mistress wants me to familiarize myself with the punishment tools. Since I am new I will let you pick the tool I want to use on you. Go ahead and pick your choice.” Though she didn’t raise any verbal protest her eyes were pleading with me to not beat her. My expression told her I was serious. Given up on the plea, she turned towards the cupboard and walked in a very interesting way. The buttplug between her legs were making it almost impossible for her to walk. She started going through the tools. She picked up a paddle, looked at it and dropped it with fear. I guessed, that might have been Ash’s favourite equipment. I smiled to myself.

Finally she decided on a whippy cane and handed it over to me. I inspected it while Korin continued pleading with her puppy eyes. It was good, strong flexible cane almost 30 inches in length. Korin was looking at the cane with tensed face. I decided to lighten her up. “Korin I am giving you a choice. Either I will beat you 10 times and the butt plug stays in during the time or I give you 20 beatings and the butt plug comes off”. Her face lightened up a little. “Please master. I beg you. Please take the butt plug off. I will take the second choice”. I put her over my knee again and pulled out the butt plug in a one swift motion. There was one long howl of animal agony and then the room was silent. Suddenly it struck me why Korin lighted up when I gave her the choices. It has nothing to do with removing the butt plug. The numbers I offered was way low than what she usually used to receive. Ash and her friends might have beaten her till they lost count. So my choices 10 or 20 didn’t make any difference to Korin. Anyway I was not going to back out on my word.

Once she was done screaming I pulled her up and walked her to the bed post. I selected a leather covered handcuff of the cupboard and hand cuffed her around the bed post so that her back was towards me. Korin hugged the post tight anticipating the pain. I tried the cane on air and it made some interesting sounds. Korin was looking over her shoulder to see what was happening behind her. I wanted to find out how much it hurt. I tried the whippy cane on my left palm. ‘Son of a bitch’. Though I used only mild force it hurt like hell. I was satisfied on the Korin’s selection.

On seeing that I was done inspecting the cane, Korin closed her eyes shut and awaited the impending pain. Suddenly it occurred to me that the reason I am beating her was to train her for Ashley’s game, whatever that was. The whole point of Ashley’s game was not to scream under intense pain. “Korin I am going to punish you as I told. It is for your own good. A little practice for you before Ash takes you to the game”. Up on hearing me mention the game, Korin’s entire face tightened. Though she was facing away from me, it was clearly visible to me. I made patterns on Korin’s back using the tip of the cane. She arched her back as much as possible trying to get away from the Cane’s cold touch. Without giving a warning, I took the cane back and brought it down on her buttocks. Korin jumped from her position and let out a long loud animalistic scream. A thin red line appeared on both of her butt cheeks. Korin’s scream gave me an odd satisfaction but that was not the point of the game. “Korin the whole point of me beating you is to teach you not to scream under such conditions. So you have beaten the purpose. If you want to shriek be my guest. But I will only count those which you didn’t scream after. So it’s up to you how many you want. Is that understood”. For few seconds she didn’t react then she nodded yes. “No nodding Korin. I want an answer”. “Yes master. I clearly understand”. Again without a moments warning I brought the cane hard on her ass. She almost let out a scream but somehow managed to hold it under. Her ass now displayed a pale red X as a result of my beatings. Her ass was so beautiful. It will be a shame to scar such a nice piece of work. So I decided to use the cane on her thighs and calves instead. I punished her thighs and claves one at time with all my strength. Each stroke creating light red parallel lines. Though she kept jumping with each blow, she held on without screaming till the 8th stroke. She was making me doubt my prowess. So I landed one blow on her back where she didn’t expect it. She involuntarily let out a long howl of pain. I was impressed by her tolerance of pain; clearly Ash has trained her well. After some time Korin’s legs were full of thin red lines. I actually lost the count of beatings I had given. Some of them she will scream out, some of them she will hold the scream in. Finally she completed her given task of 20 strokes without any noise. I was satisfied with my work so I released her from the handcuffs. Korin’s legs were too weak to stand on. She fell on the floor and stayed there dealing with her pain. “Aren’t you forgetting something girl?” I asked while letting out a mild sarcastic smile. “Thank you master” She told lifting her head slightly from the floor but soon sank back down. I wanted to take a warm bath after all the exercise. But it will be a cruel to leave Korin there on the floor. I lifted her up. Her wait felt like sponge against my strong upper body. I left her on her bed and told her she can take the afternoon off and rest. She thanked me again.

That evening I told Ash about how I trained Korin. She was not very much impressed. “Come on Brad. A whippy cane is nothing. Slaves need to be toughened up. I told you, If she screams, stuff something in her mouth. Explore more. I will be coming in 3 days and I don’t want her screaming during the game. So see to that.” I was of the opinion that the canning was too much for Korin. May be I was wrong. Till evening Korin stayed in her room, then she came outside and cooked dinner for me. I looked for any indication of sadness or humiliation on her face. There was none. There was only dutifulness and satisfaction. I decided to leave her alone for the rest of the day. While I was having Dinner I got a call from a Mr. Savinov. He introduced himself as Ashley’s friend and invited me to dinner the next day evening. I was delighted to have some company. He promised me his slave will pick me up at 6pm. After putting the receiver down, I remembered that Mr. Savinov is infact Mr. Boris Savinov who is Ash’s partner in their invented game. So this is not just a dinner invitation. Anyway I was longing for some company. So I decided on going and checking out Boris’s Den myself.


As promised Boris’s slave was waiting for me in front of the building at 6pm. He was tall, sturdy built man in the early twenties. He also had prominent Slavic features except for his slightly dark skin tone. Except for the tattoo there was nothing about the man which said that he was a slave. He greeted me and opened the door for me. I politely refused and slipped in to the front passenger seat. This was the first time I met a male slave. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity in conversing with him. He was not very chatty on the way except when asked questions. He had an accent I couldn’t quiet place. I learned that his name is Sergei and apparently Mr. Savinov didn’t own him. He was loaned to Mr. Savinov by his sister who owned him for the last 2 years. “So how many slaves does Mr. Savinov owns?” I asked him out of curiosity. “Master Boris used to have two girls. One of them he sold few months ago. Now he just owns Dara”. From what Ashley told me regarding their games and how they treated their slaves, I can only assume that the girl would be happy to get away from Boris. We continued our conversation but his lack of knowledge in almost all topics made it impossible. He knew quite a bit about sports but was mainly interested in soccer which I seldom watched. Within half hour we reached the apartment complex where Boris lived. He greeted me at door step. His appearance reminded me of Daniel Craig. He had characteristic blond hair and was almost 4 inches shorter than me. Even his eyebrows were blond. He greeted me in heavily accented English and took me inside. I must say his apartment and living room was bigger than Ash’s. He even had expensive paintings on his wall. But despite his extravagance, Boris was easy to talk to. We sank deep in to a conversations when his slave girl (Whose name according to Sergei is Dara) appeared with two glasses of wine. She was stunningly beautiful and was way prettier than Korin. She was almost as tall as Korin and had jet black hair. I can only assume how much Boris might have paid for her. Boris saw me eyeing Dara. “She is a piece of work isn’t she?” I woke up from my train of thoughts and nodded in agreement. After putting the wine down Dara stood there. Boris stood up and handed a glass of wine to me. “I spent a fortune for her. But, boy, was she worth it” Boris told cheerfully while smacking her ass. I should agree with him. She was a real piece of art with full grown D cups and long beautiful limps. But she didn’t have the innocent face which was a characteristic of Korin, Instead she looked much more experience and mature. He pushed her slightly indicating it’s time for her to go.

We were sipping another glass of white wine after the dinner. “So Ashley tells me you are bored here illegal bahis siteleri in Leongrad. Do you want me to show you around? I am an excellent tour guide if you don’t know that”. Now I am sure that Ash set this up. I politely refused and told him that Ash will be here in few more days and we will explore the place together. “Why don’t you go by yourself? Take Korin with you. She can show you around and is familiar with the city” Boris told me as if he got a new idea. This idea occurred to me earlier itself but I didn’t want to tell him Korin is a rather Boring companion if you want to do sightseeing. “Ashley tells me I should keep you company till she comes back. Is there anything I can do?”. “Well you should let me have Dara for a few days. She will be enough for me to keep myself busy for few days.” It was the wine talking. There is no way he is lending me his prized possession. Without the wine inside I would have never made such a request. Boris was thoughtful for a few seconds and then spoke. “Well. If you want her I will be happy to lend her to you. I lent her to Ashley many times. She and Korin are close friends also, so they can catch up”. I was surprised. Boris called for Dara and she came to the room without any delay. “Dara. You are to go with Master Bradley to Ashley’s place. He will use you as he may see fit. He is from out of country so see to it that all his orders are carried out. I don’t want any complaints from him later. Is that understood?”. Boris told all these in Russian but I got the meaning later from Dara. “Da, master”. That was the first time I heard her voice. “What’s your name?” Though I knew her name I wanted to hear it from her. “My name is Dara, Master” there was a tone of obedience in her voice. She has a thinner accent than Korin. I liked it. I wanted to feel her breast but managed to control myself. Even after few glasses of wine I was embarrassed to feel her breast in front of Boris.


The drive back to Ash’s apartment was uneventful. I rode shotgun with Sergei while Dara sat on the back seat. Boris told her to pack some dresses but I told her not to. I told him she won’t be requiring any dresses for few days. It took for a moment for him to understand me and then he had a nice long understanding laugh.

After dropping of me and Dara near the apartment complex, Sergei went back. Korin greeted us at the door. She was delighted to see Dara and more delighted to know that Dara is going to be here for next few days. Korin told me that they belonged to the same batch in their academy and kept their friendship through Ash’s numerous visits to Boris’. Though I planned many “activities” for the two it was pretty late to do anything. “Dara you can sleep in Korin’s room. I am sure you guys want to catch up a lot”. Both of them thanked me. Korin took Dara’s hand and prepared to leave. “Not yet. Korin you can go and sleep. Dara you go and wait in my bedroom.” I said pointing towards my bedroom. I could see a smile on Dara’s face. I can only presume she is planning to gain her master’s favour by pleasing me. Korin was not very happy as evident from her face but knew better than to say anything.

I entered the bedroom followed by Dara. “What would you like me to do master” Dara said, closing the door behind her. “It’s simple girl. I am going to fuck you in the ass and then you can go sleep. First take off your cloths.” She slipped of all her cloths in few seconds and came in front of me. She was stunningly beautiful with a well-built body. Her master might have made her spent numerous hours in gym. She had full grown D cup breasts and a very bald pussy like Korin’s. I took her boobs in my hand and squeezed them. Oh god. They felt so soft. That’s when I noticed that she has scars on almost all parts of her body. There were scars on her butt, thighs, and shoulders and even on her tummy. No permanent damages but these scars will take some more time to heal completely. I knew the background story of these scars but that is none of my business. I put my hand between her legs felt her pussy. It was smooth, warm and completely bald. I could feel the heat coming of it. There was only one thing left to do. “Ok Dara. Go to that table and bend over.” She went to the table and bent over it placing her upper body on the table top. I went and inspected her bottom. She held her butt cheeks apart for me. (I like this girl). Though my dick was really hard, I wanted to inspect her bum hole first. I put one finger inside followed by two and three fingers. Her ass was nice and loose, nothing like Korin’s tight ass. I unzipped my fly and took little brad outside. While I rubbed my dick on her ass I could see her smiling in anticipation. Korin’s scared face and screams while I fucked her on the ass, ran through my mind. Without wasting further time I send my cock deep in her ass. She only moaned as if I am fucking her in her pussy. I kept on thrusting determined to send my cock fully inside. After few minutes it was full inside. With each thrust her moans intensified. I must say I lasted longer than I did with Korin and it was much pleasant with Dara not screaming. Nearing my climax I rammed her bottom like a machine. I cummed deep inside her and stood there panting, till my dick shrank. Dara stood up and waited there for my next command. I told her she can go sleep. Thanking me for the fuck, she left.

I woke up in the morning to the sight of both Korin and Dara standing near my bed. Korin was in her usual Denim short-white shirt uniform. Dara also was wearing that same kind of dress. The dress must be Korin’s as she didn’t bring her own. My morning wood was clearly showing through my boxers and both girls were eyeing it. So, both of them want to suck my dick. After thinking for a while I let Dara do it. Dara was an expert in oral sex. She took my shaft all way down her throat without chocking on it. She didn’t have gag reflex like Korin. Korin was watching the whole act. Was it jealousy I saw on her face? I didn’t know if these slaves were able to feel anything other than primitive emotions. It sure did look like she is jealous of Dara. I couldn’t stand much longer against Dara’s warm mouth. I deposited my juices deep down her throat.

After Breakfast I brought both of them to the living room. I took a comfortable position on the couch as the girls stood before me with very eager eyes. “What are you waiting for. Take of your cloths. Stand with your hands behind your head. Legs apart.” They were in the submissive position, fully naked in few seconds. They were almost the same height. But there was something about Dara which made her more attractive than Korin. But on the other hand Korin’s naïve nature and inexperience in many things, made me like her more. It was time to find out how obedient they are. “Dara. How good are you in oral sex?”. “I am fairly good master. Would master like oral pleasure?”. “Not me. Why don’t you practice on Korin here. I bet her pussy is delicious though I have never eaten it.” Dara was OK with my commands but Korin’s was really uncomfortable, just as I hopped. But what choice do they have. Korin sat on the couch beside me and Dara was on the knees between her legs. Seeing Korin’s discomfort Dara patted on her shoulder assuring her. I wanted to up the game little bit. I pulled my mobile phone out and started the sports time function. “Dara. You have 10 minutes to make her cum. Any more than that, you have to brave my belt. Now you can start”. Seeing that the stakes are high she got to work. Korin gaped for air as Dara’s tongue entered her secret places, which people rarely explore. After tasting her pussy lips for some time she started sucking on the clitoris. Kroin let out a loud moan but controlled herself on second thoughts. There was only 3 minutes remaining and Dara was attacking Korin’s genitals like a starved dog, but Korin was nowhere near the climax. Dara put two of her fingers in Korin’s sweet spot and used her mouth only to suck her clit. I used to do the same tactics on my ex-girlfriend Remi and it used to send her through the roof. Dara was committing herself fully, but the time was about to run out. Korin was about get her orgasm when the time was up and I shouted stop. Dara immediately stopped what she was doing. Korin was so close to the brink, she looked at me begging for permission. I nodded in agreement and Korin thrust her fingers inside. Two strokes were all it took and she let out a long loud moan. She laid there catching her breath.

“So Dara. You have failed my test. How can you say you are fairly good at something when you can’t even do this simple task”. Her head went down with shame. I am surely going to see to it that you improve. Once Korin started breathing normally I told her to get her favourite punishment tool from Ash’s training room. She went and came back with a small, flexible paddle. It was good but will not induce much pain. Korin was clearly trying to help her friend and I didn’t like it. As a punishment I put Korin over my knee and spanked her using the paddle she brought. I beat her bottom till my hand got tired and asked her to bring a better one. Her ass was glowing red when walked towards the training room. My spanking did the job as Korin came back with a nice big paddle. It was almost 20 inches long. I put Dara against the armrest of the couch. Her bum was up in the air and exposed defencelessly. “Dara. Since you failed to please Korin, not me, she will be delivering your punishment. She will punish you till I tell her to stop”. Korin’s naïve nature kicked in again. “Please master. I don’t want to hurt her. She is a good girl. Would master be so kind to forgive her”? I can understand somebody pleading for their friends. But this was clearly disobedience. “You know what Korin I will help you with your task. You should understand that it’s not hurting when a master beats a slave. They are trying to help you to improve yourself to be a better slave. You should understand canlı bahis siteleri that. It’s for your own good not for our pleasure. So I will be standing behind you. If I am not satisfied with the blow you are delivering I will make sure you understand that.” I took the belt of my waist and took my position behind Korin. “She looked at me pleadingly still uncomfortable to spank her friend.” I was losing my patience. Gripped my belt and landed a nice hard blow on Korin’s back. She screamed in agony. Seeing that I am taking aim again she got to work. She rubbed the paddle on Dara’s ass to let her skin get accustomed to the surface. Then she has beaten Dara’s ass landing the blow equally on both butt cheeks. It was good but not up to my mark. Dara didn’t even let out a moan. Korin was definitely cheating on her task. I landed my next blow on her ass, harder than the first. Korin screamed again, all the pain flooding through her body. But this time she improved on her task. Her blow on Dara’s bottom was long and hard. It was nothing like what I could have done. Then again she didn’t have a strong upper body like me, so I decided to let it go. Korin was expecting another blow from me but seeing that I was satisfied with her work she started landing hard blows on Dara’s ass. I smiled and gave myself a mental high five.

It’s like their friendship has disappeared in a minute. Korin was beating Dara’s bottom like a maniac. Dara held on without screaming well into the double digits. Once Dara started screaming the intensity of Korin’s blows came down. Sensing this I used my belt on Korin’s thighs without giving her time between blows. Once she was done dealing with the pain from my blows Korin got to her work with new found passion. The paddle fell on Dara’s bum again and again and her skin started glowing in bright red. Beating anymore will make her bleed. I caught the paddle from Korin’s hand and threw it away. All these beating made me hard and I was not planning on wasting it. I pushed Korin forward and she fell on top of Dara. Dara screamed in pure agony as Korin’s crotch rubbed against her sore ass. I was not going to waste any more time. My dick was halfway up Korin’s ass even before she knew it. She buried her face on Dara’s back to keep herself from screaming. With each of my thrust Korin’s skin kept on rubbing against Dara’s bum. But she didn’t scream though. Suddenly I pulled my dick out of Korin’s ass and pushed her hard. She fell on the floor near the couch. I reached for Dara’s boobs as I buried my cock through her back side door. She was too tired to scream. My cock was fully inside her ass and I still felt that there is more way to go. It was a newfound experience. I was about to cum. I didn’t want to waste it on Dara’s rectum. Korin was lying on the floor. I told her to stand on her knees and she did. I grabbed her hair and pulled it hard. She opened her mouth in pain and immediately I pulled my dick out of Dara’s ass and thrust it down Korin’s throat. She started to panic not getting any air and started rubbing her clit in response. I kept my shaft in her throat as I cummed hard sending each drop down. After that I let go. I was catching my breath on the couch when Korin was grasping for air on the floor.

I was watching a movie in the evening when I got a call from Ashley. It was wonderful to hear that she was done with all the business in Moscow and will catch a return flight tomorrow. Once she is back here I can go ahead with all the sightseeing plans, which I had in mind plus we can catch up from where we left of 5 years ago. But this meant I have to give Dara back to Boris. It will be a shame as I just started enjoying time with her. I looked at her. She was sitting on the floor along with Korin watching the movie along with me. Initially both were unable to sit on hard floor because of what I did to their bottom, but after putting couple of cushions they managed it. Though the movie was still rolling I switched it off. “Dara, you have been wonderfully obedient today. Why don’t you go to Korin’s room and take a good night’s sleep. It will help you ease the pain if you have any. And Korin you did well today too. Why don’t you go wait in my bedroom? I will be with you shortly.” Korin was delighted to hear that she was my choice for the night. Though slightly disappointed, Dara thanked me and left. I was considering Korin’s naivety. What I did to Korin and Dara today will be considered extreme by American standards. But she is still happy and delighted to hear I chose her for the night, which based on the experience till now she should be afraid of. I wanted to give a high five to whichever TechFirm engineered these slaves.

Entering the bedroom I took off my shirt and jumped to the bed. Korin followed me and stood by the bed post waiting for my command. I didn’t utter a word instead just made eye contact with her. “How may I please you master?” She asked me after patiently waiting for some time. Once again her mannerisms made me smile. Since Ashley told she was reaching by tomorrow I was in a good mood. Since she was standing next to the bedpost I briefly thought about tying her to the bed post and flogging her, but I was too good in a mood to do any such thing. I told her to sit on the bed. Once she did I kept my legs on her lap. “My legs are a bit numb. Why don’t you be a good girl and massage them”. She got to work. While she was massaging my calves I was making new plans in my mind regarding what to do once Ash is here. I might have been entangled in my train of thought for quite some time. I shook out of my thought and poor Korin was still massaging my calves. “You are a good a girl Korin. I am sure Ashley will be proud of you as you served me obediently. Now you can go rest”. I noticed Korin was trying to hide her happiness, when I told Ash will be proud of her. “Would, master like anything else?” She stood up and asked. “You know, now you asked it girl, I am a bit chilly. Would you be a good girl and get something for me”. I sincerely hoped, for once, she will read between the lines and understand what I meant. No, she didn’t. “I will get you another blanket master” She started walking towards the closet. “I don’t want a blanket you dumb girl. Why don’t you put yourself over me for the night? She was taken aback for a moment. “I don’t know master. Slaves are not allowed to sleep on their masters’ beds. Madame Ashley won’t go easy on me if she knew I slept on Master’s bed.” Rules are meant to be broken. “That ok, girl. I will tell her to calm her tits. Now come on.” She hurriedly came near my bedside and again stood confused for a moment. “Now what dumbo?”. “Should I leave my clothes on master, or would you like me to be naked?”. I gave a gesture to get rid of her cloths. She slipped out of her shorts and button down shirt and neatly folded them near the bed side table, followed by her bra and panty on top of it. Then she slipped under the blanket, laying on her right side, pressing against my body. She put her hand across my chest. I used to spend countless hours lying like this with Remi. She will always put her hand across my chest resting her head on my shoulder. Then she will press her boobs against me and put her leg above my crotch. Korin’s soft boobs were already pressing against my chest. I grabbed her leg and let her put it over me. Sneaking a peek of Korin’s face I saw that she was very happy. Running my hand through her back I reached her soft butt cheeks. Just by touching I could tell they were sore from all my beatings. I squeezed them one at a time. Korin moaned in pleasurable pain. She sounded much like my ex-girlfriend. I thought about how I used to eat her out and sent her through the roofs just by using my tongue and fingers. Thinking about Remi made me hard and Korin could feel it against her leg.

I slightly pushed and Korin was on her back. I turned to my side and kissed her on the lips. It might have been a surprise for Korin but she kissed me back anyway. All my memories with Remi, was coming back to me. Suddenly it was like kissing her when we were together. I started moving my lips down through Korin’s neck and started munching on her nipples. I ran my tongue around her nipples teasingly and bit them mildly to arouse them. Boy did it work. Again moving my lips downward, through her perfectly flat tummy, past her belly button, I neared her pussy. Korin started breathing heavily with anticipation. “Spread your legs girl. Daddy is hungry.” Korin was much obliged to do so. Deciding to do it slowly I started kissing her calves, then her knees and then her thighs. I did it so teasingly that by the time I reached her upper-inner thigh, her pussy was literally dripping. My tongue started going over her pussy lips and tasted some of her juices. It tasted, delicious, just like Remi’s. I put my tongue inside her nectar pot looking for more taste and she let out a loud moan. My tongue skilfully explored and teased inside her for time. Her clit was not going to escape from me. Two of my fingers took the place of my tongue inside her as my mouth was busy sucking her clit. She let out a moan louder than the first. Her breathing became heavy and her whole body started vibrating. At one point the pleasure I was giving her was so intense she lost her place and grabbed my hair. But immediately knowing her mistake she took her hand of, apologizing in between her moans. I took my fingers of her pussy and stuck one of them up her ass. Remi always enjoyed this. Boy from her moans now I know, Korin does too. I started licking her clit hard and my fingers were dipped back in her nectar pot. All of Korin’s muscles tensed up and she let out a long loud moan. Juices started flowing out of her pussy as she climaxed. I didn’t waste any of it. She tasted just like Remi. I lay besides her licking my lips, while she repeatedly thanked me for my kindness. She was sweating profusely but I didn’t mind it. Only if this poor girl knew I was imagining my ex-girlfriend all this time. Korin was tired and was soon asleep. I lay awake, wondering how similar Korin and Remi tasted. May be their hair smelled similar too. I turned my head and sniffed Korin’s hair.

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