New World Beasts Pt. 01 Ch. 13

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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


The day of the full moon was an absolute frenzy; we were all in the grip of the moon’s influence, at the mercy of our animal natures. Without each other, we would all have become slobbering, mindless beasts. It was barely contained, and we could see it in each other’s eyes as we all touched each other, stroked each other, sucked and fucked each other. We all stank like animals in rut, a wonderful heady smell of pheromones, sweat, cum, and piss. Without the other men of our family to steady us with sex, we would be lost.

Leo was in heaven. He was rapidly losing his anxiety about his first family orgy, and was eager to pleasure every cock in sight. I was so proud of my son, finding his place among his kin.

I set Leo up in a sling in the main hall of the lodge and spent most of my day holding up his legs and offering up his sweet young skinny ass to the whole family. He, in turn, spent most of the day with his father’s cock in his throat and another one inside his guts. His beautiful, gaping hole was rarely without a man inside it for very long. By the time we broke for dinner, his insides were absolutely swimming with cum. I knelt in front of his hole like I was receiving communion, and lapped at the dribbling seed escaping from inside him. Tasting my brothers, uncles, nephews, and cousins all mingled together, dripping from my slutty son’s gaping hole, was a spiritual experience. This man I’d made was part of the family now. Everyone has come inside him at least once, many of them twice or more. There was only one exception.

We paused for the full-moon feast, an important ritual for the family. My uncle Ira, with his two sons and three grandsons, had gone hunting the night before. Not with camouflage and guns like humans do, but in the form of huge hairy black beasts with claws and teeth.

To Grandpa Nathaniel’s relief, they’d brought back two deer this time. Sometimes they didn’t think so straight, under the influence of the moon and their animal natures, and once they’d brought a local farmer’s pig. We’d had no choice but to roast it over the fire and eat it quickly, before the neighbour came by.

There was very little holding back our animal natures now. I tore into my handful of ribs, enjoying the sight of dozens of hairy, nude men likewise eating with their hands. Seeing this put my son at ease; I’d be reteaching him to eat like civilized human beings do, but here he could let loose. Uncle Ira had used some delicious barbecue sauce to roast the deer, and soon everyone had it all over their faces, chests, and hands.

As I tossed aside my final rib bone, I looked down to see Leo crawling up into my lap to lick at the sauce that had dripped down on my chest. I smiled down at him encouragingly. All around us, men were cleaning each other like animals do. It was an important part of our family bonding. Watching eager tongues going to work on sticky, sweaty bodies was beautiful to watch.

As Leo cleaned my chest, I took his hand and started sucking the sauce off his fingers. I was lost in the pleasure of the moment and didn’t notice the huge figure standing next to us at first.

“Mind if I join you?” asked a beautiful, deep, sonorous voice. I looked up with a grin; my grandfather was standing there, smiling. His long white beard was red with sauce. Smears of sauce went all the way from his kind, wrinkled eyes to his thick round nipples.

“Please do,” I said, making room for him on the bench. As soon as he was sitting, Leo and I had descended on him and were lapping away at his huge, broad chest as he chuckled ticklishly. Our tongues explored well past the areas covered in sauce; I spent some extra attention in his armpit, savouring the sweet musky taste of him.

When I came up for air, I saw my son bravely trying his best to give his great-grandfather head. He was making a valiant effort, but at best he couldn’t get more than a third of that massive cock past his lips. He was making up for it by wrapping both hands around the rest of the shaft and giving it his best. I could see his throat swell every time the head massaged the back of his throat; it did not look easy, but he was determined.

Seeing the handsome, boyish face of my son tackling that giant, white-haired beast of a cock filled me with pride. I laid my head on my grandfather’s broad, hairy chest to enjoy the view. He started stroking my hair and beard, and I felt myself falling in love with him all over again.

“You’ve done well,” my grandfather murmured pendik escort in my ear. “I’m proud of you.”

“Thank you. I’m proud too.”

“You should be. I can see that you’re taking to fatherhood well.”

“I never realized it would be so rewarding.”

“You have no idea! Wait ’till you’ve got Leo’s grandson suckling on your cock.”

I laughed. “That’ll be another century or two, I suppose.”

“They fly by.” He leaned back and moaned, enjoying the attention his cock was getting, while I nibbled and licked at his nipple.

After a minute or two he pulled me close and said, “You know what the next step is for you, I suppose. You’ll be a mentor next.”

“I’m looking forward to that.”

“Your nephew is ready. I was thinking of sending him to you, even before you showed up with a son of your own.”

“I’d be thrilled to mentor Nick. There’s something you should know though- he and I have developed feelings for each other.”

“You’re falling in love,” he nodded sagely. “I know that. I mean, I’m sure everybody can see the way you look at each other. It’s a beautiful thing, an uncle and nephew falling for each other. I suppose you’re worried it would get in the way of mentoring him.”

“I know it can be done. I’m just not sure how to go about it.”

“Just remember to make sure he knows who’s in charge. Make sure he respects you and calls you ‘sir.’ Show him domination and discipline, and teach him what he needs to know to be a man.”

“Yes, sir. I’ll do it.” My heart was fluttering; I was overcome with the sense of responsibility I was taking on, and excited by the prospect of having Nick under my roof. I’d seen how well he was getting along with Leo; the two of them would be like brothers.

“Good boy,” Grandpa said, patting me on the head. Most of the time I feel like an adult- I may look about thirty-five, but I’m sixty-eight years old. No matter how old I am or how much of an adult I feel like, my grandfather has a way of making me feel like a young man.

“Okay Leo,” said Grandpa Nathaniel, rising to his feet. “I think it’s time we finished welcoming you to the family, don’t you think?”

Leo looked up at him with those nervous brown eyes. “Yes, sir.”

He put his arm around the young man reassuringly and led him back towards the main hall. I followed in awe, probably as nervous as Leo himself was. As a young man I’d taken my grandfather’s cock dozens of times, and I knew from experience that there was no real preparation for it. I’d watched my son get fucked about a hundred times in the last few days, sometimes by two cocks at once, but I was still worried that he might not be up for this.

In the main hall, he plucked Leo up off the ground like he was made of feathers, and gently placed him back in the sling.

“Okay, young man. Let’s get a good look at you.” He dropped to his knees and pulled Leo’s legs apart, revealing his battered, swollen hole. He smiled at it with starry-eyed appreciation, stroking it gently with a finger. My son’s anus certainly looked like it had been rammed a hundred times; it was loose and slick with cum. A crowd was starting to gather now, eager to watch this important event.

Leo’s hole disappeared behind grandpa’s long, thick white beard. I watched my grandfather devour that wet, sloppy ass as Leo moaned loudly. The scene had me hard as a rock and envious of both of them.

When he finally rose from eating out his great-grandson, there was a ring of cum dripping from his beard and moustache. He came around to Leo’s face and leaned down; Leo immediately started licking his beard clean.

I watched my grandfather lean in for a kiss, and my son accept it eagerly. He plunged his tongue into Leo’s mouth, using it to show his dominance. His flowing beard fell across Leo’s throat.

He reached his old, strong hand down and stroked Leo’s lean belly, then slid down to his erect cock and balls. My son was well endowed, but looked so small next to my giant beast of a grandfather with his enormous cock and fist-sized balls. He manhandled Leo’s junk roughly to show the younger man who was in charge, and Leo squirmed slightly before submitting to the treatment.

Then he reached further down, and Leo pulled up his legs in anticipation. I watched in awe as my grandfather rammed four thick fingers into him; Leo yelped and squirmed but didn’t resist. Those fingers rammed in and out roughly, further stretching him open. I saw my son struggling and wanted to step in and rescue him, but I knew that it was silivri escort for his own good.

The crowd had grown quite a bit now; Nathaniel’s descendants were gathering around to watch him finish the initiation. They were standing around, many of them with their hands wrapped around each other’s cocks.

I smelled the unmistakable scent of my own father just before he put his arm around me. The feel of his warm arm and chest against me were comforting. He leaned in to kiss my neck, and gave me goosebumps.

“I remember when it was your turn,” he said softly. “I showed you around, offered your ass to everyone. You were such a good slut back then, I was so proud. And I was so nervous when it was your grandfather’s turn.”

I nodded, transfixed by the scene.

“I also remember getting so caught up in getting your ass pounded by everybody that I forgot about my own needs. I forgot that I needed to spread my seed too, or else I’d lose myself to the full moon.”

I looked down to where he was stroking my hand, and was shocked to see how furry it was. He was right; I was losing control of my human form. I’d been so distracted I hadn’t taken care of myself.

My father was already remedying the situation; he was down on his knees with his lips wrapped around the head of my cock. Looking down and seeing my father’s handsome, grizzled face at my crotch was an amazing treat. I sighed as he took me into his mouth, swirling his tongue around my cock.

I turned my attention back to my grandfather; he was satisfied with Leo’s hole now, and had positioned himself in front of it. When that thick purple head of his meat was pressed up against my son’s hole, suddenly that stretched ring of flesh didn’t look so loose.

Grandpa Nathaniel slid forward slowly, and I watched the lips of my son’s anus part and stretch to accommodate that cockhead. I could hear him moan as his hole opened up to let in that bulb.

He slid forward a little more, and the thickest part of his cockhead slid in. Leo gasped as the head slipped into his hole, and his hole tightened slightly around the shaft.

My grandfather was patient and gentle, though. He paused where he was to stroke Leo’s face lovingly.

“That’s it, you’re doing great. Keep breathing. I’m proud of you.”

Leo gradually relaxed, and got his reward as his great-grandfather slid further into him. Everyone watched, mesmerized, as that enormous beast of a dick impaled the obedient young man whose waist didn’t look wide enough to accommodate the cock inside it.

Finally, grandpa hit a wall. Leo cringed and put his hand on the older man’s belly, signalling him to stop.

I was in awe- that cock had to be as deep as his belly button now, but I could see that my grandfather’s cock was only about half-way inside him. He’d found a wall inside Leo, and if he wanted to go any further he’d have to work his way around it.

He was determined though. He leaned in close to Leo, until they were face-to-face. Suddenly I saw the family resemblance between them, clearly on their faces. He kissed Leo, reasserting his dominance over him, as he slowly moved his pelvis around to find an opening inside.

Leo squirmed, obviously uncomfortable, but kept his lips glued to his great-grandfather. As that massive cock stirred around inside him, he started to sweat and moan.

Again I wanted to step in and save my son, but my father wrapped his arms around my waist and redoubled his efforts to keep me distracted with my mouth. I felt him reach around and stroke my hole with his finger, and I was surprised at how tight my ass felt. I usually preferred to get my dick into as many of my kin as possible, especially my younger nephews and cousins. By now though I’d usually taken a few cocks up the ass. My ass was dry and tight.

My father led me over to a couch, still in view of my son’s initiation, and leaned me over it. I was barely aware of what he was doing until I felt his tongue licking my hole. I relaxed and gave in to the sensation, realizing that my father was trying to distract and reassure me.

I spread my cheeks and crouched a little onto my father’s face, enjoying the feeling of his beard tickling my legs and his tongue darting in and out of my hole.

Meanwhile, my grandfather had found his sweet spot, and with a sigh from both of them he slid the rest of the way into Leo. I had a good sight of those huge, avocado-like balls coming to rest against my son’s ass. I felt a surge of pride. We all took grandpa Nathaniel’s dick şirinevler escort inside us eventually, but the first time was never easy. Leo was sweating and panting, and my grandfather was kind enough to let him catch his breath before moving again.

Meanwhile, my father was satisfied that my hole was nice and wet, and stood up to line up his cock with me. It wasn’t easy to take him; I was still tight, but I focused on opening up to him and felt him slide up into me. Once he’d made it all the way in, he wrapped his arms around me and started kissing my neck.

There’s no denying it; a son never outgrows getting fucked my his own father. The cock buried inside of me was the cock that made me, and no other cock would ever fit so perfectly.

“I love you, son,” he said as he began to slide gently in and out of me.

“I love you, daddy,” I moaned back.

I looked over to see my son doing an excellent job of taking my grandfather’s cock. I realized suddenly that we were four generations here, fucking together. It felt like a beautiful bonding experience.

That battering ram began sliding in and out of Leo with more force now, and I could see that it was driving him wild. Having been fucked by that beast many times, I knew the force that my grandfather could put into his thrusting. He was holding back a lot, and even so Leo was getting a pounding.

I saw him turn to look at me, and smiled when he saw what I was up to. We were both getting fucked good now, and my father and grandfather were doing a good job of matching their tempo.

Leo was grunting loudly with each thrust now, as his great-grandfather’s cockhead slammed deep into him. It looked impossible that something that size could fit into him; it had to be pushing up into his ribcage. He looked like he was at the edge of physical endurance.

Grandpa Nathaniel showed mercy by not drawing things out too far. He grabbed hold of Leo’s shoulders and began ramming himself inside more roughly; Leo was practically screaming with a mix of pleasure and pain. I saw the orgasm build on my grandfather’s face. Meanwhile, my father behind me was giving me the same treatment, slamming himself into me hard like he knows I like it.

They shot their loads at almost the same time; I felt my father grip me tight with his last few thrusts and fill me with my favourite cum.

Meanwhile, his father slammed in tight to my son and howled, squirting his seed deep inside Leo. Leo moaned with joy, knowing that he had endured his final rite.

When my grandfather finally pulled his flaccid but still giant dick out of my poor boy’s ass, I knelt between his legs to get a good look at what that monster cock had done to him. It was a mess; stretched so wide I could see inside of him, where a river of cum was flowing out. I knew there would be a lot of it; I brought my lips to that loose hole and drank it down like sacred wine.

I couldn’t help but bring my own cock up to that ruined ass and slide inside; there was no resistance, just warm softness. Nevertheless it was enjoyable; and I looked down to see Leo smiling up at me. He didn’t care, he was just happy to have his father inside of him.

I reached down and slid some fingers in; he felt that, and he liked it.

“That feels good, dad.”

I reached in far enough to slip my fingers around my own cock, still inside him, and his eyes rolled back with pleasure.

I started jacking off inside him. I wasn’t able to reach my whole hand inside, but I was able to reach in far enough to start jerking. He was so wet inside, his guts coated in my grandfather’s cum. I pulled some out of him and used it to lube up his own dick, and started jacking him too.

“Well, my son- how did you like your first full moon?”

“It was so good, dad.” He put his hands behind his head and leaned back in the sling, finally able to relax.

“What do you think of your cousin Nick coming home with us?”

He grinned. “I’m really happy about that.”

“I figured you would be. He’ll be kind of like a big brother to you.”

“Will he be fucking me a lot?”

I laughed. “That’s what big brothers are for.”

Leo was leaking pre-cum like crazy. I realized it had been a while since he’d blown a load. I looked down to see my fist wrapped around his shaft, and underneath his balls were tightening up.

“Getting close, son?”

“Yeah, daddy. You?”

“Yeah. Want your dad’s load inside you?”

“Yes please, sir.”

I jerked my cock harder, and finally unleashed my cum inside him. He started coming just as I finished, and I kept my hand inside him as I leaned in to take him in my mouth and drink his load down.

We curled up on a couch afterwards to enjoy a long father-son cuddle. I wrapped my arms around him, he laid his head on my chest.

“I can’t wait until next month,” he murmured happily.

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