My Shaven Haven Ch. 2

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All people in this story are fictitious and 18 years old.

That night in bed, I reflected upon the day’s events. I smiled as I realised that what had gone on today, could now become as regular as awful daytime TV. We would have to avoid each other in school of course. Well, not forever. As far as the rest of the school knew, us two had never spoken. But that could change. We could act out ‘becoming’ friends. With these thoughts spinning around my head, I drifted off into sleep.

Next day at school, Sarah approached me during break and didn’t speak to me directly but had a half-baked conversation with someone else whilst trying to catch my eye. Our eyes met and I tried to fight back a grin but failed and she motioned me to follow her. We walked 10 meters apart out of the Upton High School boundary and towards the sports hall. When she spotted a good spot well out of the public eye, she stopped and turned. I was on her in an instant, our lips met and all the memories of yesterday came flooding back. While I was enjoying these thoughts, her tongue slipped into my mouth which woke me up and mine slipped into her mouth. It was quite a sloppy kiss, with saliva trickling down her cheek, but that only made it more romantic. Eventually, after lots of tongue hockey, we broke and she giggled and hugged me. “I can’t believe we’re doing this!” She said in a whispered squeal.

I said nothing but licked my dribble from her chin and was about to reach for her baps, when the inevitable bell sounded. “You wanna skive?” I asked hopefully.

“No, we better not.” Was her answer. But as she saw my face fall, she added quickly “But we’ll go back to my house after school.”

I brightened up at this and I kissed her quickly as her hands roamed my nipples. We said our goodbyes and hurried our separate ways.

After a 5 minuet wait outside the school gate, Sarah appeared in the crowd. She spotted me and scurried towards me and linked my arm. We hardly talked until we were nearly at her door, instead, we concentrated on getting there quickly because remember, if someone saw two girls who didn’t know each other linking arms, more than one eyebrow would be raised.

All that washed away when we were at her door. I noticed earlier that Sarah’s arm was wet and sticky. She’d obviously just done cross country, but as her key went into the lock, her tiny arm hairs stood to attention and her skin was treated to a fresh coat of sweat. I looked at her as we stepped into the hall. She’d noticed her sweating but tried to pass it off with a smile. “What?” she asked.

“Are you nervous?” I enquired.

“Of course not! Lets just forget it and go upstairs” with that I was dragged up to her room. Unlike yesterday there was no intro, we just hit casino siteleri the bed. I had my blouse of before I got so her room and was throwing my skirt off as we got into her bed. But Sarah remained fully clothed. She straddled me and caressed my tits through my bra. I groaned and started on her shirt. She took of my bra and licked my nipples. I undid her skirt and found to m delight that she wasn’t wearing underwear again. I rolled her over so that I was on top and started my tongue’s mission.

She was shiny with sweat all over and I started with the source: her pits. I licked her armpits with long strokes. I went into all the small crooks and cranny’s with my tongue. I tasted her salty, sexy sweat and I loved it. I sucked on them and she moaned with pleasure. I went south with my tongue. Missing her cunt and all the way down to her ankles. I slowly started my route upward slowly. I licked her glistening legs and as I got to her thighs, the amount of sweat increased. I licked all of this up and Sarah groaned again. I reached her arse hole eventually. I knew that round here, I would get the strongest taste. Under any other circumstances, I would have grossed out. But the adrenaline was high and I licked my lips and went down to her shit-tunnel. A smell of turd and sweat hit me as I drew nearer. I don’t think Sarah was aware of my intentions and was about to inquire but I silenced her by spreading her legs. She was getting ready for her pussy to get eaten but she gasped when my nose pushed on her ass. I licked in circles around it, the smell of sex was even stronger and I touched her puckered hole with the tip of my tongue. “Go on! Eat my ass you shit-loving whore!” came Sarah’s bark.

I went in and she screamed. I pushed in as far as I could go and licked the walls of her ass. I moaned myself when I found her shit. I licked at it, and ate it. I felt her pushing and a fart erupted into my mouth. She giggled in between her moans and I knew she had a big fat turd waiting for me. I went down further to reach it and I licked the end off it.

The smell and taste was getting to me now and so I withdrew. She looked at me disappointedly and I came up for air. “I thought you were going to eat it.” She demanded.

“No way! That’s just too gross for me right now.” And with that I went for her other hole. Her fuck hole. My taste buds had had enough so I went to finger fuck her. With her soaking fanny, I was easily able to get 3 fingers in there at once and soon a forth. She started bucking and moaning and I went in and out. She started rubbing her clit and that sent her over the edge. She came all over my hand and face again. But unlike yesterday, she jumped up immediately and legged it out of the room. Curious, I followed her and I slot oyna found her in the bathroom, on the bog. A sleepy look on her face as the shit, which I had tasted, took a plunge into the water. “Ahhh. That feels GOOD!”

I pulled her off the bog and held her in my arms. Our naked bodies mashing together. I kissed her, wanting her to taste her sweat, shit and juice. She grimaced, but smiled upon tasting the cocktail and kissed back. “I must pleasure you in the same way.” She smiled and took me into a different room, which happened to be her parent’s bedroom.

She threw me onto the bed and scurried out again. I nearly bounced off again it was so springy and boy it was big. It would easily accommodate a full on orgy. This though got me thinking again until Sarah came back clutching a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and 2 glasses. “What’s all this for?” I asked.

“You wanna get pissed? My parents wont be back ’till late. Just phone your mum and tell her your staying over at my place.”

I did this and my mum was cool about it so I hung up. Sarah handed me a full glass and we sat drinking and talking for a while. When we had finished 2 glasses Sarah wanted to get down to business. She took our glasses and put them on the bedside table and got up close to me so that I could smell her whisky-tainted breath. I don’t think she was drunk, just mellowed out. She briefly licked each of my nipples and then spread my legs. She licked all around my slit at first and then started on my hairless clit. She nibbled on it while inserting 2 fingers into my fuck hole. This felt great and I could feel my girly oil flowing onto Sarah’s hand and face. I told her to go faster and she responded by licking faster and adding a third finger.

I felt a quiver in my bladder, telling me that the whiskey had reached its destination. I didn’t try to stop it. I was too caught up in my building orgasm. I splashed piss into Sarah’s breath and she cried out in what I hoped was delight. It obviously was as she clamped her mouth down onto my fanny to take all of my piss. She went even faster with her fingers and this sent me over the edge. To go with the last of my urine, I added my cum. It fired out in 4 little spits. Each 1 sent a jolt through my body. I looked down at Sarah as she finished licking all the various fluids from my hole. She smiled and moved on top of me, our nipples clashing.

“That was great. Our best sex yet. Your piss tastes real good.” Sarah said softly to me.

I licked my juices off her chin and smiled back. “You wanna do it again? I really need my pussy filled.”

“I think I could fine a cucumber or something. Wait here”. She again jumped up and ran out of the room.

I lay back on the bed and I must have drifted off, as she canlı casino siteleri was shaking me the next thing I knew. Sarah had indeed found a cucumber and 2 cans of Becks. She didn’t speak, but started working the cucumber into her pussy. At first she couldn’t get half of it in. but I gave it a little push and an extra inch disappeared.

I took my end, which looked about 8 inches, and I was confident of getting 7 of those inches inside me. My cunt had extra lubrication from my piss so it when it easier then for Sarah. I soon had enough of it in my fuck tunnel so we started fucking like bunnies. It was so weird but such an amazing sensation, she was fucking me and I was fucking her. I didn’t know whether to be submissive or dominant. We couldn’t keep it up for very long however, after a few minuets we both came and fell back on the bed, exhausted.

I heaved myself off the green vegetable to see it slick with juice. Sarah was still panting and unable to get up. I pulled out her end of the cucumber to see it in a similar state. Sarah let out a happy sigh and fell asleep. I looked at the bedside clock and it read 10:30. Late, I thought. I decided to be nosy and look round the empty house. I took both cans of beer, ripped one open and left the room. I went back into Sarah’s room and looked in her draws. I knew I shouldn’t do this, but I had known this girl all of 72 hours. Maybe there’s something I should know, I convinced myself.

I found some very sexy underwear, including a black leather thong and matching bra. Some other nice clothes in her wardrobe and I went downstairs. I finished the first can when I got there and all the alcohol was finally getting to me and I felt giddy, but I carried on into the kitchen. I rummaged in the fridge and found mini dairy milks. I smiled and took 3 from the large bag. I opened the last can and took a swig with a mouthful of chocolate. I staggered back upstairs to find Sarah still sleeping. I took a last slurp of Becks and poured the rest over my head and onto my nipples. I lay down, wet with beer next to Sarah and snuggled up close before drifting off to sleep.

I awoke late next morning, with a small headache, my hair in every angle. I felt, and looked a mess. Sarah was not there, I wondered where she could be, the house was silent. As I rose to my feet, I felt movement in my aching pussy. I felt my hole, and gasped out as I found a piece of paper wedged in there! I pulled it out. It was a note from Sarah and the ink was running from my wetness.

“Hi lover, I’m glad you’ve found this! I had just as much fun placing it! We had a wild nigh last night didn’t we!? Any way I’m at school so come and find me. Feel free to shower and breakfast before you turn up. See ya later luv Sarah”

I smiled to myself and I hauled my stinking ass to the bathroom. An hour later, after a leisurely shower and breakfast I went off to find my lover with a certain spring in my step.

Thanks for reading! any comment welcome.

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