No Panties

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It’s 8 o’clock and my doorbell rings. Nervous and excited, I rush to the door to open it, eager to let you in. I’m wearing my new white nightgown with the clingy see-thru lace bodice and I want to see your reaction. I open the door and there you are, so cute in your backwards baseball cap and your sexy smile, your eyebrow ring glinting in porch light. And I wonder to myself again, “How on earth did I manage to land a 21 year old college boy at my age?” Not that I’m old at 32 but I just wasn’t expecting to find a young stud lusting after my plus-size bod.

I open the door for you to enter and the cold November air hits me, making my nipples stand fast at attention. Though if truth be told, it’s more than just the air. *wink* You come inside, close the door, and drop your overnight bag. Then in an instant you’re on me, pulling me close, grabbing my hair at the back of my head, pressing your lips against mine, and thrusting your tongue in my mouth. “Mmmm, now this is the type of reaction I was looking for.” I think to myself. Your other hand is roaming my soft body, squeezing my ample breasts, stroking my back, then reaching down to cup my large round ass. As you slide your hand down you notice that you don’t feel any panties beneath my gown.

Suddenly you stop kissing me, spin me around, and bend me over the side of the couch. With one hand pressing against my back holding me down, you pull up my nightgown with the other and expose my bare ass. “Why you little slut,” you say with surprise and a touch of anger “answering mecidiyeköy escort the door without any undies on. What if it hadn’t been me at the door? It could have been anyone.” I say nothing as I’m stunned by this fast turn of events.

Standing behind me you kick my legs apart and admire the view. “Stay!” you command as you let go of me and turn to get something from your bag. Excited and a little frightened I stay right were I am, not moving, even forgetting to breathe.

You come back with the ping pong paddle that you swiped from the college rec room for just this type of occassion and stand beside me. I gasp as I realize now what you have in mind but then I feel your left hand softly carressing my ass and I sigh and relax, lulled into a false sense of security. WHACK! The paddle comes crashing down on my ass. “Yowwwww!” I cry, startled by the sudden slap. I try to stand up but you put your strong hand on my back and keep me firmly in place. WHACK! WHACK! The smacking sound from the paddle hitting my ass rings loudly in my quiet apartment. “Oh god, I hope the neighbors don’t hear.” I think to myself. “I’d be so embarrassed.”

“Please stop” I whimper softly, but you won’t. “That was for answering the door dressed like a whore” you say. “And this,” WHACK! “is for all those nights you teased me over the computer, distracting me from my homework.” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “For making me hard, and leaving me wanting you.” WHACK! “For reducing me to jerking merter escort off in the shower because you weren’t near enough to fuck.” WHACK!

My ass cheeks are bright pink and stinging from the blows, but the vibrations from my jiggling flesh have stimulated my clit, made my cunt lips swell, and my juices flow. My ass is aching from the discipline you’ve administered and my cunt is aching from the desire you’ve arisen. There are tears in the corners of my eyes and the cheeks on my face are bright red as I’m indignant and embarrassed to spanked and spoken to this way. “Who does this kid think he is? And why am I letting him have this power over me?” I ask myself.

You toss the paddle down on the other end of the couch and carress my backside with your hand. You can feel the warmth your strokes created. You slide your fingers down the crack of my ass, down between my legs, and part my pussy lips. “Let’s see if this discipline has had any affect on you”, you say. You slowly probe my inner lips, gently stroking them, and then suddenly, quickly sink two fingers deep into my wet hole. “Ahhhh…” we both sigh at the same time.

“Well look at that, you horny bitch, you seem to have liked your spanking very much.” You pull your now wet fingers out and wipe my juices off onto my pink ass cheeks. The wetness feels cool against my hot skin and I shiver. It felt so good to have you inside me, my ass gave an involuntary wiggle when you withdrew from my cunt. “All primed and nişantaşı escort ready for me, I see.” you say with a laugh.

You move behind me and kick my legs open a little wider. Then you kneel behind me and I can feel your hot breath on my backside. “I’ve been wanting to taste you for quite some time now.” Your hands are on my fleshy thighs and your thumbs are spreading my pussy lips apart. I can feel you’re eyes upon me, drinking in the sight of my glistening wet cunt lips. Then I feel your tongue upon me, sliding up and down, back and forth, in and out. “Ohhhhh…yessss…” I sigh.

I just can’t believe my luck. Within minutes of answering the door I’m bent over with your face buried in my pussy and I don’t seem to have had any choice in the matter. It’s nice not to have to think, to make decisions. Instead I’m just reacting to what is being done to me. Enjoying the sensations inflicted upon me.

And ohhhh these sensations! Your tongue is flicking fast and furious on my clit and you’ve slipped you fingers inside me again. I’m bucking my hips and moaning. I’m clutching the couch cushions and I’m on the verge of coming. And suddenly you stop. “Ohhh noooo, pleassssseeeee…please, I was so close” I beg. You laugh. “And how does it feel to be left wanting, you little cock tease?” “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” I babble. “Just please let me come. Please.”

You stand up and I think we are going into the bedroom now but you push me back down. I hear you unzip your pants and lower them. “But I thought wanted our first time together to be special?” I say as I realize you’re about to take me right there, bent over the couch. “Shhh…nobody gave you permission to speak” you say “and besides, I think this is pretty special.” And with that you drive your fine young cock deep into my wet cunt and fuck me hard until we both come.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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