Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 04

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The next few weeks passed in a blur. Justine shortly went into labor and produced two healthy babies, a boy and a girl. We endured double sleepless nights and round the clock feedings before settling into a routine that was immediately disrupted when Wendy gave birth to her baby, another boy, and once again our crowded house fell into chaos. It was no wonder I didn’t have to think about Lydia, let alone sex. But when things settled down a bit, and the babies started to almost sleep through the night, Lydia once again appeared at our doorstep. This time both girls were awake, the babies were still up because it wasn’t their bedtime just yet. Justine had answered the door and invited Lydia in. The moment I saw her, I recognized the glint of lust in her eyes.

There was no jealousy among the girls, there was no reason for there to be. Lydia admired the babies, said all the right things, rocked little Ian to sleep, and once the three babies were asleep in their cribs, she came out to the living room, stated she was a bit warm, and removed her heavy sweater. We were starting to enter winter, so it didn’t surprise me that she was wearing such warm clothing. It was the swell of her belly that did surprise me.

Justine spotted it immediately and congratulated her on the pregnancy. Lydia placed a protective hand over her tummy, gently rubbed it and looked directly at me. “I had to come over and show the daddy, didn’t I?” she asked with a grin.

Wendy and Justine erupted in cheers of congratulations for me and Lydia. This would be my fourth child in just over a year.

“But how do you know it’s mine?” I asked her. “We only had sex twice. And you had sex with your husband as well.”

“It doesn’t take more than once,” Justine pointed out.

“Oh, it’s yours,” Lydia assured me.

“How do you know for sure? Did your husband have a vasectomy?”

The three women looked at me in amusement. “A woman knows,” Justine said. “Don’t you want to prove your cocksmanship with another baby?”

“That’s not how one proves cocksmanship,” I pointed out.

“True,” Lydia agreed. “You do it by fucking. And I want to see you fuck your wife.”

This statement gave Justine a bit of a pause. “Why?” she asked.

In reply, Lydia started unbuttoning her blouse, and said, “I want him to fill your pussy so I can enjoy a cream pie.”

Justine grinned at me. “How do you keep finding women who indulge your little fetish?”

I shrugged. “Just lucky I guess.”

We were interrupted by Lydia. “Less talk, more fucking.” She started pushing us both toward the bedroom. For a little Asian woman she was surprisingly strong. Not that I was resisting. Before I knew it my clothes were off and my prick was being fondled by Wendy. Justine and Lydia had fallen on the bed together and were anxiously pulling off each other’s clothes. It was almost like a fight they were so eager to see the other stripped and fucking.

Before Wendy could have me hard enough to penetrate even the hottest, soggiest pussy Lydia practically dove between Justine’s legs and started feasting on her pussy. “I thought you said you wanted to watch me fuck her,” I said to Lydia, my dick quickly hardening as I watched these two beautiful women go at it.

“Just getting her ready,” Lydia said, coming up for a breath of air.

“Don’t stop,” Justine complained. She reached for Lydia’s head, trying to guide her lips back to my wife’s glistening wet sex.

“Get him in here,” Lydia ordered Wendy. “She’s hot and ready.” Wendy grabbed my prick and practically yanked me forward, leading me all the way to my wife’s pussy. Her small triangle of hair was wet with Lydia’s saliva and her own juices. I had no trouble sinking all the way in, immediately becoming lost in her moist folds.

“fuck me hard,” she ordered me, grasping my ass and pulling me into her. “Slam it into me.” Clearly this was to be an encounter of little subtlety. I started pumping my cock in and out of her as fast as I could. şişli escort As was common now when she became aroused her breasts started leaking milk. I leaned down and licked the dribbling white dots away from her nipples.

“Save some for me,” Wendy said. I hadn’t noticed she was on the bed, her limbs tangled with Lydia’s as the commanding Asian woman steadily undressed our youngest partner. Already her hand was inside Wendy’s thong panties, stroking the girls’ blonde furred-pussy. Lydia was topless; she hadn’t had time to get her jeans off yet.

Wendy inched back and leaned against Justine’s chest, taking my wife’s big nipple into her mouth and sucking off the now free-flowing milk. Lydia stayed with our girl, keeping her hand down Wendy’s pants, while latching on to one of Wendy’s tits so she too could enjoy a bit of refreshment for Wendy’s overfilled mammaries.

This interconnectedness was all I needed to get off, it was almost too much too bear. I didn’t care if Justine had reached a climax yet, I filled her with my spunk. It was a quick and dirty fuck. Best of all, she didn’t seem to mind.

Hearing my noises of orgasm, Lydia pulled her hand from Wendy’s panties. “Did you fill her?” asked eagerly, no longer really interested in the youngest and prettiest member of our group.

“He filled me good,” Justine said with a sigh. “Now you need to clean me up and make me cum,” she said to Lydia. Both women pushed me away so that Lydia’s tongue could replace my cock in Justine’s cunt.

I watched as Lydia inhaled the mixed scent of me and my wife, then lowered her face to her sopping cunt so start feeding. At first she just licked in long, slow strokes up her swollen pussy, getting all the loose seed I had left behind, but then she started in on seriously sucking my leavings from Justine’s vag. My wife’s breathing became short and sharp as Lydia’s talented tongue teased her clit, then alternated at sucking more of our juices from her. It didn’t take Justine long to reach her orgasm that I hadn’t completed for her.

“Oh, yes,” she sighed, her eyes fluttering open as she relaxed with Lydia still lapping at her quim. “What are you doing honey?” she asked me.

“Watching,” I answered. Watching and playing with my wet and still semi-hard cock.

“You should be fucking Wendy,” she told me. Then closed her eyes and sighed heavily again as she rested one hand on Lydia’s thick black hair.

“Why?” I asked.

Lydia answered, taking a short break from her feast. “I’m going to eat a cream pie from her as well tonight.”

“Then you’re going to fuck Lydia to finish off.”

“You three sound like you’ve been planning this for a while,” I said. Lydia said nothing, she was back into my wife’s quim, Justine merely smiled. I glanced over at Wendy—her hand was in her panties, anxiously working her clit—and she nodded happily in confirmation. “I don’t know if I can cum three times in one night.”

“I’m sure we can do something to accommodate you,” Justine said.

“And wouldn’t you like to impregnate both your women on the same night?” Lydia asked during another quick breather.

“I’m not so sure of that,” I said uncertainly.

“None of us are on any birth control,” Wendy said, reaching for my cock. It took me a moment’s struggle to work her tight wet thong down her legs, but in almost no time I was inside her. I was on a sex-high and rational thoughts of birth control and too many children were far from my mind. I had always enjoyed fucking Wendy, she was young and enthusiastic, plus a little bit naïve, so we could always get her to go along with whatever Justine and I dreamed up. I dawned upon me as I slowly and lovingly fucked her that she had never been fucked in front of another person besides Justine. When Justine and I first married we went to a lot of group scenes and serial fucks, but poor Wendy never had the experience of fucking before a large audience. It didn’t matter to me now.

Her suadiye escort once-tiny tits started to leak milk as we began fucking in earnest. For her small size Wendy produced copious amounts of milk. I rolled over, bringing her up on her knees, straddling me as a laid on my back. It was easier for me to lean forward and suck the milk from her breasts. Being on top also gave her the opportunity to show off for Lydia who by now had completely cleaned out Justine’s cunt and was lying next to my wife, pants still on, gently cupping Justine’s sore sex.

“Work your ass, girl,” Lydia ordered Wendy. “Make him fill you up so I can clean you up.”

Wendy, to the surprise of no one, was happy to perform for Lydia. She barely glanced at me while she gyrated, groaned and moaned, played with her tits and clit, all the while showing off for Lydia, practically ignoring me; I wasn’t anything more to her than a warm piece of meat on which to get an orgasm.

I liked that idea. It was enough to make my balls tighten up and spew forth their contents into Wendy’s proven fertile womb. I didn’t care if I cam awfully quickly because it was always easy to get Wendy off with a little tongue work, and Lydia was about to provide that.

“He just filled you, didn’t he?” Lydia asked her.

“Uh-huh,” Wendy moaned while grinding down on my slowly shrinking cock. There wasn’t much left for her the grind against.

“You didn’t cum yet, did you?” she asked.

“No,” Wendy all but whispered.

“Come over here then and I’ll clean you up and make you cum.”

Holding my spunk in her cunt, Wendy rolled over to Lydia and prepared to lay on her back and spread her legs. Lydia wasn’t having any of that. “Uh-uh, girlie. Get up on your knees and straddle my face. I want to feel his cum pour down my throat.”

Wendy was more than happy to oblige. The girls quickly got into position and as Wendy lowered herself down to Lydia’s face, I saw a slim drop of my viscous white cum seep out of her cunt and into Lydia’s mouth. Once down, I watched Wendy’s face; it was easy to read her orgasms. Lydia’s talented tongue must have licked up all my leavings right away and then set to work on her sensitive clit. I relaxed and watched the show, Wendy was one of those girls who showed every bit of increasing pleasure on her face until her climax finally overwashed her. Being ten years younger than Justine and I probably made it easier for her to reach multiple orgasms, and being a woman probably helped her as well.

And Lydia wanted me to cum a third time in less than an hour. I looked down at my soft prick. There was no way I was going to be able to get it up again, not even with the assistance of three oversexed women, one of them pregnant to boot (perhaps all of them by the time the evening was over). This fact was confirmed when Lydia had made Wendy cum for the third time and was certain that one of my remained behind in the young woman’s pussy. She pushed Wendy’s sloppy cunt away and looked with great disappointment at my soft cock.

“After a show like that why aren’t you as hard as iron?” she demanded of me.

“I don’t think I can get it up a third time tonight,” I explained, somewhat pityingly. There was nothing more that I wanted to do than copulate with all three women on one night, especially with Lydia who was sexily pregnant with my child.

With an accusatory look, Lydia addressed Justine. “You promised me he could take us all in one night.”

“He can. He just needs a little help to mount you. And I know exactly what help he needs.” From our toy box Justine pulled out my trustworthy silicone dual linked cockrings and gestured to me. “Come over here big boy.”

There was no resistance on my part even though I had serious doubts about the magic of the rings. Still, it didn’t stop Justine from slipping the first ring around the base of my tired balls and the second ring around the base of my shaft. Under the manipulation taksim escort of her nimble fingers and the comforting tightness of the rings, I started to rise to the occasion, but it wasn’t nearly enough.

Justine lovingly applied her hand and mouth to the task, but even that wouldn’t do it. I was starting to feel a bit of performance anxiety with Wendy and Lydia looking on. Lydia especially since if I couldn’t get my cock up I would be disappointing her more than anyone. As hard as Justine worked on my prick and as much as I wanted to fuck Lydia, I couldn’t achieve enough of an erection.

After ten long minutes with little result, Justine finally released my cock from her mouth with disappointment. “This is going to take a little more than I initially planned,” she announced. “Wait here, dear.”

“Where is she going?” Lydia asked. Wendy just shrugged. I knew where she was going. We kept some of our more elaborate and less frequently used toys in the large hall closet.

I certainly have my share of fetishes: lactation, impregnation, pregnancy fucking, group sex, cream pies. Neither Lydia or Wendy knew my last one. Justine returned to the bedroom carrying a large tube of lube and a more than substantial butt plug. I was glad she hadn’t gotten out the strap on she used to use on me.

“On your hands and knees,” she ordered me in the fashion she used when she used to peg me. I obeyed without thinking; it’s surprising how easily one falls into old habits. She opened the lube, applied a more than generous amount to my asshole while the girls watched, and then slowly, carefully eased the large butt plug into me. “This will work on him,” she promised them. “It always did in the past.”

It was humiliating having to kneel there while my wife shoved a giant blue plug up my ass; I heard and felt the gentle vibrations as she switched on the toy as it settled into place just inside my anal sphincter, but it worked and worked well. Maybe it was internal stimulation, maybe it was the humiliation, maybe it was my need to satisfy Lydia, but finally my cock rose once again.

“Take off your pants,” I ordered her with a growl now that I had refound my libido.

“No,” she refused. She was still topless, but her pregnancy jeans hadn’t moved from her body. “I need your wife to do that.”

“My pleasure,” Justine replied. Both women hoped off the bed and in no time at all my wife was unbuttoning Lydia’s jeans and slipping them off. Lydia stood there with her slightly swollen belly and a tiny pair of red silk panties. Justine was behind her, she knelt down to remove Lydia’s panties, slipped her fingers inside the elastic and eased them down. We all watched as the crotch of the panties stuck to her bare, wet pussy lips a moment before pulling free. She kissed the pregnant woman on the right cheek before sending her upon the bed again to be mounted by me.

Lydia remained on her hands and knees as she crawled across the mattress to me. That was fine; I preferred to fuck pregos from behind because I could run my hands over the full belly. When she turned and presented her ass to me, I stiffened even more. The previously pure and unsullied skin of my lover was now sporting a vivid tattoo on her right ass cheek. It was beautiful even though I’m not a fan of tattoos. In elegant flowing script was a notice of her ownership. Both my name and her husband’s were proudly displayed under the title of Hot Wife. “You like?” she asked me, looking over her shoulder.

I nodded and silently entered her open, wet cunt. My balls were already tight with the rings and the vibrating plug in my ass were both pushing me to orgasm again. “What does your husband think,” I managed to croak out. It was almost too much for me.

“He loves it,” she sighed. “He decided every man who fucks me from now on will be recorded for posterity.” Justine and Wendy laughed at her joke. “And he wants your wives to have the same tattoos as mine.”

That was all I need to explode, filling my third pussy of the night. I managed to roll off Lydia without hurting her. Wendy and Justine helped me remove the cockrings and buttplug as I drifted off to sleep. The last image I saw was Wendy joining Justine between Lydia’s upraised legs as they both feasted on the cream pie I left behind for them.

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