Pride, Prejudice and Passion

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Mr Bingley was able to bring Darcy with him to Longbourn before many days had passed after Lady Catherine’s visit. The gentlemen arrived early; and, before Mrs Bennet had time to tell him of their having seen his aunt, of which her daughter sat in momentary dread, Bingley, who wanted to be alone with Jane, proposed their all walking out. It was agreed to. Mrs Bennet was not in the habit of walking; Mary could never spare time; but the remaining five set off together. Bingley and Jane, however, soon allowed the others to outstrip them. They lagged behind, while Elizabeth, Kitty, and Darcy were to entertain each other. Very little was said by either; Kitty was too much afraid of him to talk; Elizabeth was secretly forming a desperate resolution; and perhaps he might be doing the same.

They walked towards the Lucases, because Kitty wished to call upon Maria; and as Elizabeth saw no occasion for making it a general concern, when Kitty left them she went boldly on with him alone. Now was the moment for her resolution to be executed, and, while her courage was high, she immediately said,

“Mr Darcy, I am a very selfish creature; and, for the sake of giving relief to my own feelings, care not how much I may be wounding yours. I can no longer help thanking you for your unexampled kindness to my poor sister. Ever since I have known it, I have been most anxious to acknowledge to you how gratefully I feel it. Were it known to the rest of my family, I should not have merely my own gratitude to express.”

“I am sorry, exceedingly sorry,” replied Darcy, in a tone of surprise and emotion, “that you have ever been informed of what may, in a mistaken light, have given you uneasiness. I did not think Mrs Gardiner was so little to be trusted.’

“You must not blame my aunt. Lydia’s thoughtlessness first betrayed to me that you had been concerned in the matter; and, of course, I could not rest till I knew the particulars. Let me thank you again and again, in the name of all my family, for that generous compassion which induced you to take so much trouble, and bear so many mortifications, for the sake of discovering them.”

“If you will thank me,” he replied, “let it be for yourself alone. That the wish of giving happiness to you might add force to the other inducements which led me on, I shall not attempt to deny. But your family owes me nothing. Much as I respect them, I believe I thought only of you.”

Elizabeth was too much embarrassed to say a word. After a short pause, her companion added, “You are too generous to trifle with me. If your feelings are still what they were last April, tell me so at once. My affections and wishes are unchanged, but one word from you will silence me on this subject for ever.”

Elizabeth, feeling all the more than common awkwardness and anxiety of his situation, now forced herself to speak; and immediately, though not very fluently, gave him to understand that her sentiments had undergone so material a change, since the period to which he alluded, as to make her receive with gratitude and pleasure his present assurances. The happiness which this reply produced, was such as he had probably never felt before; and he expressed himself on the occasion eryamanda yeni escortlar as sensibly and as warmly as a man violently in love can be supposed to do. Had Elizabeth been able to encounter his eye, she might have seen how well the expression of heartfelt delight, diffused over his face, became him; but, though she could not look, she could listen, and he told her of feelings, which, in proving of what importance she was to him, made his affection every moment more valuable.

They walked on, without knowing in what direction. There was too much to be thought, and felt, and said, for attention to any other objects.

After a measureless passage of time, they found themselves in a small clearing in the woods, away from the well-trodden, familiar paths. Elizabeth at last turned to face Darcy. She now saw the warmth which his eyes bestowed upon her. Her own dark eyes flashed and her cheeks suffused with a heat that matched Darcy’s.

Elizabeth was fortunate to be possessed of a fine figure. Her slim waist had no real need for the corset which all young ladies wore. But the whalebone stays pushed her breasts upward in a way that she knew most men found delightful. (Her dressmaker had confided to her that this season all the society ladies in London were wearing their décolletage so revealingly low). Her breasts were neither too large nor too small; round and perfectly formed, with palely translucent, flawless skin.

Elizabeth was well aware, facing the tall Darcy, that his view could not help but be drawn to her bosom. Placing her hands firmly on her hips she drew herself to her full height, which had the effect of revealing the pale pink aureoles of her nipples strained against the fine lace trim of the taut bodice of her dress.

Darcy seized her by the arms — a precipitate action which added a further stress to her clothing and caused her breasts to be released, with a springing bounce, from their constraint. Mortified, Darcy stepped back, but Elizabeth, having come so far and through so much turmoil of emotion in the ebb and flow of her relations with Darcy, would have no more of his reluctance. She wrapped her arms around him and pressed her naked breasts against his manly chest.

“Dearest Miss Bennet,” stumbled Darcy. “What must you think of my intentions?”

“Why, Mr Darcy, I believe I divine your intentions most clearly,” responded Elizabeth, who was feeling his distinct hardness pressed against her belly. As a man, Darcy was used to the unambiguous language of his fellows, but not so to the ways of women. Cautiously, he hugged her and pressed his body against hers; a caution, it seemed, that was justified, as she pushed him away to her arms’ length. Reaching under her dress, she fiddled with something unseen, then, to Darcy’s unconcealed delight, her unlaced pantaloons dropped around her finely-turned ankles. Darcy made to seize her again, but she held up a restraining hand. “Mr. Darcy, I must inform you that I am virgo intacto and I intend to remain that way until my wedding night. Furthermore, I do not wish to risk the possibility of being with child, out of wedlock. It would quite destroy my poor mama.”

Darcy stood there sincan escort bayan confused. His lust was now obvious, and Elizabeth could not help but notice the prominent bulge in his well-cut breeches. She laughed gaily at the poor fellow’s befuddlement and exclaimed “Dear Mr Darcy. Do not put on such a long face, I beseech you. There is more than one way to skin a cat!” So saying, the sweet minx turned her back to him, bent over and flipped her petticoats up over her waist. Her well-turned calves were encased in white silk stockings, and from her rounded knees there swelled upward two utterly delicious thighs, neither plump nor thin, but of such proportions as most please a gentleman’s eye. Her bottom presented two warm and unsullied hemispheres which inrolled into an enticing groove. She grasped her cheeks and spread them wide, revealing her most private part. “Mr Darcy, sir, I await your pleasure.” Needing no further bidding, Darcy fell to his knees with a growl and thrust his wet tongue into her puckered bottomhole.

Elizabeth mewed with pleasure as Darcy’s tongue worked her rosehole. Still kneeling, he gently urged his little finger within her spittle-moistened opening, then removed it, replacing it with the tip of his forefinger which he proceeded to move in and out, at the same time lavishing sweet kisses on her most luscious bottom. His finger now firmly embedded, Darcy stood and loosed his breeches with his left hand. He stood there admiringly and introduced another finger to her orifice, which by now was producing its own faint oily secretion, indicative of the pleasure she was secretly obtaining. Darcy drew her hand down to his rigid cock, so her fingers could feel its strength and pulsing. “Now, my darling, guide it within,” he whispered hoarsely. He manoeuvred himself close forward so she held the crest of his rod against her most secretive aperture. “Aah! Ooh! No! It’s too big!” She wriggled vigorously. “I fear I cannot . . .” Darcy was by now incapable of changing course. He urged his prick remorselessly inward until, as with a silent ‘Pop!’ her sphincter yielded, and his engorged shaft sheathed itself a full three inches within. “Tay-ay-ay-ake it out!” she all but screamed and, thrusting her left arm back, twisted her face and shoulders about so that her face came perfectly into his view. It was her undoing. The sight of those full lips and wide beautiful eyes energized Darcy as much as did the warm, involuntary clenching of her tube. With a veritable growl he fell upon her, mashing his lips passionately over her own and — with a single powerful lunge — burying his cock completely in her virginal bottom.

Ah, the sweet elasticity of her rectal muscles that could yield to receive so doughty a shaft! He ignored the bubbling, sobbing cries that flooded his mouth as the luscious bulb of her bottom ground into his belly. She was well and truly corked, his cock throbbing its imploring desire within her.

“Whooooo!” she moaned into his mouth as he withdrew half the length of his sturdy prick, thrust in again and then sucked out almost to the knob. He sucked on her tongue while keeping her literally at fever point by maintaining the knob of ankara escort his cock just within her orifice.

“It pleasures you, does it not? Is it not delicious to urge your bottom back onto a manly cock? Come, press it back a little whilst I hold still . . ., now . . . aah!” With the barest reluctance, Elizabeth obeyed. She eased his way, gently pushed, clenched her cheeks, unclenched, ground into him possessively, then wriggled, jerked and thrust her bottom, embedding his cock a full five inches within and gripping it so possessively he almost came.

At that moment Mr Bennet appeared from a position of concealment.

“Egad! Darcy. I confess I have been watching you two these past several minutes, having taken an unpremeditated shortcut from my regular morning stroll.” It was obvious the gentleman was in a high state of arousal as he watched his eldest daughter being pummeled by the sweating Darcy. “I have longed to take her there myself, since she was a child dandled on my knee. But the little vixen would have none of it, despite her teasing ways. Has her mouth tasted cock this morning, sir?” With Darcy’s grunted negative, he loosed his breeches and, grasping his daughter’s hair, guided his uprisen cock between her lips.

“Then, by Jove, she shall taste it now!”

“Oh, no papa . . ., mmrrmmph . . .” she trailed off as his tool forced its way into her mouth.

Elizabeth’s surrender was by now complete. Her heaving shoulders and rotating hips evinced the lustful pleasure she was now obtaining. Smacking loudly again and again into Darcy’s belly, her bottom churned, gripped and sucked upon his cock in a perfect melee of rhythmic movements until, unable to conserve his forces any longer, he seized her thighs and rammed himself in to the root, and effected powerful jets of come in long, burning shoots which made her quiver ecstatically. Her rosehole being so lubricated by his sperm, he continued pistoning her vigorously until the last leaping pellets were expelled within the warm, velvety cheeks pressed amorously into his belly. At the same time her father moaned and released his load and, for a while, naught was heard save the groans of the two men as Elizabeth impelled with her mouth and bottom the long shoots of semen that coursed within her at both ends.

Mr Bennet fell away and lay on his back and snored. Darcy and Elizabeth remained locked together for a long moment whilst his cock continued to throb and tick inside her, then — withdrawing his piston slowly — they sank to the ground, caressing each other’s thighs as the last dribbles of come oozed slowly from her now-responsive flesh.

“I hope, Miss Bennet, that was to your liking and I did not hurt you?” asked Darcy. “Yes, to the first, and no, to the second” she whispered quietly, then, to his utmost surprise, she gave a little giggle and, groping down between them, took hold of his cock in her warm fingers. “Does it . . . does it always get big so quickly? She asked hesitantly and then hid her face in his shirtfront at so bold a question. “I cannot believe it all went into my bottom” she murmured with such plain disbelief in her voice that Darcy laughed aloud and kissed her.

“I take it, Miss Bennet, this means at long last we shall be intimate friends?”

Elizabeth coloured and laughed as she replied, “Yes, you know enough of my frankness to believe me capable of that. After abusing you so abominably for all this time, I feel that you have evened the score.”

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