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Fbailey story number 484


I live outside of a small urban village on a dead end road. I own the last two houses on that road and rent one out. The lady that rents it was just recently divorced. She has her teenage son ever other weekend. During the first two weeks that she lived there we became very well acquainted. She was nice and quite talkative. I could not believe that her husband had left her. Johnnie was perfect in my eyes.

Johnnie was thirty-five years old and had a fifteen-year-old son that lived with her ex-husband. At sixty, she seemed almost like a daughter to me.

In that first two weeks she helped me in my garden and I barbecued dinner for us each night. I liked watching her in her tight little shorts and her revealing bikini tops. She said that she was working on her tan but I think she was working on me, at least that’s what my penis thought.

Then that Friday evening her ex dropped her son off for the weekend. She immediately brought him over to meet me. His name was Frankie and all I could think of was that old song, “Frankie and Johnny were lovers.”

Things were fine that night and he enjoyed my barbecued chicken and coleslaw. He was polite but there was something not right about him.

The next morning I was awakened early by him screaming, hollering, and slamming doors. I looked at the clock and saw that it was nine in the morning and just about time for me to get up anyway. I dressed, put on a pot of coffee, and then went next door to see if Johnnie wanted a cup. That was what I usually did over the previous two weeks so it was perfectly normal.

I went out my backdoor and started over to her backdoor when I saw her. Johnnie was standing in the middle of the porch, stark raving naked, with her hands behind her back. She saw me as I approached. I looked her over from top to bottom and saw that her feet were in chalk outlines spaced about two feet apart. Her face was flushed, her breathing was labored, and her pussy was glistening in the bright morning sun.

Johnnie said softly, “Please go away. I’ll explain everything Sunday night after he leaves.”

Just as I entered my house I heard Frankie ask, “Who were you talking too?”

Johnnie answered, “No one, I was trying to shoo a fly off my nose.”

I thought to myself, had she been handcuffed?

As I worked in my garden alone I couldn’t help but glance toward her house occasionally. I would catch a glimpse of her pressing her bare tits against the windows. I knew that her teenage son was in there with her and wondered just what kind of relationship that they had.

I considered inviting them to dinner but since I hadn’t seen them all day, I decided against it. I threw on a couple of hamburgers for myself when Johnnie came out of her house wearing just a pair of illegal bahis panties. She came very close and asked, “May I have those two burgers? If I go back empty handed my son will beat my ass raw.”

I said, “Of course you can. I had thought about inviting you both to come over but I wasn’t sure after you sent me away this morning. It’ll just take a few more minutes. Would you like cheese on them?”

Johnnie smiled and said, “Yes please.”

Then she whispered very softly, “My son has made me his sex slave. I seduced him a couple of years ago and I’ve been paying for it ever since. It cost me my marriage, my job, and my dignity. When he spends the weekend with me he mistreats me miserably.”

I looked at her hard nipples standing out erect and I saw a wet spot forming in her white panties. Then I asked her to turn around. When she did I could see bright red welts from a beating that her ass had taken. I asked, “Why did he beat you?”

She whispered, “Because I spoke to you this morning. I was to be silent for the entire hour that I was to stand there. I wasn’t.”

I said, “I take it that he sent you out to me in just your panties.”

Johnnie said, “Yes. He wanted me to expose myself to you.”

I smiled and said, “Then remove your panties but get as much of your pussy juice on them as possible. I’ll need it later when I jerk off thinking about you.”

Johnnie smiled and said, “I’ll just tell my son that they were the price I had to pay for our supper.” Then Johnnie slipped her finger down to her crotch and pushed the material deeply into her pussy soaking up as much fluid as possible. She slipped the panties to her ankles, stepped out of them, and then picked them up. We both knew that her son was watching from inside the house. She spread her pussy lips with two fingers and then she wiped up ever drop of her womanly scent for me before handing over her panties and taking the plate of cheeseburgers with her. I watched as she walked back to her house, then I went in and brought out some more burgers to cook.

Within minutes Johnnie was back before me still naked and asked, “May we have two more please? With cheese! My son told me to pay for them with a blowjob.”

I just smiled as she knelt before me and fished out my hard cock. As she wrapped her warm lips around it I looked over at her house, saw her son looking out the window and nodded my head as a way of saying thank you. Johnnie did a superior job, it wasn’t her first time, but I got the feeling that she was trying to do her very best. I certainly enjoyed being on the receiving end. With her back to her son she would suck and she would talk, making it rather hard for me to cum until she wanted me too. When she wasn’t sucking she was talking about painting her bedroom, washing the car, and vacuuming her living room rug. When illegal bahis siteleri she was sucking she clamped her lips around my cock, rubbed her tongue up and down the sensitive underside, and jamming the back of her throat against the head. When I told her that I was ready she hung onto my ass and wouldn’t let go of me. I splashed the back of her throat with several blasts from my balls. She swallowed, she smiled, and then she walked off with two more cheeseburgers.

Sunday when I walked out to work on my garden Johnnie came out to help me, still naked. She said that she could not wear clothes in front of me because she had lost her panties. We both chuckled. I was starting to like her son.

I asked her if her son would consider selling her to me. She said that he might. He really wanted to get a motorcycle and his father was totally against it. I then told her that I had one in the garage that I hadn’t ridden in a few years but that it still ran.

She ran into the house and told her son. He got dressed and followed his naked mother out to me. After some negotiations we came to an understanding. I would cover the cost of getting the motorcycle registered, inspected, and insured for the first six months. He in turn would sign a document turning his mother over to me as a sexual slave and relinquishing all claims to her. Johnnie liked the arrangement, so did I.

Johnnie used my computer to type up the contract and print it out. Her version was slightly different than what we had discussed in that it gave me full control over her life, what she wore, and unlimited sex. He son signed it without even reading it.

After it was signed I told Johnnie to get dressed in jeans and a shirt. She looked at me and went right home. She was no longer going to give her son a free show, nor her husband either when he came to retrieve his son.

The following day I took Frankie to the Department of Motor Vehicles and paid for the changeover.

Two weekends later he called his mother to say that he was not coming for his visit. I took the phone and told him that he was in fact coming for a visit and that I expected him to be here from noon until six on Saturday afternoon. He didn’t have to spend the night or the whole weekend but that he had to show up…it was court ordered.

When he arrived, his mother was dressed in her tightest blue jeans and smallest T-shirt that she owned. She did not have on any panties or bra either and I had instructed her to keep her nipples hard at all times. I wanted him to realize what he had given up. According to the constant lump in his pants he realized perfectly well.

I also knew what he had lost because Johnnie was my gain. She was as I mentioned earlier young enough to be my daughter but she never made me feel old.

Sex was always an emotional thing canlı bahis siteleri with us. It was strong, it was very passionate, and it was extremely loving too. She always had an orgasm with my cock in her and I always cum in her too. Johnnie would go to the mall nude if I asked her too but I didn’t want to share her with anyone else. However, I enjoyed seeing her flash me whenever the coast was clear. I got pussy shots and breast shots quite often out in public. She has dragged me into changing rooms with her which, almost always led to sex. I loved to see her come out of a Victoria Secret dressing room to show me the sexiest bras and panties that she could find to try on. In those cases if an un-expecting husband or boyfriend also caught a glimpse of her, it just excited me even more.

I told her of my fantasy of making love to two women at the same time. After that whenever we were out she would point out women that appealed to her to see if I might like to try her out too. It became a running joke until one day she pointed out a woman that I could not resist.

Johnnie walked over to the women, talked a while, and then turned to point me out to her. She smiled at me and then they talked a while longer.

The woman was from out of town, here on business, and some sort of executive. She gave Johnnie a business card and told her to call about nine o’clock that night for her hotel and room number. We were to be freshly showered, we were both to have had enemas, and Johnnie was to douche with anything strawberry flavored. Okay!

Johnnie arrived in just a short knit dress that left nothing to the imagination. We were invited in and then asked to undress. Only then did the woman herself undress and ask Johnnie to give her an enema, a douche, and a bubble bath so that she would be as clean as we were.

The woman and Johnnie got into the best sixty-nine that I had ever seen in a dirty movie. I was hard for close to a full hour when the woman finally asked me to fuck them both, taking turns in their assholes and in their pussies until I exploded. She wanted me to change hole rotation in an effort to make sure that all four of their holes tasted the same when I was done. She really wanted me to cum in her ass just as deeply as possible.

For about ten minutes I was Superman. I fucked them every which way but loose. When I was just about to cum I grabbed onto the woman’s hips and drove her deep and hard, banging her head up against the wall causing her to cry out. When I reached for her nipples Johnnie was already there pinching and twisting them. With every spurt I rammed her deeper causing her head to bang again. By the time I was done cumming and we were relaxing the guy in the next room was banging on the wall for us to knock it off.

After that, things settled down. I was happy with Johnnie and she was happy with me. Her husband got a second divorce and her son wrecked his motorcycle.

Johnnie and I were way ahead of the game.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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