Part 4, Mom shows me the way

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Thank you for all your good comments, they are highly appreciated. This few stories have just been an introduction for the stories about to come. This is just my “background”, so to speak, and the best stories are yet to come. Remember, I’m the protagonist, mom is just the person that showed me the way.

Mom is the sexiest woman in the world. She is a man pleasing whore, and she is made to look that way. Her pimp Bill, makes her dress like a whore, and has been fucking her along with other men of his choosing. To top it of, she is fucked rough, and made to scream so everyone can hear her. Our neighbors have always known Bill is a stripclub owner and a pimp, that added with the way mom dressed, and her loud screaming, everyone know she was a whore. Our male neighbors lusted after her, and some were part of mom’s client list.

Many women might have been unhappy with working at a stripclub and being whored out, but mom was always happy. She always had a smile on her face, and seemed to enjoy her lifestyle. We had everything we wanted. She always had money, our bills were paid for, mom had a new car, and though it may have not seen that way sometimes, Bill seemed to really like her. He didn’t live with us, but spent alot of time at our house. He did have other girls, but he was with us at least 4 days out of the week. He would constantly take us shopping, and buy us really expensive things. Sometimes, he would even take the time to take us to buy groceries. Mom had to dress the way he wanted of course, and he got off on watching men lust after her. He made a good number of clients by showing off my mom. In one of those trips, he was good on his word, and bought me a computer. My mom wasn’t sure it was a good idea, but Bill insisted it would be good for school.

My mom’s 20th birthday came around, and our grandma and came over to our house and brought mom a cake. Bill showed up with various girfts, including a gold wacth and neckalce. He invited us all to eat, and we went to this fancy reastaurant. Bill said he invited a couple of friends over to our house to celebrate, and we would have a poopl party.

That evening, a couple of Bill’s friends and our neighbor’s started showing up. As always, I bathed with mom, and helped her get ready. Bill made her put on a small thong bikini, and a small top that barely covered her big breasts. Mom invited some of her stripper friends also, who showed up in small thongs bikinis also, but I thought mom was the hottest. That night most of the girls bathed in the pool, while most of the men stood there watching. My mom sent me to bed, but Bill told me; “stay awake and watch from your window, I have something real special for your mom”.
I looked through my window for a while and saw much of the same things going on. There were about 5 women and 9 men by that time gathered outside. illegal bahis Bill announced to the guests that it was time to make her feel special. The girls in the pool gathered around my mom and all started groping her. She had hands on her breasts, her legs, ass, neck, back. Mom seemed to want to pull away at first, but Bill told her,”be a good slut, this is the warmup.” The girls groped her than started kissing her body. All the men’s eyes were lusting after my mom. The girls took off mom’s clothes and brought her to the side of the pool. They lifted her off the pool and continued with their groping and kissing. She had one girl sucking on each breast, one eating at her ass from behind, and one eating at her pussy from the front. One girl held mom’s hands behind her back, and eveyone watched as the girls just ate her up. She had hands and mouths all over, and seemed to be overwhelmed in pleasure. One of the girls sucking on her tits yelled out to the crowd, “She has milk coming out”. All the men immediately cheered and lined up to eat at her. The women were quickly replaced by men, and they seemed to squeeze at her tits for milk while they sucked on them. Mom was screaming in pleasure, and I could not take my eyes off her. As I watched from the window of my room from above, I felt hot, I started feeling sensations I had never felt, I felt wet, I started touching myself. My mom seemed to shiver and scream over and over again. All the men took tuns sucking on her. They kneeled her down and bent her over. The men got in two lines, in front and behind her. They shoved their dicks into her mouth and facefcuked her. They gripped her hair and made their pelvis meet with my mom’s face as she seemed to be leaving a puddle of spit under her. The line behind her took their opening her buttcheecks with their hands, and shoved their own faces deep into mom’s ass. Once they had their turn, they started fucking her doggy style. She was getting fucked hard, and as the men were about to cum, they ran in front of her, and shot into her open mouth from the outside. When they finished, they would fuck her face a bit then pull back off. That was the first time I saw men shooting cum. Each men had their turn at my mom, they all fucked her hard and fast, and pulled out to cum in her mouth. Some of the men did it twice, and one 3 times. Eventually, they all finished, and I noticed Bill was walking around her with a camera. He handed it off to one of the girls and said,”now for the assfucking”. He facefucked her for a little bit than got behind her and started thrusting his hips at her ass. She screamed loudly and her breasts swayed heavily back and forth underneath her. He spanked her making loud banging sounds, that would contrast with mom’s screaming. After a few minutes of this, he pulled out from behind and facefucked my mom. Bill shivered and came inside her illegal bahis siteleri mouth. He told mom to open her mouth and pointed the camera at her mouth. He told her to swallow it, which she obeyed. The rest of the girls gathered around her and kissed her. They layed mom on her back and spread her legs. They kissed her lips, sucked her breasts, and ate her out. They each took a turn eating her and making her cum. Bill kept recording everything, and by the time the last girl made mom cum, my mom couldn’t get up. I felt completely soaked, and hot. I saw my grandma walk into my line of sight and help my mom get up. I didn’t remember grandma was there. She took mom inside and came out minutes later, my mom in her bikini, thanking all the guests for such a good time. The guests left soon after, along with my grandma. I was so hot I could not sleep, i touched myself thinking of my mom, and my heat would not go down. I kept wanting to be my mom more and more.

The next morning, mom went to my room and saw me awake. She asked if I wanted to bathe, which I agreed to of course. We took off our clothes, and I noticed her knees and butt were bruised. Her breasts also seemed swollen. I started feeling hot again. We jumped in the bathtub and mom asked,”did you sleep good last night”.
I said,”not at first, there was alot of noise outside”
Mom turned red, and started rubbing soap on her body. I couldn’t help myself staring at her breast, they looked bigger than before, she had pink nipples that were really erect, and her breast seemed so full. I swear I could smell milk inside of them. I kept getting hotter and hotter. Mom saw me staring at her breasts and smiled. She turned her back towards me and leaned back towards me.
Mom,”help me put soap on my back”.
I grabbed the soap and started caressing her back.
Mom,”what did you hear last night?”.
Me,”not much, I did hear some screaming though, that was it.”
Mom,”did you look to see what was going on?”.
Mom,”I’m tired from last night, can you massage my back please”.
I started rubbing her back, I started feeling hotter as I felt her skin.she leaned back against me as I massaged her shoulders. Her head layed in my chest, and I could see her huge boobs which stuck out of the water. I noticed they looked bruised also, completely swollen.
Me,”did you have fun last night”.
She smiled and said,”oh yeah, it was my favorite birthday”.
My mom closed her eyes as she layed her head in my chest and said,” your doing it real good”.
I continued massaging her, and I kept staring at her big tits, feeling hotter and hotter. I slowly made my way down towards them, creeping slowly as to make it part of the massage. I rubbed the part right above them, and on the sides.
Mom,”that feels so good, keep going”.
I reached to the part under her breasts and gently cupped canlı bahis siteleri them as I came back up.
Mom,”yeah, right there, my boobs are sore.”
I felt hotter than ever, and kept massagin her breasts. I caressed their perfection, and would squeeze gently, feeling every inch of them. As I squeesed, I could smell her milk, and started seeing how her nipples grew bigger and bigger, and white milk drops started coming out. My mom seemed to almost moan, and would tell me to keep going. She seemed to get closer and closer to screaming like she did when she got fucked.
Mom,”you probably don’t remember, but I loved breastfeeding you, I felt so close to you, and you were always hungry for me. I felt so good to have you so close. I wish it never stopped. All this time, it seems like a buildup inside me that hurts my breasts. That’s why it feels so good to have you massage me there.”
I continued massaging and squeezing, and I felt hotter and hotter.
Mom,”Can I feed you again, I want to have that feeling again.”
I knew I wanted it, but didn’t know what to say. Mom fell silent for a bit and I responded, “ok”.
Mom, “come here”.
She turned around and leaned back against the tub, pulling my head to her breasts. I grabbed them and put my mouth on her nipples. I could see the milk coming out of her before I put my lips on them. I felt her warm milk in my mouth, it tasted so good, it felt amazing to be sucking her. I closed my eyes and swallowed her sweet liquid full of texture, going back and forth in between each of her breasts, not wanting to waste a drop. I felt her hand slide underneath and she started touching herself. She moaned the same way she did the prior night. Her body shivered and I kept getting hotter and felt coming out of me. She screamed in pleasure, and orgasmed as I sucked her.
Mom,”That felt so good, I love you baby.”
Me, “I love you too mom”.
Mom,”I want to show you something, follow me”.
We got up and she took me to my bed.
Mom,”im gonna show you how to feel good”.
She layed me on my back and opened my legs. I was already wet, and imagined myseld being her the night before. She started touching my clit in a circular motion, causing an immediate sensation of pleasure. Thoughts of her being fucked came to my mind, I was moaning immediately.
Mom,”see how good that feels, feels how I do it”.
She continued closing her mouth to my clit, and blowing her moist breath. She started licking me gently, and carressing my inner thighs and pussy lips. My mind was racing with thoughts of her, and could not contain myself. My mom continued switching from her fingers to her mouth, until I felt an explosion in my pussy. She licked me clean. I lay there feeling shocked and amazing. I could not believe it felt so good. Mom got up and said, “practice doing what I did with your fingers, and you pleasure yourself whenever you want. It will be our little secret.” She left me there, tired, the heat finally gone, and more in love with mom than ever. I slept the whole day

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