PE class #2

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The next week was my next lesson and I couldn’t wait.

I took my time entering the changing room, hoping to catch the girls. I didn’t wear my swimming shorts under my uniform hoping to be seen.

As I walked into the changing room my mouth dropped and my penis hardened as stood before me were nine completely naked girls, who made no effort to cover up.

They all stood there, naked, watching me. I put down my bag and removed my clothes until I too was completely naked. I searched my bag for my costume, finding my shorts I sat on the bench looking at the girls, ‘should I go out like this?’

I could see some of them nodding as they got got dressed, the girls from last week were all wearing skimpy, little bikinis. When they finished they started to head for the pool, except Kat and Rachel who each grabbed an arm and wrapped it around their waist. Helping me out of the changing room, they each tucked a hand inside their panties.

Each hand was stroking a pussy and once again my penis was trying to escape from my shorts. When we exited the changing room, Ms Writ looked at us and urged us to get in the water quickly.

This week Ms Writ was wearing a purple bikini. Her top could barely contain her ample breasts, a small triangle of fabric covering each erect nipple and a matching thong, just covering her pussy.

I jumped in the and started stroking myself under the surface when over swam Rachel. Pushing me against the ladder she illegal bahis whispered into my ear ‘want to see how long I can hold my breathe?’

Before I could answer she took a deep breathe and submerged herself under the surface. She lowered herself to the level of my penis and wrapped her lips around it. I pulled her back and forth for a moment before she ha to come up to breath.


We both looked up and looked saw Ms Writ watching us. Looking at her from this angle was only making my penis throb harder. I thought the best kind of defence was attack.

‘Have you been in the water, Ms?’ I asked. ‘It’s just that you have something trickling down the inside of your legs.’

She started to blush as she thanked God the other girls were busy. She climbed in the water and told me to pull my shorts up before the other girls saw. I did but I made sure I was still poking out.

The rest of the lesson went by without any hitches, but my penis was still rock hard. When the lesson came to a close most of the girls hurried to the changing room, except for Rachel and Ms Writ who helped me out of the pool. Ms Writ made a joke about not having any blood left for my legs as they were very wobbly.

When we reached the showers we rinsed the chlorine off and Rachel and I took off our swimming costumes. Rachel and I stood there under a jet of water, she kept staring at my erect penis until her arm reached forward to grab it.

Ms Writ had illegal bahis siteleri grabbed Rachel, stood her behind me and positioned her hand on my penis. Her breasts were pushed up against my back and she started stroking my penis.

Ms Writ watched the two of us, completely naked with Rachel stroking me and she removed her bikini, top first. She started to play with her nipples and stroking her pussy, she then raised her right leg, resting her foot on the wall at waist height. She then inserted three fingers into her pussy, the sight of this was enough to make precum ooze from the tip of my penis.

Seeing this, Rachel moved in front of me and copied Ms Writ’s stance. She grabbed my penis, pulled me towards her and put it in her pussy, slowly easing it in.

Listening to them both moan, the sounds of Ms Writ’s pussy and Rachel’s very tight pussy was more than enough to make me cum. In a rush Rachel pulled my penis but in her haste she pointed it at Ms Writ and I sprayed my load on her huge breasts and stomach. No sooner had I done this that Rachel was licking the cum from her cleavage.

Ms Writ pulled out her fingers and told us to return to the changing room.

Rachel and I returned to an empty changing room and as we were still naked we carried on playing. Once again I was getting hard so Rachel sat me on the bench, spread her legs and eased my penis into her wet pussy. She then wrapped her arms and ankles around my neck.

She canlı bahis siteleri used her arms and legs to bounce on my penis, I looked at her stretched pussy and placed my left hand on her back and inseted my right index finger into her asshole, she quickly leant forwards and kissed me in an attempt to quieten her moans.

As she pulled away I noticed Ms Writ sitting on the opposite bench with her feet up on either side with two fingers rapidly moving in and out of her pussy. She licked her lips, got on the floor and crawled over to us.

I then felt a familiar sensation as Ms Writ licked my balls, she then removed my finger from Rachel’s asshole, sucked it and put it inside her pussy. With all of this happening it wasn’t long before I wanted to cum.

Seeing the expression on my face, Rachel dismounted my penis as Ms Writ moved over and started deepthroating me. The head of my penis slid through her lips, her tongue worked down along my shaft before being followed by her mouth. Seeing and hearing this I blew my load in her mouth. I frantically rubbed my shaft to release more cum until her mouth was overflowing. She beckoned Rachel over and kissed her, sharing my cum with her. They both swallowed.

Rising to her feet she started to get dressed, I sat there both mesmerised and exhausted. Rachel too got dressed as did I, eventually. As Rachel left Ms Writ asked again to help with her stockings, which I did. She then took out her black panties from her bag, wiped them on her pussy and placed them in my mouth. My hands were on her hips when she turned to me and said ‘someday I’ll be where Rachel was, bouncing on your lap’.

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