Our New Villa Pt. 05

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Welcome to the 5th installment of this very loosely biographical series. Whilst reading previous stories will give you a better background I’ve tried to write it so that it can stand alone. Hopefully I’ve succeeded. Feedback, comments and votes are nice and help to keep me on the right track.

I could tell the girls were already getting ‘jolly’ as I returned with a second bottle of wine for them and a bottle of beer for myself.

“Don’t drink too many of them, Becky and Sarah are gonna cook us a slap up meal later, so you need to go shopping.” As Berni said this, Becky started giggling “I don’t know about slap up but we’ll try and make something edible.”

I just smiled at the three of them, this was the last day of our holiday and I was going to really miss the laughter and camaraderie of the past two weeks. The sun was starting to break through the overcast sky and I decided to leave them to their chatting and giggling and catch the last few rays. As I moved to the lounger and removed my shorts I got the usual shouts and wolf whistles; I bowed and took a sup of my beer before lying down, the warm sun feeling wonderful on my naked skin.

I must have fallen asleep because I woke to raucous laughter, “What were you dreaming about?” Berni asked, a sly smile on her face.

“I don’t know, why?”

“Because your cock’s been twitching like mad.” The three of them thought this was very funny.

I had a semi erection and in keeping with the previous two weeks I decided to stand up and flaunt it, “I think I was probably dreaming about Becky or was it Sarah.”

Berni pulled a pretend hurt face before smiling. She was my fiancée and Becky and Sarah were her best friends, their shared history and amazing lust for life had taken me on a wild, exhilarating and challenging sexual and emotional journey. A bit of me loved them all but every time I looked at Berni, my heart melted.

These thoughts along with the fact that I needed to pee were doing nothing to help my erection.

“I’m going to get some water, want anything?” I asked

“Maybe another bottle of wine.” Sarah answered.

I smiled and sauntered past them, only moving quickly when Sarah, as I knew she would, made a grab for my dick. Some things, thankfully, never change.

I was in a relaxed, happy place as I took another bottle of white from the fridge, just really enjoying being naked and completely at ease with my environment and the company. The girls were giggling and talking animatedly as I approached the terrace but went quiet, almost sheepish as I reached the table. Before I could say anything, Berni blurted out, “They’re too pissed to cook a big meal so we’re having a takeaway instead, but you still need to go shopping.”

“For what?”



“Yeah, to fuck this ones ass.” She said this as she cocked her thumb towards Becky, who was staring straight at me, a slightly drunken, almost lecherous look on her face. If I wasn’t already naked I’d say she undressed me with her eyes.

Before the holiday I would have told them to piss off and behave themselves but I’d learnt there was little point in arguing, I was better to go along with their games and then change and adapt it as I wanted.

“For one, I don’t think I’ve ever seen lube in any shops or chemists here.” This was the mid nineties and Portugal was still a traditional, primarily catholic country.

“For two, you are all pissed already and I don’t think you’ll be fit for anything later.”

I sat down, enjoying the look of mild confusion and maybe disappointment on their faces. Sarah went to the loo and as I wasn’t driving anywhere I asked her to bring me back a beer. I hadn’t opened the wine and decided to leave it corked until they asked for it.

Sarah seemed to be gone ages and as the sun had again disappeared I got up to put my t-shirt and shorts on, the girls all wearing light wraps over their bikinis. “Spoil sport.” Was the only comment from either Berni and Becky.

Sarah returned and put my beer and a bottle of olive oil on the table, “What’s that for?” Berni asked.

“I was going through all the cupboards and that was the best thing I could find.”

“For what?”

“Instead of lube.”

We all smiled, a bit taken aback, all eyes turned to me.

“No fucking way. Why don’t we all relax, have a drink and a bite to eat and enjoy our last night on holiday.”

“Because I’m feeling horny.” Said Becky, “And so am I.” added Berni. Both of them looking as sexy and gorgeous as I thought they always did.

Sarah was sat next to me and started rubbing my dick through my shorts.

Looking around the table and trying to keep my horniness at bay it struck me that this moment was a microcosm beylikdüzü escort of our whole holiday, the sexual and emotional dynamics of the three of them being played out.

Sarah who was the most raucous and flirtatious, but was more talk than action; Becky who got off on being used and humiliated sexually but was intelligent and emotionally strong; and Berni who enjoyed being in control and pushing everyone’s buttons but who also enjoyed exhibiting herself and giving in to her most hedonistic urges, whilst all the time challenging me and our relationship.

I wasn’t complaining; once I’d gotten over my initial shock and disbelief, I’d had a great time being part of their little games, but still a part of me felt uncomfortable. Uncomfortable at non monogamous sex and if I was honest, uncomfortable at Berni being in control and dictating everything.

I took a sip of my beer, smiling and deciding to relax and enjoy the situation, whatever might finally happen.

“What were you chatting about when I was asleep, how’d you end up wanting me to fuck Becky’s ass?”

Berni looked a bit taken aback and a little uncomfortable by my question, “You know us, just talking and messing and daring each other.”

“Liar.” It was Sarah, “We were drunkenly talking about sex, and we got talking about anal, comparing notes as it were.” I could see Berni staring at Sarah, almost imploring her not to continue. Sarah just smiled sweetly, “Berni was saying how much she enjoyed it, liking it rough. Then Becky said she’d never done it and had always wanted to, and here we are.” Sarah had a self satisfied smirk, knowing she’d stirred some shit.

It was my turn to be a bit shocked. I was surprised Becky had never had anal sex as she seemed up for most things and liked being dominated but I was more shocked by Berni. We’d been together for nearly three years and had a good sex life, but bar a bit of licking and fingering we had never tried anal sex, Berni always saying I was far too big and would split her in half. I’d presumed she was an anal virgin.

I looked at her and she struggled to maintain eye contact with me. To be honest I was more intrigued than annoyed, I’d learnt a lot about Berni and her past on this holiday and this was just another thing. I decided to play it cool and let her stew a bit, saying I was getting another beer for myself.

“Fucking bitch.” I heard Berni say to Sarah as I left the terrace.

I returned with a beer and the last bottle of Cava from the fridge. I poured us all a glass of bubbly and said “Cheers, here’s to a wonderful holiday and a wonderful night ahead exploring Berni’s kinks and scratching Becky’s itch.”

Becky and Sarah both giggled and said cheers, Berni just glared at me. I clinked glasses with both girls before going and cuddling Berni, whispering “I’m going to fuck your ass” as I gently kissed her on the neck, holding her tight as she tried to pull away and say something.

I continued to kiss her neck and whisper, aware of Becky and Sarah’s eyes on us and aware of my raging hard-on jammed into her stomach as she held me tight and rubbed her body against mine, our arousal rising as I kissed and whispered “I’m going to watch as Becky licks your asshole and gets it ready for my big cock” “Sarah will slather my dick with oil and pull your cheeks apart as I fuck you deep and hard, deep and rough.” “When I’m finished with your ass I’m fucking Becky’s virgin ass and making both of you lick me clean afterwards.”

I don’t know where these words came from as I’d never spoken like that before, but it seemed to be working as Berni went weak at the knees and I had to support her. Becky and Sarah were staring at us open mouthed, maybe my whispering hadn’t been that quiet.

I walked Berni to the lounger, kissing and caressing her the whole time. I wasn’t that sure of myself as to know what to do next, I think sensing this, Becky and Sarah walked over and began kissing and cuddling the two of us. It felt wonderful, the multiple hands and warm bodies. Their ministrations had a purpose as they began to undress the two of us, my t-shirt first and then Berni’s bikini top, her gorgeous boobs warm and sensual against my skin. Becky knelt behind Berni and pulled her bottoms down and from the way Berni jolted I think she ran her tongue deep into her crack.

Sarah gently moved me to the side as Becky pulled Berni to her knees and bent her over the sun lounger, her face seemingly glued to her ass. I’d always loved Berni’s plump ass but with Becky’s nose and mouth buried between its cheeks it had never looked better or sexier.

I was transfixed as they found a rhythm, Berni pushing back and groaning as Becky pushed her face even beyoğlu escort further forward. Sarah broke my trance by kissing me deeply before taking my hand and leading me to a chair. She stood before me and started to slowly remove her bikini, demanding I watch her rather than the other two. As she removed her top her two incredibly hard, incredibly long nipples came into view. I’d wanted to pinch them for nearly two weeks and couldn’t help myself, my pinching eliciting a small yelp and a deep growl from Sarah.

As she removed her bottoms I quickly slipped my shorts off, basking in the sensation of my dick feeling like it was ready to explode. I indicated towards the olive oil but Sarah shook her head, instead turning around and beginning to lower herself towards my lap. I held her hips for balance as she lined herself up before lowering down, my large dick sliding remarkably easily into her wet and warm snatch. I leant a little sideways so we could both watch Becky and Berni; what with the sight of my fiancée having her asshole eaten and Sarah sliding up and down my shaft, I knew I wouldn’t last long. I lifted Sarah off me and stood up, putting a finger to her lip and smiling as she began to protest. I sat her down and spread her legs as wide as the arms of the chair would allow, telling her to stay like that.

I grabbed Becky’s hair and pulled her head back harder than I had intended, I went to apologize before realizing that she seemed to enjoy it. Pointing to Sarah I said, “Lick her cunt till she cums.” “But I want to watch you.” “Well you had better lick quickly, hadn’t you.” Becky went over as I knew she would but then I had another thought “Wait!”

Becky and Sarah both looked at me and even Berni turned her head. I stood Sarah up and moved the chair so it was directly in front of Berni, Sarah sat down making direct eye contact as she spread her legs and slipped two and then three fingers into herself. “Dirty bitch.” I heard Berni say under her breath.

“Do you want Becky’s bottoms on or off?” I asked. “On, I think that little string looks sexy pulled up between her cheeks.” Becky removed her wrap and bikini top, her magnificent boobs bouncing in their new found freedom, before giving a little wiggle and pulling her small bikini even further up her crack. It was a magnificent sight as Becky’s head went between Sarah’s legs and her ass tilted up towards us.

Berni went to say something but I leant over her and kissed her, my weight pinning her down as both by hands found her boobs, kneading and mauling hard, she bit my lip in response. I don’t think I had ever felt so sexual or turned on. I straightened but kept one hand on her upper back, pulling her hips back with the other, forcing her ass into the air and her cheeks apart.

Her pussy lips were glistening and her puckered hole looked oh so inviting, maybe it was my imagination but I’d swear it was more dilated than I’d ever seen it, still glistening with the remnants of Becky’s saliva. All thoughts of olive oil were long gone as I sucked my index finger before roughly pushing it into Berni’s ass, causing her to yelp but push back at the same time.

My finger fucking slowed as I lined up my dick with her pussy, intending to push hard and deep, my thoughts and concentration disturbed by the sound of Sarah’s orgasm. I kept my finger in Berni’s bum as we both looked up, Sarah nearly off the chair, legs akimbo and totally exposed and Becky, a proud smile of achievement on her glistening face.

I motioned for both to come closer for a better view, Becky jumping up and helping Sarah to stand on wobbly legs. I could never tire of Becky’s bouncy boobs or her enthusiasm for everything sexual.

Berni was supporting her weight on her elbows and as the girls got closer she mumbled something to them that I didn’t quite catch. What I did see and hear clearly was Sarah push Berni’s shoulders down to the cushion, saying ‘down slut’ as she did so. I think Berni could have easily resisted but this was all part of their game. A withering, vicious look was the only show of defiance as her face smushed into the cushion.

I was taking all this in when Becky started to kiss me, lathering my face with the residue from Sarah’s juices. Wow this was mad, but even as I felt rampantly manly and sexual I knew that this was more about them. I didn’t mind, this was hot.

I felt something brush against my dick and heard Berni groan. Reluctantly breaking my kiss I saw that Sarah was hand fucking Berni, four slim fingers and then past the knuckle, thrusting and squelching into her sopping cunt, her wrist brushing off my dick with each pass. I was mesmerized and as Berni’s groans grew louder and she began to shudder I even went bostancı escort weak kneed, all the sensations too much.

I thought that might be it, Berni looked spent as she breathed heavily into the cushion, seemingly unable to lift her head, but Becky and Sarah had other ideas. My finger was still in Berni’s ass, almost a permanent fixture at this stage. I looked in awe as Becky pulled my hand out and admired it before popping my finger into her mouth and sucking on the discoloured, viscous liquid. She was one dirty cow.

My dick twitched as Sarah’s hand encased it, slathering it in Berni’s juices and telling me to fuck her before they dried up. I was suddenly nervous, not sure whether it was just bravado when Berni had told the others that she like rough anal; I was about to find out but knew that this section was also about me and Berni and not just the girls.

I lined my dick up with Berni’s hole, already red and sore looking from my finger and Becky’s tongue. It really didn’t look like it should fit, the large bulbous head looking far too big for the small opening. My nerves and concern for Berni were getting the better of me as I seemed to freeze, not pushing forward nor pulling away, my torpor broken by Sarah slapping Berni’s ass hard and commanding ‘push back whore’. To my amazement and shock she did just that, wiggling her incredible ass back till it made contact with my dick, her small puckered hole twitching as pressure was applied.

Emboldened I took hold of her hips and gently pushed forward, her hole dilating and resisting at the same time, her breathing getting rapid and shallow as she panted. Becky’s right hand was at my lower back and she breathed sexily into my ear, talking dirty and whispering ‘push harder’, ‘fuck her dirty hole’. I was beginning to get overwhelmed, not able to think straight as I could feel my own orgasm building. I really didn’t want to cum yet and tried to channel my thoughts and efforts into getting deep inside Berni. I pushed hard and pulled her hips back at the same time, causing Berni to cry out in pain as my head popped inside, the sphincter muscles tightening almost vice like around my engorged prick.

My befuddled mind didn’t fully register Berni’s cry, only Becky’s voice in my ear saying ‘hold it still, let the slag get use to it’ stopping me from plowing on. As her sphincter relaxed Berni again pushed back, urging me deeper. I was slower this time but no less forceful as I pushed deeper, the tightest most incredible feeling sending shivers through me. We seemed to find a rhythm, my balls now slapping her ass with each thrust. Each time I pushed forward and she pushed back the side of her face and mouth would be covered with the material of the cushion. She must have been saying something because Sarah leant down and nodded before standing up to me, smiling.

“What did she say?”

“She said, don’t you fucking dare cum yet.”

Laughing and smiling at this helped my body and mind to relax a little, the built up tension easing and our pace slowed. This felt and looked incredible as I deliberately brought my dick out, just stopping at the edge before slowly but forcefully pushing back in, Berni sighing deeply as I did so letting me know that it felt good for her also.

I told the girls to pull her cheeks apart so we had an even better view, this they did by kneeling either side. Berni’s bum cheeks didn’t stretch much further but it was an amazing sight, my big dick protruding from her ass and the girls faces only inches away. Berni was now up on her elbows and as I pushed in deep she shouted. ‘Oh yes, again! Fuck my ass.”

I nearly giggled as I thought you only heard that sort of thing in porn films, but the look on Berni’s face as she turned her head told me I had better not.

I pulled back and again pushed forward hard, feeling Berni’s body begin to tense. “Fuck me hard baby, cum deep inside my ass.” Again I didn’t giggle.

I let go, not holding back as I felt my orgasm build, Berni beginning to shake and quiver, shouting all sorts of expletives as I exploded inside her. I laid on top her and held her tight, our sweaty, spent bodies molded together. I felt hands moving us as Sarah and Becky guided us to lie fully on the lounger, both of them cuddling and caressing us lovingly, the mood only broken by Sarah saying, “Do you think the neighbours heard us.”

We sat up smiling, Berni saying “Do you think there’s any bubbles left in that cava?”

We moved back to the table and Berni said she wanted to say something to us all, turning to Becky and Sarah she raised a toast’ “To the two dirtiest fucking slappers I know, I love you both. And to you mister, if you ever stick that fucking big dick in my ass so hard again, I’ll cut it off.”

“Ooh, can I have it when you do.” Becky said, causing us all to kink up with laughter.

I stood back and watched the three of them laughing as they animatedly recounted the evenings exploits, their faces alive with glee and mischief, and again realized what incredible women they were and what a very lucky man I was.

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