My Teasing Hotwife Ch. 03

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Part three – the dreaded choice

My wife and Mistress is now dressed beautifully and ready for a fancy meal and a few cocktails at a rather expensive restaurant and bar.

I met my wife in our spare bedroom where I immediately see what has been laid out on the bed. There are two outfits, one is my nicest blue suit with a new shirt and tie that my wife has obviously picked out to match her dress.

The second outfit is a classic sexy French maids uniform, complete with fishnet stockings, high heels and a little hat.

My wife can barely keep the massive grin off her face as she watches me take in the scene before me, I glance over towards the wardrobe and just in front of it is a selection of her sexy high heels. Three pairs, each as high as the last and sporting stiletto heels that would be at home on any catwalk around the world.

I’m brought out of my daze by snapping fingers in front of my face “are you listening to me sweetie?” she asks with just a touch of sternness that she is so expert at. After my mumbles yes she continues to talk “So as I was saying, this being our anniversary, you’re going to get a choice. I have had you locked up for a few weeks now and I’m sure you’re aching to get some relief and I bet you will be ready to explode seconds after I haramidere escort let you out.” I don’t need to nod, the look of longing on my face tells her that she is right.

She moves behind me and starts to run her fingernails over my body, almost whispering

“Now, your two choices are:

Number one – you get to wear the nice suit and take me out for a beautiful dinner, although you’re still wearing your cage and I will tease you throughout, as soon as we get home it comes off and we have a weekend of hot fun as man and wife.

Number two – you get to wear the French maid outfit and I go to our nice anniversary meal with someone else. Then they get to enjoy all of the naughty things I’ve been thinking about doing, while you only get to listen, or maybe watch if you’re lucky.”

“Number one!” I practically shout in my desperation. She laughs for a good few seconds and then shakes her head as she sits down on the bed between the two outfits.

“You didn’t think it was going to be that easy did you slaveboy?” Of course not, of course I was going to choose number one. There had to be an element of chance involved here to make it interesting. What did she have planned?

“Ok, so I’m guessing you have seen ikitelli escort my selection of heels over there haven’t you” no response needed. “You are going to choose which pair I wear tonight, but before you jump to a snap decision let me explain something.” I look on curiously hanging on her every word.

“Three pairs of heels, three choices but the pair that you choose will not only decide what I wear, but also what you will be wearing” she indicates the two outfits. “Inside the toe of one of those heels is the key to your chastity cage, yes that’s right, the key to end all of your frustration and finally get not only the release that you so desperately crave, but also the path to a wonderful anniversary with your beautiful wife.” I nod eagerly.

“However, in the toe of the other two pairs, there is an anklet with a queen of spades charm hanging from it. You know what that means don’t you slave?” I nod but she tells me anyway “yes that’s right, if you choose one of those pairs, there will be no release for you tonight, you will get dressed up in this sissy maids outfit and you will stay here doing chores while I enjoy a wonderful night out with Brian. He will get every bit of the hot teasing wife you would have had and then I’ll istanbul escort bring him back here for the night of his life.”

“Do you understand me slave?”

“Yes Mistress” I whimper as I realize the importance of the decision she has placed before me. She knows how unbelievably turned on I would be for her to have a night out with Brian and then have to watch or listen when they came home to enjoy each others bodies while I remained locked up in my chastity device, unable to get any relief. But she also knows that could happen any night of the year and on our special night she knows the only thing I’m craving is for us to be together.

The she-devil has me caught up in a massive dilemma, she knows how much I’ve been looking forward to our anniversary and how much she’s been teasing me, getting me to levels of horniness I didn’t know existed in preparation for tonight. But she also knows this is the pinnacle that our cuckold role-play has been leading us towards. The thought of finally giving her up to another man and on our anniversary no less, God this woman was so deliciously evil.

She giggles again as I fall to my knees and crawl towards her lineup of heels. Dreading what might be to come I select a pair of my favourites.

I hand them over to her and she teases me a little, swinging them in front of my face before turning them upside down for the item held within to drop to the floor in front of me. I close my eyes as she turns them over and I hear the soft tinkle of metal on carpet. I daren’t look down at first but then I pluck up the courage to open my eyes and see what my fate is.

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