Older and Mmmmmm Wiser

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Mr Gallegar was 6 ft maybe a little more. He was a very successful realtor, retired, in his early 50’s now. Very tanned fit and in a pair of Jogging sweats he was still handsome.

“ Coffee?” he asked.

Rita realized she hadn’t had her morning coffee.

“ Sure, Thank you. Glenda said you sounded way too happy when you called and that means there is something wrong according to her.” Rita laughed lightly as she spoke. Being careful not to make fun of her friends’ silliness. Rita could see He was fine, Very fine!!!!

Rita couldn’t help notice the bulge in the front of his sweat pants. “mmmmmmm she thought”

Glenda’s dad was truly HOT!!

Rita had on a midi length sundress that was very low cut in front which revealed her full breasts.

He handed her the coffee and laughed out loud.

“ Glenda is a fuss budget!!”

“Thank you Mr. Gallegar. “

“Shaun, Please! We are both grown ups now!”

“Ok … Shaun…” sounded funny as she spoke his name for the first time, but she liked it.

They chatted all day and for the better part of the afternoon.

“Say, Rita, if you’re not in a hurry to go home this evening lets have a picnic supper. I’ll grab some chicken, you grab the wine. We will grab utensils from here and wine glasses & blankets. What do you say?”

“Are you nuts Rita? Say yes!!!!” she thought.

“ Um … sure…”She stuttered.

“ Only if you want to Rita, It’s just we were having such a nice conversation and your great company. I just though… His disappointed voiced trailed away.

“ Shaun, Yes, I’d Love to … You just caught me off guard .I was just trying to figure out how to asked you out for supper without sounding forward!” She answered quickly.

He turned around with a big smile on his face& a twinkle in his eye.

“ Baby you could never get to forward with me.” And he winked at her.

They quickly got things together and they took his triumph. He loved this car for no other reason other than his girls are very, very close to him…

They drove to the local mall. He helped her out of the car as she turned to close the door she felt his hand feel her ass. On the other hand, did he touch her by mistake? Mistake she thought. They purchased everything they needed and was off to his special place. Scadam Flats.

As he drove and shifted gears, he kept touching her leg. Rita kept wondering was it just coincidence or on purpose. Just to let him know she was interested she didn’t move her leg at all.

This was a very secluded lake. The farmer that owned it was a very close friend.

After many cattle guards & gates, they finally reach the lake. WOW, what a great lake. So Quiet and no one here.

“Hmmmmm” she thought, “I like this. I wonder if he has the same idea I kurtköy escort do.”

They got out of the car. Rita grabbed the blanket and the basket of food. Shaun grabbed the rest. Including huge bamboo candles that stuck in the ground. Rita didn’t see those when he packed the car. He winked at her. “Keeps the bugs away.” He mumbled something else but Rita didn’t hear him. She thought, “Hmmmmm also sets the mood. “She giggled as she caught up to him.

“This is so nice, what a perfect place to be on a perfect warm summer day!”

“ I agree!” Shaun said with excitement in his voice.

They looked around for the perfect place and place everything down on the ground Shaun grabbed one end of the blanket and Rita the other. Rita made sure she bent over so her tits would just about spill out and Shaun was watching! She also stood where the sun could shine thru her dress revealing that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

They sat on the blanket and drank wine until they were both giddy. Rita suggested they eat something.

Shaun laughed. “ Sure thing Hun.”

They had a feast fit for a king & queen. Rita was so full she was uncomfortable. “ I’m going to walk some of this fullness off.” she giggled. “ This is why I’m a few pounds over weight!”

She walked down to the beach and dipped her toes in the water. She swirled the water around as if she were thinking, then turned quickly to walk back to Shaun. As she turned, she turned right into Shaun’s arms.

” oh,” she said quietly “I was just going to get you!”

Shaun put his arms around her and kissed her deeply. Rita melted in his arms.

“ I have a much better way of wearing off that full feeling.” Shaun said very seductively.

He turned her around to face the lake, cupped her breasts from the inside and rolled them out of the dress. Her tits were expose totally. He had the nipples by his fingers, rolling them as he spoke. “I have wanted these for a hell of a long time.” Rita just lean back into Shaun and enjoyed the feeling.

Shaun lifted her dress and exposed her bald lips.

“ Gwadddddddddd , that feelllllllllsssss, soooooooo good!!!!”

“Come to the blanket “

He didn’t let go of her tits, walked behind her and kept on rolling her nipples with his finger and thumb.

He knelt down with her, not letting go of her nipples.

“Shaun, I can’t wait to feel your cock taste it swallow it.”

Shaun kept talking dirty to her, the more he told her what he was going to do the wetter she got.

He held her back to him and pushed his hard on so she could feel the length of his long hard cock but could not touch.

He reached around and spread her wet lips open revealing her hot clit to the warm summer air. He ran levent escort his wet finger in circular around it.

“ Shaun, I need you to suck on my tits, Please…”

Shaun did as he was asked. He let Rita sit and she cradled his head so he could suckle her tit.

As Shaun sucked, Rita undid his fly on his shorts and reached in only to find no underwear! He looked at her with her nipple still in his mouth and smiled.

She slowly revealed his cock to the warm summer air.

”Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm thick hard long cock, just as I suspected.”

She spread some oil on her hand and lightly stroked his cock while he nursed her tit. Oh, how he loved to nibble on her nipple.

Shaun moaned as Rita stroked his cock. She played with the tip, shaped like a helmet, and moaned as the pre cum oozed out of the tip.

Oh Shaun I’m ready for your cock … He thought she was ready for him to fuck her, But Rita had other ideas.

“Kneel right where you are. NO! Don’t touch your cock,,, Rita lay on her tummy and lifted her dress to show him her ass. She took his hard cock in her mouth and sucked it softly. Then carefully & slowly dragged her teeth back up his shaft.

He held her head and pumped her beautiful face, Gwadddddd he loved that.

Then Shaun said” Rita I need to fuck you.. I have waited for you for a long time .I always wanted to fuck you,,, Now it’s here. I want you.. All of you …”

He flipped her over on her back. Rita Spread her legs wide open and he ran his finger over her juicy cunt. He dipped one finger in, then two. He pumped her wet cunt for a bit, loving the feel of her. With his other hand, he slowly traced the folds of her beautiful lips. They were sooooo smooth and soft. He circled her clit as he slowly pumped his fingers in & out of her. Rita pulled on her very long nipples and watched his face as he enjoyed her juices running out of her cunt. He pumped her harder and faster and watched her face as he did. Rita was so in lust that she let him pump her harder and harder. Rita growled and she gazed into his eyes “Fuck my cunt hard with those long fingers. Pound my cunt” Then all of a sudden every thing when white .Her body felt like it was riding on a cloud and between her legs was throbbing with delight. She opened her eyes after what had seemed like a long nights sleep, to find Shaun slowly sliding his fingers in her cunt and out to his mouth licking all the cunt juices off. “ You taste mighty fine lil lady!” Then, with a twinkle of lust he slid his long hard cock in to her cunt,

“Fuck me!” he whispered, … “you feel sooooooooooo gooooood! He pumped her and pumped her …

Then he growled as he pumped her hard, “ you like this baby girl. You like to fuck your friends daddy’s cock.”

“Oh mahmutbey escort yes Shaun. I spent had many night masturbating to the thought of you pumping my pussy with that cock!”

“Really? “He asked

“Really, and I have a latex cock that I fuck my self with, dreaming and fantasizing that its your cock. I also have a small one I insert into my ass at the same time!”

Shaun, Will you fuck my ass too?

Rita though he was about to blow right then and there.

I will come every weekend and be you little slave girl.

He went nuts and pounded her wet cunt hard. She fingered herself as he pounded…

Rita’s tits bounced up and down as he fucked her.

“That’s it Mr Gallagher, fuck me, fuck me hard”

Jus the sound of Rita calling him Mr. Gallagher made him cum.

He pulled out of her and shot his load on her tits. He milked his cock for a long time.

“Fuck Rita, you shouldn’t have said that, you sounded as if you were younger. The thought of fucking you when you were younger was, well I hope my cum showed that!!”

She giggled.” I think I’ll called you that all the time.”

Come on Hun lets go home, where I can properly fuck & lick you.

They quickly gathered their thing and threw them in the car.

Shaun asked, “ would you mind leaving you dress up so I can feel your cunt, and let one tits hang out all the way home?”

“Sure, Mr. Gallagher,” she giggled

Shaun started up the car and drove out of the farmers land.

When they were on the hwy Shaun started to finger Rita’s cunt, playing with her clit. Yes, he loved this car. She sat sooooooooo close to him.

“Play with your nipple!” He ordered.

“Yes Mr. Gallagher…”

“Reach into the glove box.. I bought you something for the ride home.” He smiled.

Rita reached in and found a huge cock the same shape and size as Shaun’s. Yummmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmm!!” she exclaimed,

Rita put in to her mouth and sucked all of it for Shaun, then shoved it way into her juice cunt. As Shaun circled Rita’s clit and she pounding that cock into her and pinched her nipples, it didn’t take long for her to cum.

She yelled loud. “HOLY FUCK THAT WAS AWESOME!!!!!”

She reached over to him to kiss him only to find a huge cock staring at her.

She played like a young girl.

“Mr. Gallagher? What’s that?”

She smiled as he slowly pushed her head down to suck his cock.

Rita loved this and took her time sucking a licking his cock. She didn’t want him to cum. Not yet …

Then as a trucker crawled by them she stuck her bare ass in the air and sucked Shaun so hard he cam. She swallowed all his cum careful not to waste any.

The trucked looked down and watched as she sucked him hard. The trucker could tell Shaun was cumming and honk as her stared at her wet bald pussy.

“Rita!” Shaun smiled “ we are gonna have great fun together!!!

When Shaun got into the house he picked Rita up, placed her on the table, and said “I haven had my dessert yet” He smiled..

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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