My transistion part 2_(0)

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Part 2 takes place a few weeks after Lisa and I move in with each other.

It’s mid February and cold outside which is normal for a northern climate that we live in.
Lisa is working at a convince store and I’m looking for work in my field. Computer repair.
I graduated from a local university five years ago. I got work right out of school, but lost my job just before Sandy and I divorced.
It’s a tough field to find work in. I guess it’s a good thing I graduated top in my class.
My highschool buddy Ted was second and remembering the fact that he owed me a big favor, I went to see him when the company he works for had a job fair.
I’m still not totally comfortable with myself yet. But Lisa is helping with that and I am more and more comfortable as time goes by.
Ted as I found out was in charge of hiring at a local computer repair shop.
I prepared my resume the week before. I was confident I would get the job without using my favor.
I arrived 20 minutes early and sat in the waiting room patiently as two other people went in and left.
Finally I was called.
I entered and was asked to sit which I did. He was reading my resume, then looked up and said I was in this same class, but you claim to have graduated top of the class!? I happen to know the guy that aculay graduated at the top and it wasn’t you. Can you explain please.
Looking straight at him and realizing he didn’t recognize me, I say Ted I know this is going to sound unbelievable but it’s me. Jim!!! I’ve been through a lot in the last year or so. But I can explain.
Ted being the sarcastic Ted I know starts to say something, but I cut him off and finished his sentence.
He just sits there and looks at me and says, you must have known Jim in order to know what I was gonna say.
Ted, it’s me. Remember that trip that you and your girlfriend and I made to long lake. My girlfriend at the time got sick and couldn’t go so it was the three of us.
Ted sits back and thinks a little and says ya I remember. What did you find in the lake the second day there.
Without hesitation I say a sword but it wasn’t in the lake it was in the forest leaning against a rock.
Ted now has a stunned look on his face and says Jim, wha what the hell happened to you. His eyes squinting with a curious look on his face.
It’s a long story Ted, one I promise I’ll tell you another time. I’m here because I really need a job Ted. Can you help me.
Of course, are you kidding. Welcome aboard Jim. Then looking down he corrects himself and says Jill!?!? ( I changed my name to suit my female look ).
Ted says when can you start.
As soon as possible if that’s ok.
How about Monday morning 8 am sharp. A whole week away I think to myself but agree.
I was wondering if you’d like to catch up, I haven’t heard from you since school. I’d like for you to meet my wife.
Sure, can I bring a friend?
Ted looks at me puzzled and says in a bit if a broken voice, boyfriend.
Laughing at him, no. Lisa from grade school.
Ted smiles, ah yes, Lisa. Sure. How about tomorrow night at 6.
Sounds good.
On my way home I called Lisa to tell her the good news but she didn’t sound to happy about it, expecially after I mentioned Ted’s name but wouldn’t talk about it either.
I got home and started super and awaited Lisa’s arrival. She works from 7-3pm and should have been home be 3:30 at the latest but at 5 o’clock illegal bahis I tried calling her. No answer. I was getting worried by the second when she walked in at 6:30 saying sorry I’m late. I had no choice but to work. My replacement didn’t show up and the boss had to come in early. I was mad because she could have called but I guess she was to busy to bother. We ate dinner and talked a bit.
I got a job today. I start Monday morning at 8. I’ll be working with Ted.
Ya, okay. Good for you she says, not looking up from her plate.
Something wrong Lisa?
No, everything’s fine. Monday, that’s good.
Ted wants to catch up. He wants to meet us for dinner at 6 tomorrow night… is that okay?
I don’t… I mean I can’t… I might have to work late again.
Are you okay, you don’t sound to happy?
I’m fine. She says but I know something’s not right.
The next day and she’s not home by 5. So I tried calling her and got no answer. I left her a message telling her where to meet us and headed to the restaurant.
I got there and Ted and his wife were already there. Ted introduced me to his wife Jan.
Ted and Jan meet almost 4 years ago and we’re married two years now. They are expecting their first child in another four months.
The evening was fun, reminiscing about old times but at 9 o’clock and no word from Lisa I told my company I needed to go but wanted to do this again.
I got home at 9:30 to find Lisa in the living room. She didn’t look to happy.
What’s wrong Lisa. I know something’s wrong.
Ted and I used to see each other years ago. When we broke up it wasn’t nice.
I didn’t know you and Ted were an item. We didn’t see each other that long. He wanted sex and I wasn’t ready she replies.
Well he didn’t mention anything about the two of you. Just watch yourself around him okay Jill. She says.
It was 11:15 am Thursday. The phone rings. It’s Ted. Hay Jill, can you meet me for lunch, I’m at the old mill restaurant on the east side.
Sure, I’ll see you there I told him.
A short while later and I’m at the place but wondering why he wants to meet at an old abandoned place but I wait for him to show up. Ted arrives in a BMW. Nice car I think to myself.
Hi Jill, let’s take a walk.
You know I always liked you he starts out saying. And you look really good. Not what I expected but you do something to me and I was wondering if you feel the spark between us that I feel.
I wasn’t paying attention but we were inside this old building and Ted is rambling on about nonsense.
Suddenly he grabs me by the arms and kisses me.
Now I’m getting scared. I pushed Ted off me, that’s when he slapped my hard across the face and pushing me to the ground. I lifted my right knee just as he came down on top of me, I hit him in the groin, he rolls off me moaning in pain. I got to my feet and yelled what the fuck do you think your doing Ted?
I’m sorry Jim, I mean Jill but all I can do is think about you and what sex with you would feel like. Ever since the lake when you and I did Shawna, I wanted you. Isn’t that why you got a sex change, because you’re into guys?
No Ted. That’s not it at all. I told him angrily!!!
Ted just looks at me. Not sure what to say.
But if I was into guys it sure as fuck wasn’t to get raped by a so called friend, what the fuck is your problem Ted?
Please forgive me. I wasn’t thinking. I don’t know what…
Shut the fuck up Ted. illegal bahis siteleri This is bull shit. Fuck this shit. I’m outa here.
I got into my car and started to drive. I needed to cool off.
What the hell was he thinking. What am I gonna do now.
Shit, I gotta start work on Monday with him.
I finally cooled off enough to go home.
Lisa was waiting for me.
Where where you. I’ve been worried. It’s after ten Jill!
Oh well I was out just driving around thinking and stuff.
If I’d told her what happened, I’m sure Ted would need medical attention.
Lisa told me she worked until eight o’clock and when she got home and I wasn’t there, she got scared and called my mom.
I’ll call her in the morning… no you better call tonight Lisa says.
Hi mom, I’m okay, I just needed time to think so I went for a drive. My mom was sobbing as she replied, my god, your alright, thank goodness. You can’t just do whatever you want you know.
I know mom, sorry, it won’t happen again, I promise. I gotta go mom, I’ll call you tomorrow.
Lisa and I got ready for bed. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind.
Lisa reaches over to me and touching my cheek. She pulls me to her and we kiss.
Lisa always knows how to get me aroused and in the mood. Our hands are all over each other in milliseconds.
Suddenly there’s two fingers in my pussy. I gasp for air and tense up. Wow, that was fassttt I whisper into the air as she fucks me hard with two digits, kissing me hard now she slips a third finger in. I’m shaking now as I’m in sensory overload. I spread my legs wider to allow her more access. Lisa looks me in the eyes and pulled her fingers out of me. She has a devilish look on her face. She’s fumbling with something down between my legs. I can feel something pushing into my pussy. It’s big and warm. It’s a… OMG. It’s a dildo.
Before I can protest she has it inside me about three inches or so. Suddenly it starts vibrating. It’s a vibrator.
My eyes roll back into my head and I’m really shaking now. I’m almost lost in my own body. I manage a low grown. A sound that couldn’t have come from me but I know it did. Lisa worked my pussy with the vibrator for a few more moments. The groan slowly built up inside me. I closed my eyes and let out a shaking vibrating sound I’ve never heard before. Lisa just kept going. Suddenly I exploded all over the vibrator and Lisa’s hand as she shoves the toy all the way in and holds it there. God I’ve never felt so full in my life.
Smiling at me, lisa says I know you’ve never done this before but I’m pretty sure you liked it and she kisses me as she slowly pulled out of me leaving me with an empty feeling.
I just smile at her and reply with wow. I had no idea that would feel that good.
Lisa gets up and straddles my face planting her pussy on my lips she says you might like the real thing one day. I immediately go to work licking and lapping at her hungrily. God dose she tasted good. She grinds her pelvis over my mouth and nose. I reach up and stick a finger in her ass. She slows down and starts to moan lightly. I decided I’m going to go right for it. I stick my tongue as far as I can up her delicious cunt. And shove three fingers in her ass at one time.
She squeals loud and starts to squeeze he thighs together, I just kept lapping at her sex. She’s squeezing her breasts and arching her back while she’s grinding her pussy on my face. canlı bahis siteleri I stop suddenly and she slowly orgasms on my face.
I reached down and grabbed the vibrator and touched it to her ass. She jerks up and moans loudly.
I flipped the switch and pushed it up to her ass opening and she sits down and grinds her hips on my face and the toy. Lisa cums hard as she shakes. I lap at her sex. She grabs my head and screams. She slides off me after she calms down a little and snuggles up to me as we drift off to sleep.
The next morning I got Lisa up and off to work. I kissed her good bye and went back into the living room, sitting down I started to think about last night and the fact the the vibrator felt so dame good. Before I knew it I was in the bedroom playing with Lisa’s toys.
She has quite a few toys in her toy box. The one that caught my eye was the biggest one there. It felt so real. It was at least 10 inches long and about 3 inches thick. It had a large head and was quite veiny. It had a large suction cup on the bottom and it was flesh colored.
I decided to take a shower and play with this toy.
I got undressed and noticed I was wet down there. I fingered myself for a bit before I got in the shower. I was really wet now. I stuck the toy to the wall and placed the head to my opening and slowly tried to get it in but it wouldn’t go in.
I took it off the wall and stuck in on the floor. I got down on my knee’s with the toy between my legs. The hot water running down over me. I touched it to my pussy opening. Momentarily thinking back to the days when I was a man. Remembering when the girls I was with were over me, about to sit down on my cock. I close my eyes and slowly sit down on the dildo.
Snapping back to reality as I suddenly realized this thing is huge and the pain I feel is so intense but it feels so good at the same time.
I can’t move as I hold the toys head just inside my cunt. It starts to feel better so I slowly slide another inch inside.
The pain returned more intense. My eyes are closed tight as the pain turns to pleasure so I slid down another inch.
The toy is stretching my box to the max. I’m shaking a little now but I want more so I slide down another inch.
I feel so full but I know there’s more there. After a little rest I slide down more. This time there’s no pain just pleasure. So I kept sliding down until I couldn’t get anymore inside. It felt like I hit something inside that wouldn’t let me go any further.
I pulled up and sat back down again. Over and over again. Grabbing my tits and tweaking the nipples. Up and down feeling every inch as it filled me to the brim.
I’m really shaky as I grind the prosthetic cock into my cunt.
I can feel my orgasm building deep inside as I ride my new friend. I’m feeling really hot. I’m breathing heavily as I start to cum. I can’t hold myself up any longer, I’m shaking, feeling week I slid all the way down past what ever was stopping me before. Screaming loudly as I cum hard. Shaking and screaming, pulling on my tits, impaled on Lisa’s toy I finally collapse on the floor in the shower.
Suddenly there’s a banging on the door and someone is yelling are you okay in there
In as strong of a voice as I can muster witch was quite shaky I reply yes, I’m fine. Sorry I slipped but I’m fine.
Pulling myself up and turning the water off I got out of the shower and put a white robe on and went to the door.
There stood the building superintendent with a worried look on his face.
Sorry Berry I respond in a much more stable voice as I smile at him. I slipped in the shower.

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