Now I Can Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

After a lottery win our subject is able to indulge his wildest fantasies; after a spunk filled panty fest he now moves on to the bdsm scene.

Flushed with success from my last escapade with the hand ball team and wanting to make hay while the sun shines I dared to wonder what I might do next. There was a still lot of money from my lottery win so in reality I could do as I pleased.

I sat at my computer and started to browse as I normally would. I rated a few spunky knicker shots; I gently masturbated as I viewed some lovely transvestites and then I masturbated more fiercely as I viewed some not so good looking transvestites. Then as always I found myself at a bdsm site. I liked to see men being given a hard time and I liked to see women getting tortured. I had no desire to inflict pain or discomfort but I did have a desire to be tortured myself. I wanted to be in the total control of a dominatress. I wanted to suffer.

So that was it; I now knew where I wanted to splash some more cash. First I needed to plan what I needed so I made up this list:

1] I needed a complete 24 hour session.

2] The domina must be female and have a good figure; looks were unimportant.

3] The domina must have a transvestite helper.

4] There must be another man receiving treatment as well as me.

5] There must be a well equipped dungeon.

It seemed I had the basic ingredients so now it was time to trawl the contact ads. Many Dominas declared they would have nothing to do with hard sports; I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do that but wanted to keep the option open so they were removed from my list of potentials. Others declared they would not do needles or piercing so they exited my list as well. I was now down to twelve possible ladies who could inflict the pain I longed for.

A choice had to be made so I started phoning to discuss terms; in the end it came down to two. One of them declared she was an out and out sadist who enjoyed inflicting pain and didn’t care too much about the money. She was my choice. She was Madame X. Real name withheld because when I met her she frightened the shit out of me and I wouldn’t dare use her real name here. Suffice it to say she was from the Far East where sushi is popular.

I explained my requirements and she named her price. I realised now that her lack of interest in money didn’t translate into reality. Mind you she did have the two other participants to pay. She sort of took over at this stage and I was allowed no further input. Oh yes, she was a true professional.

Within three days she had made the arrangements and told me where to report to in Paddington, London. She named the day, the date and the time. It wasn’t long to wait, today was Tuesday and I had to report on Thursday.

I made my levent escort way to London. I couldn’t stop shaking. I made my way to Paddingto but there was still an hour to go before I had to report. I went to a bar and had a stiff drink to calm my nerves. Then I went to the loo to make sure my anal passage was empty as I figured there might be something popping in there later.

The time was here. It’s now or never. I went to the address I had been given, it was right on one of the main streets of Paddington. As I rang the bell I was convinced everyone who passed knew my secret. The door opened and I was ushered into a dark passage. At first I couldn’t see who was guiding me into the flat but as my eyes adjusted I saw that I was following a provocatively dressed woman. She took me to a small room, sat me on the bed and stood in front of me. Oh; she wasn’t a woman, at least I didn’t think so unless she had a dildo tucked into her panties. When she spoke I was left in no doubt. “You undress, you leave the money on the bed, you come out when you are called.”

“Ok,” I replied. Ouch! Instant retribution, I received a stinging slap across the face, then another. Then each of my ears was grabbed and my head was pushed back against the wall.

Her face two inches from mine she/he hissed, “Respect. We will have respect at all times. You get no more warnings.” She released me, turned on her heel and walked out of the room.

I placed the fee on the pillow and then stripped. I was ready for the adventure; the anticipation had given me an erection and I was eager to begin. However twenty minutes later the erection was lost and I was getting bored. I stood by the door ready to be called. Another ten minutes passed and then the call rang out, “Slave.” I opened the door and found the touchy transvestite waiting for me. “My name is Amora,” she informed me. “Now follow me.”

We entered what had once been a front room but was now a well equipped dungeon, there was a naked man standing in the centre of the room. I was led across to him and made to stand in front of him so that our noses were actually touching. I think the fear I was feeling had robbed me of an erection and my penis was flaccid. Amora passed a strap round our waists and pulled it tight so that we were now in contact over the whole front of our body.” Don’t talk, don’t move. Madame X will be here within the hour.” Amora seated herself on a chair and started to read a book.

The man and I stood toe to toe, nose to nose and eye to eye. I have never found naked men exciting; for me to be excited they have to have a wig on and be wearing panties and bras but now something strange was happening. I didn’t want the man to think he excited me so I tried to remain mahmutbey escort calm but my penis was betraying me; it began to rise and the blood began to pump into my member. It now stood between us like a flag pole. I tried to think of anything that would lessen my excitement but my cock stayed hard. The man’s tongue started to push against my lips, I didn’t want this but my cock was working to a different hymn sheet.

Amora seemed not to notice. Both our hard cocks were now pressed together. My tongue did not reciprocate his action; I didn’t want this. I wanted to break away but I was cowed into submission by the atmosphere of the dungeon. Finally a door opened and although I couldn’t see her I knew that Madame X had entered. Amora instantly stood and bowed his head; there was a higher authority in the room.

“Slave listen carefully; these are your instructions.

“There is no safe word. I will be guided by your pleading. Nothing is off limits; I will do as I please. If it all gets too much you will beg and plead and hope that I take pity on you. I will make no permanent marks on your body; every mark I make will be gone within two weeks. You will do as I say at all times. Now is your one chance to finish your stupid dream. Say now if you want it to stop.”

Something inside me said I should stop the session but this was my only chance to live my dream and anyway I didn’t want to forfeit the cash. I stayed mute; I said nothing. She gave me two minutes and then she said “Right.”

Amora unstrapped us and I turned to face Madame X. For a minute she allowed me to take in the sight of her. She wore thigh length black boots with stiletto heels. The tops of her black stockings could be seen above her boots. Her stockings were held up by suspenders attached to a black corset, the top of which totally covered her breasts. She was endowed with totally black hair and it was cut into a classic bob. Madame X was a little sturdier than I had anticipated but the whole look was severe and stunning. I was completely impressed. “Look no more slave; you head will be bowed from now on.”

I cast my gaze to the floor and tried to calm my trembling body. Was it cold or was I just terrified? Madame now spoke “Your naked accomplice is Ian. Turn to face him. Now put your arms round each other. Now kiss and keep kissing till I tell you to stop. French kissing; use your tongues!”

Once again; this is not what I wanted to do. His tongue was inside my mouth; it was like a wet eel exploring every corner of my mouth. My penis starts to rise again; this didn’t go unnoticed by Madam who exclaimed, “Oh look Amora; our slave likes men; he’s a homosexual.”

While we kissed preparations were made for my enslavement. Minutes maltepe escort later we were pulled apart and I was led to the side of the room. My ankles were strapped and I was hoisted up in the air feet first. My head stayed on the floor and rested on a pillow. The rest of me hung in mid air. Next my ankles were winched apart and under Madame x’s instruction Amora got to work. My anus was greased and a dildo was produced. The dildo was forced into my backside and I was given a good fucking. While this was happening Madame donned a pair of gloves and started to rub some lotion onto my balls. They started to sting and burn, “Just some Deep Heat slave, to help you relax.”

Ian was now guided over and made to squat above my face, “Start rimming slave,” Madame commanded. I gently licked his anus but soon got the message that more was required when I received a stinging slap to my balls. I redoubled my efforts and tried my hardest to insert my tongue into his back passage.

Soon Madame was tired of this game and I was lowered to the floor. Ian was moved to one side. I was dragged to the other side of the room and made to sit in a sling. The sling kept my legs apart and my balls and prick dangling. Electrodes were attached to my balls and cock and a tens machine was set in motion. Shocks were delivered at random; some gentle, some agonising, some short and some long. As this was going on Madame was attaching clamps and weights to my nipples. The weights were swung and pulled and twisted till my nipples were in agony.

The shocks to my cock and balls I could take but the pain in my nipples was unendurable. I resorted to begging and pleading to get the pain stopped but the punishment went on. Now the clamps and weights were removed and Madame started to whip my nipples with a small leather crop. My pleading became manic; I started to yelp and howl. Ian was watching and all the time slowly masturbating his cock, enjoying my extreme discomfort.

“We need a rest slave,” said Madame as she stopped the torture. I was lowered and released and made to kneel while more preparations were made. A rubber mat was placed on the floor. Ian was made to lie on it and then I was instructed to follow suit. We lay in the 69 position side by side. “Now,” instructed Madame, “Get your cocks into each others mouths.” Ian was circumcised and had a fair sized member; I slipped it into my mouth and felt him do the same to me. Madame continued, “I get two hours rest now before we continue; during that time those cocks will stay in your mouths. Do you understand?”

I answered as best I could with a cock in my mouth, “Yes Madame.” I believe Ian answered as well.

“Good; now a little present before I go. Amora, pee over them.” Amora obliged by pissing all over us. “Two hours and then we carry on slave. Sleep if you can but keep that cock in place.” Saying this she turned and left. Amora retired to the easy chair and settled down. The evaporating pee drew the heat from our bodies and we both began to shiver; worse still the pee began to stink. I wondered what other trials I had to endure.

To be continued…

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