New Pet- Concluded

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The ride home was torturous for Lita. Each time she pulled up to a traffic light or stop sign and put on brakes, the motion of her car stopping would push the plug into her anus. Her pussy was on fire. She need relief again.

Her mind wandered back to almost an hour ago when Mr. Wolfe had brought her to a mind blowing orgasm. However the relief had only been temporary. She loved the way he carefully licked and sucked on her folds but what she needed was penetration. She needed to be fucked and fucked hard.

She finally made it home. She stepped out of the car and made it up to her apartment. Once inside she went into her bedroom and stripped. She slipped on her nightgown and attempted to fall asleep. As soon as she plugged her phone in she received a text. She opened the message.

“Let me see it,” the text from Mr. Wolfe read.

She knew what he wanted, but she decided to act innocent. “See what Sir?” She replied.

“You know what I want to see”

Lita smiled to herself. She kicked the covers off of her. She lifted her nightgown and pulled her panties off. She raised her legs up and positioned her phone and snapped several pictures of the silver knob of the plug. She picked the best one and sent it.

“Good girl,” was his reply.

Those two words sent a rush over her body. She was so horny, yet she was happy that she had pleased him. She thought about a reply, but decided to let his words be the last. She pulled the covers back over her body and went to sleep.

The next morning, she removed the plug for just a few moments. After her shower, she reinserted it and dressed for work. The drive to work was torturous, and when she arrived, she had to go straight to the locker room and change her panties. She was glad that she had more than one extra pair.

She dove into her work and almost forgot about her little companion. The only time she would remember was when she sat down, so she decided to stand as much as possible. A little after lunch, she received another text from him. She went to the ladies room and quickly dropped her pants and snapped a picture and sent it.

That went on throughout the day. She would get spontaneous texts, and she would duck into a room or bathroom and send him a picture to prove she was obeying. When she went home, she showered again, and reinserted the plug. She laid naked on her bed. Her hand moved over her smooth mound and pressed against the knob. She felt her juices begin to flow. She snapped some unsolicited photos and made sure her swollen vulva was visible. She sent them to him in hopes to please him.

She received no response. She hoped she had not crossed a line. She slipped on her gown and went to prepare dinner. While cooking she received a text, she rushed to her phone, but it was not from him. Some of her friends were going out and were inviting her. She pondered on the idea, but declined the invitation.

She was too horny to be out in public. She felt that if she went out, without him, she would do something to lose his trust, and she was too invested in him to do that. She wanted him and no one else. She had never wanted, needed anyone as much as she needed him. Even if it meant sitting at home on a Friday night.

After she ate, she laid down. She looked at her phone again and still had not received a reply from him. She texted him goodnight and went to sleep. She fell into a deep sleep. For several nights her tingling body had caused her not to rest well, she was exhausted.

She woke the next morning to the smell of bacon. She looked around, and what she saw was not her room. She sat up quickly, then she realized she was naked so she pulled the covers up to cover her breasts. As she looked at her surroundings.

As she scanned the room, she saw him sitting in an arm chair reading a newspaper. Suddenly her fears went away. She slipped out of bed and crawled over to where he sat. She stood on her knees, laid her hands on her thighs and looked at him. She did not say a word.

He finished his paper and leaned to retrieve the cup of coffee from the table. He took a long sip and stood up. He walked over to the kitchen area and picked up a plate. He carried it back and sat it on the table. He patted her head.

“Eat, my pet. You are going to need the energy.”

Her nipples hardened when she heard the words “my pet”. She walked on her knees to the plate and ate. He had prepared bacon, eggs, pancakes and fruit. As she ate she watched as he walked toward the bathroom. He opened the door and with the door opened, he untied his robe and let it fall.

It was the first time she had seen him naked. She was impressed. He was in pretty good shape for a man his age. His buttocks were tight, his legs were toned, and although he didnt have six pack abs, his stomach was lean. He turned toward her, and she saw his manhood nestled against his heavy scrotum.

She bit into her bacon thinking about how nice it would be to have him in her mouth. He stepped into the shower and she continued to eat. When she was done she carried her plate to the kitchen and washed it off. She returned to her position.

While she waited, she become confused on where she was at. She could tell by the set up that she was not at his house. He had said he was going to away for a few days, and it had only been one, so they had to be in a hotel suite. She wondered how she had gotten there. She waited patiently until she heard the water turn off.

She crawled over to the bathroom, stood and opened prepared his robe for him. He stepped out of the shower, he saw her and smiled. He put his arms into the robe and pulled it over his shoulders.

“I have a meeting this morning. I have scheduled you an appointment with the spa that will keep you busy until I return.”

She nodded, “Thank you sir.”

He continued to get ready for his meeting. She knelt naked at his side. A couple of times, he brushed against her. Each time he touched her, her body came to life. As he left the bathroom her lowered his hand and carressed her left breast.

“Shower, the spa staff will be here in about twenty minutes.”

She watched as he stepped into his boxers. Her eyes followed them as they moved up his legs and over his cock. He slipped on his pants, his shirt and belt. She stood and turned on the water and stepped into the shower.

When she emerged from the bathroom, he was gone. She sat on the bed, it was then that she was reminded of the plug. She felt a panic. He had not given her instructions about the plug for the spa. She reached back and touched the knob, when there was a knock at the door.

She wrapped her robe around her and answered the door. At the door dressed in all white was a cute asian woman. “I here to take you to spa,” she said.

Lita smiled and took the key card from the bar. She followed the woman to the elevator. They entered. As the elevator dropped, Lita looked at her companion. Her long shiny black hair was pulled into a pony tail. She was thin, there was little bulges on her chest and her back side was straight as a board. Her fingers were long with short nails.

The elevator come to a stop, and the door opened. Lita followed the woman around the counter and into hallway. At the second door on the left, the woman turned and entered. When Lita enter the woman was standing in the middle of the room.

“Hang wobe there,” She pointed to a coat rack in the corner.

Lita was hesitant to disrobe. She slowly untied her belt as the woman turned and went into another room. She pulled the robe off her shoulders and hung it on a hook. She stood naked for just a few seconds before the woman in white returned.

“Follow me,” she instructed and Lita obied.

In the room, there were a line of tubs. The woman led Lita to the end tub and extended her hand for her to get in and the whirlwind began. The woman bathed Lita, then she led her to a mud pool where she soaked for hours. Then the woman bathed her again. After the bath she led Lita to a massaging table.

The woman stood at the table as Lita climbed on. She instructed Lita to lay on her back, and she obeyed. The woman proceeded to pour warm oil on her body. Her hands went to work rubbing the oils all over Lita’s stomach, chests and around her breasts. She continued up her shoulders then back down again.

Lita’s body was on fire. illegal bahis Her nipples were hard and she could feel her juices leaking from her. She had never had a desire to be with a woman, but this woman was turning her on something fierce. The woman continued with her massage. She oiled her hands as rubbed the oil into both breasts. She lightly rubbed the nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

She reached for more oil as she moved down Lita’s body. She applied the oil to her left leg. She rubbed the oils from her ankle up her knee and over her thigh. Her fingers come very close to her vulva and Lita gripped the side of the table with anticipation. Unfortunately the contact never came, as the woman moved to the other leg and repeated.

After the right leg was complete, she applied a thicker lotion over her pubic area, the area that Mr. Wolfe had shaved a few nights ago. The woman spread it evenly then stepped back and rubbed her hands over a towel. She stepped back to her, “This may hurt,” she said as she peeled the dried lotion from the area.

It did hurt, but not too bad. It was just enough pain to stimulate Lita’s engorged clitoris. Her body jerked as a small orgasm washed over her. She felt ashamed, Mr. Wolfe had not instructed her to cum, but she could not hold it back. It came over her so fast.

“Turn over,” the woman instructed.

Lita turned over on to her stomach. She could feel her face blush as she knew the woman would see the shiny knob of the plug in her anus. She closed her eyes as she felt the warm oil run down her back.

The woman rub the oil into her back and shoulders before moving to her buttocks. She rubbed each of her buttocks. Her hand moves around the knob but never touched it. Then she moved down to her legs and gave each the same treatment as the rest of her body.

Once the massage was over, the woman led the naked Lita into another room. She returned her robe to her. Once her robe was on, she was back into the main room where she was treated to a manicure and pedicure. Once those were completed, the woman led her back up to Mr. Wolfe’s suite.

She was surprised to see a dress laying on the bed. On the dress was a note. She hung the dress up in the closet and sat on the edge of the bed and opened the note.

“I will be done with my meetings at 4 pm. Be dressed at 4:15. Everything you need is on the bed.”

She smiled and folded the note back up. She looked around at the assorsories laying on the bed. Shoes, stockings, and a garter belt were spread on the bed. She continued to look, she picked up everything, but failed to find a bra or panties. She took a deep breath. If it wasn’t on the bed, she would not be wearing it.

The dress was made of a satin material. As she put it on and adjusted everything she was surprised. The dress was open in the front. The material spread her breast open and showed her bare chest down to just above her belly button. It was split on both sides. The splits stopped just above the garters and showed a hint of her milky thighs.

With her feet in the shoes, she was waiting beside the bed when he returned. He walked in and went straight to the bathroom, without a word. When he emerged, he walked to her. He took her by the hand and twirled her so he could see the dress and how it fit.

“Perfect.” He said as he took her by the hand and they left the suite.

They rode the elevator down to the lobby. He led her out to an awaiting limousine. The driver opened the door and they got in. In a few moments, they pulled onto the busy street.

“How was your day at the spa?” He asked as he rubbed her stocking covered leg.

“It was very relaxing, thank you sir,” she replied running her arm through his.

“Your life as you know it is about to change. You will be pampered beyond your imagination, if you choose to be. You have passed every test without hesitation. Although the trial period is not over, you are very close. You will soon have decisions to make.”

“Yes, sir. I understand.”

The limo pulled into a parking lot and stopped. The driver opened the door and they exited. He led her into a restaurant. They ate, and talked like old friends. She saw a different side of Mr. Wolfe. He was not the serious business man. He acted normal.

He told her of his college days, explained his business to her and they exchanged their hobbies and what they loved about them. He had a caring smile. She saw a man that not only could she pleasure, but also a man she could love.

They finished their meal and he told her it was time to go. They rose and started leaving. She loved how men would turn as she walked past them. She had never drawn so much attention. She looked at him, he looked down at her and smiled. He knew they were looking and he was pleased.

The car ride back to the hotel seemed to take forever. When they finally arrived, he led her through the lobby to the elevator. When they stepped into the elevator. As soon as the door shut, he pushed her against the wall and kissed her hard. His hand immediately went inside the front of her dress and he fondled her right breast.

She melted into him. Her arms went around his neck and she pulled him closer. The elevator stopped and without breaking his kiss, he picked her up in his arms and carried her to the suite. He broke the kiss when he stopped to open the door.

Back on her feet, she followed him into the suite. He turned and pulled her to him. He picked her up and sat her on the table and his lips returned to his. His hands moved up the opened front of her dress. His hands slipped inside and pulled against the thin material and it ripped open.

He kissed down her neck and chest and sucked her left nipple in between his lips. Her hands pressed his head into her. She gasped as he sucked and bit her hard, tender nipple. He pushed her back until her bare back lay on the cold table top. He stood between her legs. His hands ripping the dress further.

He pulled the shredded dress from her body. She lay naked in only her stockings and shoes. He sat down in a chair between her legs. He immediately began to suck on her clitoris. Her buttocks rose from the table as she pressed into his mouth. His fingers moved to her anus. He slowly removed the plug and tossed it to the side.

As quickly as he had started sucking and biting her sex, he stopped. He stood and reached down and pulled her off the table. She fell to her knees. She looked up and he began to unbutton his pants. She rose to help and he stepped back.

When his belt was loosened and his pants fastened, they fell to the floor. He unbuttoned his shirt and pulled it off his strong shoulders. He then tossed it on the back of a chair as he stepped out of his pants. In only his boxers and socks he reached down and put his hands under her arms and pulled her up to her feet. They kissed again.

Lita was in heaven. She was finally going to feel him inside her, or she hoped she was. He carried her to the bed and laid her where her head was hanging off the side. She looked up at him as he pushed his boxers down.

He placed his under her head and lifted his flaccid cock to her lips. She opened them immediately. He laid his cock on her lips as his hand moved to her breast. He pinched and pulled on her hard nipple as she began licking the underside of his cock.

She could feel him harden the more she kissed and licked. When he was hard enough he pulled his hips back and pointed his cock toward her mouth. She opened and he pushed it in onto her awaiting tongue. She sucked as he pushed more into her.

He moved closer. His heavy scrotum hung above her eyes as he pushed into her throat. Her mouth began to stretch as his cock hardened and the thickness grew. He fucked her mouth gently at first but the more she sucked the harder his thrust became.

Suddenly he pulled out, leaving her laying with her mouth open and her saliva dripping off the side of her face. He reach and grabbed her leg and turned her whole body 180 degrees. Her legs draped off of the bed. He reached and put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer.

With one hand on his cock he stepped between her creamy thighs. His cock pressed against her vulva. He looked down at her. She looked so beautiful.

“When we are making love, you will keep constant eye contact. If you break eye contact the illegal bahis siteleri situation will change from making love to fucking. When we are making love, you can orgasm at will, but when we fuck, you will not until I do.”

“Yes, sir,” she replied looking into his dark eyes.

He penetrated her. He pushed inside until he could push no more. Her eyes remained locked. She was so wet. He pulled back and pushed again.

She gasped when he entered her. His thickness stretched her like she had never been stretched before. She could see lust in his eyes. She opened her legs wider, giving him full access to her.

He slowly thrust back and forth. He was in no hurry and she loved it. She could feel every inch, every vein of his beautiful cock as is sawed back and forth inside her. His hand moved up her chest and around her throat. He squeezed gently as he continued to pump inside her.

She struggled to keep eye contact. The pleasure he was giving her made her eyes want to roll back and close. She could feel her first orgasm approaching. She wrapped her legs tight around his waist and began thrusting to meet his.

Her body began to tremble, her legs stiffened. She could not breath. She gasped while looking into his eyes. Her orgasm hit, and hit hard. He quickly pulled out as her pussy released. He reached and grabbed her hips and turned her to her stomach.

She crawled onto the bed fully and he followed. He rubbed his slick cock up and down her anus then placed it back inside her. He swatted her pale cheeks as he slipped inside. He gripped her hips and began to pump into her.

Every so often he would swat her again until a red handprint appeared on her pale cheeks. He lifted his leg to go deeper. His foot planted in the bed beside her bent knee. She squealed when his head hit her cervix opening.

Eye contact was impossible, but she attempted to look back at him. She felt him shift, then felt leather around her neck. He held one end of his belt with one hand and the other with the other hand. He pulled back making her head arch toward him. He kissed her hard and ran his tongue into her mouth.

He pushed deeper as he release his hold of the belt. Another orgasm hit her. She fell face first into a pillow and bellowed loudly in it. He continued to thrust harder into her. She could feel him stiffening inside her. She noticed his thrusts were becoming more forceful. She knew she was about to feel his cum.

She looked back at him. “Please sir, give me your cream. I have waited so long.”

He continued to plow into her. She could see sweat running down his chest and brow. He thrusted one last time and she heard him moan. She then felt his warm cream erupt inside her. She moved back and forth as she tightened her muscles to milk him.

When he was done, he pulled out of her. Immediately she turned and took his still hard cock into her mouth. She cleaned him good. She cleaned him of her juices and of the remnants of his cum. Then she slipped from the bed and knelt on her knees. Her eyes locked into his.

“Come lay with me, my pet. The night is just beginning.”

Lita woke with a strange sensation. She opened her eyes. Mr. Wolfe was planting small kisses on her freckle covered body. His soft kisses were causing her body to tingle. She lay still not to disturb him.

He noticed her breathing changed. He knew she was awake, but he continued. He kissed her stomach, thighs, calves, down to her feet. There was no part of her body that there wasn’t freckles. At her feet, he kissed the top. She apparently was ticklish, because her leg jerked back.

He turned her over. He crawled back up to her shoulders. She lay under him, the only part of his body touching her was his lips. He kissed her across the shoulders and down her spine. Her breathing relaxed. He reached her lower back and then kissed across her waist line.

He kissed down her left cheek, her left thigh to her calf. He moved back up. His flaccid cock brushed the back of her leg. He kissed her right cheek, down her thigh. She felt his hands move back up to her buttocks. She gripped them and spread them. She felt his breath on her anus and goosebumps spread over her body.

His face moved closer to her anus. He blew again. Her body reacted by squirming underneath him. He smiled and squeezed her firm cheeks.

He rose to his knees. He positioned his flaccid member between her cheeks and closed them around it. Slowly he began to pump it between her meaty folds. He felt his cock coming to life as she moved her hips in rhythm with his. He smelled the sweet aroma as her arousal built.

His girth crossed her mind as she pushed against his growing erection. She had never had so much thickness inside her anus. She had no clue what his plan was, but whatever it was she was willing and ready to receive.

He reached and pulled her to her knees. He continued to rub his growing erection against her sphincter. His hands moved under her arms and he cupped her breasts. His thumbs rubs over her erect nippes as he kissed her ear.

“Time to claim another hole,” he whispered.

He pushed her back down to the bed and with her face down and ass up, he moved his face between her cheeks and bit the flesh. Her head rose from the bed as she moaned. She felt his teeth sink deeper into the tender skin.

He bit until he tasted the bitter taste of her blood. He lifted his head to see his work. A perfect bite mark showed between her pale cheeks. He smiled.

She felt the bed shift as he slipped off the bed. She rose on her knees to watch where he was going. He motioned for her to follow. Her bare feet pressed against the carpet as she followed him into the bathroom.

He turned on the water in the bathtub. He motioned for her to get in the tub. She did as she was instructed. She sat as the water rose in the tub. He walked out and returned with a plastic bag. He opened the bag and pulled out an enema.

He connected the tube to the bag, and filled it with warm water. When he stood, she turned her anus toward him. She raised her ass up to give him access. “Relax,” he instructed as he rubbed the wand over her sphincter.

He gently pressed the wand past her sphincter ring and into her rectum. Slowly he squeezed the bag, expelling its contents into her bowels. He was gentle and slow. He didn’t want to scare or hurt her, yet.

Her belly filled with the warm water. Her nipples hardened even more. She began to get an uncomfortable feeling as the water filled her. She felt the wand slip from her and she tightened her muscles to hold the water in.

He placed her plug against her tight sphincter. She moaned as he pushed it into place. She looked back at him over her shoulder. He motioned for her to turn around.

She rose to her knees. She felt like she was about to explode as she turned. He lifted his semi hard cock and rubbed it against her lips. She immediately opened her mouth.

He pressed his cock between her lips. She molded her lips around his cock and began moving back and forth. She could taste the tanginess of her anus as he pressed deeper into her waiting mouth.

She felt him touch the back of her throat. She gagged a bit as she grew use to his invasion. He placed his hands on the sides of her face and began pulling out. As the head touched the tip of her tongue her pushed it back in.

He repeated the motion over and over. His pace seemed to grow with each thrust. The sound of his cock forcefully invading her throat filled the small bathroom. He pulled his cock from her lips and a string of her saliva mixed with his precum strung from her lips. He tapped his cock against her waiting mouth then shoved it back in.

His pace quickened even more as his balls began to tighten. He held her face in his hands as his hips thrusted short and hard. His heavy balls hit her chin. She felt his hands tremble. His back stiffened and she readied herself for her reward.

He stood straight, his moan echoed through the bathroom as his cock began to erupt in her mouth. His upper body bent forward as his hips thrust, and pushed his seed into her mouth. She clamped tight, not allowing any of his precious cream to escape. Her mouth filled and she swallowed. The amount and force of his ejaculation caused her to cough around his cock.

He pulled his deflating cock from her canlı bahis siteleri lips. She opened her mouth and presented his load to him. He nodded and her lips closed immediately. She swallowed again, then opened her mouth so he could see there was none left.

“Good girl,” he said as he turned toward the door. “Clean yourself up, I will be taking your anus next.”

He closed the door behind him. She quickly moved to the toilet. She removed the plug and emptied herself into the bowl. When she was done, she stepped back into the tub and began to clean herself.

While she bathed, he pulled another bag from his arsonal of toys. He placed a double headed dildo and tube of lube on the bed. He pulled out another box and laid it on the nightstand. He prepared a drink and waited for her to enter.

She stepped out of the tub and dried herself with a towel. She looked in the mirror. Her pale body looked so alive. She was so happy and for the first time in her life she was satisfied to follow the lead of her new Dom. She had a feeling what was waiting in the bedroom. She reached back and touched her anus. She took a deep breath as her hand moved to the door knob.

She walked slowly out of the bathroom. She saw him sitting in a chair sipping on a drink. She walked over to him and knelt beside him. She sat in silence as his hand rubbed over her breasts.

She looked toward the bed and saw the items he had laid there. Her pussy began to tingle as her eyes inspected the double headed toy. It was long and purple. The thickness was close to his. She was thankful that he was going to allow her time to adjust before plunging his thick cock into her.

She continue to sit in silence. Her mind raced with so many questions, but she knew better than to ask. He rose and walked toward the kitchen. She heard him sit the glass into the sink. She remained still until he walked past her.

She followed him, on her knees to the bed. He patted it, and she stood and climbed onto it. He stood at the bedside and applied lube to both tips of the toy. She moved in position. Her legs were bent and open, her feet planted into the bed. He rubbed one of the head against her vulva and slipped it into her wetness.

She moaned as the toy penetrated her. She was a little sore from the nights activities but it was not unbearable. He maneuvered the other head and pressed it against her sphincter. He pressed it in slowly. She moaned as it slipped into her rectum.

He equalized the length of the toy. He reached and took her hand and laid it at the bend of the toy. Then he turned and walked back to his chair and sat.

She didn’t need instructions. She knew what he wanted. She slowly began to work the toy in and out of her holes. Her free hand moved up to her breasts. She squeezed he left breast hard, then let her hand slide down her stomach to her clitoris.

She kept constant eye contact with him as she pleasured herself. Her whole body shivered as the toy slipped in and out. She was amazed how he could watch her and still not be hard. He was a different from any man than she had ever been with, and she could not think of being with anyone else.

He had already ejaculated twice, yet he was preparing her for a hat trick. She knew men who would boast of their stamina, but he had more than any of them. She could feel herself getting wetter by the second. She wanted him inside her. She was happiest with him where he belonged.

Her moans grew with the speed she was working the toy. There was nothing sexier to him than a woman pleasuring herself. He could watch her all night. He enjoyed watching the toy stretch her tight vulva and sphincter. He liked the way the purple plastic glistened with her delicious juice, but he knew she was ready. She was so close. He had to have her.

He stood. Her eyes shifted to his cock. It lay upon his heavy scrotum. As he walked closer, she noticed it began to rise. By the time he was at the foot of the bed, he was fully erect. He climbed on the bed. He moved her hand with his.

He withdrew the toy and tossed it to the side. She held her legs wide and back as he pushed his thick cock toward the gaping hole the toy had left. He positioned his head against the hole and looked into her eyes. They widened as he pressed in.

The toy had prepared her but his cock was still thicker and as he entered her, she felt as if she was being ripped. He slowly pushed in as she bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming out in pain. Once completely sunk in her, he stopped to let her anus get used to him.

He noticed a tear stream down the side of her face. He feared this would be the end. He would not fault her if she asked him to stop, but stopping would void any progress they had made. He wanted her, he didn’t want to stop, but he would if she asked.

He was thankful when he felt her lunge toward him. She was ready. He placed his hands on the side of her knees and began to saw his man meat inside her anus. She could not restrain herself. She moaned and growled in ecstacy each time his cock bottomed out in her.

She tighten her muscles and gripped his cock tighter as he pumped it into her. He loved the way her breasts bounced from the force of his thrusts. She rose up and held her legs open wide. He reached and pinched her nipples and she screamed loudly.

He pulled out and laid on his back. She straddled his legs and moved over his hard cock. She reached and held it up and slipped it back into her anus. His hand moved over her clitoris as she her ass touched his thighs. She twisted as his touch sent fireworks through her body.

She had never orgasmed from anal stimulation, until then. Her legs straightened as her ass trembled against him. He continued to strum against her clitoris.

Her body was still trembling as she moved her legs under her. She began moving up and down on his cock. Their eyes remained locked. They were both washed in sweat. He held her hips tight and guided her through another mind blowing orgasm.

Her body fell limp on top of him. She couldn’t move another inch. He rolled her over and moved behind her. He easily slipped back into her used anus. He was close, and he knew she was worn out but he fucked her roughly.

He squeezed her cheeks hard as he pounded in her. The only sound she made was a grunt each time he bottomed out. He pushed deep and growled as he released his load deep into her bowels.

He pulled out slowly. When his cock was out of the way, her rectum was still gaped open. She was breathing but her eyes were closed. He had witnessed this only once before. He knew she was okay. He climbed off the bed and put his robe on.

He went into the bathroom and ran another bath. As the tub was filling he returned to the bed and took her into his arms. He carried her into the bathroom and laid her into the tub. When the tub was full, her turned off the water.

He applied soap to a cloth and began to wash her. He washed her neck, breasts and down her stomach. He ran the cloth over her red vulva, down her thighs and legs. He took her arm and pulled her forward and washed her shoulders and back. He rinsed her.

As the water drained from the tub, he took her into his arms and carried her back to the bed. He placed a towel for her to lay on. He covered her up and let her rest.

When she woke, she rose and looked for him. He was sitting in his chair watching her sleep. She smiled at him as he rose to his feet. He walked to the bedside and sat down on the edge. She quickly pushed the covers back to give herself to him.

He smiled, “Rest, my love. We have plenty of time. I have something for you.”

He reached for the box he had place on the nightstand. She sat up in the bed and received the box. She smiled at him as she opened it. Tears formed in her eyes as she gazed upon its contents.

He took the box from her and laid it on her stomach. He reached and pulled out a diamond studded collar and placed it around her neck. He fastened the collar and adjusted the heart shaped locked.

“This is a sign of my feelings for you my pet. As long as you wear this, you will belong to me.” He smiled and kissed her lips softly.

“I will wear it with pride, Sir, and shall never remove it from where it is at. For I belong to you. My mind, my body and my soul are yours.” He kissed her again.

He laid her back down and went to his side of the bed and joined her. He held her naked, tired body tight against his. He knew he had found what he had been looking for, and he was never letting her go.

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