My Wife’s Best Friend Ch. 03

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Author Notes: Thank you for the wonderful reception you’ve given me on the first two chapters in this series. The characters took over and wrote the last quarter of this chapter, expressing their feelings and surprising me a bit. As a writer, I love it when that happens. While I may somewhat second-guess them, I left it mostly as they wrote it.

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older.


Chapter 3

Sitting on the couch, playing a video game, I was a bit startled when the front door suddenly opened. I paused the game and looked up to confirm that it was Brooke, my wife, home from work. She greeted me with a smile on her pretty oval face as she closed the door behind her.

“How was work today?” Brooke asked me, as she hung her purse on the hat rack by the front door that we used for everything except hats.

“The usual bullshit,” I replied, as I put down the controller and gave her a smile. “I got home thirty minutes ago. How was your day?”

As I stood up, Brooke wrinkled her cute little nose and replied, “I had an interesting conversation with Suzanne today.”

“What about?” I asked as I stood impassively for a moment, watching her unbutton her green blouse and reveal her beautiful full c-cup tits to me, held in place by her lacy black bra.

“Olive Garden,” she replied as she stepped up to me and kissed me.

I laced my fingers into her long blonde hair as we kissed for a moment, her breath minty as I ran my tongue around hers inside her mouth. When, finally, she broke the kiss, dropped her mouth to my neck, and began gently nibbling, I moaned and asked, “Has she never heard of Olive Garden?”

Brooke laughed as she stepped back, pulled her blouse off, and tossed it aside. “No, it’s not that. What happened was that I told her how we had such a romantic dinner at Olive Garden last week.”

“Yeah,” I nodded before pulling my tee-shirt up and over my head, recalling how much fun it had been. I tossed it behind me as I added, “I love that place.”

Brooke reached down and pulled at my belt, unbuckling it, as she explained, “Well, she was really surprised. She laughed and told me that it’s a family chain restaurant and that she didn’t understand how we could have possibly had a romantic night there.”

“Really?” I asked, surprised. “Maybe lunch is like that, but dinner? The lights are dim, and they only use the booths around the bar. Besides, where did she want us to go? Vinnie’s? Like we could afford that,” I said as Brooke knelt down in front of me. At five-three she was already a good bit shorter than I was, so kneeling put her way down there.

“That’s what I told Suzanne,” she told me with a smile, her big brown eyes rolling up to look at my face. I took the smile to be a reference to a conversation we had just had the previous night about how we were already starting to think alike. As I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans for her, since it wasn’t even easy for me to unbutton them myself, she explained, “Well, she said that she did have dinner there and that it was nothing like what I had told her.”

“With the dim lights, the booths, the service, the wine? … umm… was she talking about the one next to the mall?” I asked, as Brooke tugged my jeans off my hips and down my legs.

“Bingo!” she exclaimed with a husky chuckle. As she pulled my boxers down, revealing my semi-hard dick, she said, “It took me a minute to figure that out too.” She was no longer looking into my eyes, her eyes glued to my revealed crotch.

“Yeah, it’s weird how they can be so different,” I acknowledged as Brooke wrapped her warm fingers around my growing cock.

“So, I took her to ours for lunch and she admitted that it had potential,” she told me as she stroked my shaft, milking it slightly to encourage it to grow more quickly.

“You need to take her at night,” I contributed as I groaned in pleasure at my wife’s touch. Her hand was soft but her grip firm against my most sensitive flesh.

“You like that?” she whispered, her breath warm against my balls.

I nodded and breathed, “Yeah.” My cock was fully hard at that point.

She asked, “How about this?” as Brooke took my hard rod into her mouth.

I could feel her hot tongue against the sensitive underside of my cock, sending bolts of pleasure through me. Her lips wrapped delicately around the neck of my dick which was also very sensitive, flooding my brain with desire. “Your mouth is so warm,” I whispered.

As Brooke pressed her head forward, driving her lips steadily down my shaft, and the head deep into her mouth and against her throat, she reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. As she pulled her head back, sucking strongly with soft slurping sounds, she let her bra fall to the floor. Pulling her mouth from my dick for a second, she sexily asked, “You like getting your cock sucked?”

My mouth agape, my breathing heavy, I couldn’t even respond as I looked down at how sexy she looked as she worked on me.

Without beylikdüzü escort waiting for, or needing, a reply she sucked my dick back into her mouth, pressing it deeply inside, swallowing at the head so she could get her lips down to the base of my shaft.

I groaned and called softly to her, “Oh yeah, suck that cock!”

Pulling her head halfway off my rod, she rolled her eyes up at me, looking at my face. She, slowly bobbing her head back and forth, stroked the top half of my shaft with her lips. Then she pulled off and stroked my wet cock with her fist as she asked, “Does that feel good?”

Again, not waiting for a response, she swallowed my cock again, as I managed to moan, “Oh shit! Yeah, I love that!”

She bobbed on my dick over and over until I had to put my hands on her head, so I didn’t fall over. She reached up and pressed my hands firmly to her head, to let me know to leave them there, before she took my ass in her hands, pulling me into her as fast and hard as possible.

I loved the feel of her warm hands on the cheeks of my ass and I knew what she wanted. It was a rather new thing we had started doing and something she absolutely loved. With my hands, I did my best to pull her head onto my dick in sync with how deep and fast she was blowing me. Together we went faster and faster, harder and harder, eventually my balls slapping firmly against her chin as I fucked her mouth.

Brooke breathed in strongly through her nose as best she could. She opened her throat as she gobbled my dick into her throat over and over, pounding her nose against my abdomen. Her hands gripped my ass firmly as she fucked me with her face.

After a few moments I breathlessly, reluctantly, asked her, “You want me to come like this?”

Brooke stopped and pulled her head off my dick. She was breathing heavily as she slowly stroked my dick with her hand, her saliva coating her chin and falling into her cleavage. “Fuck no!” she finally managed to gasp.

We both took a moment, breathing heavily, to catch our breaths. Then we smiled at each other.

Brooke wiped her chin before pushing me back onto the couch. As she released my dick, she pulled my pants off my feet, and moved up between my thighs. As she knelt down in front of me and wrapped her warm tits, the cleavage still slick with her saliva, around my hard cock, she looked at me and said, “So, James, that got me thinking about everything that happened last weekend.”

“Oh?” I asked, not realizing we were still conversing about her day. I didn’t mind, as long as she didn’t stop pleasuring me.

“Yes,” she said as she slowly stroked her tits up and down my cock, my balls pressing against her firm flat stomach, the shaft between her tits, and the head poking in and out of her tight cleavage. “You like fucking my tits?”

“Feels amazing,” I told her. “Your tits are so soft and warm around my cock.”

She smiled at me as she kept stroking me between her breasts. She said, “So, the whole restaurant thing got me thinking.”

“Oh?” I asked, still not registering that she was talking about anything other than my cock between her beautiful tits.

She nodded and continued, “I was thinking about how we drank all that wine. Then I started thinking about some of the awkward questions you asked.”

“Awkward questions?” I asked, worried somewhere in the back of my mind about what was coming next. It was hard to concentrate when her tits felt so good against the sensitive flesh of my cock.

Looking down at her own tits as she bounced them on my lap, she mused, “I love seeing your cock sliding between my tits. That’s so fucking hot!” Then, she looked up at me, her brown eyes sparkling.

The pleasure was building again, and I knew she could see that. Still, it felt so good to be fucked by her tits. “We need to do this more often,” I told her.

Brooke nodded but pulled off my cock. She stood up and, as she took off her skirt, she told me, “Yeah, well, the wine had made the questions seem natural at the time, but, this afternoon, I started thinking.”

“Thinking?” I asked dumbly as I just sat there and watched her take off her panties, leaving her lightly tanned pale body completely nude in front of me. Her nipples were hard and her hairless pussy red with excitement. I was having trouble following the conversation; a conversation I didn’t even want to have.

As she stepped onto the couch, one leg on either side of me, she said, “I think, that night, you were trying to figure out if I had been cheating on you with Nikki.”

“What?” I asked, feigning shock. I began “I was just -“

Brooke pressed her pretty pussy into my face, silencing me, as she said, “Eat me, Baby!” Then, as I cupped my mouth around her mound, and began slowly caressing her hard clit with my tongue, she added, “Now, don’t lie to me Honey. Let’s not go there, okay?”

I cupped her ass in my hands, holding her tight against my face. beyoğlu escort I buried my face in her pussy and ate her as best I could, using that as an excuse not to answer her. I also wanted to make her feel so good that she forgot all about it. I had discovered that she had been faithful, but I didn’t want her to know I had been fishing for that information. I didn’t want her to realize I had even doubted, or questioned, her fidelity.

Brooke braced her hands on the back of the couch as she whispered, “You do know how I like it, don’t you?”

Like so many of her questions, it didn’t require an answer. I did know what turned her on. I gently sucked at her pussy flesh as she sat on my upturned face.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Baby. Eat that pussy!” she demanded.

I was happy to obey. I stroked my tongue up and down her slit, dipping into her cunt as I worked up to her clit and then back down again, stimulating all of her pussy.

“Suck my clit,” she ordered.

Obediently, I wrapped my lips tightly around her hard little bud. I sucked firmly at it to be sure I stayed right on it and it didn’t get away from me.

“Oh God!” she groaned. “You eat my pussy better than anyone ever has!”

That was music to my ears, despite my wife’s svelte thighs, pressing against them. I didn’t really think I did anything special, but I knew exactly how hard she liked it, where she liked to be licked and where she didn’t, and at that moment, exactly how much suction to make her clit sing. Also, once I got into a rhythm, I knew better than to change the tempo or method of pleasing her clit. Once she started squirming a certain way, I knew I had hit on the right combination and, being my wife, I knew the combination by heart. The trick after that, for Brooke, was not to change it up, but the keep doing it and let her passion rise higher and higher at its own pace.

“Oh yeah, that’s it Baby,” she told me when she felt that I was sucking her clit exactly how she wanted me to. She told me, “Oh shit! I’d love to just sit on your face all day long, Baby!”

“Mm-hm,” I moaned a vibration up into her pussy as I continued to gently suck and lick at her clit.

“Just like that, Baby,” she whispered passionately. Then she moaned, “You’re gonna make me come!”

I didn’t change what I was doing in the slightest. I held firm to my wife’s round firm ass and stroked her clit between my lips just as I had done for the prior several minutes.

“Aaahhh!” Brooke shouted as she came. Her girl cum leaked from her cunt and her legs started to tremble, but she firmly gripped the couch, so she didn’t fall off.

As I looked up my wife’s body, and between her large firm tits, to see her close her eyes in orgasm I sucked firmly at her clit. I could feel her girl-cum washing from her cunt, down my chin, and then to my neck and chest. I held her tight to my face as I knew that if I could continue to suck firmly at her clit as she came it would intensify her climax.

Brooke grunted in passion as her orgasm crashed over her and, then, finally began to subside. Her breathing slowed suddenly, and she looked down at me.

I released her clit and began slowly licking up and down her slit. She now tasted rich and musky, the thin clear juices from her orgasm having a stronger scent than her thicker pre-orgasm juices.

Brooke finally told me, “That was amazing.”

I smiled at her, which, she could only see my eyes do since my mouth was still occupied.

Brooke backed up off the couch, knelt between my legs again, and began stroking my cock, which had deflated somewhat. Concentrating on eating her pussy had taken most of my focus, causing my passion to dip. She looked up at me and said, “James, my love,” her breath hot against my cock, “now that I’m fully sober and we are alone, I need to look you in the eyes and tell you something.”

She took my cock into her mouth and sucked me quickly to full hardness as I said, “Oh? I don’t think you need to -“

She lifted her head and said, “James, shh… Listen to me.” She took my cock deep into her face again, pressing the head to the back of her throat and then lifting off, leaving it slick with her saliva. As she crawled up on me, she said, “Nikki is my best friend. I love her more than anyone on this planet…” As she aimed my cock at her pussy she looked into my eyes and, as she sat her tight wet cunt down around my slick prick, she concluded, “… except for you!”

I groaned with pleasure at the feel of my wife’s warm pussy wrapped tightly around my hard cock. Her words rang in my ears and made me feel that everything would be alright after all. Not realizing what I was saying, maybe I just wanted to hear it again, I asked, “Me?”

Brooke rose a few inches off my lap and settled back down again. “Of course, you!” she told me. As she began rocking her hips back and forth, stroking my cock in and out of her pussy a couple inches on each stroke, she whispered bostancı escort bayan passionately to me, “I love fucking you. Your cock is amazing. I love living with you. I trust you in all things. I love being married to you. Nikki is my best friend. You are my husband. I have pledged my life to you.”

With each statement she made to me she stroked me harder and faster. My only response was to groan.

She smiled as she fucked me. She asked, “That pussy feel good sliding up and down your long hard cock?”

“So fucking good!” I agreed.

“Oh yeah, deep in that pussy,” she murmured. “That good for you?”

“Amazing,” I replied. I could see the concern in her eyes. Through the fog of pleasure, I told her, “I understand that you were just helping Nikki.”

“Do you?” she asked. “You know this pussy belongs to you, Baby!” she told me as she fucked me with it, now slowly rocking back and forth against my lap. “James, I have not cheated on you in our marriage and I never will!”

I nodded at that. I had come to believe that but, if I were honest with myself, I still had doubts.

She looked concerned at my reaction. She said, “Let me ask you something.” When I nodded, she put one hand on my knee behind her, leaned back, and began rolling her waist sexily back and forth.

I watched her firm breasts sway on her chest as she moved. I examined her slim waist working sexily against me. I became mesmerized at her cunt gripping my prick as she stroked my cock in and out of her body. She was so beautiful.

She asked me, “Am I young enough and pretty enough to get any guy that I want?”

I chuckled through the passion and replied, “Obviously.”

“Am I hypergamous?” she asked, never faltering in slowly stroking my dick with her clasping cunt.

“What’s that?” I asked, confused.

“Did I marry you for your money?” she clarified.

I laughed and said, “You make more money than I do!”

“Exactly,” she said. “I married you because I love you. I’m not a gold-digging bitch. If I wanted to cheat on you, I’d have never married you. I take my vows very seriously.”

“Good,” I said.

“You hear that?” she asked me. “You hear that?” she repeated.

“What?” I asked. I didn’t know what she was talking about.

“Oh shit! That’s my juicy pussy all over your cock!” she explained.

The sexy wet sound of sex was loud in the room now that I listened for it. It made my cock harder just hearing such a thing. I groaned with pleasure.

Brooke put her hands back on my shoulders and pounded her butt down against my lap faster and faster, driving my cock deep inside her over and over again. “Fuck! I love this cock!”

“Yeah?” I asked as I put my hands on her hips and helped her stroke herself down against me. “You like that?”

“Oh yeah!” she breathed. “Oh God! Oh fuck! Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she cried out as her orgasm approached and then crashed over her. “Fuck!” she grunted as she sat full on my lap, grinding her pussy against me, my prick lodged all the way inside of her, the head pressing against the back of her cunt.

“Mm,” I moaned as I felt her fuckhole ripple up and down my shaft as she orgasmed, her cunt involuntarily trying to milk my dick.

“Oh yeah,” Brooke slowly exhaled as her breathing suddenly slowed. “Wow,” she said with a smile as she looked at me as if she were just then noticing that I was sitting there. “Feels so good!” she told me.

“Yeah?” I asked, nowhere near coming yet. I was proud of how long I was able to last. It didn’t use to behave so well for me, but with experience I found myself more able to hold back without coming or deflating.

“Mm hm. Good and deep in my cunt! Um… what was I saying?” she asked, as she gently rocked her hips back and forth, still fucking me. “Oh yeah; Nikki. Look James, let me be clear. I did fuck Nikki while we were engaged but not while we were married. I also have not fucked any guy since the day I first met you.”

I found it so odd how well I was able to concentrate on what she was saying as her cunt slowly stroked my cock. Leaned back, I was able to rotate my hips and help her, fucking up into her in time to her rocking against me. I stated, “You were dating a couple guys when we met.”

“Oh yeah, fuck that pussy,” she purred before my statement registered with her. Then she asked, “I was dating Mark and Josh, yes. Do you remember how we first met?”

As I hunched up into her, driving my prick up into her body over and over I replied, “Yeah, Christmas shopping.”

She smiled at me and lifted off my lap about four inches and held herself there for me to fuck up into her. “My cunt is so wet for you!”

“This feels so fucking good!” I told her.

She nodded and then managed to fight through the pleasure to ask, “Remember how I was dead set on getting a particular game for my nephew and you talked me out of it?”

“Pretty stupid, I know,” I grunted as I fucked up into her a little faster.

“Not at all,” she told me. “You were smart, but you didn’t talk down to me. I noticed that right away. You were respectful and kind as you talked enthusiastically about how discs were on their way out and downloads were where it was at. You were right, of course.” She gripped my shoulders firmly as she added, “Oh yeah, pump that pussy, James. Pump that fucking cunt!”

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