my sisters….

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My life wasn’t ideal for any 13 year old boy hitting puberty. I grew up in a house with no father (because he kicked the bucket when I was only two years old) a mother who seemed like she was always out of town, and three older sisters. Needless to say I was lacking a father figure in the house, or any kind of figure that would teach me to be a man because I sure as hell knew I wasn’t.

With mom being out of town a lot that meant that we’d have to take care of ourselves more. Do the cooking, cleaning, and make sure we were all safe and whatnot. However my loving sisters didn’t feel the same way, instead they felt like I had to do all the cooking, cleaning, and fulfill any wish they needed of me at the time. I was ordered around like a slave and I hated it everyday. Guess I know how Cinderella feels now.

I stood in front of the door of our light green two-story house, my eyes scanning the place as if checking for heat signs to give me hints on where the girls were at. With a deep breath, I opened the door and poked my head inside. To the right was a narrow hallway that led to my room and yes I had the only room on the bottom floor, secluding me from my family. The stairs were directly in front of me with another hallway right beside it leading to the kitchen. The doorway directly left of the front door led to the living room, complete with a small couch, two reclining chairs and a coffee table all facing a big screen TV. The living room and kitchen were connected thanks to some remodeling last year allowing people at the dinner table to be able to watch TV too so it was a very popular place for the girls to hang out at. Luckily the TV wasn’t on so I knew that that area was safe.

Everything was clear as far as I could tell…and then my eyes moved upwards. I could only see a little bit of the second floor but I did notice that there was a door slightly cracked open. I took a chance, ignoring subtlety as I shut the door and darted into my secluded hallway, diving into my room and slamming the door shut. I pressed up against it as if a monster would try and burst threw it at any moment and after a couple seconds of agonizing silence, I sighed in relief as I headed into my bathroom.

Seeing as how I was lucky enough to get the master bedroom of the house it came with its own bathroom, which was helpful in more ways then one as I shut the door and splashed water on my face. Just looking at my reflection disappointed me. I was rail-thin and I mean the hand rails people use to help climb stairs, barely 5’8 on a good day with all of my sisters being at least 6 foot. I was the oddball of the family when it came to my hair as well, being the only one with short and shaggy chestnut colored hair, not to mention my freaky red eyes that I was constantly teased about and I didn’t know why.

That was enough critiquing for one day. I did my business and exited only to run smack dab into a brick wall. After I stumbled backwards I looked up to see my 21 year old sister Isabella (Izzy for short and the oldest of the three) staring at me smugly and currently blocking the entrance to my room. She was 6’1 with an hourglass figure that was model worthy, having an amazing pair of boobs that were at least a D-cup. Her smooth face was always wearing the same evil expression when she glanced my way, with chin length black hair that always seemed to rest over one of her emerald green eyes, and a small stud in her nose to complement her punk look. She wore a tight long sleeve black shirt that had small rips in it along the rib area giving me a nice taste of her soft white skin, and her black thigh high skirt revealed smooth shaven legs from top to bottom.

“Had a nice look pervert?” she hissed and I snapped out of my trance and realized who the body that I was ogling at belonged to, “If I catch you doing something like that again I’ll beat your perverted ass so bad that you’ll be hospitalized. Got it? Now get the fuck in the kitchen and start making dinner.”

“Alright,” I mumbled climbing to my feet avoiding eye contact. However this proved difficult because she didn’t budge an inch leaving me with my head held down like a scolded puppy, “Move.”

“Excuse me? You better learn some fucking manners real quick before I beat it into you!”

Izzy was always a little more violent then the others, resorting to threats and a couple cases of physical abuse that reinforced the fact that she could kick my ass without breaking a sweat.

“Please,” I looked up at her, “Move.”

“I’ll let you go this time but if that ever happens again where you give me a bit of attitude for trying to help your uncivilized ass, I’ll drop you faster then a sack of potatoes.”

“Whatever,” I muttered out of earshot distance, walking out of my room and into the kitchen as the blasting TV caught my attention. I knew who it was, and more importantly I knew why she was doing this. “Riley! CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN!”

Riley poked her head up from the couch and shot me a funny look.

“TURN IT DOWN!” I shouted again pointing towards the ground. She shrugged her shoulders as if she couldn’t understand the language I was speaking. I knew very well what her plan was but I didn’t have a choice but to fall for it. “I SAID TURN IT DOWN!”

She muted it the second I started yelling so my voice was heard throughout the house. Only seconds later did I hear my lovely sister Izzy yell, “Why the fuck are you yelling at Riley! Your supposed to be cooking remember?”

I can’t cook if I can’t hear the beeping from the timer. Riley knew damn well that I did my homework while I waited for things took cook so I needed to be able to actually hear them or else I’d burn the food. And if I burned the food, it wouldn’t be Riley’s fault no matter how much I argued. It’d always be mine. I still ignored the devil smile that she was currently shooting my way now as I shook my head and began cooking. Once I had everything set up I grabbed my homework and sat down at the kitchen table to do some math. This however proved to be a dumb choice because within seconds I had Riley breathing down my neck.

She was smart, plain and simple, and I wasn’t exactly the brightest student but that was because I was dealing with a lot more then her in my opinion. She was sitting down next to me humming a cheerful tune as she looked over my work.

“That’s wrong,” she happily told me, “Number 4 too. Oh and you really screwed up on number 13. How dumb can you be to miss number 19? Are you trying to fail Max?”

“I’ll go back and check them later,” I tried to ignore her and continue but she snatched my paper away and ripped it up in my face. An hour of hard work was now trickling out of her fingers like rain into the garbage can.

A stuck up bitch at 6 foot, with long sandy blonde hair and pompous blue eyes, she was a senior at my high school and turning 18 two months from now. She was the youngest of my older sisters but I felt like she was always trying to prove to them that she could be just as mean to me as they were. Her body was nothing short of perfect either. Her ass was perfectly round and always visible in the tight clothes she wore to school, not to mention her C-cup breasts were extremely perky from what I could tell. I could sum up her wardrobe pretty quickly too, tight jeans to show of her body, and low cut shirts to give guys a glimpse of her breasts.

“What the heck Riley!” I shouted as a timer went off in the kitchen. I scrambled back and proceeded to take some things out of the oven as she skipped into kitchen.

“Well you weren’t listening to me so I figured I had to get rid of the distraction.”

“The distraction was my homework,” I reminded her, accidentally touching the side of the tray in the process. My finger burned like hell as I ran it under cold water.

“As clumsy as always,” she shook her head slowly, “You’ll never be smart if you don’t accept the help of others little bro. But then again who’d want to help someone as sorry as you?”

I wanted to shout and scream and start trashing the place, but that was exactly what she wanted so I just turned around and continued to focus on my burn. Eventually she left and after wiping it clean I wrapped a band-aid on it and finished cooking. Once the table was set Izzy and Riley found there way to the kitchen and took a seat, pigging out before our last family member could even come home from practice. One tradition that mom taught me was to wait until everyone had their food to eat, so I sat there and waited. By the time Izzy and Riley finished the front door swung open then shut harshly as the middle sister finally made her appearance.

Ashley dropped her muddy cleats smack dab on the kitchen floor causing all that crap to scatter everywhere meaning that I would just have to clean it up later. She was 19, matched Riley in height, with an incredible body no thanks to the recreational soccer team that she played on. Her golden tanned skin only served to make her hotter and also make up for her lack of big boobs that the my other two sisters had. They were still visible but they were solid B-cups and I doubt that would change unless she stopped playing soccer. Her ass was her saving grace though, better then Izzy’s and Riley’s combined. Her shiny black hair was pulled back into a ponytail as she took a seat at the table with her sleeveless white shirt and black short shorts.

“Man practice sucked,” she whined slumping back in her chair, “We ran up and down Matson Hill at least twenty times. I felt like my legs were going to fall off. Thank god I caught a ride home today.”

“Well hurry up and eat your food you big baby,” Izzy taunted walking away, “Its movie night remember?”

“Yeah, yeah I remember,” she sighed looking up at me. “What do you want chicken legs? You waiting for me to get my food again? Jeez you’re a dumbass, mom’s not here just get your food and eat you spineless loser.”

Ashley was a name caller if that wasn’t obvious within the first sentence. I kinda laughed when I thought about it but each sister had their own special way of making my life hell. Izzy would resort to violence, Riley would pull pranks on me and other mischievous things, and Ashley would constantly critique and belittle me. I guess I was getting a good dose of everything, which was a lot better then having everyone follow Izzy’s method.

Regardless I waited until Ashley got her food and even though she took it up to her room, I remained at the table and finished eating. After I had cleaned everything up including the mud stains on the kitchen tiles, I loaded up the dishes and retreated to my room for some peace and quiet. I had a ton of homework to do and I couldn’t forget about the math I had to completely redo now thanks to Riley. Plus on movie night I wasn’t allowed to leave my room unless I was going to die of starvation. Last time I did Izzy clocked me square in the eye giving me a shiner. It was difficult to explain at school but I just told everyone that I fell down the stairs…some right handed stairs that packed a deadly punch, but stairs nonetheless.

The clock read 6:30 when I started and by the time I finished it was 2:13. My eyes hurt, I was tired, and frankly if a punch to the face meant getting a bite to eat then it would be worth it now. I stumbled through the pitch black hallway only to catch a blue light emanating from the living room. It was late even for the girls standards, and there wasn’t any point in sneaking into the kitchen because the refrigerator was so loud that they’d know I was there. I’d probably get hit for scaring them then so I just openly walked into the living room.

To my surprise, Ashley was the only one in here. She was curled up in a little ball on the couch watching TV until she noticed me.

“What the fuck are you still doing up you waste of space?” she hissed sitting up.

“I had a lot of homework,” I eyed her suspiciously, “What are you still doing up it’s late for you too.”

“I’m not some freshman loser Maxine,” (the girl version of my name apparently), “I can stay up as long I’d like so get your baby food and go back to bed.”

There was definitely something wrong. I quickly find a clue to the source when I saw a DVD box on the coffee table, reaching down to take a look at it. It was some stupid horror movie that probably had an insane amount of blood and gore that they used to try and scare the audience. Frankly those kinds of movies really didn’t bother me, in fact they actually bored me to tears but that’s when I eyed Ashley again.

Her eyes were wide open and her body was shivering slightly, as if cold even though she was wrapped in a blanket and the fan in the room wasn’t on. She was scared? Since the movie was missing from the case I knew that they probably watched it so that really was the only answer. But as I headed into the kitchen and retrieved a handful of grapes I shook my head in disbelief. Ashley’s always been pretty strong willed and brave as far as it goes on the soccer field. Going toe-to-toe with two people on a daily basis and almost always coming out on top. Could a scary movie really have caused this?

Only one way to find out.

I crept up behind her, plopping the last grape as I got into position behind the couch. If this didn’t work I’d land myself in the hospital, but I had to try. I leaned over the couch with my arms outstretched towards her and roaring suddenly. She let out a shrill scream hurling the blanket over her head and panting heavier then a Doberman. Shifting to the side of the couch, I really couldn’t believe how scared she was until I touched her shoulder and she let out another scream.

“Ashley calm down!” I ordered quickly, “It’s just me, Max.”

She stopped her screaming and poked her head out of her blanket cocoon. Her scared look turned into unparalleled anger now as her entire body continued to quiver.

“I bet you think you’re really funny don’t you Maxine? Big tough guy scaring a girl when she’s trying to get some sleep. What’s next are you going to rape me you filthy fuckin piece of trash!”

I glanced at the clock, ignoring her as she continued to spout out insults like a fountain spouts water. She had a game at noon today and if she didn’t have any sleep she’d be screwed. Plus I felt kind of bad for scaring her and I have no idea why. I guess I wasn’t the kind of guy that liked getting revenge, or at least cheap revenge like this one.

“Shut up,” I said abruptly standing up and turned off the TV. Her eyes widened as if I had just slapped her in the face. “C’mon.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said follow me.”

“Who the fuck do you think you are twinkle toes? Giving me orders like you’re the boss around here.”

“Humor me,” I pleaded looking down at her, “Please.”

“Fine,” she threw her hands up in the air and climbed to her feet with her blanket still draped over her body. She had changed into boxers and a white tank top that made me take a quick peak at all the exposed flesh of my tanned sister’s body. I grabbed her wrist and walked down my hallway and into my room trying to stay focused, flicking on the light and shutting my door. “I don’t know what your planning Maxine but if I even think it’s fishy I’ll kick your balls so hard your kids will be stupid.”

“Look,” I turned around and pointed at her menacingly, “Knock that tough girl crap out ok? Get in the fuckin bed and go to sleep ok? Your scared shitless from that movie and you can’t get any sleep plus you have a game in less then ten hours. I’m not going to try anything or mess with you I promise. I’ll even sleep on the ground just to prove it. You’re a mess right now and it’s only going to get worse the longer you worry about it. I’ll be right down here if you need me but you need to get some rest!”

Her jaw dropped so far down that it would’ve hit the center of the earth given the chance. She didn’t move an inch for the next minute and finally I had to grab onto her and yank her to the side of the bed before shoving her onto it.

“Sleep Ashley,” I ordered grabbing a pillow and blanket off my bed and tossing it on the ground. “No one’s going to hurt you while I’m here with you ok?”

She nodded robotically, slowly positioning herself on the bed as I moved to the light switch and flicked it off. I signed and nearly collapsed onto the ground, pulling the blanket over my body and resting my eyes. I’d slept on the ground plenty of times before so it was second nature to me and soon enough I was on the brink of slumber.

“M-Max,” I heard Ashley stammer.

“Yeah?” I answered in a raspy voice symbolizing my tiredness.

“C-Could you…could you sleep in the bed with me?” I pushed myself to my knees slowly before flicking on the light switch. I had to see her face to tell if she was being serious or not and when our eyes met I knew that she meant her request.

“Um,” I rubbed my eyes trying to think of what to say. She was my sister after all so I guess there wasn’t anything wrong with it right? Plus she was kind of hot and although I wouldn’t admit it I spent some time masturbating with the thought of seeing her body completely naked. “If you’re ok with it I guess it couldn’t hurt.”

I flicked off the light and carefully crawled into bed with her. At first I just kept to the left half of the bed, laying on my side so I was facing the wall. But that didn’t last long.

“Max…could you look this way?” she asked, her voice even weaker then before. I slowly rolled over to see her within inches of my face. Her warm breath was gently brushing up against my face now, sending shivers down my body. And those lips, those full and beckoning lips were almost taunting me with the sweet smell of strawberries. I had kissed a girl before but they couldn’t compare to Ashley in a million years as I found myself longing to taste them…to taste her. I could make out her weak smile now before she rolled over so she was lying on her side with her back facing me. She scooted towards me, reaching back to grab onto my arm and placing it over her stomach like a seatbelt as she finally lay nuzzled up against me in a spooning position. Her warm body pressed up against mine was unlike anything I’d ever felt before, and the sensation it sent through me was unlike anything I could’ve imagined. Needless to say, I was harder then steel now and I tried to move my hips back in hopes that she wouldn’t feel it.

Almost as if she read my mind, she reached back and grabbed onto my side and pulled me in tighter until my dick was forcefully pressed up against her ass. Her perfect round ass that I had only ever snuck peaks at was now grinding up against me. It drove me wild and I wanted nothing more then to grab a hold of it. To squeeze and slap it and have all my expectations met but…I couldn’t.

She was my sister.

“S-Stop,” I whispered softly, my voice felt like it was fighting to stop me from doing this. “J-just go to sleep Ashley.”

She looked back at me and I thought I saw her smile but it was hard to tell. Luckily she listened to me and halted her grinding, leaving her ass firmly pressed against my still hard dick. I don’t know how long it took after that but I was finally able to sleep.

The next morning I woke up alone. I glanced around the room quickly and sat up as my heart started racing. My room was just the way it should be, and there was no one else in my bed either so with a sigh of exhaustion I let myself fall back onto my bed as my eyes closed.

It was just a dream. I never had a dream like that before, and worst of all it felt so real. Tiny shivers ran down my body as I got up and headed into the bathroom to take care of my raging hard on. Just the thought of that dream, of feeling Ashley’s body pressed against mine, of her ass teasing me like that. It sent me over the edge in no time at all and I didn’t think I had ever blown a bigger load in my life. Once it was all over I turned on the shower and crawled inside, taking a seat on the floor as water continued to cascade down my body.

I tried my best to shove all the thoughts of Ashley out of my head, going out into the living room only to discover a note telling me what I already knew.

Clean up the house –Izzy

After discovering the time I realized that it was nearly 1 in the afternoon and I had missed Ashley’s game. Then again it was probably best that I stayed as far away from her as possible until I get these feeling’s under control. I took care of all my chores quickly and efficiently, but the thought of Ashley crept back to me for some reason and I took a quick break to masturbate again. I felt dirty the entire time, but the pleasure outweighed my guilt without competition. After I had finished everything I cracked open a soda and leaned back against the counter, giving me a perfect view of the front door from where I was.

It opened only a couple seconds later to my surprise, as the terrible trio came waltzing through the door laughing. Izzy and Riley headed upstairs immediately, ignoring me completely but Ashley changed her course and headed for the kitchen.

Her hair was tied up into a ponytail again and she was glistening with sweat. Her green soccer jersey was hanging loosely from her body and her black shorts seemed to be rolled up higher then usual causing me to stare. She caught me staring and scowled immediately.

“What do you want you brainless pig?” she barked opening up the fridge and bending down to look through it. My mouth was wide open and my head started tilting instinctively as I got a perfect view of her ass. It was practically falling out and I began reaching out to touch it when I realized what I was doing, and the massive boner I was getting from it. I scrambled past her and hastily headed for my room.

“What’s your problem Maxine?” she asked as I entered my hallway.

“J-just had a weird dream is all,” I called back slamming my door shut. I took another drink of my soda and couldn’t take it anymore, rushing into my bathroom to take care of myself yet again to the thought of Ashley. Three times in one day, and it wasn’t even 2:30 yet. This was becoming a major problem very quickly. After I finished blowing another load I leaned up against the wall to catch my breath before heading back into my room.

When I went to grab my soda I dropped the can immediately. It was all gone. Every last drop. I was definitely losing my mind now because I only took a couple sips from it, and I knew that I still had a ton left before I went into the bathroom. The smell of strawberries caught my attention as I sniffed the air and my thoughts just exploded after that. I needed to lie down to try and regain my sanity. Collapsing on my bed, I drifted off to sleep with only one thought in mind.

My sister Ashley.

“Get the fuck up Max!” Izzy shouted causing me to literally jump out of bed. “Stop being useless and go make dinner already before I break your legs.”

I didn’t argue. My mind was too fried to even mumble a response. I slept walk my way to the kitchen and prepared some mac-n-cheese with grilled cheese and apple slices. After setting up the plates and everything I grabbed half a grilled cheese and scurried back into my room where I spent the rest of the night.

The next morning my mind had calmed down a bit since Saturday’s torture session, but I was still wary of Ashley and thoughts of her creeping up into my head. However, my plan of total solitude was ruined when Riley came flying threw my door.

“We’re going to see a movie!” Riley jumped up and down like a five year old in a candy shop.

“What movie?”

“Always and Forever!”

“Isn’t that one of those stupid romance stories that aren’t funny?” I asked.

“It’s not stupid and it is funny! You wouldn’t know art if it bit you in the ass!”

There were a ton of holes in that statement, but I think it was in my best interest to keep that a secret. After a bit of arguing I finally convinced her to let me go see a different movie so she drug me out into the kitchen where Izzy and Ashley were sitting.

“He’s being a crybaby and won’t go.”

“Just let me see a different movie,” I argued, “I’ll walk home from the theater if you want but there’s no way I’m seeing the crappy movie you picked out.”

“Call that movie stupid one more time and I’ll make you regret it!” Izzy clenched her right hand into a fist before throwing her hands up in defeat, “Whatever just shut the hell up and get ready. I’ll give you a ride to the movies but that’s it, and don’t ever say that I never did anything for your whiny ass.”

I rolled my eyes and left, catching a glimpse of Ashley out of the corner of my eye. Her eyes were glued to me, but not in her usual I’m better then you look. No. This look was leaning more towards curiousity. As if wanting to see what movie I’d pick.

After throwing on some jeans, a large t-shirt, and a blue jacket, I made sure that I looked decent enough to not be hit by Izzy before heading out to the living room where they were all waiting. Of course they all looked incredible, but for some reasons my eyes always came back to Ashley. Her hair was now straightened and draped over her breasts and she wore a soft white long sleeve t-shirt that showed of those deadly curves along with most of the top half of her breasts, and her jean shorts were barely reached her mid-thigh level letting me drink up the sight of perfect golden thighs.

I gulped and quickly turned to head out the front door before any of the girls could make a comment. The eight minute car ride to the movie theater consisted of me forcing myself to stare out the window, mainly because Ashley was sitting in the back seat with me and I knew that if I turned to look for a second I doubt my eyes were going anywhere else for the rest of the ride.

When we parked and all got out, the girls waited for me to get ahead of them for fear of being seen with me, which I didn’t have a problem with. By the time I got to the front of the line I heard there snickering letting me know that they had finally jumped into line with me.

I walked up to the window and glanced at all my options. They were slim to say the least. It was that stupid movie my sisters were going to watch, a kids movie that was for third graders, or the supposed scariest movie of the year. Only problem was that it was rated R so I couldn’t get in. Then again I had other methods, the main method being that I knew the guy that was currently working in the window. His name was Phil and he used to date Riley, even after their break-up he was still nice to me, especially after seeing all the crap I went through.

“Hey Phil,” I gave him a nod.

“Max! What’s up bud?”

“Dragged to a movie.”

“That sucks man, do you at least have a choice?”

“This time yeah,” I laughed but he shook his head.

“How you can stay happy I’ll never know.”

“I’d be happier if you’d do me a favor,” I slipped fifteen bucks through the window and nodded my head towards the R rated movie poster. He got the hint and nodded, printing out my ticket and handing me the five bucks back.

“Get that outta here bro,” he winked, “Enjoy it man it’s a good movie.”

“I’ll try,” I waved and walked through the gate, handing the doorman my ticket as he mindlessly ripped it and gave it back. Obviously he didn’t care about his job enough to realize that I wasn’t eighteen but I could care less at this point, heading to the right towards my movie. It was pretty empty, with less then a dozen people scattered throughout the auditorium. Nevertheless I climbed to the empty top row and plopped down on the far left. The movie had been out for some time so I couldn’t blame people for losing interest, but something caught my attention immediately right as the lights dimmed to start the previews.

Ashley appeared from around the corner and began scanning the crowd until spotting me. She walked up the stairs and soon enough was sitting right next to me.

“You’re an ugly moronic pile of crap y’know that?” she hissed sitting down, “I had to buy a ticket and watch this stupid movie with you because apparently you got in here by bribing Phil. You have any idea what would happen if you got caught? Thanks for ruining my day jackass!”

I slapped my forehead, dragging my hand down my face. And here I thought I was going to have a nice relaxing movie all alone. Instead, I got an ass chewing and my dreams crushed. The movie began only a couple seconds later now as I sat back and laughed internally at how bad it was. A six year old could’ve probably made something scarier then this, however a mouse like squeak caught my attention just as someone was cut in half by a chainsaw (too original in my opinion).

Ashley’s eyes were sealed tighter then a bank vault and to top it off she was looking away from the screen too. That’s when it hit me like snowball to the face.

That wasn’t a dream.

Ashley was almost on the brink of tears watching this movie and it was somehow all my fault.

“Ashley,” I whispered grabbing her shoulder, “Ashley, its Max. Look at me.”

She pried one eye open to look at me but after another scream of pain that eye shut faster then a mousetrap. I grabbed onto her other shoulder and pulled her in until we were hugging. She latched onto me now as I rubbed her back gently.

“Shhh,” I began, “I’m here Ashley. It’s going to be alright.”

Her body was quivering now and I was starting to panic too. I didn’t plan on making Ashley go threw this and now it was up to me to calm her down. After catching a quick whiff of her perfume though, my thoughts of helping her turned into thoughts of wanting her. I wanted to feel those longs legs. I wanted to taste those full lips. I wanted to grab onto that ass and never let go.

I wanted Ashley.

This wasn’t the time or the place for these feelings but I was getting tired of resisting them and the plan starting forming in my head that was as risky as it was helpful.

“Ashley I’m going to try something to help ok? If you don’t like it just tell me to stop ok?” I felt her head nod so I gently pushed her just far enough away that our foreheads were less then an inch apart. It was now or never, and lust was starting to take control as I leaned in quickly and gave her a kiss. Her eyes opened immediately and I thought for sure my life was finally about to come to an end. But instead she let them drowsily close, and began slowly kissing back as if encouraging me to continue. Those full lips that I had wanted only two nights ago where slowly massaging mine now and soon I felt her tongue power its way into my mouth. I welcomed it, and without having any experience in French kissing, began to dance around her tongue with my own, exploring her mouth as she did mine. The passion and force that she was using was turning me on more and more as my hands began wandering up and down her back while her hands softly cupped my face making the kiss all the more lustful.

Without warning she got up from her seat, our mouths still intertwined, and sat back down on my right leg. Her crotch was grinding up against it and it was driving me wild now as my hands immediately took the opportunity to latch onto the ass. She moaned inside my mouth as I squeezed and massaged them, taking this opportunity to finally release some of the lust that was built up inside of me. Her hips were thrusting harder now and our lips still never left one another’s until she pulled away suddenly. I found out why as she placed her knees on the outside of my chair and pulled the V-neck of her shirt down to reveal her perky boobs, mere inches from my face.

“Suck them,” she begged, “Please Max!”

She didn’t need to ask me twice. I leaned forward taking her stiff nipple in my mouth and began sucking on them like a baby sucks a bottle. Her head was just above mine now and I could hear her soft moaning until I lightly flicked the tip of nipple and suddenly that soft moan became a lustful roar. I brought one hand up to grab onto her free breast while my mouth worked on the other leaving my free hand to rub her ass which sent her wide. She was pressing her chest farther forward trying to get more of boob into my mouth and I happily continued to take what she gave me. It didn’t take long after I started that little rotation for her moans to become quicker and more urgent, I felt her body twitching out of control and I found out why only seconds later when she screamed (at the exact same time as someone in the movie died), “I’m cummmmmmming,”

Her body jerked forward, her entire body tensing up until she slowly started to fall backwards. I grabbed onto her hips and yanked her back towards me so she wouldn’t fall of the chair but she slowly got up once I had finally secured her, and after a little repositioning she was sitting in my lap with her head resting on my shoulder and her legs sitting comfortably on another chair. Her eyes were closed and she had a wide smile on her face, lying in my arms peacefully until the movie finally ended. She looked so sexy now, her hair frizzled with a little bit of sweat glistening off her forehead and her boobs still exposed for the world to see not to mention the large wet spot over her crotch area. Knowing that we’d have to leave soon, I pulled her shirt up to conceal them before trying to straighten her hair out a bit.

“Trying to clean me up?” she laughed finally opening her eyes and looking towards me.

“I-I’m sorry,” I stopped immediately.

“Your fine Max,” she sighed, “You’re just…fine.”

Once the credits had finally ended and I caught a glimpse of the clean-up crew coming in I told Ashley that we needed to leave. She groaned, slightly angered as she stood up and stretched out. She fixed her hair quickly and gave me a giant hug before grabbing her purse and heading towards the exit with me following close behind.

Riley and Izzy were waiting patiently for us as Ashley rapidly regained her formal cocky nature.

“So how was it?” Izzy directed the question at Ashley.

“A stupid boy movie that just attracts stupid boys,” Ashley shook her head, “Honestly how can anybody think that that’s a good movie I was practically asleep through the hole thing.”

“What about the brat?”

“I’m standing right here y’know?” I chimed in.

“Shut the fuck up, I wasn’t talking to you.”

“Hell if I know,” Ashley continued, “I wasn’t even paying attention to him.”

“After what he made you do I don’t blame ya. Bribing a fucking worker, I can’t believe this bullshit you almost got us into.”

“Whatever,” Izzy smacked the back of my head and I merely shook my head and continued out the door. I should’ve seen that smack coming but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. A bullet to the heart couldn’t ruin this day for me now.

The car ride home was noisy as Izzy and Riley began relaying the entire movie to Ashley who was more then happy to hear it. When we got home I went to my room, changed into shorts and t-shirt, and proceeded to lay on my bed. My eyes where glued to the ceiling as I relived the evenings escapades. Time seemed to fly by as the clock read midnight now, and suddenly I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I got up, finally taking off my jacket and tossing it to the ground as I headed out my door and down my pitched black hallway.

The blue light from the living room confirmed my suspicions as I walked in and leaned against the doorway.

“I bribed Phil but he didn’t take the money, and that was supposedly the scariest movie of year. The others wouldn’t have given a damn about that,” I admitted, “Why’d you do it?”

“I needed to get you alone,” Ashley admitted. Laying in the exact same position I found her in Friday night. “I asked Phil what movie you went to see and then put my plan in motion.”

“But why?”

“What you did for me Friday Max,” she sat up, biting her lower lip, “I felt a strange sense of passion when you gave me orders. But it wasn’t like any other passion I had ever experienced. It was concern and care, but also a strange sense of security, and when I realized that I lost all control. My mind started to think about what you felt like. How you would handle me. How I’d do anything just to have you touch me. I had to get you on that bed and when the moment finally came when your body was fully pressed against mine I melted. I-I…I wanted you Max,” she laughed to cover up her obvious embarrassment, “I never felt so nervous around a guy in my life much less my little brother. It only got worse after you told me to stop too. I wanted you even more after that and it took all weekend for me to finally devise a plan to get you alone.”

“You planned all of that out?” I asked in disbelief, “Even the whole scene during the movie?”

“No, that was all you,” she winked, “But I never came that hard before in my life and god did I need that from you. You have no idea how happy I was when you pressed your lips against mine and once it was all over you let me rest in your arms. I could’ve stayed like that for the rest of my life Max.” she paused and shook her head, “I’m sorry Max I know that it’s wrong and filthy and all kinds of other things. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want you. I guess I’ll understand if you’re disgusted with me after what I-”

“We,” I interrupted.


“After what we did,” I smiled and I saw how much it made her relax, “Ashley I was as much a part of it as you were. I thought I was being a pervert thinking about you like that, hell I thought I was dreaming about Friday night. I love you Ashley no matter what, you’re my sister after all and I’m not even mad. I’m actually pretty relieved.”

“You are? You’re not freaked out or anything?” I shook my head and she smiled, “So what would you say if I wanted to sleep with you again? The few scenes that I did see of that movie were a little…intense.”

I thought about my answer, but I felt like the best answer was to just hold out my hand. She got up and shakily grabbed onto my hand, turning off the TV as we headed into my room. The only light in the room was the lamp at my desk as we both crawled into bed. I didn’t have much time to get comfy before she immediately latched onto me and started straddling my body. Her head was resting beside mine now as our breathing slowed and I enjoyed the warmth of her body, luckily we were under the covers because I didn’t want her to notice how hard I was just by her touch.

“Max c-can I ask you something?”


“Have you had sex before?” I was admittedly shocked by her question and she must’ve noticed because she quickly said, “I’m so sorry was that too far? I-I didn’t mean to pry into your personal life.”

“It’s alright,” I laughed at how embarrassed she was and gave her a quick peck on her cheek, “I’ve never had sex before Ashley.”

“A blowjob?”


“A hand job?”



“Let’s just say that you’re the farthest I’ve gone with a girl,” I quickly said after realizing how lame I was starting to sound. Her grip loosened a considerable amount after that and I didn’t know why, but either way I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this especially because I was so horny that my dick was going to explode. Thinking quickly I hopped on top, pinning her down although I was positive she could’ve tossed me to the side like a rag doll. I stared down at her with hungering eyes, beautiful body only making me more aggressive. “Ashley you’re my big sister right?”

“Right…” she answered nervously.

“And being my big sister you’re supposed to take care of me right?”

“Yeah,” she lost some of nervousness in her voice.

“To make sure I’m happy right?”

“That’s right,” a small smile crossed her face now.

“To teach…” I leaned in so close that our lips were only one slight jerk forward away from meeting each other yet again. Her eyes were slowly narrowing and I could see that she was smiling wickedly now, knowing what the next words out of my mouth were going to be. “Me…right?”

“That’s right,” she whispered back in a soft and succulent voice, her arms wrapping around my neck and pulling me in for the kiss. My hunger for her soft lips were met as the same wild kisses we had during the movie picked up right where they left off with our tongues dancing with one another. She quickly rolled me over so that she was now on top, pressing her alluring body onto mine and giving free reign over that ass that I loved so much. She moaned softly into my mouth when I slipped my hands under her boxers to grab her naked ass. Each squeeze made her moan louder and louder until she pulled away and began kissing my neck.

“I want your cock Max,” she moaned in between kisses. “Please Max can you fuck me? I can’t take it anymore!”

She stopped and looked up at me, my mind blown by her request but I wanted my sister and now she was practically begging me. I nodded quickly and she ripped of her shirt with her boxers following close behind. Tossing them to the side, she took off my shorts and her eyes widened immediately.

“Holy shit!”


“You’ve got to be at least nine inches.”

“Is that good?” I asked slightly worried.

“I would’ve done this sooner if I knew that this was what was rubbing against me Friday night,” she smiled. I was shocked to hear that, but then again I never really bother to measure my dick so she was the expert here. It was dripping with pre-cum now and she sexily bent down and licked it gently off my dick, which alone nearly made me cum. She noticed my groan and I could see her smile of approval as she laid down next to me and winked, “C’mon Max fuck your big sister good!”

I got up and into position between her legs, lining up my cock as I slowly shoved it in but I was surprised at how tight it was, and with her moaning getting louder with each inch that when in I didn’t know if I was hurting her not. She must’ve thought I was teasing her or something because she grabbed onto my hips and thrust me towards her, nearly screaming in process as my dick filled her hot and juicy pussy up. Now that it was all the way in there I started off slowly, but I already knew that I wasn’t going to last long and judging by Ashley’s moaning she didn’t sound like she was going to last long either.

“Oh fuck Max! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! God you’re filling my pussy up,” she moaned, her hands grabbing onto her boobs as she bit into her lower lip. I picked up speed a bit enjoying her warm pussy with each thrust I took, but I felt the tingling feeling that usually meant that I would be cumming soon.

“A-Ashley…I’m gonna cum.”

“Cum inside me little brother! Please fill me with cum!” she begged. Hearing that I started pumping faster and faster, “Oh god I think I’m cumming too! Don’t stop Max, whatever you do don’t stoooooooop!”

She started screaming again but I quickly cut them down by wrapping my mouth over hers as we sloppily kissed. Her back arched just then and I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and that finally sent me over the edge as I shot rope after rope of cum into her pussy.

I was panting now as my dick slid out from her pussy and climbed up the bed to her side. She was out of breath too, but when I finally made it to her side she made a beeline straight for my mouth, kissing me passionately until I finally had to pull away to catch my breath.

“That was amazing,” I smiled with a glazy look in my eye.

“And that was only the first time,” Ashley winked as she nuzzled up against me. “God you stretched my pussy out so much I almost cried.”


“Do me a favor Max and stop apologizing,” she kissed my cheek, “Trust me you did great, hell I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did.”

“Well, I had a great teacher.”

The ringing of my alarm woke me up and lazily rolled over to shut it off. Upon rolling back I saw my beautiful sister Ashley only inches away from me, as naked as a newborn baby but with the biggest smile I’d ever seen on her face. I didn’t want to wake her up but I still needed to get ready for school, so I tried to quietly worm my way out of her loving grip.

Having successfully completed my task I grabbed some clothes and headed into the bathroom. Once I had the shower running at the perfect temperature, I slid the glass door shut and let the hot water run down my body to wake me up. I leaned against the wall as my thoughts drifted back to last night, to how I found myself losing my virginity to Ashley, and loving every second of it. A part of me wanted to crawl back into that bed and just spend the rest of the day with her. One day of absence from school wouldn’t kill me, in fact I think it’d do me some good to spend some quality time with my loving sister.

I must’ve been buried in my thoughts of her because I failed to hear my bathroom door open and shut. It wasn’t until she slid the door to the shower open that I finally snapped out of my thoughts and soaked in the image of her naked body as I climbed into the shower with me.

“Maaaax,” she moaned, her eyes fighting a small war just to stay open, “Why’d you get up?”

“I have school Ashley, remember?”

“Can’t you skip it today?” she whined and pressed her body up to mine. The water was spraying both of us now as I wrapped my hands around here waist. “Pleeeeeeease?”

“I will next time,” I leaned forward and stole a kiss, causing her to smile softly.



“Then I might as well get in a little fun before you have to go,” she opened her eyes slyly, directing them downwards at my rock hard dick that had been pressing up against her body this whole time. Gracefully getting to her knees, I watched her grab onto it and slowly start to pump it, planting a kiss right on the head that made me moan in approval.

She grabbed a hold of it with both hands now, starting to pump faster and faster, teasing me with the occasional kiss. I wanted to feel what it was like to have those lustful lips sucking on my dick and I finally got my wish as she wrapped her mouth around it, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body and I thought it couldn’t get any better from here but she proved me wrong only seconds later. Her mouth continued to suck on the top part of my dick as one hand moved to the base of it, adding to the already insane amount of pleasure I was feeling, and to make things even hotter her eyes would glance up towards me after each moan that escaped from my mouth. Those hungering eyes made it all the more hotter as her tongue brushed the belly of my dick slow and sexily, making sure to wipe it clean as I moaned out, “I’m gonna cum Ashley!”

She didn’t stop, in fact her mouth started taking in more and more of my dick and I couldn’t hold it any longer. I unloaded everything into her mouth and it didn’t faze her in the slightest as she sucked my dick try until it started to soften up. Once it was all over my legs felt like Jell-O and I eased my way to the ground with Ashley soon joining my side.

“How was that?” she teased licking her lips.

“Maybe I should skip school today,” I smiled and she gave me kiss on the cheek before resting up against me, the warm water only adding to our comfort as we lay there for some time.

She exited the shower first and after a couple of minutes I made my departure as well. The rest of the morning was routine once the fun in the shower had ended. I got ready and soon found myself sitting at the table munching down on a piece of toast. There wasn’t any sign of Ashley while I sat there, and I knew that Izzy wouldn’t show her face until at least noon. Riley on the other hand was a morning person and she liked to give me an extra dose of hell before I walked to school.

She hummed her way down the stairs, walking into the kitchen like she owned the place as she scoped out the cupboards for food. I paid her no mind, keeping my eyes glued to the TV, but I knew that that wouldn’t save me from her morning wrath.

A loud crash made me jump to my feet instantly, searching for the source when I caught a glimpse of Riley’s wide smile.

“Riley what did you do?” I asked.

“I didn’t do anything,” her lie was so obvious that it wouldn’t fool a five year old, “When I opened up the cupboard a glass cup fell out and crashed onto the ground. If I would’ve known that placing cups in a cupboard was too difficult for you I would’ve offered you some help but then again I’m starting to think that you did this on purpose.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. You know that I always open this cupboard so why not set up a trap to injure your poor sister,” she let off a fake sniffle and covered her eyes, “All I do is try and help you and this is the thanks I get.”

“Oh really? That’s what happened?”

“That’s what happened.”

“Then tell me something Riley. If all the glass is right next to your feet, and the cupboard where I put the glass cups are over here,” I took the three steps to emphasize how unlikely her case was. “How come all the glass is located right there instead of scattered all over the place.”

“Beats me,” she shrugged, “But you better clean it up before Izzy gets up.”

I growled at her before retrieving the broom and hastily getting to work. Since it was all centered around one spot it didn’t take very long for me to clean the mess up, but while I was doing this I failed to watch what Riley was doing. When I finally dumped all the glass in the trash and put the broom back I turned to see Riley finishing the last of my two pieces of toast.

“Riley that was my breakfast!” I shouted walking over to the table.

“And it was delicious,” she smiled, patting me on the head like a puppy which only served to fuel my anger. “Sharing is caring isn’t it?”

I opened my mouth to say something when I heard two sharp honking sounds from outside.

“Oh! That’s my ride,” she finished the last of my toast, grabbed her backpack and headed for the door. “Oh and just in case you forgot Max, school starts in five minutes.”

I looked at the clock to realize that she had played me like a drum. With that in mind, I grabbed my backpack and flew out the door breaking out in a dead sprint. Making my way down the leaf covered sidewalk, I knew that only a miracle could help get me to school on time.

And that miracle…did not happen.

I sat in front of the principals office, waiting my turn on death’s row until finally my name was called. Mr. Novak sat there quietly, his eyes darting back and forth across his computer as I took a seat in one of the seats in front of his desk. With a long sigh that I thought would last another hour, he finally brought his gaze onto me. The late thirties to early forties man was never happy as far as I could tell, with slick down brown hair and a monkey suit on (dress pants and beige jacket), he finally spoke.

“Max, this is the eighth time you’ve been in my office for being tardy to first period,” he took off his glasses and dropped them on his desk. “We’ve only been in school for three months, and the last time you were in here you said that you’d find a way to fix this problem. Yet, here you are.”

“I know Mr. Novak and I’m sorry, but-”

“I’m tired of hearing excuses Max,” he interrupted, “If this happens again I’m going to have to organize a parent-teacher conference to help solve this problem.”

“No,” I shook my head rapidly, “No, no, no, no sir that’s a bad idea.”

“Well I think it’s the only thing that’ll help get you to school on time.”


“No buts! You’ll serve an hour detention with Mr. Edwards today, end of discussion.”

There really was no point in arguing after that. With my detention slip in hand I made my way to my first period class. Before I knew it first period was over and second rolled around, then third, then fourth, and finally I walked into my fifth period class just as I thought the day couldn’t get any worse. Luckily fifth period was Advanced Art, probably the only class that I’d have an A in, mainly because it was the only thing I was really good at. I pulled up a chair at one of the many tables in the room and went about sketching some plant that was placed in the front of the room.

“Alright class settle down,” Mr. Edwards announced even though the room was already deathly quiet. He was laid back, and everything from his cargo shorts to his goofy looking hippy length blonde hair only served to emphasize it. Once the entire class had completely halted any and all action aside from breathing, he finally went on to say, “Get back to work.”

That made me chuckle a bit. Mr. Edwards was a cool guy, and probably the only teacher that I liked so having detention with him wasn’t really a punishment, for me anyways.

“Tardy again huh?” he asked pulling up a chair next to me.

“Eighth time apparently.”

“Least they stuck you with me and not one those other teacher’s who actually care about their job.”

“I know right?” we shared a chuckle before he took a look at my work.

“Looking good Max, looking real good.”

“Eh,” I held up the picture next to the plant and made a comparison, “It’s alright.”

“Alright? You’re drawing better then most of the kids in my senior-only art class. You have a gift man.”

“I’ll take your word for it,” I slapped it back onto the table with a hint of disgust, “I just don’t feel like I’m getting better y’know?”

“A little self confidence goes a long way Max.”

“So does a cab with fifty bucks worth of fare money.”

Either he didn’t hear me or he didn’t bother to answer after that, getting up and going to another table to check on there progress. Meanwhile I became lost in my own little world as I tended to do when I started drawing. What started off as a hobby to escape the hell my sisters put me through soon became the one thing I could be proud of. The problem was that I felt like I wasn’t improving, like I had somehow peaked with my drawing skills and it bugged the hell out of me trying to figure out why. Before I knew it, the lunch bell rang and I regrettably made my way out of the classroom and proceeded to sleep walk the rest of the day until school finally ended and I headed back to serve my detention.

I drudged into the room and plopped down at my usual table, oblivious to the fact that Mr. Edwards wasn’t the only other person in the room. It took a very aggressive throat clear for me to finally look up and discover the new person. She was my height with an above average body in my opinion, nice shoulder length brown hair and glasses that only served to make her look more intelligent.

“Max, this is Gene,” he showcased her like an item at an auction. “She’s a senior here at school and has agreed to help you with your artwork.”

“And how is she going to do that?”

“By modeling for you.”

“Modeling…for me?”

“That’s right?”

“You serious Edwards?”

“Dead serious.”

“Just seems a little,” I glanced at Gene who was quietly humming to herself, “Odd that this would help out of everything.”

“Try trusting me for once in your life Max. When I have steered you wrong?”

“Guess you got a point.”

Grabbing my notebook out I followed Mr. Edwards instructions and sketched Gene for the rest of the detention. It was definitely harder to do, sketching an actual person instead of an object and after seeing my first picture fully finished it was like a gateway drug, I wanted to do more. Unfortunately I only had an hour so after two and a half pictures Mr. Edwards told me I had to stop which kind of annoyed me to be honest.

He did offer let me do the same thing tomorrow after school and I happily accepted. Gene even seemed happy about it too. Guess she wanted to just stand around and be ogled at for an hour…must be a girl thing. Either way I packed my stuff up and went home. When I walked into the house it was quiet, way to quiet, which surprisingly didn’t bother me at all because it meant one thing.

Everyone was gone.

When I walked into the kitchen I found just what I was looking for.

You took to long to come home, left to go eat dinner-Izzy

Looks like this day is getting better and better, as I now actually smiling having bought about an hour of peace and quiet thanks to my detention. I walked into my room, dropping my backpack and kicking off my shoes to prepare myself for a well needed nap. The door suddenly shut and I froze like a deer caught in headlights, mainly because I wasn’t the one who shut it.

My head slowly turned to see who it was, however they didn’t even give me the chance to see them as I was smothered into someone’s arms.

“Max!” Ashley gripped me so tight I was having problems breathing, “Where were you?”

My face was buried between her breasts muffling my voice, although I was still able to squeak out the words, “I had detention.”

“Well you’re finally back at least,” she sighed in an almost annoyed fashion.

“Wait,” I wrenched myself free from her grip, “Why are you still here? I thought you went out to eat?”

“I told them I was sick,” with a sly wink she wrapped her arms around me again, “I wanted to stay here and be with you. Aren’t you happy?”

“Extremely,” I smiled and gave her a kiss.

Our mouths were tangled second later and we stumbled our way onto my bed. She was lying on top of me, her body pressing against my causing my dick to harden immediately. But there was something different about it, something that I couldn’t explain as we started undressing. I wanted to figure out what the difference was but before I could she spread her legs and bit her bottom lip, making her look damn irresistible.

“Come give it to your sister Max,” she smiled, rubbing her pussy softly.

I got onto the bed and lined up my dick once again, wasting no time as I slowly slid it inside her soaking wet pussy. She was moaning louder now, and with a quick thrust I was more then half way in. Her pussy was still pretty tight as I slowly started to go deeper and deeper, thrusting my hips faster every so often just to hear the sound of her moaning my name.

“Oh Max!” her breaths were short and quick, but in between them she still managed to talk, “Fuck me harder Max! Please fuck me harder!”

I would’ve loved to have fucked her for longer but I already knew that I was going to cum soon, however that didn’t stop me for ramming her as hard as I could. My head board was banging against the wall because I was trying so hard to give her what she wanted.

“I’m gonna…cum,” I mumbled, trying to hold it in longer.

“Cum inside me Max! Fill up your sister!” she pleaded, her voice was soft and longing and after hearing her say that I couldn’t hold it in.

Seconds later I blew my load inside of her and she let out a long, succulent moan while I slowly pulled out and crawled up the bed next to her. She reeked of sex, her breathing was heavy, but she was smiling broadly, and that’s all that mattered. I thought we would’ve laid in each other’s arms, just like we did last night, embracing one another and our newfound relationship. I was sorely mistaken however, because less then a minute later she rolled out of bed, flew into her clothes, and ran out the door.

“Thanks Max! I got to go,” she called back, shutting my door and disappearing.

To say that I was left speechless would be a total lie. I was left wondering what the fuck happened and why the fuck I’m the only one lying in this bed naked. The nudity would probably get me in trouble if Izzy came home so I quickly got dressed and laid back down on my sex scented bed.

Why did that feel so different from before? The first time she was more…nervous. No, not nervous. Careful, like she wasn’t sure if she should be doing it or not, and I think that’s what I liked most about it. This time that feeling wasn’t there though. The sex was still amazing don’t get me wrong, but I think it was that feeling of caution that drove me to fuck her in the first place and without it I couldn’t help but feel weird.

I must be fucking crazy.

She can’t be cautious every time we have sex. That’d just ruin the mood after awhile I’d think. Then again I’m not an expert at sex, so why am I complaining? I guess it was because the whole thing felt somewhat…rushed?

Even though I thought that, I still laid in bed for the rest of the night, only getting up to grab food and to check on Izzy and Riley when they came roaring through the door with head’s bigger then the whole house. I had no idea what they were doing or why, but frankly I didn’t care. It wasn’t until midnight when everyone had gone to bed and the lights had disappeared throughout the house did something happen to peak my interest.

The front door opened. I immediately thought it was a burglar, grabbing my lamp and slowly sneaking out to check whether or not I was right. A lamp may not help me fight off a burglar but if I throw it hard enough and it makes a loud enough noise to wake Izzy up then I’m fine with that. As my door creaked open, I heard the light humming sound that could only come from a girl, and if my guess was correct then that girl had to be Ashley.

What the hell? When did Ashley even leave?

With another sleepless night under my belt, I left extra early to avoid Riley’s antics, munching on an apple the entire way there. The day came and went, and I stayed late again in Mr. Edwards room and sketched Gene for the allotted time given until he had to leave. For the next two weeks that seemed to be the only thing I looked forward to at school, sketching Gene for an hour. Turns out Mr. Edwards was right, sketching an actual person did improve my art little by little, and in those two weeks I was starting to see improvements, although very little. But the best thing was that I was finally getting better, and it felt amazing.

My life at home during that time didn’t change, actually it got worse. Crazy right? How could it get worse then it already was? The root of the problem stemmed from Ashley surprisingly. Her attitude towards me became more hostile when the other girls were around and she’d even smacked me a couple times for no reason. Of course she’d find little ways to sneak into my room to have sex almost everyday over those two weeks, but I was still at a standstill. Was sex with Ashley really worth the added abuse?

It was a cold Tuesday night, everyone was asleep and even I was dozing off when a kiss interrupted my would-be sleep.

“Wake up sleepy head,” she whispered into my air. My eyes opened immediately to see her lying next to me, short shorts and sports bra on, with a wicked smile on her face. That same feeling of hurry in her eyes as she took of my shorts and began stroking my dick quickly yet tenderly. I was still half asleep but with my dick quickly getting to full attention I sat up and tried to focus as well. My hands made there way towards her ass as I squeezed it tightly, my other hand getting underneath her bra and grabbing her boob. She took of her bra and I dropped her short shorts, moving to the edge of my bed in a doggy style position. It was our third time in this position and I absolutely loved it, luckily she did to.

I got up and moved behind her ass, my dick brushing up against her soaking wet pussy as I toyed with her. She squirmed, thrusting her ass back to try and put my dick inside of her, but I liked teasing her, I rarely had the chance to do it and in this position I took full advantage of it.

“Max,” she whined and looked back, her eyes were cold with anticipation, “Give it to me already!”

I smiled and did as was told, sliding my dick all the way inside her warm pussy. With my hands on her hips I didn’t waste time, fucking her harder and harder with each thrust. Her perfect ass was brushing against my body every time I shoved my dick all the way in, the soft moans escaping her mouth ever so often, and the way she squeaked out my name in her sexy voice drove me wild.

“Oh Max,” she arched her back slightly and started moving her ass faster, “Oh Max! Make me cum Max! Please make me cum!”

Her moans became louder and louder and just hearing them brought me on the verge of cumming too. She was getting desperate now, moving her ass up and down as I filled my hands with her round ass, squeezing tightly.

“Oh god!” she shouted in response, “Oh I’m gonna cum Max!”

“I’m gonna cum too Ashley,” I replied grunting. My thrust getting quicker and quicker until I felt her pussy clamp down on me dick tightly, but that didn’t stop me this time. I continued to fuck her even through her moans of pleasure until my dick was soaking wet with her juice, and only then did I finally blow my load into her pussy.

With a defeated sigh, I finally pulled out and collapsed backwards while Ashley didn’t even bother to move next to me, instead just falling over onto the bed with a smile. She was breathing like a mother in labor and her smooth hair was riled up now but I still thought she looked beautiful.

To bad I didn’t get to look at her long before she got up and stumbled to put her clothes back on before making her way to the door.

“Thanks Max,” she giggled playfully and waved, leaving me thinking the same thing I’m always thinking.

What the fuck is going on?

The next morning, the answer hit me in the face like a dodge ball, courtesy of Riley. I woke up late which was an oddity in itself, and I still decided to eat at home which was just asking for trouble. I was nearly finished when she walked into the kitchen to join me. I could tell she was in a bad mood because her perfect sandy blonde hair was tied up into a ponytail, and I had a good feeling about what happened.

“That fucking asshole,” she muttered, slamming the refrigerator door as if it was the cause of all the problems.


“Is there something wrong with me Max!?” she turned her eyes onto me.

“For starters you treat guys like trash,” I answered truthfully.

“When have I ever done that?”

I held up a finger and pointed at me.

“You don’t count.”

“Why don’t I count?”

She sighed and leaned up against the fridge, “Why does Ashley always have the best boyfriends.”

The cereal that was in my mouth at the time now littered the table. I was practically choking for the next thirty seconds, my lungs burning until I finally coughed out the last of the cereal chunks.

“What’s wrong with you?” Riley asked eyeing me awkwardly.

“Ashley has a boyfriend?”

“Uh, duh! Jeez she spends like all day with the guy I thought even an idiot like you would realize that.”

“Wow,” my eyes were glued to the bowl of cereal in front of me.

She’s using me…that bitch.

This explains everything. Always coming home late at night, or always gone during the day and only talking to me when she wanted sex. I must be a fucking idiot to actually have believed that Ashley felt something for me. In a fit of rage I slammed my fist onto the table.

I don’t know how long I sat there, pissed off at Ashley, but by the time I snapped back to reality a sharp honk outside signaled that Riley’s ride was here. More importantly that meant that I was late because all my stuff was still scattered in my room.

This day officially sucks and its not even 8 o’clock yet.

And it only got worse from there. Not only was I late, but Mr. Novak didn’t forget about his promise to organize a parent teacher conference the next time I was tardy so I knew I’d catch hell for illegal bahis that. The rest of the day was a giant cluster-fuck of bad things happening to me. The zipper on my backpack broke and my books landed in a puddle of water, my lunch account at school had nothing left in it so I didn’t get to eat, I failed a math test (that one wasn’t as surprising but it still added to the snowball effect), I stepped in gum, completely screwed up my sketching of Gene to the point where I flung my notebook into the wall and left without another word, oh and lets not forget that I was technically my sister’s booty call.


I was slamming my head into my desk at home, wishing that this was some nightmare that I hadn’t woken up from yet.

“Max get your ass in the kitchen!” Izzy yelled from the living room.

“Fuck,” I mumbled and sat up with a migraine. Of course I burned the food, and of course everyone gave me hell for it too, but I didn’t have the energy to give a damn about what they said, until this came up however.

“So you’re going up to his cabin for the three day weekend?” Riley asked. Friday was a holiday and that didn’t even cross my mind until she asked the question.

“Yep, we’re leaving tomorrow. It’s just going to be us and a couple of his friends. No parents, and no limits,” Ashley smirked at Riley. “I can’t wait.”

Maybe that was the last straw for me, or maybe I was about to pass out from my growing migraine but I got up abruptly and left my plate on the table to retreat to my room. I don’t think I’d ever been this angered by my sisters, even after all the crap they’ve done to me I can hands down say that I’ve never been this mad.

Pacing around the room, I was tapping my fingers rapidly against my leg trying to calm my thoughts. As if fate was pushing my buttons, the door opened and shut quickly as Ashley appeared with a smile.

“Hey Max,” she strutted like a model towards me, “Izzy’s taking a shower and Riley’s blasting music in her room, let’s get in a quick one.” She was already wrapping her arms around me but I didn’t do the same, instead, I shoved her back. After a small stumble, she regained her footing and look at me with wide eyes, “What was that for?”

“Fuck you!” I shouted. The built up anger from the past mixed with today’s horrible outcome was finally sending me over the edge. And the best part was that it felt great! “Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and FUCK YOU! You’re an abusive piece of shit that’s been using me for the last two weeks. You’re mean to me for no reason, you played with my emotions, and you used me for sex when you already have a boyfriend! What the hell is wrong with you!?”

“M-Max,” her fear was about as obvious as a talking dog, “W-what’s gotten into you?”

“What’s gotten into me?” I laughed at how she was trying to pin this on me. “The only thing that’s wrong with me is that I actually thought you liked me! I must be a fuckin lunatic to think that an egotistic tomboy like you could even consider the feelings of her own brother. I’m done being your little toy! Get the fuck out of my room!”

She opened her mouth but nothing came out, and after she still hadn’t left my anger fumed even more.

“I said get the fuck out of my room, NOW!”

The volume must’ve finally snapped her out of her trance and she left my room in a hurry, a terrified expression on her face.

If I was in a cartoon world, steam would be coming out of my ears. Truth was that I wanted to hit her. For the first time in my life I wanted to fight back and hit one of my sisters, but I wasn’t about to stoop that low. Ashley wasn’t worth it. None of them were, but at that moment my drive to scream and shout and lose all control was overwhelming, but in hindsight I probably didn’t need to be that mean to her…

What the fuck am I saying? It was a long time coming, and Ashley was the one who finally sent me over the edge. They all deserved a piece of my mind but after that little yelling session I just laid back down on my bed and fell asleep on the spot.

It was hands down the best sleep I ever had, and when I woke up I felt great.

With most of my morning rituals completed, I exited my room only to see Ashley at the door with a bag full of her things for this weekend’s cabin gateway. She saw me, and at first I thought she’d be mad, but instead, she was scared. It was undeniable that my big sister Ashley looked like she was staring at monster from a horror movie.

I could’ve taken this time to apologize, but instead I went for broke.

“Fuck do you want?” I growled, my eyes narrowing immediately.

She forced her eyes shut and walked out the door without a single word.

The school had an assembly today so I would miss out on my art class which saddened me a bit, but for some reason I was feeling a lot happier then usual. My happy mood died out however when I realized one very important thing.

The parent teacher conference.

Since my mother was no where to be seen, guess who became her stand in. Izzy. She was raging mad when she arrived at the school wearing black ripped jeans and a big black sweatshirt that was way to big for her. After a few less then surprising comments from her, she walked into the principal’s office and left me sitting outside on one of the chairs to await the outcome.

The only thing that changed in the next hour was the time on the clock. Only then did Izzy emerge with a pissed off look on her face and murderous eyes.

“Too good to show up on time are we?” she spat out. “Parent teacher conference, I can’t believe this! I should be hanging out in the mall right now but noooooooo, my idiot brother can’t even find his way to school half the time.”

She would’ve continued if a nearby door didn’t burst open as my savior, Mr. Edwards, walked in with a shocked look on his face.

“Max? Where were you today? Gene and I have been waiting for you for the last hour,” he told me before looking at Izzy, “Isabella! It’s good to see you again.”

“Hi Mr. Edwards,” she feigned a smile, “It’s nice to see you to. I hope my brother hasn’t caused too many problems for you.”

“Who Max? He’s one of my best students.”

“You don’t need to lie to him because I’m standing right here.”

“I’m not lying,” Mr. Edwards went on, “He’s more talented then a lot of my seniors. Oh! I almost forgot Max you forgot your notebook yesterday.”

He started to hand it to me before Izzy snatched it up.

“Hey that’s mine!” I argued trying to get it back but the height difference was playing to her advantage as she held it straight up. This is why I hate being short.

Mr. Edwards must’ve thought that it was a joke because he was laughing hysterically, “It’s nice to see that you two are so close.”

“I wouldn’t call it close,” I mumbled under my breath, giving up on getting my notebook back, “Can you tell Gene that I’m sorry about yesterday and today. I hope she’s not mad.”

“Oh she won’t mind,” he waved his hand, “I’ll pass the message to her and we’ll meet back on Monday. That alright with you?”

“Yeah, that sounds good.”

“Have a great weekend guys,” he waved and disappeared around the corner as Izzy and I waved.

The hand with my notebook in it lowered just within my range, and I took the opportunity to lunge for it. She must have cat like reflexes because the second my body moved the notebook was already out of my reach.

“Give that back Izzy,” I demanded.

“With that tone your lucky I don’t beat you over the head with it,” she threatened, “Now let’s see your so-called artwork.”

With a last desperate attempt to get her to stop, I resorted to the one method that I thought was sure fire to get her to drop my notebook. I went for her boob, admittedly not the smartest plan, but I copped a free feel of her right boob and I was sure that she’d drop the notebook.

Boy was I wrong.

Not only did she not drop it, but she turned and sent a right hook that caught the side of my temple. She rocked me harder then a Metallica concert with that hit, and I crumbled to the ground like a sand castle that an ocean wave crashed into. I was kind of asking for it, I mean, I grabbed her boob in public. Luckily no one saw us, and I can only imagine what’d she do if someone did. I’d probably dig my own grave before she beat me to death and dropped me inside.

With an enormous migraine, and my vision starting to blur, I sat on the ground half dead as Izzy stormed out of the hallway muttering swear words the entire time. By the time I was able to see straight, I stumbled out of the hallway and into the sunset filled sky, not bothering to look for her car. That walk home felt like an uphill battle through snow, and there were multiple times that I had to stop and rest on a tree to make sure I wouldn’t collapse on the ground.

I couldn’t tell if I was just a giant pussy or if Izzy really put a lot into that hit. Either way when I got home I made a beeline for the medicine cabinet, grabbed some headache pills and gulped some down with a glass of water. The deathly silent house caught my attention at that moment, and after looking around in the living room and not finding a single note, I was left baffled and a little confused. Although I’m pretty sure the reason I was confused was because my head was still ringing like a church bell.

I made it into my room at last, lazily drudging into it and walking over to my desk to sit down. The quick slam of a door caused my eyes too widen. This scenario seemed very familiar, only I knew that this time it probably wasn’t going to be Ashley waiting to give me a hug. Sure enough, when I turned around Izzy was leaning up against the door with an agitated look on her face.

“Fuck my life,” I mumbled resting my head on my desk, “You’re here to kill me aren’t you?”

“I should after you violated me in public you filthy pig,” her tone was surprisingly calm and I noticed that my notebook was still in her hand. She must’ve caught me looking at it because a sly smirk crossed her lips, “I looked through this pile of trash. Not impressed, especially by your model.”

After I didn’t answer she took it upon herself to continue the conversation.

“Is this why you’ve been coming home late? Sketching this whore after a school everyday?”

“She’s not a whore,” I shot back, “And what are you complaining about? I’m out of the house longer just like you wanted so I don’t see the problem.”

“Excuse me? You better watch your fucking mouth Max. I don’t care what you do outside of this house but I’m not gonna have you sketch whores all day. Your perverted enough you sick fuck.”

“Well then you’re going to have to keep me on a leash because I’m going to keep staying late after school.”

“Maybe I should keep you on a leash, or maybe I should call the school and tell them that Gene is sexually harassing you. I’m sure that they’d love to hear that.”

“The hell is your problem?” my anger was quickly escalating after she said that and I stood up with clenched fists. “Why can’t I have one thing in my life that you can’t destroy huh?”

“Because life isn’t fluffy kittens and rainbows dumbass, and if you swear around me again I’m going to tie you to the ceiling and beat you until the candy comes out,” she threatened.

“Well you better find a rope, or another model, because I’m not going to stop even if you put me in the hospital.”

What happened next could only be described as the most legendary staring contest known to man. Our eyes stayed locked in menacing stares, the room staying as quiet as a funeral, mainly because this may lead to mine, but I wasn’t going to back down. Unless she knocked me out cold…again. After ten minutes went by and we still had gotten no where, the strangest thing happened.

Izzy gave in.

“Then I’ll do it,” she rolled her eyes.


“You heard me idiot, I’ll model for you.”




“What part of yes don’t you get you moronic horn-dog? I’m going to model for you so you don’t have to see that little whore again, got it?”

“When?” I asked skeptically.

“Right now, my room, move your ass,” she opened the door and pointed. I wasn’t entirely convinced about what was going on but I did what she said and headed out the door. Grabbing onto my wrist, she dragged me upstairs (a place that I was told was strictly off limits for me) and into her room.

Izzy’s room was kind of bare, with only a couple posters on the wall, a full body mirror, a large desk in the corner and her bed pressed up against the wall with a window right above it. This was the first time I had been in Izzy’s room since last year when I brought her medicine for a cold that she caught, and even then she still kicked me and told me to get the hell back downstairs.

Needless to say, I was treading lightly as she let go of me in the center of her room and sat down on her bed.

“So what do I do?” she asked.

“You get in a pose and try not to move, talk, or be annoying while I’m drawing,” the last part I added just for fun but she didn’t approve of it judging by the scowl on her face, “Guess we can start with that pose.”

“No,” she refused and laid down on her side, supporting her head with her hand and gazing towards me, “I want to do this one.

“Whatever,” my will was all but defeated right now as I grabbed her chair and took a seat. With my hand now zooming around the paper, I started to calm down slowly but surely as my work started to get closer to completion. It wasn’t until I stopped and gazed at my paper that I was forced to glance at Izzy to make sure that I wasn’t seeing things.

This was a blessing in disguise for me, and I can’t believe I didn’t figure it out until my first sketch was almost finished. Here, laying smack dab in front of me, was my model-like sister who ditched her jeans and black sweatshirt for short shorts and a black shirt that was two sizes too small, and she was also wearing knee high striped socks that I never noticed. The whole look drove me insane, and the best part was that I was getting a free pass to ogle away at her. Those creamy white thighs, and that perfect curvy body that put so much emphasis on her large boobs that brought back the memory that I had finally grabbed one. Although very brief, it was now forever imbedded in my head.

“What are you doing?” she spat out after realizing that I was ogling at her body.

“Just checking something,” I lied and shook my head, “I’m almost done just a little longer.”

“Bought time, jeez how slow-”

“Models don’t talk,” I interrupted looking back down at my paper, “Please be quiet.”

I was playing with fire, but right now I knew that I couldn’t get burned until to the end so it didn’t bother me. To my surprise she actually did listen and shut up until the time came when I felt that I was down. With that announcement she stood up and walked over to see the final product. She never said anything, eyeing the picture of her body over and over again while her eyes narrowed, almost lustfully.

“Like I said,” she recovered her evil look and looked away, “Trash.”

Now it was my time to scowl, but I didn’t feel like arguing so I just scoffed and left her room, heading back down to mine and slamming my door shut. Where the hell does she get off calling my art trash? She was the one who wanted to me to sketch her right? It wasn’t like I asked her to do that, and I definitely didn’t ask her to wear clothes like that.

I decided that I didn’t want to think about it after that, cooking dinner and doing some chores before falling asleep and awaiting Friday’s holiday. It started off slow, with nothing happening until Riley shouted that she was going to the mall to meet with her friends. That didn’t concern me in the slightest as I sat at my desk and flipped through my notebook until stopping on the one picture that I was starting to loathe.


I wanted to rip up that paper, burn it, drive fifty miles in any direction and dump the remains somewhere, the only problem was…I couldn’t. My eyes were glued to it, examining every detail of her drawn body with a familiar longing. It was the same kinda longing I felt for Ashley, and that alone angered me even more, but I wasn’t going to destroy my ticket to glance at her body whenever I wanted.

The door happened to bust open at that point and I whirled around to see Izzy leaning up against the wall. My jaw hit the ground when I saw her look. Skin tight jeans and a tank-top that made her boobs practically fall out of it, ditching her knee high socks and revealing her silky smooth legs.

“What…” I couldn’t find the words to express what I wanted to say, so instead I decided to ask a more logical question. “Do you want?”

“Sketch time,” she nodded towards the hallway, “Let’s get this shit over with.”

“Are you serious?”

“Don’t start that shit again Max,” her voice was trying to sound annoyed but I could tell that something was different. “I’m serious, your not drawing whores anymore, you’re going to draw me from now, now get your ass up and let’s go.”

“Um, ok?”

Any sane man wouldn’t pass up this opportunity, and I was no difference, standing up and making my way to her room yet again. Just like yesterday she chose the pose, leaning up against the wall and staring off to the side. I felt like she was begging me to ogle at her freely now, and I made sure to take extra time to finish my drawing of her. Damn it she looked sexy and I wasn’t going to deny it, hell she even got me hard just by standing there, and only when I finally calmed down did I stand up and tell her I was done.

“Hopeless, just…hopeless,” her words sounded hollower then a cave, and this confused me even more. With an upset growl, I stormed out of the room immediately and proceeded to do the same thing as yesterday, disappearing into my room like a turtle disappears into a shell.

It was happening again. The want, the lust, the desire. Everything that led to mine and Ashley’s relationship was practically repeating itself, but there were two big differences this time. First off, I hated Izzy’s guts more then anything right now for insulting my work, and secondly, I wasn’t going to be used again.

That night, I tossed and turned, dreaming about Izzy’s body up against mine, but at the same time I could see me giving her a piece of mind and even hitting her. It wasn’t look good for me, and I knew it. But this time there was nothing driving me to kiss her, to feel her, and that’s because every time those thoughts popped up in my head they were replaced with violent outbursts on my part.

Saturday started off almost exactly as Friday, and yet again Riley had made plans to leave as déjà vu quickly overcame me. Especially since I was looking at the picture of Izzy once again, lustful thinking one second and unbelievable anger the next. It was torturous to say the least, but I tried my best to keep calm.

Needless to say I failed at it.

At that moment, who else would’ve shown up then the cause of my problems, Izzy.

“Hurry your ass up Max,” she groaned from my doorway, “I got other things I wanna do today.”

I hadn’t even turned to look at her, grabbing my notebook and pencil to follow her upstairs. It wasn’t until I was in her room with the door shut did I finally look at her. My notebook and pencil slipped out of my hands at that moment.

A short black skirt, no where near her knees, and a strapless tank-top that exposed her belly and top half of her boobs. And her pose made everything worse, leaning back up against her desk and glaring right at me, her legs less then three inches apart but I could tell one thing from it.

She wasn’t wearing anything on underneath her skirt.

With the help of my notebook, I was able to cover up my boner the entire time I was sketching her, but my lust was starting to get the better of me. When the cursed moment came that I finished my work and she slowly walked over to see it, I died a bit on the inside.

“I don’t get what Mr. Edwards sees in you,” she shook her head disappointedly, but I got up and headed for the door again, pissed off and annoyed. How I could ever want this wicked whore was beyond me, and the worst part was that she didn’t stop there. “If your one of his best students then the rest of the school must be drawing stick figure cause your terrible.”

“Alright that’s it,” I turned and flung my notebook onto the ground, finally at the breaking point with her insulting my work. With anger now fueling my actions, I marched right up to her and put on the most pissed of look that I could, “Listen up you fuckin gothic trash, I’m done with your little games alright.”

“What the fuck are you going on about? This is what you wanted! I’m trying to help you out even though it’s obvious that your fucking terrible,” she glared back at me evilly, “And if you even think about using that language again I’m going-”

“Shut the fuck up!” I shouted interrupting her, “This isn’t what I wanted this is what you wanted! You wanted me to stare at your half naked body! You wanted me to sketch you! Stop being stupid bitch and admit it, this is what you wanted, and I’m done with it.”

Maybe it was because she never heard me yell before or maybe it was because I was genuinely on the verge of fighting back but she started to back away from me.

“Don’t even think of trying to pin this crap on me,” I continued, matching her step for step until her legs hit her bedside. “You’ve been making my life a living hell for as long as I can remember and I’m sick of it. I’m not going to let someone else toy with my emotions anymore so you can take your whole pissed off and forced to do shit act to hell!”

I shoved her onto the bed and she collapsed with little resistance, her legs dangling off her queen sized bed as I hopped on top of her. I pinned arms down with all of my strength but she didn’t bother resisting, her eyes wide with fear. My anger now coursing through my body like a drug, I hit her, not anything to serious like she would do but I gave her a nice hard slap across her face that could’ve been heard from downstairs.

“This is what you want right?” I was still shouting, my adrenaline flowing like a waterfall. She didn’t answer so I hit her again. She winced in pain, looking up at me with vulnerable stares as the weirdest urge flew into my mind, and without warning, I bent down and forced a kiss. It was fierce, and angry, and all around lustful for both of us, and once I needed a break I pulled away and saw how she tried to chase my mouth. I slapped her again, “You’re not in charge anymore Isabella! Do you understand?”

For some reason I used her full name, but it felt a little sexier to me as she nodded softly.

“Say that you understand!” I demanded, hitting her again.

“I understand,” her voice lost all the anger she was feigning earlier.

“Tell me that this is what you want!” I ordered, squeezing her boob again as she let out a moan of pain and ecstasy. “I want to hear you say it! Or else I’m walking out that fucking door now!”

“This is what I want,” she squeaked out.


“This is what I want,” still she squeaked so I hit her again and stole a quick kiss.

“Louder or I’m leaving!”

“This is what I want! I want you to do this to me!” she screamed and I smirked my enjoyment, leaning down and giving her another deep kiss as my hands groped her boobs. She moaned inside my mouth while my tongue continued to invade inside of her. I pulled back again and looked at her, those memories of her persistent scowling face didn’t prepare me for her newfound innocent one.

It was like she was giving me permission to do whatever I wanted with her, and as we both panted looking at one another, I knew that this is what I wanted more then anything.

A chance to have her, and abuse her.

My anger and lust was now combined and running freely through my mind as I pulled down her top to expose her giant boobs, sucking on the right one immediately while my hand grabbed onto her left nipple, twisting and pulling on it.

“Oh fuck,” she softly groaned as her hand rested on top of my head. I continued this little torture pattern and soon I heard her whisper “More. I want more.”

I stopped sucking and looked up at her, slapping her boob causing her back to arch immediately, “You don’t get a say in this Isabella. I’m going to do whatever the fuck I want to you, understand?”

“Yes sir.”

“My name isn’t sir,” I slapped her quickly.

“Yes Max,” she corrected immediately and I rewarded her with a quick kiss. I needed her to realize that I wasn’t just another guy, I was her brother, and I was getting my revenge at long last.

With her total submission now guaranteed, I slapped her boobs again just because I knew I’d love her reaction. The pain expressed on her face and the quick spasm from her back made me grin, but now I wanted to have a little more fun.

“Take off your skirt,” I ordered getting off her and she hurriedly did as was instructed and laid back down as my finger started running down up and down her thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy every time. Finally it brushed over her clit and damn did her hips buck up in the air. Knowing that, I teased her some more, rubbing it softly with one hand just to make her do the same, but every time she did I squeezed down hard on one of her boobs so she had a mix of pain and pleasure.

With a light slap to her pussy lips, she was sent over the edge in a hurry, moaning out loud and clutching onto her bed sheets violently as if she was about to be thrown off her bed. The look on her face told me exactly what was happening, and that just made things all the better for me.

“Are you going to cum Isabella?” I whispered softly to her and she shook her head rapidly as I slapped her pussy again, “Did I say you could cum?”

“P-p-please Max,” her breaths were short and sexy as she started squirming.

“Please what Isabella?” my hand moved down her thigh slowly teasing her all the more.

“Please let me cum Max! Please! I need to cum.”

“Not yet,” I smiled wickedly while she glanced at me worriedly. I got off the bed and got on my knees bringing my face up to her sweet smelling, completely shaven, and soaking wet pussy. Leaning in closer, my warm breath splashing up against it and causing her to moan even more.

“Can I cum now?” she pleaded but I just shook my head with a smile.

“Wait a little bit longer,” I cooed as I stuck up my tongue and brushed up against her pussy. It tasted fantastic, and the reaction I got from her was perfect as her whole body started quivering. After a few more licks she started whimpering and I thought she suffered enough, “Now you can cum.”

I moved in closer, bringing my whole face up to her pussy as my tongue ran up and down in wild exploration.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed as her whole body froze for a second, her pussy juice flowing out as my tongue licked her clean, before she finally relaxed with dangerously heavy breathing. I wiped my mouth after I was done, crawling onto the bed and resting on top of her as we engulfed one another in a passionate kiss.

But I wasn’t done yet, and I had finally thought of the perfect thing to get revenge.

I sat up, and got off her, “Get on your hands and knees.” She nodded weakly, sitting up herself before I slapped her face again, “I don’t have all day Isabella, move your fucking ass already!”

There was a quick spring in her movements after that as I undid my belt and dropped my pants to reveal my rock hard dick. I saw her looking back at me, biting her bottom lip with her eyes screaming at me to fuck her. With my hands slowly running up and down her back before I smacked her ass hard.

Her face was something that I didn’t really want to bruise, but her ass was fair game because no one would see it. So I smacked it harder and harder each time, and each time she moaned louder and louder until I saw a giant red mark on her right cheek.

Finally, I positioned myself behind her, rubbing her ass cheeks softly as she groaned in relief. Her nice and soothing moaning was going to stop very soon now as I pushed her ass a little lower giving me the perfect angle to do what I needed to do.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed as my dick plunged straight into her ass.

It was the perfect revenge in my eyes, fucking a whole that she probably never even experimented with, and although I wanted to make her scream over and over again, I knew that it could seriously hurt her if I wasn’t careful. That didn’t stop me from getting half of my dick inside of her though.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” she continued to shout as I carefully went in and out of her tight ass. It felt so warm, and it was tightening around my dick with every thrust making it feel even better. She didn’t fight it either, in fact it was like she was trying to take a little more each time as her harsh moans continued. Cold sweat was running down my forehead, my dick continuing to tear apart her ass as I finally felt the urge to cum.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she gasped out quickly, “Please can I cum Max?” She looked back at me, almost on the brink of tears by the look of it and with a quick nod she smiled weakly. “Ooooooooh god! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Hearing her screams, I busted my load straight into her ass with a loud grunt as her body twitched and her ass tightened quickly. Her arms suddenly gave out as she face planted onto the bed, her ass still high in the air as I finally took my dick out. We were both breathing like we ran a marathon, but I knew just by the look on her face that she enjoyed every second of the pain. I grabbed onto her shoulder and flipped her over until she was lying on her back, her body exposed save for the tank-top still lying below her boobs.

Our eyes met and I crawled up and bent down to give her an aggressive kiss that she happily accepted. After I pulled away I gave her a quick slap across the face and got off the bed, pulling up my pants and leaning down to grab my notebook. With the most recent picture of her still on display, I ripped it out and walked back over to the bed, shoving the paper into her face.

“My art isn’t shit,” I hissed, “You’re beautiful and my art just proves it.”

I didn’t say anything after that, walking out the door and heading down the stairs only to stop at the bottom and look back up towards Izzy’s door.

What the fuck did I just do?
The house was quiet for the rest of the day. I didn’t even get yelled at to make dinner, leaving me to wallow away in my bed, reliving the afternoon escapades. Lying there as the Saturday moon rose to the sky, I still couldn’t believe what I did. I fucked Izzy. My oldest sister just let me do whatever I wanted to her and she enjoyed it, hell she came twice.

The only problem was that she played me like a used video game. That’s why I felt so shitty. I fell for her little ploy, hook line and sinker and that made me all the more mad. So here I was, Sunday around noon, still lying in bed with barely an hour or two of sleep under my belt, and still confused as fuck as to what I was going to do next.

The door to my room slowly swung open and I lifted my head up just enough to see Izzy leaning against the doorway.

“No,” I rested my head back down on my pillow and went on, “I’m not going to do that again no matter what you say. It was a one time thing that never should’ve happened in the first place.”

“Why not?” Her tone caught me off guard. It wasn’t sad, mad, or even curious. It was calming, almost like she knew something that I didn’t. Turns out, she did know something that I didn’t. “Is it because Ashley used you for sex?”

I shot up from my bed immediately, “How did you kno-”

“Because,” she interrupted, pointing straight up, “My room is directly above yours Max. I’ve known since the first night you two started fucking, and a little tip for the future, Ashley needs to tone down her shouting if she wants to have a secret sex session with you.” Her sigh was riddled with sadness for some reason, “I thought about stopping you guys but over the last two weeks Ashley was probably the happiest person on earth, and I realized that it was probably because of you. Of course a part of me was disgusted by the thought of you two fucking and another part wanted me to whoop your ass for having sex with her when she had a boyfriend, but the dinner Thursday night made me realize something. You didn’t know she had a boyfriend did you Max?”

All I could was shake my head as she walked over to the bed and climbed into it, wrapping her arm around me and pulling me closer, inviting me to use her body as a pillow and I wasn’t in any position to resist.

“Well once I figured that out I can honestly say that that was one of the few times that I ever wanted to hit Ashley. I even lied about taking a shower because I knew that she’d go straight for your room once I said that,” she was rubbing my head as I closed my eyes. I didn’t get much sleep last night, but right now words couldn’t explain how comfy I was feeling resting up against Izzy’s body. “I was sitting in my room waiting for her to moan your name so I could rush down and burst into the room to give you both a piece of my mind, but imagine my surprise when I heard you tell her off. What did you say to her again? You’re an abusive piece of shit that’s been using me for the last two weeks?”

I nodded again and she laughed.

“I think that’s the first time you actually shouted at one of us, and damn did you go off like a firework. When it was over I even went to check on her and she was bawling like baby, curled up in the corner and giving me some bullshit excuse that her cramps were bad,” she rolled her eyes and looked at me, “We’re all on the pill by the way so our periods are never that bad, trust me.”

My eyes widened for a moment. That didn’t even cross my mind over the last three weeks and know that I thought about it, it probably never would’ve either. But now that I know that I wasn’t going to be a father I sighed in relief before realizing something else.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I lifted my head up from her boob and stared at her funnily, “Why were you cheering for me in all of this?”

“Because when I was a freshman in high school I went through the same thing that you did, only mine was worse.”


“Much worse.”


“I met a boy named Caleb. He was a senior, nice guy, had a piece of shit car but at the time I thought it was awesome to even own a car. Real smooth too, always knew what to say and when to say it, one of those kinds of guys’ y’know? I fell for him hard and within a week of us dating, he took my virginity and proceeded to fuck me almost everyday for the next eight months,” she tried to laugh but I could tell that it was an act to lighten the mood. “Guess all that sex and fake love blinded me because I didn’t see how obvious it was that he was using me. Turns out he had a girlfriend for the last two years and he just wanted to try out a different pussy, but the day I found out I beat his ass so bad that he had to go the hospital.”

“So is that when you started treating every guy like crap?”

She nodded softly, “Max…I know that I’ve made your life hell for as long as you can remember, and I’m sorry that it took something like this to happen for me to finally level with you. I don’t expect you to forgive, or even speak to me after this, but I finally felt like you deserved an explanation. There’s probably nothing that I can say or do to get you to forgive me either but-”

I put my hand over her mouth and she shut up instantly as I closed my eyes and rested back down on her boobs.


“I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night,” I explained lazily, “I just need a nap. You mind staying here until I wake up?”

“I think I can do that,” she rubbed my back softly, her warm hand soothing me closer to sleep every second.

Can I really forgive her? Should I even forgive her? She said sorry after all, but one sorry isn’t going to change everything she’s done to me. Then again…after two weeks of being used I was so mad that I nearly hit Ashley, I can only imagine what it would be like if it lasted eight months. Guess Izzy’s response to being used isn’t too different from my own. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I forgive her or agree with her method for that matter, but at least I have a better understanding about why she did it. Still, I can’t forgive her, but that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to move on. After all if I resented her forever then that’d make me no better then her, and as long as she’s willing to change I guess maybe I could cut her some slack.

With my mind only partially made up, Izzy’s warm hand rubbing my back, and my head resting softly against her boobs, I was finally able to get some well needed rest.

When I woke up, I was admittedly surprised to see Izzy passed out as well. I thought about getting up but I knew she deserved to hear my thoughts, plus she was nice enough to let me use her body as a pillow so that was partially influencing my actions.

“Izzy,” I whispered, shaking her shoulders softly. She stirred for a bit before opening her eyes and letting out a loud yawn, looking hazily into my eyes. “Had a nice nap?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” she smiled as we both sat up. I scooted up and leaned against the headboard with her while we sat in silence for awhile.

“Look,” I began, trying to think of the right thing to say. “What happened to you was pretty messed up I’ll admit, but that doesn’t mean that you had to take it out on me.”

“I understand,” she dishearteningly mumbled, “Guess it’s kind of hard to ask for forgiveness after all these years huh?”

“I never said I wouldn’t forgive you Izzy, I’m just saying that what happened to you doesn’t excuse your actions. If you really want me to forgive you, then there’s going to be some changes.”

“Like what?”

“Well the biggest issue is that I’m tired of you treating me like an in-house servant that lives down stairs. I want you to talk to me like family, which means no pointless yelling and definitely no more hitting. I’ve been beaten more times then a professional boxers punching bag for fucks sake I think I deserve a permanent vacation. And none of this two-faced crap either, I want to be treated nice all the time unless you have a good reason to do otherwise, and Riley and Ashley are not good reasons either.”

“I understand Max, don’t worry I didn’t plan on doing that.”

“Good,” I sighed.

“Anything else?”

“Um,” scratching my head, I tried to think if there was anything else.

“Anything at all?” she asked again, hinting at something that I obviously missed.

I wasn’t in a mood to guess so I just looked her straight in the eye, “Just tell me.”

“Well,” she bit her bottom lip and looked away, “What about the sex?”

If I said I was predicting that, I’d be a liar. That one was straight out of left field and I fumbled around with my words a bit, “Well uh…what do you want?”

“I’m not saying that I want it everyday,” her hand was playing with her hair before she finally looked at me again. “But I wouldn’t mind if we did it every once in awhile.”

My first reaction was to say hell yes and agree, but there was a wicked idea forming in my head right now and I wanted to see where it led, “I don’t know Izzy.”

“Well what if you got to pick whenever we did it?”

“Hmmm,” I was biding my time now, “So we could just do it whenever I wanted?”

“As long as it’s not in front of Riley or Ashley.”

Again, I sat there rubbing my chin, acting like I was thinking to try and see how much I could get out of her. It was a little cruel but I wanted to see what she was willing to give me before accepting it. After a minute, my stalling paid off yet again.

“You could be as rough as you want with me just like the first time,” she shrugged playfully.

“Really?” I feigned shock but it didn’t take an idiot to figure out that Izzy enjoyed the pain, but I still had to keep the part going. “As rough as I want?”

“That’s right, but next time you want fuck my asshole please let me get lube first.”

“I guess I got caught up in the moment my bad,” with a goofy smile she giggled and wrapped her arm around me.

“C’mon, what else do you want from me? Don’t think I don’t know what you’re trying to do either Max,” she smirked, “Stalling to see what you can extort out of your own big sister.”

“How did you know that?”

“Please,” she scoffed, “I pull that move on Ashley and Riley whenever they ask me for a favor. I practically invented the stall, now let’s hear it.”

“I want to get her back,” I mumbled softly.

“Revenge on Ashley huh?” her nod told me that she already knew that was coming, “Do you have something in mind already?”

“Nothing yet, but give me some time and I’ll figure something out.”

“Well I’ll do whatever you need me to.”

“Thanks,” I smiled and so did she.

With a quick stretch she got to her and headed for the door, “C’mon, its movie night.”

“Isn’t that one of your girl things?”

“As of two minutes ago it’s now a family thing, plus Riley’s at some party again and Ashley won’t be back till tomorrow. I don’t have anyone to watch them with.”

“So I’m the replacement huh?” I joked rolling out of bed.

“Oh shut up,” she laughed and took a step towards the door.

“Izzy,” she stopped and turned to look at me. “Why did you decide to do all of this now?”

She didn’t answer right away, standing in the doorway for some time compiling her thoughts until she shrugged slightly, “Guess I finally realized that taking my anger out on you rather then Caleb wasn’t fair.”

That was about the answer I expected, and with a small shrug, we headed into the living room. The rest of the evening we watched one movie after another. From good comedies to terrible romances and even a kid’s movie, all the while Izzy and I sat huddled up against one another. It felt nice, being embraced like this, and it was definitely a feeling that I could get used to.

Growing up I never had a mother or father to cuddle up against. I never experienced what it was like to feel someone’s touch unless it was Izzy’s fist crashing into my body parts and now that we were resting up against one another in this weird family-loving way, I felt happy. I kinda missed out on this experience, which is why I think I loved it all the more now, and Izzy must’ve realized this after awhile because she started holding me tighter.

It’s amazing how two days ago we were at each other’s throat, and after a rough sex scene and a heart-to-heart chat, everything’s fine. Should I have forgiven her this easily? Probably not, but I already decided that that was what I was going to do, so I didn’t have a choice now.

Eventually we ran out of movies and hugged before parting ways to go to bed. With my head now resting on my pillow, I already began to miss Izzy’s touch, which is crazy considering that today was the first day I even experienced it. Was it childish? Hell yes, but I guess it’s kind of like sex, once you experience it for the first time you’re dying to do it more.

Monday unfortunately brought school so I went about my normal routine, preparing my things and slipping on my shoes to leave so I’d avoid my morning dose of Riley’s bullshit.

“Max,” Izzy called out as I walked out the front door.

“Yeah Izzy?” I walked back through the door as she came yawning down the stairs. She wore sweatpants and a tank-top, in all black of course, her hair slightly out of whack but still managing to hide her right eye somehow. My jaw was on the floor as I didn’t bother to hide the fact that my eyes were glued to her sexy morning look.

“C’mon,” she yawned again and grabbed her keys, “I’ll give you a ride to school today.”

“Um,” I couldn’t help but stammer and look around, “Are you serious?”

“Dead serious.”

Well I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, so I hopped into the car as she drove me to school. The radio was playing some rock music that I could totally tell was Izzy’s kind of music, and had I been into that kind of music I probably would’ve turned it up but something about screaming into a microphone didn’t appeal to me. She parked about a block away which aroused my suspicion, but I thought I was just paranoid and opened the door to leave.

“Excuse me,” Izzy said causing me to turn around, “These rides aren’t free y’know.”

“What?” I almost dropped my backpack I was so shocked, “You want me to pay you?”

“No,” she waved me back into the car with a finger and I had a good idea what she wanted. I climbed back inside and leaned in for a long, succulent kiss that I enjoyed like hot chocolate on a cold day. I enjoyed it so much that I kept kissing her, and she didn’t argue as we broke out into a make-out session, fighting with our tongues inside each others mouths.

We were almost fighting for control over each other now, her hand cupped my face gently while my arms wrapped around her and pulled her closer. The longer we went on the hotter it was getting, and finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I slammed the door shut and pulled away.

“Take us home,” I ordered.

She giggled, obviously not taking me seriously, “Max, we’re already here don’t you think it-”

“Drive the fucking car Izzy!” my calm tone was gone now as I made my demand clear to here. Without another word she nodded and put the car in drive, racing back home at dangerous speeds.

We flew out of the car and I grabbed onto her wrist and drug her into the house, almost kicking down the door as we did a quick glance around.

“Riley are you home?” Izzy shouted.

After ten seconds of silence, we were in the clear. I rushed her into the kitchen and practically slammed her up against the fridge, pressing my body onto hers as we kissed some more. The moment I stopped kissing her we were already stripped naked as I sucked her nipples her slight moaning driving my actions more and more. She started to run her hands through my hair, her soft touch driving me crazier by the minute as I grabbed onto her wrist and dragged her to the dinner table.

I bent her over it, my right hand pressing down onto the back of her head while my left hand smacked her ass once before I went in. This was the first time I ever fucked someone in this position and the control it gave me made the feeling all the more sensational. Her sopping wet pussy made my thrusts all the easier as I rammed her as hard as I could, my balls slapping up against her clit each time. Her moans were muffled and she was panting like her life depended on it, probably because my hand was still pressed firmly down on her head. After realizing that I let go of her and put on a wide smile as she immediately screamed.


Finally in control of her head, she looked back at me with a small smirk across her face, and I knew that I needed to wipe that off of her face. I reached forward and grabbed her hair, lightly tugging on it like reins to a horse and the response was amazing.

“Fuck yes Max! Treat me like a fucking animal!” She asked for it so I started pulling a little harder all the while trying to ram my dick as far down her pussy as possible, “M-Max, I need to cum! Please let me cum.”

“You haven’t earned it yet,” I smiled as she playfully scowled, “Better think quick.”

“Please! I’ll give you anything just let me cum!” A quick yank of her hair almost sent of her over the edge as I felt her entire body shake. “P-please!”

I nodded, already thinking of what I was going to do with her offer when her pussy tightened and almost made me cum as well. With a loud gasp of breath and her body seemingly losing all feeling, I knew that her orgasm was over and since I was close to cumming as well, I pulled out and grabbed onto her arm. I dragged her off the table and onto the ground carefully as she laid there breathing heavily and awaiting to find out why I was doing this. After pulling on my dick a few times, I stood over her and shot my load all over her exposed body, covering her stomach and boobs in my cum until there was nothing left.

I leaned up against the counter and tried to stay on my feet. Maybe it was just a weird fantasy of mine but I always wanted to cum all over someone, and since Izzy was kind enough to offer me that opportunity, I took it. Looking down at her sweat and cum stained body I couldn’t help but smile. It may be a weird fantasy but seeing her lie there after a good fucking made me a happy guy, so in my opinion I made the right choice.

It took a little longer then I thought but eventually I helped Izzy up and she cleaned off her body, giggling the entire time as I watched her wipe off the cum and sweat. We walked into the living room once she was done and she let me use her leg as a pillow as I sprawled out on the couch and rolled over to close my eyes and rest. Truth was that I wasn’t getting very much sleep for some reason, but whenever I was pressed up against Izzy now I felt like I was resting on a cloud.

She hummed softly while flicking through the channels, and there was a sense of peace and quiet that ran throughout the house that felt great. But there was one major problem that didn’t even cross my mind.

Ashley was supposed to come home today.

Of course by the time I realized it, the front door was jingling as someone was trying to undo the lock. I sat up immediately, wide eyed and scared shitless. Izzy and I were completely naked on the couch in the middle of the day, and I had no reasonable explanation to this other then the truth. When I looked at Izzy however to see if she was reacting accordingly, she brought a finger up to her mouth and gently pressed me back down. I didn’t know what she had planned but since I hadn’t come up with anything, I laid back down and shut my eyes, pretending to be asleep as the front door flew open.

“Izzy! I’m home,” Ashley shouted.

“Living room,” Izzy called back. The door slammed shut as Ashley made her way into the living.

“What the fuck!?” she shouted, which in hindsight was probably a very appropriate response.

“Sh! Max is sleeping,” Izzy replied calmly.

“What the hell’s going on?” Ashley asked in a hushed tone.

“Well since you were done using and abusing our little brother for sex, I figured that it was time for me to step in.”

There was a long silence before Izzy continued.

“Don’t act all surprised Ashley, I sleep in the room above his so I could hear you every night. I especially liked the last night too, it made my day knowing that Max finally gave you what was coming. Your lucky too, because if he didn’t do it then I sure as hell would’ve.” she laughed, “I guess I should thank you though.”

“Th-thank me? For what?”

“Well if it wasn’t for you being a complete bitch, I would’ve never realized how stupid I was acting. I told him everything and to my surprise, he actually decided to give me a chance to make up for all the things I’ve done to him. What a nice guy huh?”

“That doesn’t explain why you’re both naked!”

“Isn’t it obvious? We just had sex.”

“You bribed Max with sex!?”

“Please,” Izzy shot back, “I’m not that much of a whore.”

“Then what the hell happened?”

“Well after you left him in a pissy mood, I was able to egg him on until he finally snapped and fucked the shit out of me. You should’ve seen him Ashley, he treated me like a piece of meat and I loved every second of it. My ass still hurts from what he did to me.”

She sounded almost proud of that fact but I could tell that Ashley was still in shock just by the tone of her voice, “You really had sex with him?”

“Bent me over the kitchen table and yanked on my hair until I cummed. Then he tossed me onto the ground and blew his loud all over my body. It was amazing!”

“Y-you actually did that?”

“Yep,” she giggled again before sighing, “But I’m getting a little distracted from my original message.”


“Let me make this as clear as I can Ashley,” Izzy’s harsh tone appeared out of no where, “Stay the fuck away from Max.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. Max is mine now. You had your chance, and you decided to be a deceitful little cunt and blow it. I don’t want you to talk to him, look at him, or even be near him unless you’re eating dinner got that? What you did to him was fucked up and even thinking about it makes me angry.”

“He’s not some piece of meat Izzy how-”

“You’re goddamned right he isn’t!” Izzy was fuming now, “He’s my little brother and I’m going to protect him like a lion protects her cub. Got that?”

“Since when are you the perfect older sister huh? You were the one who started treating him like shit in the first place.”

“That’s right I was but it also means that I should be the first person to make up with him.”

“What kind of logic is that?”

“The same kind of logic that made you use him for sex when you already had a boyfriend! You know how I feel about shit like that and you still had the balls to do it inside our own house no less. So believe me when I say that if if you do anything to Max again, I’m going to kick your ass all the way back to your boyfriends house, got it?”

Again, silence filled the room. It wasn’t until I heard Ashley’s footsteps as they headed out the door and up the stairs that I finally sat up and looked at Izzy. She was humming cheerfully with her eyes glued to the TV, seemingly unaffected by what just happened.

“How was that?” she asked.

“Huh?” I replied.

“Messed with her head pretty good don’t ‘cha think?”

“That was all an act?”

“Mostly, yeah.”

I shot her a wicked smile, “Oh you’re good.”

“Thanks,” she bent down and kissed me. That kiss led to another, then another, and soon, I had both hands groping her boobs while we made-out. “Getting a little excited huh?”

“Just a bit,” I mumbled in between kisses. Our lips suddenly separated as her mouth moved down my body slowly, tenderly kissing each part while she slowly pushed me so I was laying on my back. Before I knew what was happening, she had her mouth around half of my dick and was making long, thorough strokes up and down.

“Shit that feels good,” the words slipped out of my mouth as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the soft sucking sound coming from Izzy while she continued her rhythm perfectly. Maybe it was because I was greedy, but I wanted more, and I knew just how I was going to get it. I placed my hands over her head and pressed down as my dick nearly disappeared inside her mouth. She gagged shortly after and I lifted up my hands immediately, “S-sorry Izzy. Got a little carried away.”

She popped my dick out of her mouth and winked, “Don’t worry about me Max.” With that, she stuck her tongue out and started at the base of my dick, licking her way to the tip like a lollipop and making me quiver in pleasure before sticking it back into her mouth. I was close to cumming now, and with my hand now back on top of her forcing more of my dick into her mouth little by little, I finally couldn’t hold it in any longer.

“I’m cumming Izzy,” my voice was all but gone, and I shoved her head as far as I could as the sound of her gagging on my dick was the final straw. I unloaded into her throat, forcing her to take it all whether she wanted to or not, and only when I was finally done did I let go of her head.

She lifted up her head with a small smile, wiping her lips before leaning back down to clean off my dick. Once she was satisfied, she brushed her hair out of her face and grabbed onto my arm, pulling me up and into her arms.

“You liked gagging me didn’t you?”

“It felt amazing,” I admitted nuzzling up with her.

“I’ll have to remember that then,” she smiled and kissed my forehead, “Come on, we better get dressed.”

We spent the rest of the day being lazy in the living room, talking about random things that came to mind and just enjoying each others company. It was a little weird at first, having a normal (almost cheerful) conversation with Izzy of all people, but it was the kind of weird that I could get used too.

Time just flew by after that, and soon Izzy asked me if I’d make dinner. Seeing as how she asked instead of ordered, I was more then happy to get up and start cooking. She even helped out a bit, although it was clear that she was fairly clumsy when it came to cooking, which only further illustrated my point that if I left, the girls would burn down the house trying to cook.

Once the table was set Riley came home at that exact moment and I couldn’t help but think about how perfect that timing was. With Riley now at the table and Izzy sitting beside me with her food, all that was left was Ashley, but there was no sign of her. Izzy yelled for her to come downstairs now and eventually I heard her footsteps as she marched down the stairs.

She looked like she’d just been hit by a tornado as she drudged into the kitchen to gather her food. Her smooth hair was completely frizzled and out of whack, her usual tight clothes where now baggy and less appealing, and I caught the redness around her eyes signaling that she was probably crying.

“Ashley are you alright?” I asked responsively.

“Fine,” her defeated voice said otherwise.

“Yeah Ashley,” Izzy tilted her head in fake curiosity, “You don’t look to hot? Did something happen?”

I wasn’t trying to be an ass, it was an honest reaction to how she looked. It wasn’t until Izzy said something that I realized why she was so upset. Our little secret and more importantly her little scandal had been brought to light, and now if she did anything to upset me Izzy would kick her ass. I guess I’d be a little upset too if something like that happened to me. Then again I was slightly torn thinking about this, and ss our dinner silently progressed, my eyes kept glancing towards Ashley, and it wasn’t in the menacing fashion that I should be looking at her with, it was more…sympathetic.

Why the fuck was I feeling sorry for her?

Who am I kidding? I knew why. I still wanted her, sexually and romantically, but I couldn’t go back now, Izzy would go off like a rocket on me for even considering it. But I just couldn’t sit here knowing that Ashley was miserable all because of me.

But doesn’t she deserve it after what she did? Fuck! This is so confusing why can’t my life ever be simple? I’ll even settle for a strange life rather then whatever the hell you’d call my sorry excuse for a life.

With my hands buried in my face now, the clanking of knives and forks hitting the plates filled the air, all the while I sat there and waged a mental war about how I was supposed to handle this situation. In the end, it took a pat on the back from Izzy to snap me out of it.

After feeding her a bullshit lie that I wasn’t feeling well, I returned to my room and sat there for what felt like an eternity. The clock told a different story though, and after I checked it I realized that I had only be lying down for three hours. Three hours I’d never get back because I was stuck thinking about this problem.

The house had all but died with every light on the first floor shut off and only the hallway light upstairs provided me with light as I maneuvered into the kitchen and grabbed a snack. When I returned back to my room, I repeated the same process of lying awake in a pathetic excuse for an attempt at sleep.

Things got interesting however when the door opened up to my room. I was half expecting to see Ashley but was surprised when Izzy quickly shut the door and scrambled into bed next to me.

“What are you-”

“Sh,” she ordered, wrapping her arm around me and pulling me into her, “I know you’ve been having some problems sleeping so I thought I’d sleep with you tonight.”

I didn’t argue, resting my head against her body and returning to that warm, comfy state I was beginning to feel whenever I was pressed against her. She was right because only minutes later was I passed out lying intertwined with her.

When I woke up the next day, Izzy was humming softly, and after lifting my head up lazily she smiled.

“How’d you sleep?”

“Surprisingly well,” I admitted, “and you?”

“I’m started to get used to having someone pressed up against me again,” she laughed softly before rubbing my shoulder. “So are you actually going to go to school today?”

“Hopefully yeah.”

“Lame,” she joked.

“Tell me about it,” I tried to roll around and get out but she didn’t let go.

“These little cat naps resting up against me aren’t free y’know?”

I leaned forward and kissed her, making sure to restrain myself this time only to be met with an odd discovery. She scowled at me when I pulled away, not playfully either, more like the bitch version of her that I was used to and I caught it immediately. The right thing to do would be to call her out on it and find out what’s wrong, but something told me that I should just keep quiet and go on with the day.

Her scowl was quickly replaced when I got up with a more comforting look and once again I could tell that she was forcing that look just to humor me. At least that’s what I thought. Maybe I was imagining things but I blocked these new found discoveries out of my mind and proceeded to get ready for school.

Izzy was waiting with the car and just like yesterday she let me out a block away, hidden from other people’s eyes. Again I made the mistake of thinking that she was just giving me a ride, but again I was wrong when she cleared her throat as I opened the door to leave.

“C’mon Max give me something for my troubles at least, I’m driving you to school when I could be sleeping after all.”

To humor her more then anything, I leaned in and kissed her, but this time she grabbed onto the back of my head and forced a long kiss between us that made me gasp for breath when I was free. Her eyes were hungry now, and they were staring right at me too, screaming out that she wanted sex right now but I couldn’t miss school for sex again. At least not this week.

So as casually as I could, I waved and shut the door on her hungry eyes. I had to fight to keep myself from looking back at her because I was afraid to find what look I’d be met with now.

With school being the least of my worries, it flew by and soon enough I sat down in Mr. Edwards class after school finally ready to start sketching again.

“I’m surprised you even remembered Max,” Edwards joked taking a seat next to me, “You’ve been MIA the last two times Gene almost thought about giving up on you.”

“Did not!” Gene shot back.

“Then why are you getting so defensive? Besides model’s don’t talk so shush,” I chimed in playfully as she rolled her eyes.

“So now you bring out the claws huh?” Edwards clapped his hands, “Shame you do that to the only person willing to help you rather then Izzy.”

“What are you talking about?”

“C’mon Max, I could feel the tension from you two a mile away. You think I was that gullible?”

“Would you be mad if I said yes?”

“Appalled actually.”

“I’m sure you’ll get over it,” we shared in a chuckle.

“Would one of you mind explaining what’s going on?”

“Max here doesn’t see eye to eye with one of his older sisters.”

“I think things are working out now,” I corrected, “But yeah I’m not on the best terms with any of my sisters.”

“I didn’t even know you had family Max.”

“Three older sisters and a mom, dad died before I could get a good look at him. And didn’t I just say that models don’t talk?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.”

The conversation was dropped right there allowing me to finish my eye of sketching before heading back home. When I got home however, I was a little shocked to see Izzy standing only a few feet in front of the door, tapping her food like an ill-tempered customer waiting for their turn in line.

“Where were you?” she hissed in an all-to-familiar tone.

“I stayed after school to sketch Gene,” I answered.

“Didn’t I tell you that you’re not going to be sketching that whore anymore?”

“She’s not a whore Izzy, and I thought you were just using that an excuse.”

“I was dead serious. You’re not sketching that girl anymore got it?”

“Izzy what the heck’s gotten into you? Why are you so mad all of a sudden?”

“Does it look like I’m mad?” she put her hands on her hips.

Yes…yes it does look like your mad, but then again I wasn’t dumb enough to say it. “So you really don’t want me sketching Gene because you think she’s a whore?”

“That’s right.”

“Don’t you think that’s a little messed up? You haven’t met her.”

“I don’t need to meet her Max, this discussion is over and I expect you to come straight home from school from now on.”

“This isn’t fair.”

“Life isn’t fair Max, you should know that by now.”

What. The. Fuck!

Everything was slowly changing back now. The signs were all there but I couldn’t figure out why. Why was Izzy slowly becoming a bitch again after only four days? Was there something I was missing? I know the thing with Gene made her mad but there were other signs in the morning that were all started to click together.

I didn’t bother dignifying her sudden mood swing with a response, shaking my head slowly as I retreated to my room and shut the door. Before I could even sit down however, the door flew open and Izzy stood there with an almost annoyed look on her face.

“Look Max,” she sighed and started talking through gritted teeth. “You’re in a vulnerable state right now-”

Frankly I knew that after hearing that statement, she was just spouting total bullshit now. I wasn’t in a vulnerable state, if anything I was having a conflict of moralities or some bullshit like that but I definitely wasn’t vulnerable.

“-and I don’t want some older girl to come and take advantage of you alright? Gene may not be a bad girl but I just think that you shouldn’t see her until you’ve recovered from what Ashley did too you. So yes, I’m a little worried and I’m sorry if I angered you when I said that, I just want you to know that I’m worried about you.”

“Thanks Izzy,” I smiled as warmly as I could and she did the same.

“Do you mind making dinner in another hour?”

“Sure, I’ll take care of it.”

“Thanks Max,” she waved her goodbye and shut my door.

That conversation gave me a lot to think about, but instead of worrying, I sat down and did some homework before the time came for me to cook dinner. My mind was a little busy going over what Izzy said but I kept myself busy with housework. Eventually midnight rolled around and I was lying wide awake in my pitch blacked room. I closed the shutters in my room so the light from the moon and streetlight right outside so my only source of vision was now gone. I probably should’ve opened them but I knew that Izzy was probably going to come back into my room and sleep with me again

My door slowly crept open in an almost horror movie-like fashion and with a quick shut of the door a figure darted into the bed and on top of me.

“What th-” someone’s hand was slapped over my mouth as I reached over and turned on my lamp. Ashley’s face burst into illegal bahis siteleri view as I slapped her hand away, “What are you doing?”

“I came to see you silly,” she smiled while keeping me pinned, “There was something that I needed to tell you.”

“You couldn’t have done it during the day when I got home?”

“No cause then Izzy would try to kick my ass,” she rolled her eyes, “Look I’m sorry for using you ok? I guess I kind of liked having two guys that I could have sex with whenever I wanted to. I mean I fucked him, got a nice dinner, and usually a movie and then when I got home I had another good fucking waiting for me and it was just amaz-”

“You realize that your not helping your case any right?” I interrupted.

“Right sorry,” she sighed and dropped her smile. I could tell that she was trying to think of the words to explain what she was thinking, and while she did that my eyes were glued to her half naked body. Her golden body was glowing off the lamp light and I was a little shocked to see her wearing matching black bra and panties. When she started again I finally snapped out of my trance and paid attention, “I’m sorry if I hurt you Max. Guess I really haven’t been the best sister in the world huh?”

That was an understatement.

“But I think you’ll be happy to know that I broke up with him.”

“You did what!?”

“You heard me. I broke up with Tyler just for you.”

“B-but why?”

“I thought about the first time we had sex and that feeling I had,” she slowly bit down on her bottom lip, “I thought it was the sex but now I know that it was just relying on you to comfort me. Guess that’s why it never felt the same after that first night for me.”

I was still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she just broke up with her boyfriend for me. This was definitely getting out of hand now, but a small part of me was kind of happy that she chose me over her boyfriend. Then again it’s not like I get a prize for being the guy she’d rather be with…or do I?

“So I take it you want sex then?” I asked cautiously.

Her answer would’ve knocked me on my ass if I was standing.

“Only if you want it Max.”

Awesome! This is exactly what I needed…more headaches regarding how I felt about Ashley. But it was finally my choice whether or not I wanted her, and I think that alone made my decision all the easier.

I grabbed onto her shoulders and pulled her in closer as we started making out lustfully. Her ass was hanging high up the air for the everyone to see as we continued to kiss until I felt like I was ready for more. Pulling away, I started to take off my shirt and shorts while she easily slipped out of her underwear and we resumed our kissing but this time it was more wild, like we were both expecting something incredible to happen. My hands were planted firmly on her ass that I missed so much as I rolled her over to where I was on top of her.

“Try not to be too loud,” I teased leaning down to kiss her.

She smirked and I saw her eyes move down to her pussy, waiting patiently as I slowly slid it inside her. Her eyes shut immediately and she let out a loud gasp before shivering and placing her hands on my back to press our bodies closer together. I could feel her warm body up against me as she buried her lips into my neck, kissing and sucking softly on it in an attempt to no doubt keep quiet. I tried to keep my thrusts slow and under control to stop her from being to loud and it seemed to help as she moaned deeply into my neck.

“Fuck I’ve missed this feeling,” she whispered, “Harder Max, I know you can go harder.”

“Promise not to be to loud,” I grunted forcing my dick further inside her pussy just to give her a little taste.

“I promise,” her warm breath splashed up against me, “Now fuck me like you mean it.”

I was taking a risk in doing this, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t want to go in further. With a quick thrust, I jammed the rest of my dick inside her and her hands dug into my back violently while she moaned into my neck once again.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck,” she moaned over and over again which only turned me on more to hear her voice whisper that into my ear. Her silent panting brushing up against my ear. Her curvy body pressed against mine. And the best part was that we were trying to keep it all a secret. It doubled the insane amount of pleasure I was feeling now, and I felt her grip tighten again and her soft panting became more alarmed. “I’m…I’m cumming, fuck you’re making me cum already.”

“Wait for me Ashley,” I asked feeling close to cumming myself. It was easier to control now so it made things a lot easier for me to cum whenever she did. I probably could hold out and keep fucking her for another a few more minutes but I had to admit that cumming at the same time as her always felt more satisfying.

When the moment finally, my thrust became shorter and more desperate. “Cum right now Ashley!” I ordered and she nodded quickly.

She grabbed my head with one hand and forced it towards her mouth so we were sloppily kissing while she moaned loudly into my mouth, all the while pressing me onto her body with her offhand as if trying to make me stick to her permanently. My dick was drenched in Ashley’s cum right as I started unloading into her pussy, and after a couple of loud grunts on my part I pulled my dick out and rolled right beside her.

That glazed look that she always wore after we had sex was back and I loved it all the more now as she straddled my body and rested her head firmly onto my chest. This moment was absolutely perfect and there was only one thing that could ruin it.

My door practically flew off the hinges the moment that crossed my mind.

Karma’s a bitch, no doubt about it, because Izzy stormed through that door and holy shit did she look angry.

“The fuck is going on here!” she roared. “Max what the fuck do you think your doing?”

“Oh calm down Izzy,” Ashley defended me, purring softly as if to taunt her, “The second I heard you yell at him when he got home from school I knew you couldn’t keep up your stupid little lie.”

“Wait what?” I looked towards Ashley.

“Izzy’s full of shit Max,” she said it in a way that made it seem more obvious then a slap in the face. “She probably told you that she was used or some stupid excuse like that to make you feel bad for her. Isn’t that right Izzy?”

“Shut the fuck up Ashley I was used!”

“You were used at some party that you went to three years ago, it’s your own damn fault for trying to hook up with some guy you never met before.”

“Don’t even lecture me slut. You cheated on your boyfriends so many times that I lost count. Betcha told Max that you broke up with your current boyfriend to huh?”

“Maybe I did,” Ashley shot back.

“You told me you were going to hang out with him tomorrow at the mall dumbass. Let me have my fun with Max before you go sinking your claws into him again.”

“Fuck off he obviously likes me more.”

“Only cause he was too stupid to realize you were lying.”

“Well he must’ve been a moron to have bought your sad story. Besides why do you even want to fuck him?”

“Because unlike most guys he’s accessible to me whenever I want, although he’s being a little bitch and passes up perfectly good opportunities. What even gave you the idea to fuck him anyway? You’re boyfriend that bad?”

“My sex life is none of your busi-”

“Everyone just shut the hell up!” I shouted getting out of the bed and slipping on my shorts. To my surprise, Ashley and Izzy remained quiet as I violently ran my hand through my hair to figure out what was going on. “Ashley is it true that you still have a boyfriend?”

She nodded.

“Izzy is it true that that whole story was complete bullshit?”

She shrugged sheepishly, “Maybe a little bit.”

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. The last three weeks were a lie, and this week had only made things worse. With Ashley still lying on the bed naked, and Izzy wearing short shorts and black tank top, I slowly began to put on a different set of clothes.

“Um, what are you doing Max?” Izzy asked as I crossed the room to grab my backpack.

After I didn’t answer, Ashley must’ve thought that that meant it was her time to talk, “Hello? Max?”

Again, I didn’t answer, opening up a drawer in my desk where I kept my money hidden, pocketing all six hundred forty-two dollars and twenty-seven cents as I pushed past Izzy to get out of my room.

“Max?” Izzy followed me out into the hallway as I slipped on my shoes and walked into the kitchen. Opening up the fridge, I grabbed a bottle of water and walked past Izzy once again, heading for the door as Ashley came waltzing into the hallway using my blanket to cover herself.

“Where do you think you’re going?” she asked as I opened the door.

“I’m doing what I should’ve done a long time ago,” I answered as the cold night chill brushed up against my body, “Leaving.”

I slammed the door shut and started walking. I don’t know where I was going, but anywhere was better then there.
What was I doing?

In the middle of the night I decided to get up and walk out of the house after I discovered that both of my sisters were using me for sex. Technically I already knew that Ashley was using me for sex but she lied to me again in order to get more sex out of me. I just couldn’t figure out what compelled those heartless bitches to not only want me, but to treat there own brother like a piece of meat. Of course I didn’t have much time to think about my family because as if Karma was paying me back for sleeping with my sisters, it started to rain.

So here I am. A thirteen year old kid walking down a pitch black street while being bombarded by droplets of water, and to make things worse I didn’t have a jacket on. It never rains in this town after all so how the hell was I suppose to predict that tonight of all nights it would decide to make a surprise visit.

I was slowly making my way towards town now but I didn’t have the slightest idea what I’d do when I got there. I couldn’t rent a room or anything because I was underage, and since it was so late there weren’t any shops open either so finding salvation from the rain was also out of the picture. All of this only left me with one option, to keep walking.

The pounding of rain drops and the crashing of car tires as they hit puddles filled the air now as fatigue started setting in. My body was fighting against me, longing to stop and rest but I knew that if I stopped it would only get worse, after all some kid huddled up in a dark alleyway in the middle of the night was just begging to get robbed.

“Max!” a voice shouted behind me.

I stopped and slowly turned, in my mind I thought it was one of my sisters rushing out to find me but I quickly shrugged off any idea of that happening as a figure started to come into view. Whoever they were they were my height, and I could only catch a flash of brown hair as they passed under a street lamp.

“Max is that you?” I recognized the voice now.

“Gene?” the words escaped my mouth, “What are you doing here?”

Sure enough she came into view soaking wet as well, a black apron over her white long sleeve shirt with ripped jeans that were probably a tight fit.

“I work across the street,” she answered panting and pointing across the street to a small coffee shop that was still bursting with light. How did I miss that? “What are you doing out here this late at night?”

“I could ask you the same question.”

“I have the night shift this week so I get off at one, and don’t change the subject. Why are you out here?”

“Running away,” I shrugged.

“What? Why are running away?” she shouted over the now thundering loud rain. I opened my mouth to answer but she slapped her hand over my forehead randomly. All I heard was a little gasp before she checked the streets and rushed me across it and into the coffee shop. “Quinn I’m taking off early it’s an emergency.”

“See ya!” a voice shouted from the back of the store. Before I could even open my mouth to protest we were already back outside and shutting the door to Gene’s car as she sped off down the street at an alarming speed. Had I been more alert I probably would’ve asked if she was trying to kill us but for some reason I was fighting just to stay awake.

Guess I was a little more exhausted then I had originally thought because my eyes kept slowly closing while my body started shaking like a broken washing machine. Once I realized that I couldn’t keep my hands steady I knew exactly what was happening.

I caught a flu…fuck me, right?

She aggressively pulled into a drive way and nearly broke her car door flinging it open, rushing to the other side of the car and yanking my door open as well before clasping onto my forearm so hard that I’m pretty sure she left marks. There were no lights so I had no idea where I was going or what it looked like but eventually she led me up two steps and in front of a big white door as she fumbled with some keys until I heard the rattling and a click that let me know she unlocked it.

Again, she drug me inside and down a hall, tossing me inside a room and flicking on a light.

“You need to get out of those clothes Max before your fever get’s worse. Do you have a spare set of clothes?” I nodded at my backpack. “Well then get inside the shower and get out of those wet clothes. I’ll be waiting outside alright?”

With a simple nod she shut the door and left me to do my business. I stumbled into the shower after taking off all my clothes and let the warm water smother me for awhile. It felt great, but I knew that it wasn’t going to help in the end. I was out in the rain for almost an hour after all so it was safe to say that I’m going to feel like hell tomorrow.

After I dried myself off I opened the door only to have Gene grab onto my hand and drag me through more dark hallways and into a small room that looked like it hadn’t been touched in ten years. She let me climb into bed myself thankfully, however I found out that she would’ve helped me if she wasn’t fetching a dozen blankets to bury me with.

“Get some sleep, I’ll check on you in the morning. Goodnight Max.”

I grunted a response before rolling over to my side and shutting my eyes. I was finding it hard to care about what was going on to be honest. I’m pretty sure it was just the sickness talking but everything seemed so bland right now that it disgusted me. Was it really the sickness? Or was it the fact that I had finally walked out on my family?

Sleep overcame me before I could have a chance to think it over, and for once, I was glad that it did.

By the time I woke up there were rays of sunlight torturing me while I laid in bed. I mumbled curse words under my breath before rolling over and tossing the billions of blankets that Gene threw over me last night. My brain felt like it was rattling around my skull with each step I took, my throat probably felt like a cat’s plaything with how scratched up it was, and my body in general was so weak that I was positive that a five year old could’ve knocked me over by accidentally running into me.

What I needed to do was to get meds, sleep, and recover as soon as I can, problem was that I was in a strange house, surrounded by strange things, and with a light humming off in the distance I knew that I was probably near strange people. I stumbled down a hallway, passing a few doors before emerging into the living room. It was pretty cozy, nice L-shaped couch and a big screen TV along with some pictures on the wall. My curiosity was about to get the better of me when I heard a sink spring to life through a doorway behind me.

With the grace of a drunken frat boy, I walked into the yellow tiled kitchen to find a woman humming softly as she cleaned dishes. She was a little taller then me, with long auburn colored hair and an amazing ass from where I was standing. She was also wearing an apron over her clothes but this one was a lot frillier-

“Jesus!” she shouted grabbing onto her chest and snapping me out of my glazed look. I guess I should’ve made my presence known before scanning her body, but it didn’t do much now.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you,” my voice was like a whisper, “I’m Max, Gene’s friend.”

“Oh don’t worry,” she blushed and calmed down, “She told us all about what happened last night and I don’t blame her for helping you. You just surprised me a bit is all. My name’s Tiffany by the way.” She eyed me suspiciously, “Why are you out of bed? Gene said that you had a terrible fever last night, did you recover from it already?”

“I’ll be fine,” I lied and she caught me like a mouse trap.

“Nice try Max,” she placed her hand on my forehead and shook her head disappointingly. She then went to a cupboard and pulled out some medicine, filling up a cup of water and handing it to me.

“I’m fine,” I set the cup and meds down, “I don’t want to be a burden so I’m just going to get my stuff and go. Tell Gene I said thanks for everything and it was nice meeting you.”

She put her hand on my shoulder as I turned to leave and shook her head yet again, “As a mother I can’t let you leave Max plus you’re not even a burden. Take your pills and take your sick butt back to bed.”

I opened my mouth to argue but something was stopping me and I’d be damned if I knew what it was. So instead I grabbed the cup of water and swallowed the pills before heading back into the empty room and collapsing back into bed. With my consciousness slowly fading thanks to the pills I tried to figure out why I listened to her so easily.

So what if I was sick. She wasn’t my mother, or anyone that I knew for that matter so I didn’t have an obligation to listen to her. Yet she ordered me around and like a well trained dog I did what she said immediately. For the rest of the day I remained in bed. Thursday brought more of the same except this time Tiffany brought the medicines to me before I proceeded to pass out for the rest of the day.

Friday changed around evening, with my migraine gone and my body back to its normal temperature, I was well enough to get out of bed and wander into the kitchen. Admittedly I wasn’t prepared to see Gene, Tiffany, and a man that I pegged as Gene’s father sitting at the table eating.

“Max, you’re awake!” Gene smiled warmly and pulled out a chair next to her. “We were just about to eat dinner. Care to join us?”

“Sure,” I shrugged and sat down as Tiffany loaded up a plate with food and placed it in front of me.

“So you’re the famous Max we’ve been hearing so much about,” the man said with a slow, methodical nod. He was silently judging me, his eyes moving up and down my body as if reading a newspaper.

“Um, I guess?”

“Oh,” Tiffany gasped, “I’m sorry Max, this is George, my husband.”

I held out a hand and he shook it, “Nice to meet you.”

“Likewise. Gene’s told us a lot about you.”

“Huh?” I looked at Gene for confirmation and she slyly looked away while scooping a spoon full of mash potatoes into her mouth. “Well I never got a chance to thank Gene for modeling for me. Without her I don’t think I’d be where I am today.”

“You mean a runaway in friend’s house recovering from a three day fever?” George winked and everyone started laughing. If only he knew how accurate that statement really was I doubt he’d laugh so much. Regardless I chuckled just for appearance sakes before digging in.

It was weird eating with Gene’s family, not because of her mother and father, but because they actually talked to one another while they ate. My family did that too, but it wasn’t in the light hearted manner that her family was currently displaying. Maybe that’s why is was weird, because instead of hearing news about boys or how stupid I was, they talked about their day.

Is that what a family is supposed to talk about at the dinner table?

It was dizzying to wrap my head around but eventually the dinner ended and as a sign of gratitude I helped Tiffany clean up the table.

“You were pretty quiet at the table Max, everything ok?” she asked as I handed her a plate.

“Just a little tired is all.”

“You really shouldn’t lie to me Max,” she giggled and I turned to defend my horrible lie when she quickly followed, “I’m a mother and a psychiatrist. I’m lie proof Max. So let’s hear the truth.”

Damn this woman’s good.

“Guess I’m just not used to conversations like that at a dinner table.”

“Really? Doesn’t your family eat together?”


“And what do you talk about?”

“Boys, or nothing at all.”

“Boys? Max may I ask how many siblings you have?”

“Three older sisters.”

“Wow,” she whistled, “That might explain it.”

“Ya think?” I joked as I gathered up most of the dinner plates.

“What about your parents?”

“Mom’s always traveling, Dad’s dead.”

“So it’s only you and your sisters?”


“I can see a that living arrangement causing some mental harm.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” I mumbled out of earshot, “Thank you for all the hospitality Tiffany. I’ll probably leave sometime early tomorrow.”

“And go where?” her tone made it obvious that she didn’t want me to go. “Max you’re not a burden at all, and Gene really likes you. She spent the last two days at your bedside making sure you were all right. The least you can do is come to her soccer game tomorrow. It’d really make her happy.”

I ran my hand through my hair, trying to think up an excuse not to go but she was right. I did owe Gene for what she did and going to watch her play a soccer game wouldn’t be the end of the world would it.

“I think I can do that.”

“Excellent, thanks Max.”

We shared a smile and I left the kitchen to return to my temporary bedroom. When I opened the door however, I wasn’t prepared for Gene to scare the living shit out of me.

“What the hell!” I shouted stumbling backwards and looking up at Gene’s smiling face.

“That’s payback for making me worry,” she helped me up, “So what were you and my mom talking about?”

“She threatened to shoot me if I didn’t go to your soccer game.”

With a playful shove, she smiled, “Ha-Ha Max. So are you going to come watch me play or not?”

“To be honest I didn’t even know you played a sport till she said something.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Max,” her hand twirled her hair innocently.

“I could say the same thing about you.”

“Yes but it’s your fault!”


“You never wanted to talk.”

“You were modeling, which means that you’re not supposed to move, period.”

“Well would it have killed you to at least ask before or after we started?”

“It might’ve,” I shrugged coyly before giving up the charade. “Alright fine. I’m sorry Gene. You’ve been a good friend too me even though I’ve only been mean to you.”

“You’re damn right I have been.”

We both laughed and joined her father in the living room to watch TV. The rest of the night was actually fun. We played board games, watched a movie, ate popcorn, the works! It was all so new to me that I loved every second of it. If this is what actual family’s do then I might want to stick around for awhile and enjoy this newfound feeling. When I went to bed that night I had a smile on my face, because for the first time in my life, I experienced what life was like in real family.

The next morning we all got in the car and headed to Gene’s soccer game. It was a beautiful day too. Blue skies, bright sun, green grass, and loads of families having a good time and watching their kids play soccer. Rows upon rows of soccer fields in every direction, each one with kids of all different ages and sizes.

It took awhile but we finally found Gene’s field, setting up some chairs near the center of it as she left to join her team. As the game began I quickly realized that Gene was a badass at soccer. She played forward and absolutely ran circles around the team, pulling of moves that made my jaw drop. By halftime, she had already scored two goals and set her teammates up to score two more. George went on to tell me that Gene’s team was undefeated and that this was an average game for them.

During halftime I decided to get a drink. It was a short walk to the nearest drinking fountain and as I quenched my thirst, I heard it.


Over twenty fields scattered through this soccer complex, stretching over a mile from end to end. The odds of running into someone you know is probably a million to one, and unfortunately, I was that one person. The worst part was that I could’ve seen this coming a mile away. Ashley plays soccer after all, I should’ve known that she came to place to play her games, but it’s too late to regret it now.

With a slow turn, I came face to face with all three of them, although I could tell something was a little off with each of them. Ashley was in her soccer uniform but she wasn’t drenched in sweat as usual, in fact if I had to guess it looked like she didn’t even get to play. Izzy’s pale white skin seemed to be extra white today, and with sweat pants and a baggy black sweatshirt she didn’t look flattering in the least. Riley’s hair was tied up into a ponytail that looked like a two year olds handiwork, with her makeup shadily done as well.

They looked like shit, enough said.

“Where the fuck have you been Max?” Izzy asked, her voice was shaking with rage and she was glaring at me with a different kind of anger that I couldn’t describe.

“Around,” was all I could say as I matched Izzy’s evil glare.

“Around? That’s it? That’s all you have to say after barging out of the house at one in the morning?”


“You’re lucky I’m not the mood to whoop your ass right now Max. Now get in the fucking car we’re taking you home!”


“Pass?” Ashley chimed in, “Max were not giving you a choice, we’re telling you to get back in the car.”

“Then tell me why the fuck I should get back in the car?”

“Cause we promised mom we’d take care of you,” Riley rolled her eyes as if the answer was that obvious.

I burst into laughter, a small tear rolling down my face because of it. “That’s rich! You three, taking care of me? When have you ever taken care of me? You’ve beaten, belittled and badgered me for as long as I can remember, and now that I’m finally rid of you three I couldn’t be happier.”

“You ungrateful little worm,” Riley growled, “Look at everything we’ve done for you.”

Something told me that Riley had no idea why I left, which gave me the perfect opportunity to let her in on the little family secret. “Riley do you even know why I left?”

“Because you’re ungrateful.”

“Nice try,” I smiled and looked over to Ashley and Izzy who already knew what I was going to say, “I had sex with Izzy and Ashley, and when I found out they were both playing with my emotions just to fuck me, I left.”

I dropped that news like a bomb, and Riley was blown away by it. Her jaw dropped to the floor and even if she didn’t believe me the look on her face was totally worth it.

“He’s lying Riley!” Izzy quickly denied.

“Yeah! Who are you going to believe? Us or him?” Ashley added.

“Me,” I answered walking away coolly, “Because how else are you going to explain why Ashley kept disappearing from her room and Izzy suddenly being nice to me.” With a final glance behind me, Riley’s eyes locked onto mine, “You know I’m right.”

Playing it cool, I didn’t look back once as I returned to my seat with Gene’s family, no sign of my sisters anywhere. That surprised me a bit because Izzy and Ashley weren’t the quitting time, but if I had to guess I’d say that they had there hands full trying to convince Riley that I was lying.

Gene’s team proceeded to stomp out the other team, and after that we went out for pizza. The rest of the day flew by and Sunday soon came and went and I found it harder and harder to make excuses to leave. Gene’s family treated me like their own, and I couldn’t help but enjoy what a real family acted like. Because I was paranoid, I did help out around the house whenever I could just so I wouldn’t be that much of a burden. When Monday rolled around Gene and I went to school together and went about our day normally.

By the time school ended I could safely say that that was the best day of school I had so far. Nothing went wrong and I knew that it wasn’t chance, it was because I was rid of those three cunts that I unfortunately had to call my sisters.

Gene and I still went to Mr. Edward’s class so I could sketch her and we both decided that it would be better if he didn’t know that I was now living with her. He didn’t suspect a thing as far as I could tell, and after the hour was finished we started to pack our stuff up.

“Oh crap!” Mr. Edwards began, sprinting to his desk and grabbing his bags, “I’m late for a meeting. Catch you kids later!” The door was already flung open now as he flew out of the room leaving Gene and I somewhat speechless.

“Um,” I stammered looking towards Gene, “Did he just leave without locking the door?”

“I think he locked it from the outside so once we leave it should be sh-” The door swung open, not only interrupting Gene and also proving that she was wrong, but that even the best days can be ruined by seeing someone’s face, “Riley?”

For some reason that I couldn’t fathom, Riley was standing in the doorway. She didn’t look nearly as crappy as she did yesterday but I knew she still wasn’t where she usually was hotness wise.

“Oh…hey Gene,” Riley stammered, most likely shocked about seeing her of all people here. “What’s going on?”

“I’m just helping Max work on his art by modeling for him. He’s really good for his age,” she smiled at me but I kept my eyes glued on Riley. “Oh, I’m sorry let me introduce you two. Riley this is Jake. Jake, Riley.”

“I shouldn’t be surprised should I?” I said with a small shake of my head.

“Huh?” Gene gave me a funny look but Riley knew exactly what I was talking about.

“Gene, Riley’s my sister.”


“Riley is that true?” She nodded sheepishly as the room fell silent. My own sister didn’t even tell people she had a brother. Not that I blame her, in fact, I don’t know why I’m so surprised after all. She’s even admitted to being embarrassed by me so if someone asked I’m sure she’d only mention Ashley and Izzy. “I had no idea you were one of Max’s sisters.”

“Hard to believe little miss perfect here lied huh?” I leaned back against a table, “Then again I’m used to all of her bullshit by know so I’m not surprised.”

“Max! She’s your sister!” Gene argued.

“Gene,” Riley began, “Do you mind if I talk to my brother in private?”

“Um, I guess I could meet Max out there when I’m done.”

“Excuse me? Why would you wait for my brother?” Riley’s jaw dropped suddenly, “Is he…is he living with you?”

“Well…” Gene looked away, caught by Riley’s impressive deduction ability. Hell, I was speechless as to how she came to that conclusion, but it was too late to deny it now.

“Yeah,” I admitted, “Gene found me after I left and took me back to her house after I caught a flu in the rain. Her family’s been nice enough to take care of me this past week.”

“And you…like living there?”

I opened my mouth to give it to her straight but that would only cause problems in the end, and of course, I wasn’t going to stoop down to my sisters level. “Gene could you please leave the room.”

“Sure,” Gene answered uneasily and gathered her things, heading out the door with a confused look on her face. Riley and I watched attentively as the door swung open and shut, marking that we were now truly alone.

“The fuck do you want Riley?” I spat out, eyeing her angrily.

“Come back to the house.”

“No. In fact, hell no! I would rather be homeless then go back to that hell hold.”

“We’re family Max!” she shouted abruptly.

“Since when!” I shouted back, “Please tell me Riley. Since when have we been an actual family! Gene’s parents have treated me better in one week then you, Ashley, and Izzy have in a lifetime. So why the fuck should I come back huh?”

“Because…” she mumbled something under her breath.


“Because we need you alright!” she exploded. “We fucking need you Max. Is that what you want to hear? We took you for granted and now that you’re gone everyone’s a mess.”

“Who would’ve thought that the little brother who did all the house work, cooking, and kept that fucking place running was useful huh?”

“This is serious Max. Ashley can’t sleep and Izzy’s been so grouchy lately that I’ve even started avoiding her.”

“And why should I care if Ashley has a problem falling to sleep? Or if you’re finally the one taking Izzy’s bitching?”

“It’s only been five days Max! Imagine what it’ll be like in a month?”

“The house will be burned down and you’ll all be homeless,” I smiled, “I can’t for that to happen. And another thing, why are you so surprised about this? You think that’d I thank you for all the hell you put me through? You convinced my first grade teacher I was mentally retarded so they put me in special classes for the next two years. What about when you splashed water on my pants right before the school play so everyone thought I pissed my pants? Don’t even think I haven’t heard all the rumors you’ve spread about me either, and the fact that because of you, I’m one tardy away from a suspension. So please Riley, tell me why I want to come back and live with a self-centered, whiny, obnoxious little bitch that gets turned on whenever she makes my life miserable.”

“I just…” she looked down at her hands.

“Oh yeah, and the fact that I committed incest with both Ashley and Izzy make me want to go back even less. Did they finally own up to it or are they still denying it?”

“They told me everything,” her voice was all but gone. “I-I can’t believe they really did that too you.”

“I’m more surprised that you haven’t done that to me too to be honest.”

“Me? You think I’d really stoop that low Max?”

“Without a doubt in my mind,” I hissed coldly.

“I would never do that too you!” she shot back angrily, “What they did was mean and over the top Max. Don’t even think about comparing me to what they did!”

She was visibly angry now. Quivering body, flaring nostrils, and a shaky voice, and everything in between.

“What makes you so different?” I asked. My tone unusually calm considering that Riley was shouting at the top of her lungs.

“Because I’m still a virgin! Are you happy now? I said it! I’m still a fucking virgin!”

Without thinking, I reactively said, “Bullshit. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. You dated so many different guys and you expect me to believe that you’re still a virgin?”

“Say what you want Max but I’m still a virgin alright! I wouldn’t use you because I don’t know how!”

“That doesn’t even count then! Besides I still don’t believe that you’re a virgin.”

“The only way I could prove it is if you fucked me right here and popped my cherry.”

“I know your playing one of stupid pranks on me Riley and I’m not falling for it this time!”

“For fuck’s sake am I the girl who cried wolf?”

“That’s exactly what you are!” I accused. But it was at that moment that the perfect plan formed in my head. It was time to fight fire with fire, and I knew just how to do it too, “Tell ya what Riley. I’ll make you a deal, and if you win, I’ll come back to the house and won’t leave unless I’m absolutely pushed over the edge. But if you lose, you have to promise to never bug me about coming back to the house ever again, understood?”


“You haven’t even heard what you have to do yet?”

“I don’t care,” she was standing her ground, “I can take whatever you throw at me.”

“Perfect,” I smiled, clapping my hands together. “We’re going to have sex. Right here, right now.”

“What?!” her confident attitude was gone just as quickly as it arrived. “Y-you want me to have sex with you?”

“That’s right Riley, and if I pop your cherry then you win, but if there isn’t a cherry then you lose. Deal?”

“Are you insane? You’re asking me to have sex with you! That’s gross we’re siblings!”

“Ashley and Izzy didn’t seem to mind, and weren’t you the one who said that you could take whatever I threw at you? Time to put your pussy where your mouth is.”


“Backing out already? Guess that means you lose,” I threw my hands behind my head and started to head for the door. “Looks like I don’t have to come back to the house ever again.” With a triumphant oomph in my step, I thought I was home free.

Boy…was I wrong.

She grabbed onto my head as I passed by and slowly guided it to her boob. I looked at her oddly, but she kept her head down while pressing my hand onto her boob. This wasn’t part of the plan, in fact this was the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. And even though I knew I’d regret it, I was still holding onto the belief that she wasn’t a virgin so I might as well try and enjoy it.

With my mind made up, I squeezed my hand onto her boob and she quivered immediately. I tossed my backpack to the side and moved in front of her, grabbing onto the back of her head and pushing her forward so that we could kiss. It was timid, more timid then I was used too, but fuck it was hot! I could feel her lips shaking as I tugged lightly on her bottom lip.

I thought about treating her like Izzy, shoving her up against the wall and letting my lust go crazy but I knew that that wasn’t the right thing to do. Instead, I wrapped my arms around her, trying to show her that I wasn’t going to hurt her as kissed one another slowly.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I whispered after a kiss, my eyes closed as I basked in her warm breath and waited for my answer.

“I’m sure,” she whispered back.

She wasn’t sure, I could tell, but that only made me want her more. I slowly moved away from her mouth, nibbling playfully on her neck while she moaned into my ear. She shuddered as I moved further down her body, each kiss bringing louder moans until I stopped just above her boobs.

“Take off your shirt,” I ordered and she nodded slowly, taking off her white V-neck to expose her pink bra that she undid moments later exposing her perky boobs in all there glory. She crossed her arms over them quickly, her cheeks cherry red as she tried her best to hide them.

It was cute.

I’d never seen this side of her, and it only made me want her more. I grabbed her arms and slowly moved them away so that her boobs could be exposed once again. She resisted slightly, but didn’t bother to fight after that as I started fondling them slowly. If I had more time I would’ve kept this up, but the thought of Gene walking in on us crossed my mind so I moved her over to the very table I used to draw on, guiding her onto it softly. I started to unbutton her jeans when she grabbed onto my hands.

“Sh-shouldn’t you be naked too?”

“Would that make you this easier for you?” I asked seriously and she replied with a nod so I moved my hands away and took off my shirt while she unzipped her pants and wiggled out of them. I undid my belt and took off my pants too, exposing both of us while she eyed me nervously while lying on the table. My dick was rock hard as I grabbed onto her hips and moved in closer.

“If your telling the truth, then this might hurt a bit ok, but I promise it’ll feel better later ok?” I reassured her, a part of me still under the impression that she wasn’t a virgin. With a frightened nod, I stuck the head of my dick into her and she winced in pain immediately. Her hands glued to the sides of the table, grasping onto them to try and dull the pain as I gently started to go in deeper.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered, her face displaying just how much pain she was in. I didn’t blame her either because her pussy was so tight that I had to push a little harder just to keep my dick from sliding back out. Finally I had got the head all the way inside and with a firm grip of her hips, I made a quick and deep thrust that made her scream immediately and sure enough, I saw blood slowly dripping down my dick and onto the table.

She really was a virgin. Holy shit! I just took my sister’s virginity!

After my initial shock wore off I looked at her face as a tear rolled down her eye, forcing me to ask, “Are you ok Riley?”

“It hurts, but…I’ll be ok,” she panted out her face spelling out the exact opposite.

Before I did anything else, I reached over and grabbed her shirt, wiping up the blood on the table and my dick. Tossing that to the side I grabbed onto her hips once again and started a slow, and smooth motion. She was breathing heavily with each thrust, and my lust was starting to get the better of me as I asked, “Riley do you think you can handle more?”

With a weak nod, I didn’t waste time as my dick plunged deeper into her pussy.

“Fuck! Fuck it hurts! Oh my god!” she screamed, her face on the brink of tears as I moved faster and faster. She was gasping for breath now but I kept a firm hold on her so she couldn’t squirm away. “M-Max, your going to make me cum.”

I nodded to her as she screamed out at the top of her lungs only moments later, her pussy tight pussy clamping onto my dick so hard that it was hard for me to keep going. Her pussy juice felt great as it coated my dick, and she was howling in mix of pain and ecstasy which only drove me to keep going. It wasn’t long until she was crying out again and I knew that I drove her to another orgasm.

Her sandy blonde hair was now drenched in sweat and she eyed me with a glazed look that was silently begging me to stop. I knew I was getting close to cumming but I didn’t know how long Riley would last because it looked like she was on the verge of passing out. My lust won out in the end as I leaned forward and grabbed onto one of her boobs, going as fast and as deep as I could until I started cumming inside her pussy as she shouted Fuck over and over again.

We both reeked of sex, and as soon as I took my dig out of Riley’s body went limp. I moved to the side of the table and gently nudged her over so I could lay down next to her. She was panting heavily, her head resting on my shoulder now as we recovered slowly but surely.

“So,” she began in between breathes, “I won.”

“Yeah,” I laughed weakly, “You won alright.”

That was the easiest way to put it as Riley and I headed home. Gene wasn’t thrilled to hear that I’d be going back home, but she understood that they were my family and I needed to be with them. Or at least that was the bullshit excuse that I gave her and she seemed to buy it.

Now with the wind howling around us, we walked side by side in silence, mulling over what happened in the classroom.

“How are you still a virgin?” I finally asked, “Every other week you’re going out with a different guy.”

She mumbled something under her breath.


“I hate it when guys touch me alright?” she shot me an evil look, “It’s always so cold and it sends shivers down my spine. I can’t take it half the time.”

“So then why keep switching guys?”

“I thought that maybe I’d find a guy who wouldn’t have that effect on me y’know?”

“I guess that makes sense, but that doesn’t explain why your always touching me then. Anytime you want my attention you don’t seem to have a problem grabbing onto me, or wrapping your arm around me. What’s up with that huh?”

“Obviously I don’t feel that way when I touch you,” I could hear the annoyance in her tone, but with a sigh her tone quickly returned to normal, “Maybe it’s because you’re my brother, but I don’t get that same feeling when I touch you, or when you touch me either.”

“Guess I should feel honored then huh?”

“That’s one way to look at it.”

We stopped in front of the house, both of us looking it over as if we hadn’t been here in ages when in reality it hadn’t even been a week yet. For me anyways.

“Before I go in,” I began, “I’ll make this clear. I agreed to come back because I’m not about to break my word. But I NEVER agreed to stay. If the same shit that sent me over the edge happens again, I’m gone. And I promise that I’m not coming back. Got it?”

“Can you really live without us though? We’re your only family after all.”

“Better question, can you live without me?” my smooth tone caught her off guard, and before she could respond I headed for the door. Riley followed close behind as I walked inside and looked around. Nothing was really different, other then the fact that no one had vacuumed or dusted since I left. The fact that I could tell that was pretty sad actually, but now wasn’t the time to loathe at my unmanly quirks as I headed into the kitchen.

“He didn’t come back did he?” Ashley asked sitting at the table with Izzy right beside her. They both had their backs turned to us so neither of them realized that I was standing right there.

“He did,” I answered. Within a blink of an eye they whirled around and discovered my presence. Izzy jumped up from her seat and wrapped her arms around me before I had a chance to protest, smothering me in her boobs while she squeezed harder. I thought about hugging back, but that would mean that I share her excitement about being back here, and that definitely wasn’t the case.

“How did you manage to do it Riley?” Ashley asked.

“Well…y-you see, w-we” she stuttered. “We ah, y’know, just…”

I pushed myself away from Izzy so that I could finish the sentence, “We fucked in the classroom.”

You could’ve heard a pin drop from a mile away now as all eyes turned onto Riley. Her face as red as a stop sign, she immediately shot me a horrified. I think she probably wanted to hide that little fact, but for some reason I felt proud of the fact that I fucked Riley.

“B-but I thought you were a virgin Riley?” Izzy asked.

“Not anymore,” I answered. “I bet Riley that she wasn’t a virgin and since I lost I had to come back here.”

“Max!” Riley shouted.


“Why would you tell them that?”

“Because it’s the truth. I took your virginity so I had to come back, and while we’re on the topic of me being back, I’ll tell you both right now.” I pointed at Ashley and Izzy, “If you pull that kind of shit on me again, I’m gone for good. Things are going to go back to the way they were before this crap all started which means no more sex. In fact, things are going to change! If you yell at me, hit me, or fuck with me physically or mentally, then I’m out like a fucking light. Understand?”

They all looked at each other worriedly. I caught them in a state of confusion and now I was going to capitalize on it.

“Do you fucking understand or not!” I roared and they all jumped slightly, “I’m tired of living as a servant in my own fucking house. So while I’m here, you will eat dinner at the table, and only when everyone has their food and is sitting down. If you need my help for something, you will knock on my door and wait for a response instead of busting it down like a bunch of drunken monkeys. You will all take up a chore to help clean this fucking house, and I expect you to do it at least twice a week whether it’s vacuuming, scrubbing down the bathrooms, or whatever else I assign you.”

“W-what’s gotten into you?” Izzy’s trembling voice was a sign that I my plan was actually working, and I knew I needed to drive it home now.

“What’s wrong with me? I left a perfectly good house with a family that would’ve been more then happy to let me stay there for as long as I needed to come back here. So if I’m going to be stuck in this hell house, I’m going to make sure that it’s a little more enjoyable for me. Get it?”

“Got it.”

“Good!” I turned to Riley, “Go vacuum the whole house Riley. Izzy dust everything off, and Ashley, clean that pathetic excuse for a dinner up, and help me make dinner.”

“Why do I-” Riley began but the second my eyes narrowed she shut up and turned to leave. Izzy didn’t even bother to argue, hiding her eyes as she hurried past me to start her chore. Ashley was standing there wide mouthed and with no signs of life other then the occasional blink.

“Move Ashley!” I shouted and she jumped in fear before scrambling to grab her plate and dump the food in the garbage. With the vacuum going off in the background and my eye wandering towards Izzy every couple minutes to make sure that she was working, I was pleasantly surprised that everyone was actually working. Ashley even proved to be useful, following my instructions exactly as we cooked a decent dinner together. I caught her glimpsing towards me every now and again but I chose to ignore it.

With dinner ready and everyone sitting down at the table, we began eating. Although no one said a word, I thought it was nice to finally eat dinner altogether instead of everyone running off immediately. I’ll admit that it was kind of awkward, mainly because everyone was slightly afraid that I’d go off at any moment. But to be honest I liked it, being in control for once. The only time I felt like this was when I was fucking Izzy.

I could still remember how I abused her in her own room a week ago. The look on her face as I did whatever I wanted to her was so powerless, and it made the moment all the sweeter. Hearing her cry out in pain as I fucked her tight ass, and that look of bliss on her face afterwards was…

I shook my head, dispelling those thoughts. It was because of that shit that I was in this mess. Besides, I said that there was no more sex and I meant it. We’re all siblings after all. What we’re doing is illegal, so of course we shouldn’t keep going. And its only caused problems so far so logically if we get rid of the problem then we’ll be fine.


“Max? Everything ok?” Riley asked, noticing that I zoned out.

“I’m fine,” I mumbled back standing up, “Clean up your own plates when you’re done and Izzy, load the dishwasher. I’m going to my room.”

I disappeared back into my hole and didn’t show myself for the rest of the night. The week seemed to fly by, and for once things weren’t really that bad. The girls were actually helping around the house, and even though I was barking orders half the time I still pitched in and helped when I felt that it was needed. With my work load lightened considerably, and no abuse of any record, I was impressed at how afraid they were of pissing me off. I don’t think they realized that I was secretly training them to take care of themselves so at the first sign of trouble I could leave.

Was it mean? Yes. Was it manipulative? Yes. Was it deceitful? Hell yes…looks like they did teach me something after all.

It was Saturday now, and everyone was back from watching Ashley play soccer, but the house was still quiet. That was a problem that I started noticing. Everything was so…dead now. I guess they were all so worried about making me leave that they stopped being loud and obnoxious, even to one another. The silence that filled the house was a little unsettling, but I felt like it was something I had to get used too, for fear of everything reverting back to the old way.

I was in a position of power now and I wasn’t going to let it go.

With a loud yawn, I closed my notebook and headed out towards the kitchen. The slight grumblings coming from the living room peaked my curiosity, and I took a detour in the living room to see what all the fuss was about.

Ashley was standing on the other side of the room in her soccer shorts and a sports bra, reaching up to try and dust off the top shelf of a bookcase. I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out, and I knew exactly why.

Her body. Something I hadn’t seen this exposed in awhile. Even during the late night booty calls we had, she was usually in and out before I could get a good look at her. But now I had a great view of her golden skin, perfect ass, and tight hips, and to make it better she was on her tip toes. It was the perfect sight, and one that I had to admit drove dirty thoughts into my head.

The only thing that saved me at this moment was when she sighed loudly and snapped me out of my gaze, just long enough for me to play it off as if I wasn’t staring at her body for the last thirty seconds. When she turned around she offered a week smile and waved a rag around as if to prove to me that she was actually doing the chore that I gave her.

“How’d you do?” I asked.


“I asked how you did today. Y’know, the soccer game?”

“Oh,” she nodded, “Well I scored two of our three goals, but we ended up losing by one.”

“That sucks.”

“Yeah, but what can you do?” she laughed weakly.

Awkward silence filled the room like helium fills up a balloon, and I didn’t want to be here when it popped for fear of what might happen. I smiled at her and turned around to leave without another word, heading for the safety of my room and collapsing onto my bed.

Fuck! I almost got caught staring at Ashley like that. More importantly, why was I looking at her like that? And what’s worse, I was getting hard just thinking about her. The whole thing just seemed to spread as I spent the next ten minutes trying to fight the perverted thoughts running through my head. A knock on the door was my only saving grace.

“Max?” Riley banged on the door again. I grumbled loudly and she must’ve thought I said yes because she walked in seconds later, “Hey it’s time for din…um, are you feeling ok?”

I rolled off the bed and took a deep breath, “Peachy. Let’s go make dinner.”

It only got worse from there. If I wasn’t zoning out thinking about one of their bodies, I was sneaking peeks at them from around corners, or secretly while I was cooking. I was being tortured by none other then myself, and, that. Sucked. Ass! What the hell was wrong with me?

Luckily I was able to distract myself a bit at school by actually focusing on my work. Scary how doing work at school is actually benefitting me now, but it was like duct tape. A temporary fix that worked surprisingly well, but when it boiled down to it, that’s all it was.

A temporary fix.

The problem was that while I could focus on my school work to distract me, my art took a giant right hook to the face. I couldn’t draw a straight line to save my life right now, so sketching became rocket science to me for the next week and a half. It was Wednesday when I finally came to the conclusion that I was wasting Gene’s time now, and after only fifteen minutes I shut my notebook and quietly gathered my things.

“I’m just not feeling it today guys. Sorry,” I ran my hand through my hair before throwing my backpack over my shoulder.

“Your work hasn’t been very…” Mr. Edwards paused.


“Yeah,” he shrugged shyly, “I didn’t want to say it exactly like that, but you’ve been getting worse somehow. Is there something you want to talk about Max? You know we’re all friends here.”

“Edwards,” I sighed, preparing to lie, “If I knew, I’d tell you. Maybe I’m just not getting enough sleep, I don’t know. I’ll go to bed early and see if that helps.”

“See that you do man,” leaning back in his chair, he held up a peace sign as his way of saying that I was free to go.

I exited shortly after with Gene following close behind.

“Trouble at home?” she suggested.

“Not really, in fact, it’s been a lot better at home since I’ve been back.”

“Oh,” the depression in her voice was obvious. She really wanted there to be something wrong, but I didn’t know if it was because she wanted me to move back to her place, or if it was because she just wanted to help. “Well, maybe you just need a change in scenery. Why don’t you come over and eat at my place? I know my parents would love to see you again.”

What the hell do I have to lose?

“Sure,” I shrugged, “I just need to call home to tell them that they’re on their own for dinner.”

She handed me her cell phone and after I told Izzy that I wouldn’t be home for dinner, I gave Gene back her phone and got in the car. It wasn’t long before we both came strolling back into her house. The welcome her parents gave me was a little over the top, with Tiffany giving me a big hug and George slapping my shoulder congratulatory like.

Still, it was a warm welcome considering the fact that I just up and left three weeks ago without so much as a thanks or goodbye. They didn’t seem to mind, in fact, I think they might’ve felt guilty about it, because they went all out on dinner. Steak, mash potatoes and gravy, corn on the cob, honey ham slices, and to top it all off, pie. Pumpkin pie! The real question here is who the hell just has pumpkin pie lying around in there refrigerator? If it wasn’t the best pie that I had ever tasted then I’d be a little more worried, but I had to have eaten a third of that pie by myself so I wasn’t complaining about it.

“So Max,” George sat down on the couch, stretching out as I sat down on the recliner across from him. “How ya been?”

“I’ve been pretty good. Well, I’m having a little trouble right now with my artwork, but other then that everything’s fine.”

“Do you have some of your work on you? Gene always talks about how talented you are and I’d kind of like to see it for myself if you don’t mind of course.”

“Yeah, sure” I grabbed my backpack and pulled out my notebook, sliding it across the table towards him. He combed through it without hesitation, “Wow! You really are talented.”


Gene and Tiffany walked into the living room shortly after, and it didn’t take long for Gene to notice that my notebook was now in her dad’s hand. She lunged forward and snatched it out of his hand immediately, clinging it to her chest like a two year old clings to a blanket.

“What did you do that for?” he threw his hands up in the air.

“This is Max’s!” she argued.

“I know,” he chuckled and looked at me, “I asked to see it and he let me look. What did ya think I stole it or something?”

“I’m not going to let you look at it! They’re all just pictures of me!”

“Are you sure about that? I could’ve sword I saw a few sketches of a different girl. Real looker too,” the wink he gave me was a mix of pride and perverted-ness, “Where’d you find that model?”

“Huh?” my eyes moved to the notebook in Gene’s hands and I held out my hand as she quickly relinquished it to me. I flipped through it slowly, seeing sketches of Gene on every page until I finally discovered who he was talking about.

“Wow!” Tiffany whistled behind me and I discovered that she was looking over my shoulder and eyeing the same picture of Izzy that I was. “She is definitely well developed.”

“So who is she?” George asked.

“That’s um,” I shut the notebook, shoving it back into my notebook before Gene could have the chance to examine the half naked pictures of my sister, “Just a friend who offered to pose for me.”

“Are you sure your only friends?” Tiffany’s tone told me that she knew I was lying and she was giving me another chance to tell the truth.

So I came up with a half-lie and half truth statement, “Let’s just say that she’s like a sister to me.” Either she accepted the answer, or just didn’t feel like pressing the matter because she gave a nod of approval.

“Do you have time for a board game Max?” Gene offered.

I nodded and she smiled before disappearing around the corner to fetch a game while we all headed back into the kitchen to sit at the table. Turns out, the game of choice was Monopoly, and for reasons I cannot fathom, I was terrible at it. By the end of the fifth turn, I had three of those orange colored properties so I thought I was doing pretty well. The problem was, that those were the only places that I owned, and after I sunk enough money into them, it felt like the wheels of fate were conspiring against me because no one landed on them. By the end of the tenth turn, I was bankrupt and leaning up against my arm in boredom, watching as they continued playing.

After an overly aggressive role from George, one of the dice flew off the table and onto the ground near me. I pushed out my chair and bent down to get it, but before I returned to the table my eyes zeroed in on the seat Tiffany was at. I didn’t realize it till now, but she was wearing a knee length black skirt, probably because of her work, and while she sat at the table her legs were spread open far enough to give me a perfect view of her pussy. She was wearing a matching black thong and in my attempt to get a better look, I smacked my head against a bar and the entire group jumped.

When I retreated back to the surface with the dice in my hand, I dropped it on the table and rubbed my head as everyone commented on how clumsy I was. I looked across at Tiffany while she cutely covered her mouth and laughed. Something told me she wouldn’t be laughing if she knew what I just saw, but thankfully she was just as oblivious to this as everyone else.

He rerolled the dice and the game commenced, only this time, I was sneaking peaks at Tiffany whenever the opportunity arrived. She wasn’t bad looking, in fact, she looked pretty hot for someone in her mid thirties. She had a nice set of boobs, not as big as Izzy but definitely bigger then Ashley. And don’t even get me started on her ass! That thing was round and I’m sure it was more firm then my mattress. Thinking back I never noticed how much she wiggled it whenever she walked, and before I knew it I started to fantasize about lifting her up by those round cheeks and setting her on this very table while I fucked her brains out.

What. The. Fuck.

I was really fantasizing about Gene’s mother? I couldn’t tell if that was mean, or sick. I mean, Gene’s not bad herself, and she obviously likes having me around so I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t having dirty thoughts about her? The only thing I could come up with is that Gene was a really good friend of mine, and I guess I wasn’t ready to try and take a chance on her. Plus, if things turned sour, then she wouldn’t model for me anymore, and I really appreciated what she did for me.

Her mom on the other hand, did not have that restriction on her. It was sick to have dirty thoughts about your friend’s mom, especially when she’s less then five feet away, but fuck if I could help it. I knew that it was bad, so I waited for the clock to hit seven before acting surprised at how the time flew by just as an escape.

“I really need to get home before my family starts to worry,” I sneakily avoided eye contact by staring at the clock like my life depended on it so Tiffany couldn’t spot my lie. “Thanks for putting up with me. I hate to dine and dash but I really need to get back home.”

“Oh! Well then I’ll drive you,” Tiffany offered. My body froze as if time stopped, and the only thing that moved was my eyes as they slowly looked over at her innocent smile.

“Um, sure. Sure,” I got up quickly and headed for my backpack. Throwing it over my shoulder, I walked back into the kitchen to shake George’s hand and thank Gene for inviting me over. Tiffany had already disappeared down the hall to go get her keys and I sat there waiting by the door as she emerged with a large tan trench coat that stretched over her knees, almost making it look like she wasn’t wearing anything on underneath.

She waved goodbye to everyone and we headed out the front door and hopped into her car. Blasting the warm air, she drove off down the lane, in the wrong direction I might add. In fact, I don’t think she even knew where I lived. This started to alarm me and she must’ve noticed after I sat up and started looking around worriedly.

“Relax Max,” she patted my shoulder, “Gene said that there was something bothering you so she asked me to try and help you. I figured, we could go to this park that Gene used to love as a kid and just walk and talk if that’s alright with you. I promise that everything you say to me is confidential and I will never repeat it too anyone. Even Gene won’t know.”

No one would blame me for being speechless at this point, because, she was basically kidnapping me and forcing me to take counseling. I thought about rejecting her offer but I saw three giant holes in that idea.

First off, she was the driver, so unless I planned on jumping out of the car and walking home, I was at her mercy. Secondly, I knew that even if I said that I didn’t want to talk about it, that she’d ware me down eventually and get me to talk. And finally, and this one seemed pretty important to me, I could have an excuse to stare at her some more.

We pulled up to a small park barely illuminated by a single street lamp. There was a single playground structure with four swings smack dab in the center of the park surrounded by a sea of grass, with trees littering the outside area. It wasn’t that impressive to be honest but it would entertain a five year old for at least an hour, maybe more. We both exited the car and started our walk towards the playground in silence, but it didn’t last long.

“So why don’t you tell me what’s bothering you,” she began with a classic therapist line.

“I would if I could,” I answered semi-honestly.

“Well, how about we start with when the problem began.”

“Sure,” I sighed, “It was about a week after I moved back in with my family.”

“And what triggered this feeling.”


“I saw my sister cleaning.”

“Is that it?”

“Pretty sure. You also have to understand that until I came back home, I was the one doing all the cleaning.”

“I see,” she nodded, “So then it’s safe to assume that your art has been suffering ever since you saw that.”

“Sounds about right,” I sighed and sat on the swing set while she joined me on the swing to my right. “Every time I start to draw I just lose focus.”

“Where does your focus get put into?”

Sex…“How my family and I got into the argument that made me run away.”

“Do you mind telling me exactly what the argument was about?”

I found out both my sisters were using me for sex…“I guess I was fed up with them using me like a ragdoll to do what they wanted.”

“I’m so sorry that that happened to you.”

“Its fine, I mean, shit happens right?”

“That’s one way to put it,” she giggled and I looked over at her and smiled. “Well, can you tell about what was on your mind the last time you tried to draw?”

How I popped Riley’s cherry and fucked her into three orgasms…“I was thinking about the time when Riley, the youngest of my older sisters, came to talk to me in the classroom.”

All I could think about was how smoothly I was handling this situation. She couldn’t call me a liar because technically all of them where true! Kind of.

“So when are you going to stop lying to me?”

My jaw hit the ground immediately, “I’m not ly-”

“Max, c’mon,” I heard her sigh, “You can be honest with me.”

“No I can’t,” I scoffed at the idea.

“Of course you can,” she argued in her motherly tone.

“Um, this isn’t something to be talked about. Ever!”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m taking this secret to the grave Tiffany.”

“Oh c’mon, it can’t be that bad.”

“You have no idea.”

“Try canlı bahis siteleri me.”

“Nooooooooo,” I waved my arms quickly, “Not going to happen.”

“Does it have something to do with that half naked picture of your sister in your notebook?”

“How the hell did you know that?!” I shouted back without thinking, immediately following it up with a face palm after realizing that I just admitted she was right.

“I recognized her from the day you came with us to watch Gene play soccer. I was going to ask how you knew them but after I saw the look you had on your face it was safe to assume that those three were the sisters that you got into a fight with.”

Human lie detector, detective, and a cook. Seriously, what can’t this woman do?

“Do you mind explaining that picture?”

“I do actually.”

“Max,” she sighed yet again. Her sighs were really starting to annoy me, “Let’s hear it. C’mon.”

“Can we just drop this? I need to get home remember?”

“That was an obvious lie by the way.”

“Why does it feel like you have an edge in any conversation we have?”

“Stop trying to change the subject Max and just tell me. I’m here to help remember?”

“Then help me by giving me a ride back to my house.”

“Tell me first.”


“We can sit here all night if you want.”

“Are you seriously going to keep me here if I don’t tell you?”

“I’m not keeping you here. If you wanted to you could walk home, although I don’t know how long that’d take.”

“So the only way out of this is if I walk home from here.”

“I’d be very disappointed if you did.”

“You kidnapped me and tried to force me to spill my secrets to you. How are you the disappointed one here?”

“I’m disappointed that you can’t trust me enough to tell me what’s bothering you.”

“You want to know what’s bothering me that badly?” my anger was starting to rise. I kept calm for a long time but this was getting ridiculous to the point where I was starting to lose it, “Is it that fucking important to you?”

“Yes, it is,” she didn’t seem fazed by my newfound anger.

“Oh my god! Why do you care so much?”

“I’d like to think that we’re friends Max, even though we haven’t known each other that long. Plus your Gene’s friend, and your making her worry so that makes me worry too.”

“So because Gene’s worried you’re going to annoy the hell out of me until I tell you? Sorry for sounding like an ass but this is bullshit Tiffany!”

“I understand your unwillingness Max, but I really think it’ll help.”

“You have no fucking idea how wrong you are.”

“We’ll never know until you tell me.”

I growled angrily, hopping off the swing letting it all out for the sole fact that I couldn’t take her method of interrogation anymore. Always smiling and speaking in a calm tone, urging me that it’ll be ok.

All it did was drive me to the point where I finally snapped and shouted, “I fucked my sisters! Are you happy! I fucked all three of my sisters! I had legitimate incest sex with my three smoking hot sisters! And it is driving me fucking crazy now because all I can do is think about their bodies whenever I try to focus on something other then boring ass school shit! I can’t draw, eat, shower, or sleep without getting hard for one of my fucking sisters! Oh, and that’s not all! While we’re on the subject of smoking hot bodies, you have one too! During the Monopoly game I got a nice view up your skirt, and if I hadn’t hit my head on that stupid fucking bar, I probably would’ve stayed down their longer! So for the entire time when I sat my bankrupt ass out, I was fantasizing about you! Ya happy now? Is that enough truth for ya! Did I trust you enough yet?”

Her eyes were wide open, and after I finished my rant, I realized that I just admitted to wanting to fuck her. That was completely unnecessary but I just couldn’t stop myself in the heat of the moment. The moment was completely fucked! Like, I wouldn’t be surprised if she just flat out decked me on the spot. What kind of idiot would say that, oh and I almost forgot the part about where I told her I fucked my sister.

Ho-ly shit! This woman is completely mind fucking me right now!

“Well,” she began softly, “I know what the problem is.”

“You mean, it’s not the fact that I had sex with my sisters?” I sarcastically asked to lighten the mood.

“Well, that’s a little concerning but I’m not here to judge you, or your sisters. If you want to have sex with each other then by all means, do so, just don’t get one of them pregnant, and definitely don’t tell anyone else.”

“I shouldn’t even have told you,” I mumbled walking over to some steps on the playground and climbing up them to a long platform that led to a slide. My face was buried in my hands as I leaned on the railing. The wave of embarrassment I should’ve felt while I was revealing this information hit me like a blindsided tackle.

I heard Tiffany’s footsteps a few moments later and soon she was on platform with me, “Don’t you feel better now?”

“Nope,” I groaned, “Maybe after I’m done feeling like an ass and all the embarrassment I’m feeling disappears I will.”

“There’s good news at least.”

“Oh ya? Let’s hear it.”

“The reason why you can’t focus is actually a lot funnier then you might think.”

“I could use a laugh.”

“You want sex.”

I looked over at her with a raised eyebrow, “What?”

“Well, think about it. You’ve probably had sex with your sisters a lot right?”


“And have you had sex at all since you came back to live with them?”


“See? Your sex deprived,” she giggled, “That’s really what it is.”

“So you’re telling me that because I refuse to fuck my sisters again, I’m going to have to deal with always thinking about sex until I find someone else to have sex with?”

“It’s not that uncommon really. You’re a growing boy who’s had sex at an early age. Your hormones are probably raging right now because you suddenly cut yourself off from having it.”

“Awesome,” the enthusiasm in my voice was no where to be found. Tiffany rubbed my back softly and I couldn’t help but to lean my head onto her shoulder. It was a pretty pathetic scene for me, but I could give a rat’s ass right now. I just found out that the reason I’ve been in my own personal hell was because I’m a sex driven idiot…something I could’ve figured out on my own. However I needed to admit that to my friend’s mother while simultaneously telling her that I think she’s hot.

After nodding towards the car, I got the hint and followed her off the playground equipment, “Can’t believe you looked up my skirt,” she shook her head trying to act disappointed but I could tell that she wasn’t.

“Sex deprived, remember?” I laughed, “Besides, I wasn’t going to do anything.”

“Only because my husband and daughter were right there.”

“Are you saying that I couldn’t control myself if I was given the same chance?”

“Didn’t you just admit to having fantasies about screwing me?”

“I blame you for that by the way.”


“Duh, you’re hot,” it was a pretty obvious fact right now. The shock in her face made me realize what I just said, “I mean, uh, y-you’re very attractive, so I couldn’t really help it, and…I should probably stop talking.”

She laughed shaking her head, “Your fine Max. I was just a little surprised is all. It’s not everyday that a teenager calls me hot, especially to my face.”

“Is that good or bad?”

“Hmm,” she tapped her chin, “Good. I think it is anyway. A girl loves complements after all.”

“Sweet! Means I’m off the hook.”

“Nah-uh,” she wagged her finger at me, “You just admitted to having fantasies about me and now I want to know what they were.”

“Are you really going to make me say them? It’s embarrassing enough to know that I admitted it in the first place.”

“Hey, you were the one ogling at my body so I have a right too know. At least tell me about one of them.”

“If your goal is too kill me via embarrassment, you’re on the right track,” I ran a hand down my face, “Do I have too?”

“What’s the worse that could happen?”

“Got a point there.” Although I didn’t know why I was actually going to tell her, she did have a good point. She listened to everything I had to say and hasn’t seemed too bothered by it, so there’s really nothing else I could say that could drive her off, right? “I set you down on the kitchen table when you’re only wearing an apron and fuck the shit out of you.”

“You had a fantasy about fucking me on the same table that we were playing Monopoly on at the time?” I nodded, “I’ve had sex with George on that table plenty of times. It’s not really that appealing anymore.”

“Wow,” I laughed, “Thanks for ruining my dinner.”

“Relax,” she shoved me, “I sprayed the table down with every kind of germ killer you can think of. Got any more?”

“You said I only had to tell you one.”

“One more. Please!” the way she looked at me made it hard to resist.

“Your enjoying the fact that I’m taking advantage of you in my mind aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” I shot her a funny look and she rolled her eyes, “Alright the idea of a teenager being attracted to me is pretty ego boosting I’ll admit.”

“So I’m just inflating your ego huh? That’s all?” I smiled jokingly. “Not getting crazy fantasies of your own in that grown-up head of yours?”

“As a wife and mother I’ve learned to not even bother fantasizing about other people,” she smiled smugly.

“You know, I’d be very disappointed in you if you were lying to me,” I meant that as a joke. We were clearing bullshitting right now and I thought it was fun to use a line that she used on me early. Her answer admittedly caught me off guard.

“Maybe I’ve had one,” she mumbled quickly.

“Oh you have got to tell me!”


Even though she looked appalled, I had a feeling she wanted me to keep going, “I told you mine, so you have to tell me yours. It’s only fair. I’ve spilt my guts out to you, you owe me that much at least.”

“It’s not the same,” she argued.

“Don’t pull that crap on me,” we arrived at the car and I leaned up against it coolly, “C’mon, I’m not going to judge ya.”

The way she bit her bottom lip made me wonder whether or not she was going to tell me, but after a quick look around, it looked like my argument did the trick.

“Ok fine!” even if she sounded reluctant, I could hear the tiny bit of excitement in her voice. “I convince you that the only way for me to help is by screwing and we end up having sex on the platform we were standing on. Happy?”

“Why didn’t you make a move while we were up there then?” I threw my hands in the air, “I mean shit, I would’ve believed you.”

“Well I’m not lying though,” she leaned up against the car next to me, “You either need to masturbate a lot, learn how to deal with it, or find someone to screw. I just thought it would’ve been a hot scene.”

“Could still be,” I shrugged with my hands in my pockets.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” the light tone suddenly became a little colder.

I could’ve just laughed it off and got in the car…but fuck it, I’m going for it.

“Well I’m just saying that it could still be a hot scene. I mean, I need sex or else I’m going to lose my fucking mind, and if fucking on the table that you eat at isn’t hot anymore then maybe you need little change too. Honestly if you think about it you’re helping me get back to my normal self for awhile and in doing so Gene will be less worried too so then you don’t have to worry about her anymore. It’s a win-win for you isn’t it?”

“Max,” she sighed, “It’s not that simple.”

“You were the one with the fantasy remember?”

“Fantasy and reality are two different things.”

“Yeah, but you could make your fantasy a reality.”

“Stop,” she whined softly. “Please.

“Your right,” I shook my head and smiled weakly, changing my tone to sound like I was the victim. “I’m sorry Tiffany. I know I probably overstepped my boundaries and I guess I got a little caught up in it huh? I’ll just ah…walk home I think. It’s not that far actually, and I think I might have said some stupid things so your probably sick of me already. Thanks for listening though, it really did help.”

I opened the back seat of her car and reached inside to grab my backpack. With a quick shove from behind, I was suddenly laying across the backseat wondering what the hell happened. I rolled around only to come face to face with Tiffany.

She was looming over me with a knowing smile spread across her face.

“You guilt tripped me didn’t you?” she asked.

“Did it work?”

She answered by leaning down and giving me a kiss. Then another, and then another, and then soon were making out in the backseat of her car. The soft touch of her lips against mine were tantalizing, and I thought we could’ve done this for at least another thirty minutes before I finally had enough but she pulled away just as that crossed my mind.

“Watch your legs,” she hurriedly stated, reaching backwards to shut the door of her car. “Take off your shirt!” I was already way ahead of her as she unbuttoned her coat and took off her blouse revealing a sexy black bra. “Undo it for me Max.”

She ran her smooth hands up my chest quickly before lunging down towards my neck and starting to suck and nibble on it. I moaned my approval while she continued to feast on my neck, meanwhile fumbling around with her bra hooks until finally undoing it. She sat up and took off her bra, tossing it in the front seat while my hands made a beeline for her boobs. She quivered at my touch, running her hand through her hair and biting her lip lustfully.

“T-take your pants off,” she ordered in between breathes. We didn’t have a lot of space but I was able to take off my pants and boxers while she dropped her skirt and thong to the floor. I began to sit up but she immediately pushed me back down, turning around so that I got a perfect view of her ass. She lowered it to the point where her pussy was sitting just above my nose as I took a giant whiff of her sex. The smell only made things better now and I realized what she was doing the moment she lowered her head and started sucking on my dick.

It felt so good, but I couldn’t get too distracted now that there was a perfectly good pussy only an inch from my face. My hands grabbed onto her ass and squeezed hard as she let off a muffled moan with my dick filling up most of mouth. I pulled her ass closer and stuck out my tongue, grazing her pussy lips. She let out a long moan and I lifted up my head so I could get more of her pussy in my mouth.

With every lick she moaned a little louder and in turn sucked faster making the experience all the more pleasurable. It didn’t take long until she popped my dick out of her mouth, “I’m cu…I’m cu…I’m cumming. Fuck!”

She moved her hand down to her clit and started rubbing it furiously while I buried my face as deep into her pussy as I could. Didn’t take long before my face was showered in cum, and with a loud moan of relief, she stopped rubbing her pussy and went back to focusing on my dick. I kept my pussy licking up while she brought me closer and closer to cumming, my face still dripping with her cum the entire time.

I started cumming about a minute later and she swallowed it all, making sure to lick my dick clean before turning around and laying on top of me. We were both out of breath, and I closed my eyes to enjoy Tiffany’s warm body, however I wasn’t prepared to feel her tongue run up and down my face.

I opened my eyes after I she finished and gave her a questionable.

She blushed, nuzzling her head underneath mine as if trying to hide her face, “Your face was still covered in my cum and I wanted a taste of both of us in my mouth. I’m a little…freaky when it comes to sex. Sorry.”

“I’ll keep it a secret, don’t worry,” I replied coolly. She laughed softly before letting out a long sigh as everything calmed down. I was gently stroking her hair while she hummed softly while we laid in the backseat of her car, recuperating from our little scene.

My hands didn’t remain innocent for much longer however, moving towards her ass and taking to big handfuls. She didn’t seem to mind, so I threw in a little slap to her right cheek and she jumped a bit, looking up at me with a playful expression.

“Want more already?” I shrugged, squeezing her ass again. She smiled broadly and pushed herself up, “Well aren’t you pushy? Fine, sit up.”

I did what she said, wondering where this was going as she moved legs off the seat so that I was sitting in it normally now. She swung her right leg over me so that she was standing above my dick.

“Ever been ridden before?” she winked while grabbing my dick and carefully lowering herself onto it. It slid right in and she let out a long breath of relief, starting to move up and down slowly while her boobs bounced in front of me. Fuck, it felt great, and I grabbed onto her boobs lustfully and the look on face was pure bliss as she grabbed onto my shoulders and started to move faster.

Her soft moans became aggressive now, and she was now slamming her pussy into my cock with all of her might, shouting swear words every second. To think that the sweet motherly figure that I was fantasizing about was actually an animal in bed was amazing.

I popped her nipple out of my mouth and was ashamed to admit, “I’m cumming soon Tiffany. Oh fuck.”

She got off my dick immediately, climbing onto the seat to my right and leaning down to start sucking my dick again. Only this time she was deepthroating it. Taking in almost all of it, gagging for a second or two, then coming back to lick the tip over and over again.

“Here it comes,” I put my hand on top of her hand and controlled her speed while I shot my load into her mouth. She swallowed it like no one’s business, cleaning my dick off just like last time before collapsing onto my leg with a loud sigh of contempt.

“Fuck, I really needed that,” she mumbled sitting up only to lean onto my shoulder for support.

“You and me both,” I chuckled.

“No one can know about this ok?”

“I promise I won’t tell anyone as long as you don’t.”

“Good,” she stretched out her arms, “Well, better get you back home before they do actually start to worry.”

“I’ll see you later Tiffany,” I awkwardly waved, climbing out of the car. She returned my wave with a weak smile and drove off without another glimpse towards me. I tried to play it cool as I walked into my house. Riley and Izzy were sitting in the living room, there eyes looking at me blankly. “What’d you guys eat for dinner?”

“We ordered a pizza,” Izzy answered looking back towards the TV. “There’s some leftover if your still hungry.”

“No thanks,” I mumbled heading down the hall towards my room. When I shut the door, I jumped into bed without hesitation and fell right too sleep. It’d been so long since I went to bed happy, and it felt great. The next morning nothing could bring me down, and as the day went on it just proved how right I really was. I actually passed my math test with an A, and when it came time to sketch Gene, I was finally able to draw at the level I was used too.

“Wow,” Mr. Edwards clapped his hand, “Some of your best work man. That’s really good.”

“Thanks,” I glared at my picture, seeing if I could make any more touch ups.

“Was it because my mom helped you?” Gene asked coming around the table to look at it, “She said that you fought her for awhile before finally telling her.”

The moment she said that, the moment I heard her cheerful voice, the moment I heard the oblivious innocence out loud, my good day vanished like an alcoholic’s beer. I slept her mother…and I’m just now realizing that. A newfound feeling began to well up in the center of my chest immediately and I couldn’t explain it, all I know is that I didn’t like it one bit.

“Y-yeah,” I focused on my sketch like my life depended on it. “Tell her I said thanks.”

“Will do!”

She was torturing me with her innocence. Beating my conscious with it like a punching bag until I couldn’t take it anymore, and the feeling I got from it made everything ten times worse. Standing up abruptly, I grabbed my bag and made a beeline for the door.

“I just forgot that I’m late for something sorry!” I explained, flinging open the door and running like my life depended on it. Sure I looked suspicious, but I knew that the longer I stood next to her the more this feeling of remorse would grow. How Ashley dealt with this feeling for three weeks, I will never know. In fact, I don’t want to know. I want to avoid this feeling like the kid with terrible B.O. that’s always in gym class.

When I reached my house, I was sweating profusely and dragged my feet into my room, slamming the door shut and taking a seat on my desk. Burying my face in my hands, I took one long breath to try and calm down.

“I’m going to hell aren’t I?” I mumbled to myself. “What the fuck was I thinking? Holy shit I must be an idiot!” I slammed my fists onto my desk and groaned loudly. My door opened a moment later and I whirled around to find Izzy standing in the doorway, an awkward silence began blanketing the room. “What are you doing?”

“The dishes,” she replied looking around, “You told me to do them remember? I’m making sure you don’t have any in your room before I start it up.”

I didn’t answer as she finished her scan of the room. The look on her face was bored, and almost annoyed. But it wasn’t the normal annoyed look she wore, this one felt almost forced, like she was trying her hardest not to say what was on her mind. When I realized that, the same feeling that I had when I heard Gene’s voice crept back up inside my heart. I think I know what this feeling is now. It’s one that I haven’t really felt because I haven’t done many things to bring up a feeling such as this.


I was feeling guilty about sleeping with Gene’s mom and about making my sisters miserable. It was only when she turned to leave that a terrible impulse washed over me, “Hey Izzy.”

“What?” she turned around to look at me.

“Do you…hate me?”

Her expression switched from annoyed to shocked in record time, “E-excuse me?”

“Do you hate me?” I timidly asked again. The worst part about asking the question, was her answer. She had none. We stared at each other in silence for what felt like forever, until I was forced to say, “Forget I asked.”

Defeated, demoralized, and definitely going to hell now, I got up and went over to my bed and got under the covers. This was all some terrible nightmare that seemed forced upon me because I decided to take a little control of my life. It reduced me to a kid hiding under the covers from the omnipotent boogie man and I figured out why. I never really wronged anyone to the point where I’d feel guilty, but now that I discovered what it felt like, I could say with all honestly that I loathed it with every bone in my body.

And asking my sister outright if she hated me or not was the icing on the cake of my bad ideas. I knew she hated me after all. The proof was all over my body, and embedded into my head forever. I’ve accepted that fact, so why do I feel guilty about making someone who hates me miserable? Am I just incapable of getting even? Is that the kind of person I am, because if it is then I’m destined to let people walk all over me for the rest of my life.

In the midst of my pessimistic thoughts, I failed to notice that Izzy climbed into the bed with me, sitting up against the headboard while slipping her legs underneath the covers.

“Go away,” I whined with my face buried into a pillow. Of course she didn’t listen, rubbing my shoulder for a little while longer as I continued to try and ignore her existence.

“Look at me,” she tried to gently turn around but I brushed her hand off me. “Now Max.” her calm tone disappeared. I decided that it didn’t matter whether or not I fought her because she’d eventually just force me to turn around whenever she got annoyed. Admitting defeat, I turned around and looked up at her fidgety face as she wrapped her arm around me and pulled me in until my head was using her stomach as a pillow. She was stroking my hair as if she was petting a dog while I rested on her stomach, moving up and down to the beat of her breathing. I could tell that this wasn’t something that she was completely comfortable with just by show shaky she was, “Tell me what’s wrong.”


“Now Max.”

“Just because you say now doesn’t mean I’ll do what you say,” I tilted my head to look up at her, but only to come face to face with her boobs. “Besides, you hate me, so why should I tell you anything. In fact, why are you even still here?”

“Because I know you feel better whenever you’re cuddled up with me.”

Strangely, she was right. I did feel a little calmer now that I was pressed up against her. “Why is that?”

“Probably because you never got to do this when you were young. Mom was always gone and dad was dead, so you never really experienced what it was like to just lay cuddled up against someone.”

“Still doesn’t explain why your letting me do this when you hate me.”

“Max,” she sighed, “I don’t hate you. None of us do.”

“Bullshit. You guys are only happy when you’re fucking with me, or fucking me in some cases. I’m not an idiot Izzy I know you guys are miserable now that you can’t screw with me constantly.”

“You don’t understand. If we pissed you off and you decide to walk out that door, who knows if you’ll come back this time. Do you have any idea how worried we were the last time you left? Shit, I almost called the cops and reported you missing. And what if Mom came home during that time? How would we explain to her that her only son, and the youngest member of the family ran away? Could you imagine mom’s face?” I felt Izzy’s body shudder slightly.

“Not really,” I admitted, “She’s never home so it’s hard for me to even remember those kinds of faces.”

“She’s got shit to do as usual. Plus she’s supporting four kids on her own, it’s gotta be tough. I’m sure she’ll be back for Riley’s birthday though, it’s in two weeks after all.”

“And then she’ll leave again for another three months.”

“Is that what’s bothering you? The fact that mom’s never around.”


“Then what is?”

“Shit I don’t want to talk about.”

“Max, please?” she asked sincerely.

I groaned and buried my face into her stomach, slightly regretting getting into this situation. “I did something stupid.”

“Well that’s a start. How stupid are we talking? Like on a scale of one to ten?”

“Thirteen thousand four hundred and sixty one.”

“That bad huh?”

“Worse then the time I ditched school to have sex with you.”

There was a long pause before she asked, “Did you have sex with someone else?” All I could do was close my eyes and nod, “Who?”

“That’s as much as you’re getting.”

“Oh hell no,” Izzy snapped angrily as the mood switched from a nice talk to a violent outburst. “Max if you are having sex with someone outside of our family then you better tell me who it is so I can beat their fucking ass.”

“What?” I shot up from her stomach and looked at those murderous eyes.

“Who is this cunt? Is it Gene? I swear to fucking god if it’s her she’s going to need a fucking army to stop me from kicking her ass until she’s in the hospital.”

“Calm down Izzy!” not that me saying it would actually do anything but I could tell Izzy was serious about it. I had to ask, “Why do you care who it is?”

“You’re my little brother and I’m going to make sure that some cunt isn’t using you for sex.”

“What kind of logic is that? You used me for sex too, remember?”

“It’s completely different.”


“I’m your sister, not some whore who likes targeting underage teens.”

“That still doesn’t make sense,” I threw my hands up, “Your basically saying that because we’re family, you’re allowed to use and abuse me for sex. But if someone else even thinks about doing it then they’re instantly a whore and needs to have there ass beaten.”

“That’s exactly what I’m fucking saying. Now you’re going to tell me who this bitch is or else I’m just going to beat up that little friend of yours ‘cause I’m pretty sure it was her anyway,” she started to throw the covers off of her.

“It wasn’t Gene it was her mom!” I blurted out desperately. The moment I did that, I slapped a hand over my mouth and froze. Oh fuck! Izzy’s eyes widened as she brushed her hair aside to look at me with her jaw dropped as far as it could. Seeing both of her eyes was like the sign of a ticking time bomb, and I knew that the clock was winding down.

A bullet to the back of my head would be nice right about now.

“Max,” she began slowly, “Did you have sex with Gene’s mom?” I didn’t say anything, praying that that bullet would come and kill me right about now so I wouldn’t have to answer. Her tone was soft and shaky. She was hiding her anger well, “Answer the question Max. Did you, or did you not, have sex with Gene’s mother.”

“I…uh, well…it’s uh…y’know,” I stammered.

“No Max,” she shook her head, “I don’t know.”


“You better find a way to make it simple then Max,” her eyes narrowed, “Or else.”

That final or else, sent shivers through my body. With a shaky voice I took a deep breath and explained what happened last night. Every detail of what happened at the park spewed out of my mouth like a broken faucet, and Izzy remained emotionless throughout the whole thing.

When it was all over, she didn’t say anything. She just kinda sat there with a blank look on her face. The only bright side I could think of was that her anger for Gene had finally subsided. However the downside was that now she knew that I had fucked her mom, and that I’m sex deprived. Two things I should’ve taken to my grave.

“Don’t tell Riley and Ashley please,” I pleaded.

“I won’t,” she said as a devious smile started to cross her face. “I won’t say a word Max. But I think I should tell you a little something as well now.”

“Um, sure. What is it?”

She leaned forward seductively, making sure to smile the entire time as her arm wrapped slowly around my shoulders. “We’re going to fuck tonight.”


“You heard me,” she winked, “Tonight at midnight I want you to come up to my room for a little midnight pussy. Understand?”

“No! I said no more sex didn’t I?”

“I don’t think you really understand then,” her voice was a cool as a cucumber now. “You see, now that I know your little secret, I can do whatever I want with you. You can’t run away to your friend’s house again because then I’ll tell her all about your little sex session with her mom. And if you try to make a break for it I’ll call the cops and tell them that you were molested by her mother or some bullshit like that so not only will they find you, but her mother will pay a hefty price for seducing a minor.”

“This is insane! I trust you and you stick a knife in my back already? What the fuck?”

“You should’ve learned Max. I always get what I want, and if I want to fuck you then I’m going to find a way.”

“Are you serious right now?”

She leaned forward and kissed my forehead, “Can’t wait for tonight.”

Without another word she got up and left my room, leaving me speechless and confused on my bed. Did that really just happen? How stupid could I have been to admit that to Izzy, the most abusive sister I had! Was I getting dumber by the minute or something?

Sitting in my room like a statue, I refused to move until Riley came in and asked when I was making dinner. My body now on autopilot, I cooked and ate dinner in complete silence, my mind too occupied with that conversation to pay attention to anything else. It was only when I laid down in my bed did I finally snap back into reality.

“Fuck. My. Life,” I mumbled. The sweet escape of slumber couldn’t even rescue me this time because I had to meet Izzy tonight at midnight and if I missed that then I’d be in even deeper shit then I already was. So I shut the lights off and stared at the clock as it slowly ticked away until my hour of reckoning arrived.

Once my clock read midnight I rolled out of bed and crept out of my room, up the stairs, and into Izzy’s dimly lit room. She was lying on her bed completely naked, flipping through a magazine to pass the time until I arrived, and when I did, she tossed the magazine aside and beckoned me to her bed with a single finger. I drudged over and sat down on the bed, keeping my back to her.

She grabbed onto my shoulders and violently pulled me onto her, wrapping her arms around me as she pinned me to her body. That strength she had over me was definitely being abused right now.

“Max,” she sighed, hugging me tightly. “Max, Max, Max. I made the mistake of thinking that you’d grow a pair and want to fuck me every chance you got last time. Hell, I even let you be a little rough hoping that it’d turn you on more. But in the end you went back to Ashley and now I know why.” She caressed my hair again, “It’s because I gave you a choice, and Ashley didn’t. So now, you’re going to fuck me whenever I want, and however I want it. Got it?”

“What am I? Your slave?” I whispered.

She heard regardless, “That sounds pretty nice actually. You’re my own personal sex slave,” she sat up and grabbed my chin, making our eyes meet. “And I’m going to be as rough as I want with you. Now take off your clothes.”

She released me and I stripped completely, sitting back down on the bed. She grabbed my hair and yanked me backwards by it. It hurt like hell but I tried to keep quiet. Silence would be my only saving grace right now. With a devious laugh, she grabbed me and violently attacked my lips. Her kisses were sloppy but and forceful, and if she didn’t bring a hand to the back of my head I would’ve pulled back right away. But with her hand pressing me against her lips, I let her claim my mouth with her tongue until she pulled away and slapped me.

“Put some effort into it,” she demanded lunging forward to start again. I did what she said and put a little bit more effort into kissing her, but it was clear that I was humoring her more then anything.

Once she had enough of kissing she pushed me backwards and immediately jumped on top of me. After licking her lips hungrily, she positioned herself over my dick (which was shamefully hard as a rock), lowering herself down onto and letting out a gasp of approval.

“Fuck yes,” she muttered. Her pussy was like a slip-n-slide, making it a breeze for my dick to slide right in. She rocked her hips back and forth, moaning louder and louder as she slowly rode my dick. It felt great, and that was the worst part. Using all my might I tried not to look like I was enjoying myself, just so I couldn’t give her anymore satisfaction then she already had.

Judging by the blissful look on her face she didn’t care, riding up and down my dick and moaning her delight with each rise and fall that she did. She grabbed onto my hands and pressed them against her boobs, and I couldn’t resist giving them a nice hard squeeze.

“Oooooh shit!” she gasped, “Squeeze harder Max!”

I did so and she let out a loud moan, arching her back forward while slamming into my dick. She must be getting close, and although I hated to admit it I was too. It was sick and fucked up but I was so turned on by this whole thing that I was getting close to cumming too.

“I’m gonna cum soon,” I said.

“Oh yes! I want you to cum inside me Max,” she demanded angrily, “Fill me up with your cum!” Just hearing that put me on the verge of cumming and soon enough I couldn’t hold it in any longer and disgracefully shot my load into her. She moaned loudly, climbing off my dick and falling backwards onto her pillows, covered in sweat and with her pussy soaking wet.

I got up, slightly out of breath myself as I hopped off the bed, but I didn’t even take a step forward before grabbed onto my arm.

“Where…do you think…you’re going?” she asked in between breathes.

“Back to my room.”

She shook her head and patted her boobs, “Unless you get down on your knees and beg me, you’ll be sleeping right here.”

The only thing stopping me from begging was knowing that she’d get more satisfaction out of the situation if I did. With sealed lips and a spiteful look, I crawled back into bed with her, resting my head on boobs and closing my eyes. I didn’t want to be awake any longer then I had too.

But the worst thing about this was that a part of me was enjoying it. Enjoying the fact that I could cuddle up against my sister and fall asleep. Enjoying the fact that we were probably going to have a lot of sex from now. Enjoying…the situation.

At the same time however, I hated every second I spent near her.

Luckily, I passed out soon after, wondering whether or not I was in hell or heaven. When I woke up the next morning I groggily lifted my head up, recalling last nights events slowly.

“Afternoon sleepy head,” Izzy smiled wickedly.

“Afternoon?” I scanned her room for a clock, “What time is it?”

“Around two.”

That information woke me up in an instant, and I shot up from the bed immediately. “What?! I have school Izzy why didn’t you wake me up?”

“You were just so cute laying there that I couldn’t bring myself to do it.”

“This isn’t funny! I’m already in trouble at school for arriving late so many times. If I keep skipping school then I’ll get suspended.”

“Uh, I know,” she scoffed, “They told me that at the meeting I had to go to last time you were tardy.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. Are you trying to get me suspended?”

“Yep. Then I can have access to you whenever I want.”

“This is my education we’re talking about Izzy!”

“So what? You’re not exactly scholarship material Max. You have two D’s, don’t play sports, and the only talent you have is drawing, and even that’s not going to get you far.”

“Fuck you! You sit on your ass all day because you dropped out of college and you’re trying to tell me that I’m hopeless? Look in a mirror and tell me who’s more hopeless.”

Her answer? A solid right hook to my face. I flew back, tripping over her clothes and tumbling to the ground with my hand pressed over the left side of my face. Mumbling swear words under my breath, I slammed my free hand onto the ground to try and dull the pain as she no doubt just gave me yet another black eye.

The part of me that enjoyed what happened last night was no where to be found now, replaced by a strong desire to pay Izzy back with a right hook of my own. No. No, I wasn’t going to stoop to that level. Last time I hit her it was in a fit of lust more then anger, and she at least feigned approval, but this time if I swung it would be for real, and I don’t know if I could live with the consequences.

My face was still stinging when I sat up, trying to keep as blank a face as possible although Izzy didn’t bother to hide her emotions. Her face was livid. She looked like she was on the brink of beating me to a pulp.

“Get the fuck out of my room!” she roared, pointing towards the door. I was more then happy to listen to her now, grabbing my clothes and leaving the room with her eyes burning holes throughout my body. Slamming her door shut, I threw on my clothes and headed downstairs to examine the hit in my bathroom mirror.

To my great surprise, it wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time she hit me and I knew that I probably was going to get a little shiner, but it would go away within the week as long as I kept ice on it for awhile. I walked out into the kitchen and grabbed a zip lock bag, dumping some ice into it before tenderly placing it onto my eye.

The front door opened as Riley walked inside, kicking her shoes off before noticing me.

“Max what happened?” Riley asked walking into the kitchen and moving the bag of ice out of the way so she could take a look at it. The question itself was stupid because she knew the answer already. I didn’t go around looking for fights after all so if there was ever a bruise or cut on me the source of it could always be traced back to one person. She must’ve realized it too because she looked away shortly after.

I walked over to the house phone, and looked at the list of important numbers written next to it. Once I found the right one I dialed it in and waited for an answer.

“Almont Unified School District, this is Peggy,” the secretary at my school’s main office answered. I handed the phone over to Riley who looked at me funnily.

“Tell them that I’m sick and can’t make it to school the rest of the week,” I explained, “This way I won’t get suspended for absences.”

She nodded and did as I asked, hanging up the phone once it was over. I could take solace in knowing that Riley wasn’t a bitch to me anymore after I stole her virginity. As to why the hell that was, I don’t know, or care for that matter, she was helping me out and that’s all that mattered.

“I’m going to my room,” I told her. She didn’t reply back as I spent the next three hours with a bag of ice on my head, grabbing a new one once the previous one melted while I laid silently on my bed. Unfortunately I had to cook dinner soon so I hopped out of bed and went to work, although I decided to just throw corn dogs in the oven heat up some leftovers.

No one said a single thing the entire time we ate dinner. Ashley noticed my eye the second we sat down and she made sure to keep her head down. I found it funny how whenever Izzy hit me Riley and Ashley would laugh, but the moment she left a visible mark, or drew a little blood they’d shut the hell up and try to act like it didn’t happen. A great system, I know.

Izzy and I were the last to finish, and as I cleaned my plate off she dropped her plate into the sink, nearly breaking it in the process.

“Midnight again. Don’t be late,” she ordered walking away. I turned slowly and watched her strut away. That bitch had a lot of nerve, but I had knew that she was loving all the pain she was causing me, so I needed to try my best and not give her an ounce of emotion. The sex was going to be good whether I wanted it or not, but once it was all over she was going to get a single thing out of me.

That night was almost an exact replay of what happened the previous night, only this time I didn’t take the risk of arguing with her, I just kept my mouth shut and let her ride my dick. Once it was over I fell asleep cuddled up with her again. This became the routine for the next three days. I would show up in her room at midnight, she would ride me until I cummed inside her, then we’d fall asleep together.

Sunday on the other hand, definitely took me by surprise. As normal, I showed up exactly at midnight to find her laying on her bed seductively as usual and she jumped right into kissing once I stripped out of my clothes. She was moaning in my mouth loudly for some reason, and I couldn’t figure out why. We were just kissing normally, I didn’t even have my hands on her.

“Oh Max,” she gasped out, “Oh Max it feels so good.” I pulled away from the kisses and just looked at her with a what the hell face. The smile on her face told me that there was something that I was missing, and she held up a finger to her lips and winked. “Right there Max! Yes, yes, yes, oh god yes!”

If that was the best acting she could do then at least I knew that each orgasm was real. Guess that’s a hollow victory huh? Regardless, I sat there quietly until she flew out of bed and darted for her door leaving me speechless. However I found out why as she flung her door open and reached around the corner to grab something…or someone.

“Ha!” Izzy triumphantly looked back at me, “I caught her.”

“What?” I looked at her funnily as she motioned me to the door. When I leaned outside I found out exactly what she meant. “Riley?”

Riley was sitting right outside the door with only black panties on, her head shamefully looking at the ground. She looked like she was going to die of embarrassment, but Izzy drank it all up.

“I knew I heard someone else’s moaning yesterday,” Izzy giggled, “My baby sister was just a little curious huh? She just wanted to get a little closer and hear what it’s like when Max had sex with someone else. After all, she’s wanted to fuck him again ever since he popped her cherry at school huh?”

“Izzy!” Riley looked at her horrified. “Why would you tell him that?”

“Wait its true?” I asked.

“Oh yeah,” Izzy cooed, “You’re the only guy that Riley’s ever been able to touch without feeling weird so of course when you fucked her it drove her wild. I’ve caught her masturbating to a picture of you three times since you came back, but I had no idea she was going to get this turned on by the thought of us fucking. She’s so wet she ruined her favorite panties.”

“Fuck you Izzy!” Riley spat out.

“Ah-ah-ah,” Izzy leaned down next to her, “Are you sure you want to say that before you hear what I was going to offer?”


“I thought that you’d rather see your little brother in action instead of hearing it.”

“Y-you’ll let me…watch?”

“Maybe,” she let go of Riley’s hand and wrapped her arm around me, pulling me in for quick kiss as her hand traced its way down my body. “Only if you get down on all fours and beg to watch me get fucked by Max.”

“What are you doing?” I whispered, “Are you really comfortable with letting Riley watch?”

“She’s seen me masturbate before, so I’ve got nothing to hide,” Izzy whispered back. “Besides, I thought it’d get you a little excited.” She moved her hand towards my fully erect dick and gave it a quick tug. “And it looks like I’m right.”

“Sh-she’s not going to do it,” I mumbled, trying to stay focused.

“Please,” Riley began as she got on all four knees, proving me wrong on the spot. “I want to watch you get fucked by Max, Izzy.”

“What the fuck,” I muttered under my breath, but Izzy just smiled and patted Riley’s head.

“Good girl,” she grabbed onto my hand and took me back into her room. “Come on in Riley, and shut the door please.” With only a lamp lighting the room, Izzy jumped onto the bed still dragging me along as I fell on top of her. She was giggling as we came face to face. She made a funny face and tapped my nose, “C’mon Max. I know you’ve been pissy about what happened but I know that you’re turned on right now. Why don’t you fuck me doggy style like a good boy? I’m getting tired of riding your dick.”

She was talking to as if I was a little puppy, which really annoyed the shit out of me. And she was right too, which only made things worse. But I couldn’t give in! I had to fight her somehow.

“Not going to happen.”

She groaned, “Look I’m sorry for hitting you Max.” I could tell by her tone that she wasn’t really sorry, at least that’s what I thought. “What do I have to do in order for you to fuck me doggy style?”

That was even stranger. She could’ve just threatened to tell Riley about what happened in order to get what she wanted, but instead she gave me the choice. With that in mind I tried to think of something crazy that she probably wouldn’t agree too.

I looked over at Riley who was sitting on the ground awkwardly before looking back at Izzy who was patiently waiting for my answer, “I want to fuck you in the ass and be as rough as I want. And when I’m done you’re going to suck my dick clean.”

Izzy raised an eyebrow, “A little kinky huh?”

“That’s the only way I’ll fuck you in that position. If not you can climb on top and get it over with.”

She reached out towards her nightstand immediately and pulled out a small bottle of lube with a smile, “Deal.”

I couldn’t tell whether to be mad or excited. Who the fuck was I kidding? I was excited. This was as close to payback as I was going to get, and it would feel great too! We both sat up immediately as she poured some lube into her hand and lathered up my dick, kissing me the whole time, and for the first time since we started this it was passionate as hell!

“Should I…even ask you…to be gentle,” she muttered in between kisses.

“Nope,” I shot her a smile and gave her a quick slap across the face. She licked her lips and went back to kissing me until I pushed her back, “Let’s go bitch.”

She laughed and got on all fours, a hand pulling on her right ass cheek to spread her asshole a little. I slapped her ass hard and she bucked forward while my eyes wandered over to Riley who had tossed her panties aside and was slowly rubbing her pussy with one hand and grabbing her boob with the other. She was being turned on and we hadn’t even started yet, and it flat out turned me on to the point where I needed to stick my dick into something.

With Izzy’s ass held high, I lined up right behind her and slid my dick in nice and slow. Izzy grunted in pain as my hands grabbed onto her hips and helped me shove my dick all the inside of her.

“Shit! Oh shit Max! I can feel you filling me up! Please don’t stop,” she growled.

Her hips now rocking up and down on my dick as I sped up my tempo until her ass was bounding against my hips. She was almost howling in delight now, and I heard soft whimpering to my right reminding me that Riley was watching the whole thing, and from the sound of it she was enjoying herself a little too much, but it didn’t bother me one bit.

“I’m…I’m going to cum soon!” Izzy murmured, “Fuck you’re going to make me cum already Max.” With one hard slap of her ass she let out a cry of pain and turned around to look at me, a sick thought bubbling inside my brain.

“You can cum when Riley does,” I smiled.

Her eyes widened immediately and she turned to look at Riley who was almost lost in her own bliss. “Riley p-please tell me your close! I don’t know how much longer I can last.” To torture her more, I leaned and grabbed one of her boobs as her back arched immediately, “Riley!”

“I’m almost there Izzy,” she panted out with two fingers lodged into her pussy.

“Imagine Max’s dick filling your wet pussy up!” Izzy almost screamed, “God I can’t hold it any longer! I have to cum I’m sorry Max!” Her ass clamped onto my dick that instant as Izzy shakily blurted out, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

Her arms buckled but she kept her ass in the air. I felt my balls tingling and I knew that I was going to cum soon, and Izzy did agree to clean my dick of so I pulled out and pushed her ass to the side. Crawling towards the front of the bed, I grabbed onto Izzy’s hair and yanked her head up by it as her mouth opened up and she wrapped it around my filthy dick. She looked completely beat but she still found the energy to take my entire shaft inside her mouth as I relaxed my body and let her continue bobbing back and forth. I didn’t even bother letting her know that I was going to cum because the look on her face was priceless as ropes of cum shot into the back of her throat. She still managed to swallow it all, coughing a bit once it was all done, but ultimately fine.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Riley shouted. She was furiously pumping her fingers inside her pussy until she froze on the spot with both Izzy and I know watching her. Seconds later, her body crumbled down to the ground lifelessly. She brought her pussy soaked fingers up to her mouth and started sucking on them like on them while curling up into a little ball. It was cute and unbelievable sexy at the same time.

I hadn’t felt this drained in a long time, and I didn’t even care about my pride anymore as I joined Izzy underneath the covers. We were both watching Riley now as she clumsily got to her feet and searched for her panties.

“Where are you going?” Izzy asked. I could hear the exhaustion in her voice as she waved Riley over, “I know you want to cuddle up with your favorite brother after a good finger fucking like that, don’t ‘cha?”

Riley’s eyes fell on me, and as if hypnotized, she stumbled over to the bed and got under the covers with us. Luckily Izzy had a king sized bed so we weren’t all crammed into a small bed. Izzy leaned back hummed softly as I rested my head onto her shoulder, while Riley wrapped her naked body around mine and cuddled up tightly with me. It wasn’t extremely comfy, but it wasn’t uncomfortable either so I didn’t have a problem with it. Neither did everyone else by the looks of it because Riley passed out within moments and clinging to me, and Izzy’s humming stopped shortly after as well, leaving me to slowly but surely join them in a deep and deserving slumber.

My eyes slowly opened to the sight of Izzy boobs as I stared at them lifelessly, my mind still in shutdown mode until I felt her hand grab my chin and rotate my head towards her. She looked wide awake, examining the quarter sized bruise on my face before sighing and resting her head back down on the pillow.

“Sorry about that,” she said.

“I’d be lying if I said I forgave you.”

“You must think that I enjoy hitting you then, don’t ‘cha?”

“You do.”

She looked at me and closed her eyes, “Do you think I’m some using-and-abusing sex crazed maniac too?”

“That’s Ashley. You’re a psychotic sex craving bitch,” I explained.

She got a little chuckle out of it, “Yeah I can see why you think that. Guess I owe you an explanation.”

“You hate me, what’s left to explain?”

“I was serious when I told you I didn’t hate you. I guess I was just seeking a bit of retribution.”

“Retribution?” I tilted my head, “What have I ever done to you?”

“You were born,” her tone was soft and serious, and it took me by surprise. She said it with a straight face too, which only confused me. “I know it sounds mean and coldhearted but that’s the only answer I have for you Max. Everything got worse after you were born. My entire life was flipped around when you born. Dad got sick and died. Mom had to take a job that requires her to travel ten months a year, leaving Ashley, Riley, and I to take care of the person that was the cause of it all. You. Because of you, I never got to enjoy my high school years like Ashley or Riley, because I always had to look out for you. I had to make sure you were home on time, took a bath, wore clean clothes, all of that. You basically forced me to be a mother and I hated it. I wanted to go out and party, meet guys, drink until I pass, all that, but I couldn’t because I had to watch you.”

“Are you even listening to yourself,” I asked, almost as a joke judging by the sound of my voice. “Seriously, think about what you just said. You’re blaming me for being born. It’s not like I can control that shit and yeah, dad died, but at least you got to know him. Me? I don’t have a single memory, hell, the family picture of when I was born is the only thing that even let’s me know what he looked like. Your right about mom never being home, but who do you think that effects more? The little kid who’s just learning how to walk and talk or the eldest sister who’s almost in high school. For fucks sake, you convinced her to put me into kindergarten a year early. I’m the youngest in my class, even some eighth graders are older then me so of course I’m having a hard time learning things. And on top of that, you all made my life miserable everyday. Riley belittled my intelligence, Ashley made fun of my appearance, and I came to school with a new bruise almost everyday because of you.” I shook my head just thinking about what she said, “I’m thirteen, have no friends but my art teacher and a girl that’s nice enough to model for me, on the brink of suspension and soon expulsion in school, can cook and clean better then forty-year old soccer moms, I have no self-esteem, no self respect, had sex with my friend’s mom, and am now being blackmailed by my own family member in order to sate her sex life that I apparently ruined. Now honestly…look at me and tell who’s had it worse.”

Silence. Some say its golden, others think that it makes the situation more awkward. Me? It let me know that my sister was at least thinking about what I said so I didn’t have a problem with it at the moment.

“Guess I really do owe you an apology,” she murmured.

“Wouldn’t hurt if it was sincere,” I admitted.

She looked me in the eye, and took a deep breath before saying things I’d never thought I’d hear come out of her mouth with true sincerity, “I’m sorry Max, for everything I’ve done to you. No bullshit, no hidden motive, nothing of the sort. I think I’m going to try and be…a better sister.”

“Do me a favor then,” I held up my arm, “Pinch me.”

She pinched me and I winced, “Not a dream Max. I’m being serious this time. Although I am gonna miss the sex.”

“I’m not saying that we have to stop,” I casually stated, “But if we were to continue I’d prefer it if we’d both agree to have sex instead of one person making the decision y’know? Sounds a little more reasonable then our past ordeals.”

“I think I can deal with that,” Riley moaned loudly as she buried her face into my chest. I thought she was going to wake up but she continued in her deep sleep state. “That girl,” Izzy shook her head, “I’ll never understand her. When you were little she used to sneak into your room and sleep with you whenever she couldn’t fall asleep.”

“Why is that?”

“Beats me. She’s just always felt comfortable whenever she’s touching you. Remember when you were in elementary school and she’d pin you down on the couch and just lay on top of you for awhile.”

“I remember my body going completely numb yeah. Still doesn’t explain why she feels that way with me.”

“That’s something you’re going to have to ask her, but right now I think she’s in heaven. She had a nice orgasm then got to cuddle with her favorite person, what more could she want? Y’know you taking popping her cherry probably was the best thing that could’ve happened to her. Only problem is now she masturbates, like, all the time. I swear if we didn’t eat dinner at the table she’d take the food into her room and masturbate while eating it because it’d remind her of you.”

“That’s a little creepy.”

“The women of this family are pretty slutty Max,” Izzy stated in almost proud-like fashion, “You should’ve realized that by now. Plus, it’s not like she’s openly doing it, I’m just good at catching her because she’s using all the tricks I taught her.”

“You taught her tricks about masturbating?”

“I taught her how not to get caught. After all I didn’t want some sick incest porno scene where you walk in on her and it explodes into a giant sex fest.”

I could’ve poked a lot of holes in that statement, but I decided not to, “Wait! You stopped letting me come upstairs when she learned how to masturbate didn’t you?”

“Yep,” I rolled my eyes, “Hey I don’t want to hear it mister, I watch porn at two in the morning.” My jaw practically dislodged from my mouth. “You didn’t think I knew did you? You thought you were sneaky, setting your alarm at two A.M. in order to watch porn on the TV.”

“Do you have eyes all around the house or something?”

“Maybe,” she winked which only made me more suspicious. “It’s like one-ish by the way. Sorry I let you both sleep in.”

“Well, call the school and tell them that my sickness got worse and Riley caught it too. I’m sure they’ll buy it.”

“You lying little bastard,” we both laughed as Riley gave off a groan of awakening. “Morning Riley,” Izzy sang.

“Morning,” she mumbled. “Is it time for school yet?”

“Four hours ago yeah.” Slowly sitting up, she looked at Izzy and I with half opened eyes, “You’re welcome to get dressed and go back to school if you want.”

Her eyes fell onto me and my naked chest, and she shrugged before resting up against my chest and getting comfy, “Maybe later.”

“What if Ashley walked in right now?” I asked looking towards Izzy.

“Fuck her,” Riley hissed.

“Riley’s a little unhappy with Ashley after finding out what she did,” Izzy explained, “Isn’t that right Riley.”

“She’s got a boyfriend, she can fuck him not Max. Manipulative bitch.”

I was about to ask something but Izzy read my mind, “She’s been like that ever since your storybook encounter in the classroom. Ashley and her are secretly fighting over you, and frankly, I think it’s funny.”

“I see,” I didn’t really see why I just said that because I knew that it was a dangerous road. “So should we not say anything to her?”

“Nope! She’s off whoring with her boyfriend anyway so.”

“Speaking of whoring, it’s your birthday this Friday Riley,” Izzy said. How she went from whoring, to Riley’s birthday…I will never understand. “What do you want for your birthday?”

“Surprise me.”

“I can do that,” Izzy smiled evilly, “But now that we’re all awake I’m kind of hungry. Let’s go out and get something to eat.”

That was all the reason we needed to get up and redress ourselves. Before we left Izzy called the school and told them that Riley and I were sick so we had the rest of the week off. This was only going to hurt me in the end but I really didn’t care right now. We all piled into the car and headed for some deserted restaurant. It was a nice cozy restaurant that we always went to whenever our mom came into town, but it was still a good treat nonetheless. Grabbing a booth, Riley sat next to me while Izzy took the seat across from us.

We ordered some burgers and fries and just talked about whatever came to mind. I was still a little wary of Izzy stabbing me in the back again, but after awhile it didn’t even cross my mind. When our food came Riley pitched the idea to have a movie night since we basically got a free pass from school this week, and I didn’t have any objections nor did Izzy so it was decided. We swung by some cheap movie rental place and all picked out a movie to watch before heading back home. To think we spent almost three hours on that simple trip was mind bottling, but I chose not to worry about it.

After discovering a note left by Ashley saying that she wouldn’t be home for dinner it was decided that we’d just order pizza which was good news for me because I didn’t want to cook. I took a shower during this time as Izzy and Riley did the same, after all we all still reeked of sex and I could tell that the waitress at the diner noticed that. When I got out of the shower, the pizza had just arrived and Izzy already had a plate full of it, taking a seat on the couch as Riley walked down the stairs with a large fluffy blanket in her hand.

“Don’t judge me, its cold,” she told me.

“Maybe it’s because you’re wearing short shorts and a tank top,” I teased as she stuck her tongue out at me. With a plate of pizza in my hand, I took my seat on the couch next to Izzy.

“Jeez, can’t get enough of me huh?” she snickered.

“Stop bitching you like it,” I shot back.

“No comment.”

“Didn’t think so,” as I said that Riley had set her plate on the table and took a seat dangerously close to me. I looked at her and she gave me a childish smile. I think that the blanket was for more the just keeping her warm so I was a little curious to see what she’d make of it.

Izzy played the first movie, some romantic comedy that bored me to tears, but I suffered through it by focusing more on my pizza. When the second movie started we were all out of pizza and took our positions for the rest of the night, Izzy at one end of the couch with me leaning up against her and Riley laying down on the rest of the couch while using my leg as a pillow. It was a little hard to focus on the R-rated movie in front of me because I found out the true purpose behind Riley’s blanket. She grabbed my right hand in the middle of the movie when Izzy wasn’t paying attention and movie it onto her boobs, letting me feel them up as she whispered moans constantly. Unfortunately a loud gasp from her tipped of Izzy as she flicked my ear.


“We’re supposed to be watching a movie and you’ve been playing with Riley’s boobs for the past twenty minutes.”

“How the hell did you know that?”

“Eyes everywhere remember,” Izzy winked. “Now hands where I can see them.”

“Fine,” I moved my hand out of the blanket and Riley whined softly. It was pretty cute and Izzy even laughed at her for it, but we tried our best to all focus on the third and final movie. An action flick that I had never seen, although I was immediately enthralled by how crappy it was. It got to the point where I couldn’t look away because I was too amazed at why I would think a movie like this was worth renting.

The door rattled open and we all leaned forward to see Ashley walk inside. She looked pissed off and when an explosion went off in the movie she jumped at the sound. That’s when she finally noticed all three of us in the living room.

“What the hell?” Ashley said aloud, “What’s going on here?”

“We decided to have a movie night.”

“I can see that,” Ashley looked at the TV, “But um…”

“But you’re wondering why Max is leaning up against me and Riley’s using his leg as a pillow?” she nodded. “I buried the hatchet,” Izzy announced with a sigh. She looked at me and shook her head playfully, “We had an eye opening discussion and I realized what I did was wrong. Luckily Max is a softy and can’t hold a grudge to save his life.”

“Fuck you,” I poked her stomach while my eyes remained focused on the shitty movie. Besides, I’d hardly call a two minute discussion eye opening, but if that’s what it took for her to stop being a bitch to me then I was fine with it.

“So you want to watch with us?” Izzy offered.

“No she’s too busy dealing with her boyfriend,” Riley answered snootily, “Isn’t that right Ashley? After all you’re so faithful to him that he has your full attention right?”

“You are so lucky-” Ashley began.

“That what?” Riley interrupted sitting up. “That Max is here? That Izzy’s here? Please tell me what makes me so lucky?”

“Alright you snobby little bitch you want to fight?” Ashley dropped her purse and rolled up her sleeve.

Riley didn’t waste anytime hopping to her feet and raising her fists, “Fuck off you cheating cunt!”

They were growling like animals and it finally snapped me out of my trance. I looked over at Izzy, who was already standing up to stop them, but something caught my eye. A constant light shined in the small window next to the door and I tilted my head in curiosity. The fight was probably raging on in front of me but I was too focused on the light to even hear anything else. Like a moth, I stood up and made an entranced beeline for the door, slithering my way around Ashley who was too distracted with Riley to notice.

I opened the front door and flicked on the porch light as a car door slammed shut immediately followed by two quick honks. A woman with an hourglass figure that was nothing short of perfect even from where I stood. Her large breasts were pressed tightly against a white blouse, and even with a navy blue skirt I could still see her sculpted hips sway seductively while her high heels clicked against the pathway towards the door. Long, silky black hair fell over her chest as she removed her glasses and slipped them onto her collar as she got closer and closer to the door.

“Hey,” I looked over at my feuding sisters. After they didn’t answer I shouted, “Hey!” They all turned to look at me, “She’s home.”

“What? Who?” Ashley asked.

“Mom,” I pointed out the door, “She’s back.”

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