Sauna Stranger

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Monday was a terminal buzz. A shock to the system. Fake smiles all around. Too much coffee, too many emails. More biting of the tongue.

Tuesday was the cleanup after Monday’s catastrophic mess.

Wednesday was even more brutal. My boss was fighting with everyone, and the other women on the floor had to scramble to make amends with other departments. I began to feel my shoulders tighten, and I found myself grinding my teeth on the commute home.

Thursday was the final straw. It was as if nobody had learned anything the rest of the week, and we’d just consciously decided to go around in circles. It was about 4:30pm when my migraine hit, and I knew I had reached my limit. I slunk into my bosses office pinching my furrowed brow and mewed about ‘not feeling well’.

Fuck this week, I had thought. Linda Samuels is taking Friday off.

I collected my purse and heavy winter jacket, surreptitiously making a beeline for the back stairs. I didn’t feel like running into any coworkers, and explaining myself as they calculated in their head how much of a burden I’d just placed on them. The door swung closed behind me just as I spotted that gossip Jody Miller from the 7th floor. I felt relieved as my boots clunked down the stairs towards freedom. By the time I hit the street a second wind had taken hold, and I had a light bulb moment.

I was going to the gym before I went home!

Now, before you get any ideas about me as some sort of fitness freak, let me explain to you where my gym membership gets put to good use. Sauna, hot tub, steam room.

My membership was purchased with good intentions, but most days I barely got away from my desk for lunch. I couldn’t buckle down and commit to a class or program – but man oh man, did I ever love stealing away for those “executive” gym sessions. It was a treat – and probably cheaper than a regular spa appointment.

I nestled my face into the thick collar of my jacket as I braved the harsh December wind, trying to speed up so I could get in and out before anyone from work ambled into Fitness Plus, where our office had been given a corporate discount on memberships. I bustled through the well lit lobby, swiping my card through the doors of the change room, and breathed in the humid, chlorine scented air.

Grabbing a towel, I walked to the far end of the women’s change room and took a locker. Off came the winter jacket and boots into a heap, I stuffed them into the minuscule locker and looked around. In relative privacy i pulled my sweater off, and undid the belt on my skirt. As the fabric fell around my ankles, I stood up straight and caught a glimpse of my tiny body in a nearby mirror. My breasts were small, my butt petite and round. I was a simple young brunette in a nude bra and white cotton panties. It was weird how awkward I was about my body. There was a sexual thrill I’d always felt about exposing myself, but an unexplained shame in being seen – if that makes any sense. It had been awhile since I’d had a boyfriend, or sex – there was just so much other stuff I wanted to do before sharing my life with somebody I guess. Though none of that pendik escort was being accomplished stuck in cubicle land bitching about promotions.

I stuck my chest out as I reached behind to unclasp my bra, leaning forward to pull off the straps and free myself. Without missing a beat, I thumbed my panties down over my thighs, and let them fall to the pile of clothes at my feet. I looked up again into the mirror and felt that ever familiar buzz crawl up my thighs. I watched the reflection as my thumb ran gently over the trimmed thatch of pubic hair spread across my mons. I inhaled and entertained thoughts before a distant clang of a locker brought me back to earth. I swaddled myself in a giant towel and, scampered through the labyrinth of massage rooms to get into the sauna. Sadly, when I got there, I was greeted by a sign and some yellow caution tape warning about renovations. Choosing the next best thing, I slipped into the steam room, immediately feeling my headache begin to lift.

I walked further into the blinding steam, slowly settling on the bench as my eyes tried to adjust. I took a deep breath of the scorching air, and melted against the tiled wall. Exhaling, I looked down at my feet and contemplated a pedicure before catching a movement across from me in the mist. First there was a toe, and a foot, then a finely muscled calf. The clouds of steam seemed to part as my eyes travelled upwards, unveiling this strangers body to me. By the time I found a face, and made eye contact I felt a deep blush across my body. The woman gave me a friendly smile and a nod, which I politely returned before looking away. Locker room etiquette carried on into the steam room I thought to myself, though as time passed I found my eyes darting back to the unknown woman’s form.

Whether she appreciated my gaze, or was moving towards comfort – my curiosity was soon rewarded as her hand undid the knot holding her towel in place, and the terrycloth fell open.

My face centred and looked upon the sight in front of me. This woman was clearly a committed gym member. Her chest was full but tight, wide brown nipples standing at attention even in the heat. Her stomach knit into a criss cross of muscles, and her thighs looked to be thick, sinewy power. What kept my focus though was the dense mess of dark curls between her legs. Though trimmed, her pubes were an overwhelming presence on her manicured frame. I felt myself staring too long at her bush.

It was weird to me though, that her curls felt simultaneously masculine and feminine, and I as my body began to loosen in the heat, I found myself wondering what it would be like to… to taste her.

Almost as if on command, the stranger across from me began to slowly spread her legs. I nearly died as I watched her labia come into view. What could have been a simple, innocent moment was now becoming a gesture of sexual intent. When her hand moved to touch her lower lips, that intent became clearer.

I felt myself swallow hard as her fingers grazed her delicate flesh, a thumb emerging to circle her clit. I was mesmerized. Looking up, I caught her eyes and began maltepe escort to feel self conscious. She looked at me soulfully and with a slight raise of her brow, seemed to beg me for something.

Unconsciously submitting to her gaze, my own hand moved to untie the knot of my towel, tugging it loose from underneath my arms, and pulling it away from my body. I was exposing myself to this strange woman, I was showing my body to her as I had never before done with anyone else – but for some reason, it felt right. I slunk down against the tile and spread open my legs for her. Without breaking eye contact, my hand slid downwards – my fingers finding my most sensitive parts. My mouth hung loose as I mirrored her movements, tantalizingly torturing myself with a slow and gentle touch.

Voices began quietly from the other side of the steam room door, and without too much alarm, the other woman and I began to put ourselves back together. Knees tight, towels on. The door opened with a whoosh, and a couple chatty older ladies came inside wearing one piece bathing suits. I looked across at my partner, who seemed to have lost all interest in my presence. Before I could muster up the strength to get up and leave, I could feel her foot caress my ankle. The touch was a welcome jolt, but I found myself looking around the steam room to see if anyone had noticed it happening, and before I knew it – my lovely partner was headed towards the door. With another whoosh, she was gone.

I sat there a sweaty, flustered mess for a few moments trying to collect my thoughts. That was incredibly daring and sexy, and I couldn’t have imagined myself doing that before. I didn’t know what had gotten into me! Laughing in my head at the craziness of it all, I began to gather myself together and head towards the door. WHOOSH.

The cool air danced across my face, and I stood there enjoying the sensation of the heat seeping out of my pores. I closed my eyes and breathed in deep. My headache was completely gone now, and I felt amazing. When I opened my eyes, I noticed a familiar presence off to the side.

Behind the sign, behind the yellow caution tape was my steam room companion. She was even more stunning out in the open. Her hand gripped the big wooden handle of the sauna, and something about her body language felt as though she was extending an invitation.

Behind the sign, behind the tape, behind all the warnings was an offer of risk. To my left, my locker, my clothes, my commute home, my regular life. To my right was a titillating unknown. I looked at the stranger and her finely built body before glancing to my left, towards the lockers. It was a cautionary look, before I crept beneath the yellow tape and disappeared behind the wooden door of the sauna.

Almost immediately as the door slammed shut, I was pushed against the wall – my towel spilling to the floor leaving me open and naked. The woman thrust her hand in between my legs and my body convulsed in her palm. My mouth hung agape, and her lips hung tantalizingly close to mine. I craved her kiss as she ground her hand against my pubic bone. All the delicacy kartal escort of our movements in the sauna were mere foreplay, somehow she could read that I was a woman who ached for force. Of all the boyfriends who had stuck around, it was the ones who would dominate my tiny body, and leave me sore and bruised who truly pleased me. Now, I found myself at the forceful grasp of a well built muscle woman.

I stood up on my tiptoes as her fingers pushed between my folds, and curled into my G-spot. Her thumb mashed the tiny bean of my clitoris and I felt my entire body bucking forward with every new sensation. Her lips just barely grazed mine, and I felt myself shudder to orgasm in a matter of moments. My body loosened as my thighs tightened around my lovers soaked hand.

Instead of pulling away, the woman pushed me to the bench, bending me over its edge, my nipples grating against the wooden slats. She propped my lower half up on my knees, and moved her hand into my sopping cunt. She relentlessly began to fuck me with her hand, and I buried my face into my arms, outstretched on the bench. I was crying, caught in between sensations of pain and extreme ecstasy. I felt myself bucking against her efforts, almost begging for more, begging to be fucked harder. I came once more, constricting my throat into silence, but pounding the bench with my fists.

The fingers removed themselves from my crotch, and I felt my lovers strong arms gather me up onto the bench. Laying on my back, I looked up her – seeing a proud, masterful grin plastered across her face. She leaned in close, and I struggled to bring my lips in close enough for a kiss. The corners of her lips curled upwards as she moved away, replacing them with her fingers. My mouth closed around them, as I looked at her submissively. I tasted the tinny flavours of my pussy, of my quim. I sucked her fingers like a desperate, dirty whore as my hand subconsciously moved to cover my aching bits. Then, before I could gather my thoughts, she was gone.

I lay there with the wood against my back, staring up at the panelled ceiling, dizzied and dazed, a trickle of distant voices on the other side of the door. I’m feeling satiated, except not entirely. My insides are tingling, my breath finally slowing, but I’m missing something.

Just then, the sauna door opens, and I turn my head to see who’s coming inside. I squint and recognize the face.

“Linda? Linda? Are you — are you okay?” There with a shocked look on her face, wrapped in a towel, gazing at my naked body draped across the sauna bench – was Jody Miller from the office. She stepped closer and lowered her voice. “Linda, I’d seen you come in here with… and just had to see what…” I sat up and grinned, before standing and walking over to Miss Chatty-Cathy. She froze in place as my self assuredness moved into her space. I knew what was missing.

Quickly, my hand slipped behind Jody’s head, gripping her neck. My lips planted on hers before she could react, and I felt her tongue resist before relaxing in my mouth. We kissed for a full minute before her towel fell to the floor. I broke off, and looked at her body – her pert little breasts, her shaved mound. I smiled to myself as I opened the door, leaving naked little Jody behind.

I was beginning to change my mind about coming into work on Friday.

I was feeling much, much better now.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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