Old People

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I had just noticed my fiftieth birthday had passed a week ago. I was a loner and no one knew it was my birthday; hell I didn’t either, so I was neither surprised nor disappointed by that but wondered if anyone in the office had that same experience.

I was not about to ask of course, I just wondered.

Over the next few weeks I continued to wonder then asked myself if there had been anyone in the office whose birthday we had not celebrated in the office. I thought of three. I thought about several ruses to find out when their birthdays were but settled on asking if they had worn glasses on their driver’s license photos. Like me all three wore glasses at work. I had asked them if they had been asked to wear them for the photos.

The two guys had not and showed me the license to prove it. One was born Christmas Eve and the other on New Years Eve. Neither would have been at work on their birthday. My third suspect was a woman named Danielle. No one called her Danny and I did not know if that was by her preference or not.

She was as reserved as I was and no one knew anything about her other than she was a widow, her husband’s funeral had been fifteen years before.

She was OK looking and had a sense of humor but you would not know that unless you said something that made her smile. She did not laugh out loud.

She did wear her glasses on her license and showed it to me. It was a bad picture.

“Why do you carry Phyllis Dillers’ license?” I asked.

She smiled and snatched it back but not before I noted her fiftieth birthday had been the month before mine was.

She asked to see mine and after I did she asked me, “Are you a vampire?”

I took my license back and smiled and gave her a small bow.

As I returned to my desk I suddenly found myself thinking of her as a woman. I very much doubted she fucked but it crossed my mind she might be good company to the symphony or the opera or the musical theater. My last such companion had decided our dates were duds and had moved on, that was three years ago.

I somehow always bought two partial season tickets each year to all three. I also attended rock concerts and baseball games but those were bought as individual tickets.

I grinned when I sat at my desk knowing I would never have the nerve to ask her out. She was slim with fine although smallish tits. She was also very intelligent, she oversaw the entire foreign market and even if that part of the company was small she had to cope with tariffs, restrictions and taxes the rest of us did not.

I had heard her speak four languages.

I was a slightly longish haired dude that could have used ten pounds on my frame.

She did not seem to have anyone in the building that could be called a personal friend but then again neither did I.

I had pretty much forgotten about that trend of thought when one morning I found a card on my desk. I was a birthday card with a ticket to a private museum exhibit of works by Salvador Dali. The card was not signed and I wondered if someone had placed it on the wrong desk. I spent the day looking around me for a celebration of some kind but by the end of the day I had seen none. It was a Friday and most had gone to a nearby tavern before going home. Whoever was the right recipient was unaware of it and I suspected that anyone that would go to an art exhibit was unlikely to be at happy hour. I knew that was not true but I talked myself into believing it.

The exhibit was that following Saturday night. I spent the day thinking I would not go but eventually found myself being ushered into a closed wing of the museum and I quickly had a brandy in my hand.

I was mesmerized by the paintings and ended up lagging behind our guide.

“You get to stay after the tour to gaze at them and you are missing the stories behind them.”

The woman speaking to kadıköy escort me was Danielle. She looked fabulous.

I kissed her cheek and said thanks for my present then we walked over to catch up with the group.

I was happy she had come back to get me, our tour guide knew stories and there were many stories on Dali.

We were led back to the bar and I got another brandy and Danielle got some Port wine. We wandered around the exhibit and discussed the paintings.

She introduced me to the museum curator and the agent for the paintings. They obviously knew her but seemed to be stunned by the fact that she had a companion. She had introduced me as a workmate but apparently they were skeptical of that.

We stayed together for nearly three hours and as the museum was closing I walked her out to her car.

“I was thinking I would like a pastrami sandwich from the big deli, would you like to join me?” I asked.

“No, don’t like pastrami. A Reuben would be nice though. I’ll drive.”

I realized the woman was impulsive and carried a knife in her vocabulary but after I opened her car door for her I got in the passenger seat.

The deli was at that perfect part of the evening, the symphony people had left and the opera people were not yet there. We found a table easily.

“Great timing,” she said and I agreed.

We talked about the museum and work.

She asked me if I was gay.

I chuckled and said, “No, I’m too ugly and have no moustache. Did any one say I was?”

“Yes, Doris and Lindy. Both flirted with you and got nothing back so that was their guess.”

“They flirted with me? Really? I never saw that.”

“That was what I told them, that you are oblivious.”

“That characterization hurts me even though it is true. I prefer distracted.”

“I will amend my observations accordingly to them.”

“Thank you. Are you gay?”

“No, although I have dallied with women on occasion. It has been more than five years since any dalliance. Are you good in bed?”

“I am focused and caring. I can control myself well. I am however not one that can fuck your brains out, if you will pardon the expression, I’m more of lover.”

“Finish your sandwich, we are going to my house.”

We were soon naked and she was welcoming me to her bed with open arms and legs. I slid my cock into her pussy and gave her the best kiss I could. She had been very ready; she had an orgasm before I took a stroke.

I kissed my way to her tits and sucked and kissed her nipples as I covered her pussy with my hand. I rubbed my face on her breasts as I masturbated her, she had another orgasm. I continued down and devoured her pussy through three more orgasms and I licked her fluids to another.

I slid up and into her and fucked her as hard as I had ever fucked anyone taking full long strokes into her. She had a big orgasm that took over her whole body and I slowed to a stop. When she seemed to have regained control of herself I rolled us over and she was now on top.

She needed time to catch her breath so I just caressed her and kissed her neck. Suddenly she groaned and began to fuck me to Lithuania. She screamed into orgasm and I filled her pussy with cum. She collapsed over me and just panted with exhaustion.

She fell asleep before she moved. I covered us up and turned off the lamp and embraced her as I fell asleep.

I later felt her slide off me to one side but she still had an arm and a leg over me. I kissed her and went back to sleep.

Around dawn I awoke with her fucking me. Her eyes were closed and her tongue was sticking out of the corner of her mouth. Her hair was a wild mess but her tits were dancing for me. I smiled. She was the most adorable woman I had ever seen.

She had an intense but quiet orgasm and collapsed over me with kağıthane escort her lips on my neck. She was already asleep.

I had not cum since at fifty that was a twice a day maybe thing for me. But I was hard and it felt nice to feel cock slowly go to sleep in the wet warm confines of her pussy.

The next time I awoke I was alone in bed. I got up to take a leak and passed her as she came out of her bathroom.

“Hurry please,” she said.

I peed, used her mouthwash and washed my face. She saw that my cock was not ready but was not upset over that.

“Did you cum in me early this morning?” I fell asleep right after my orgasm.”

“No I didn’t and there is a chance it will be useful soon. If not I have fingers and a tongue. Which would you like first?”

“Tongue please.”

I slid between her legs and kissed her pussy as I caressed her tits. She took a deep breath as I clamped my lips around her clit and began a blowjob, she had a prominent clit. Three or seven orgasms later she pushed me away. I was glad because my jaw was sore.

I kissed my way up her body and loved her tits with passion as I masturbated her with the palm of my hand. She was soon pushing my hand away and I slid up and inserted my cock into her very wet pussy. She screamed in orgasm again and I rolled us over.

“No more, no more. I would die. No more.”

I kissed her and embraced her. We were nearly asleep when one of our stomachs growled. She giggled and said, “Breakfast.”

We did not move for a while.

“I can’t fix us breakfast if you don’t let me go,” she said.

“Oh, sorry,” I said and moved my arms from around her and began to caress her ass softly.

“Thank you, that’s better she said,” but did not move.

My cock was still in her pussy and still fully hard. I pressed down on her ass and she sighed. The walls of her pussy hugged my cock.

A stomach growled.

We laughed.

“Well we better get up. I’m not used to being talked to like that.” She said.

She added, “We need to rinse off first, and I owe you a cum.”

I soaped and rinsed and kissed her tits and pussy then she soaped and rinsed and sucked my cock until her mouth was full of my ejaculate. She allowed most of it to run out of her mouth then rinsed it.

As soon as she was done I kissed her long and softly. I could still taste my cum in her mouth but continued the kiss.

She rinsed my cock and her neck and tits then we stepped out.

We held hands as we walked to the kitchen still naked.

We drank a cup of coffee but she decided to go out for breakfast.

“For some reason I’m exhausted,” she said with a giggle.

We dressed and she drove me to my car and I drove us down to the coast about an hour away and ate brunch at a seaside resort.

I said to her, “This is the town I am retiring to. I love this place and the people in it. The food we are eating is excellent as you have noted but in this town it is not in the top ten. The view is number one of course.”

Two redheads walked by and stopped to kiss me on the lips. I introduced them to Danielle and both kissed her on the lips. The two gave me a thirty-second update on town news, kissed us again and walked on.

“How well do you know them?”

“Not that well. The taller one was a tennis star for a while and is now superintendent of schools. The other one has a jewelry shop across the street. They are sisters and town royalty. Both are loved by everyone in town.”

“They kissed you on the lips.”

“Everyone in this town kisses everyone on the lips. Of some possible interest to you many women in this town are bisexual.”

“Good to know.”

On our way out of town I took her on a tour of the town showing her some of the best places including the lesbian biker bar and the fried kartal escort chicken place.

We went to her car and I followed her back to her house. On our drive there I was wondering if it had been a one-night stand. As I walked into her house the first thing she said to me was, “Take me back there next weekend.”


Well it was not a one-night stand apparently.

We went back to her bed and enjoyed a leisurely fuck as we talked about our lives. We each admitted that the previous nights sex had been the best in our existence. We both admitted it would be very difficult to recreate that fuck but it would be fun trying.

We agreed that showing any feelings at work would not be appropriate. It was after midnight before I left her for home.

The next morning at work we did not acknowledge each other’s presence, then fucked in the storeroom during lunch.

Only one person ranked over us in the office and as it was normally the case she took two hour lunches elsewhere. The only day we did not fuck in the storeroom that week was Friday. We knew we had the whole weekend to fuck.

We fucked as soon as we were in our room at the resort then went to dinner at an Italian restaurant. We walked to a nearby bar and had a drink then walked to a club next door. She was worried that we would be the oldest there but found it was a very mixed age group ranging from ten years older to twenty years younger. We were pretty much in the majority of the forty to fifty groups.

She made friends and when we left we were kissed by many. In bed back at the hotel our sex was nearly as dramatic as it had been the weekend before.

We spent most of Saturday on the beach. My cock spent a considerable time in her pussy as we embraced in waist deep water. We were not the only ones doing that but we were apparently the oldest. Somehow that made us feel better.

We made love during our shower then went to the upscale Latin restaurant for dinner. She decided she wanted to go to the lesbian biker bar and we had fun there the rest of the evening.

Back on our resort bed she said every kiss every woman gave her at the biker bar included a tongue and that her tits and ass were caressed often.

“So you had fun?”

“Yes, yes I did. Even the young ladies treated me like they wanted me. I saw you were kissed often.”

“Yes, mostly as thanks for bringing you there.”

Our fuck was nearly violent that night. We thanked each other before going to sleep.

We went back to the beach the next morning and it was mostly deserted, so we fucked on a lounger under an umbrella. We went into the sea to get my cum off us.

We left the town at one and when I took her to her home she did not say a word to me. I guessed she was trying to figure out what kind of relationship we had. As soon as I put her suitcase in her bedroom she said, “We need to talk.”

I prepared for the worst.

She said, “We are both fifty years old. The chances of either of us finding someone better are close to nil. But the longer we go without defining our relationship the bigger the chance of a misunderstanding. My thought is that we should get married and avoid such problems.”

I was stunned, that was not at all what I expected to hear. I understood her concern and I understood her logic.

I was ready to put up some mild objections; we had been lovers for just a week. Then I thought I should make some demands but what I said was, “Agreed.”

She had apparently been holding her breath and as soon as she inhaled she kissed me. She gave herself to me in her kiss.

I gave myself to her in my kiss.

We married in Vegas that Fourth of July even though we admitted to each other that our marriage had little chance to work. I did not expect us to last over a year.

Five years later we retired and moved to the coastal town. Almost immediately we met some aliens and our town moved. We were needed to run an import business and warehouse so we went back to work.

Other than ending up with aliens as good friends our lives did not change much. Ten years later we retired again in a brand new world.

Then we set-up a coffee shop.

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