School Days Ch. 05

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Big Tits

“Have you met the new librarian at the kids’ school, yet?” Erin asked. She held the cup of coffee between her hands, still trying to warm up on the chilly autumn morning.

“No. What’s she like?” Courtney turned on the couch to face her friend.

“She’s the cutest little thing. Can’t be much older than about twenty five and just really sweet.”

Courtney was almost too busy admiring Erin’s bare legs underneath the flannel shirt she wore to catch the significance of what Erin was saying.

“Maybe I’ll see her during the first round of parent-teacher conferences,” Courtney said.

Erin smiled. “I hope she’s there. But then, you’ll fall in love and never want to see me again.”

“You know that will never happen,” Courtney assured her. In fact, their meetings during school days had become nearly a daily routine. The kids were gone. The husbands were at work. They had the whole morning and a couple hours in the afternoon to play.

Erin put her coffee cup on a table. “Come here and warm me up.”

She held out her arms invitingly. Courtney put down her cup and leaned towards her lover.

Erin slid onto her back to accept the other woman into her arms. She especially enjoyed the days when Courtney came to her house because she could wear as little as she wanted. And she knew how much Courtney loved to slowly open up her shirts.

They kissed while wriggling into a comfortable position, Erin’s legs eventually wrapping around Courtney. The women had done almost everything you can do sexually with a wide variety of people, but they both loved these moments when it was just the two of them alone, in love.

Courtney kissed Erin’s cheek and then her neck, pulling aside the shirt collar. She could smell the soap and powder from Erin’s shower. It was the same soap and powder Erin used on her when they showered together. The aroma made her lust even more for her younger lover.

Erin closed her eyes and felt Courtney begin to unbutton her shirt. She knew that soon Courtney’s tongue would be all over her body. Erin felt the wetness build between her legs.

Courtney got enough buttons open to put her mouth on the inside of Erin’s left breast. She licked it and bit it lightly with her lips.

Then more buttons opened and Courtney exposed both breasts. She immediately began sucking on the nipples, her teeth scraping across them bringing out the first moan from the woman under her.

With a breast still in her mouth, Courtney undid the last button on the shirt and yanked it wide open. She could feel Erin’s nakedness under her. Courtney’s hands were everywhere. She frantically sucked and licked both breasts.

She wouldn’t take the shirt off. She knew Erin preferred to keep it on, sliding against the soft material as Courtney moved between her legs.

Erin watched as Courtney’s head, hidden behind flowing hair, was lowered to her pussy. She felt lips first, then a warm, wet tongue sliding up between folds of skin to her clit. Erin twitched when it first made contact.

“Oh, yes, Courtney. Right there.”

Courtney didn’t need to be told. She would spend as long as she needed working the clit with her tongue and lips until Erin came. It never took more than a couple minutes. And Courtney knew the signs of when to expect an orgasm to start.

Erin raised and lowered her hips, fucking Courtney’s mouth. Sometimes she asked for the tongue to enter her pussy, but today she wanted nothing more than a strong clit massage.

She got it. Courtney nearly devoured the erect clit. When she reached up and squeezed one of Erin’s nipples with her fingers, Courtney knew the orgasm was about to begin. Of course, Erin was pretty good at verbally giving the same clue.

She screamed out for Courtney to keep sucking her. She arched her back off the couch and gripped Courtney’s hair. Wave after wave of ecstasy flowed through her, concentrated right at the point where Courtney’s tongue met her clit.

Courtney reached under her lover and held her by the ass, trying to stay in contact with the woman’s pussy during the wild orgasm. She could feel the fluid building up on her chin the longer the orgasm lasted. But she kept sucking.

Finally, Erin was trying to pull away from Courtney’s face. Courtney playfully held her in place and stabbed at her clit a few more times. Erin’s cries and exhausted giggles convinced Courtney to stop.

Courtney looked down at her lover’s bare chest and legs. God, she was a beautiful woman.

“Let’s invite her to the Halloween party on Saturday,” Erin said.

“Who?” Courtney looked down with a puzzled look. “Oh. The new librarian. Sure.”

Courtney ran her fingers through Erin’s blonde hair, caring very little at the moment about anything except how much she loved her friend. Then she wondered if Erin’s Halloween party was anything like some of the other parties she’d been to with the woman. Courtney hoped the answer was yes.

They had previously discussed what they were going to wear. Erin found a Greek Goddess outfit with a pleated white dress that otele gelen escort tied at the waist. It had a plunging neckline and was barely long enough to cover her ass.

Courtney, after several days of searching, decided on a tropical theme. The costume included a tropical print halter-top and a wrap skirt that fully exposed one of her long legs.

Erin agreed to contact Melinda, the librarian, and make sure she could come. She was glad when the young woman eagerly accepted. Erin had found Melinda to be very shy. She only knew that Melinda was single and had moved to the school district after attending school in Iowa. They would have to learn more about her at the party, Erin presumed.

Courtney’s curiosity got the best of her and she visited her daughter’s school the Thursday before the party, just to get a look at the girl Erin kept talking about. Under the pretense of wanting to volunteer at the school…which was always an open invitation…Courtney stopped at the office and talked to Nancy, the receptionist and a long-time friend. Before long, Courtney was being introduced to Melinda.

Courtney came away from their meeting with the impression that Melinda was shy, conservative and even cuter than Erin had implied. When she relayed this all to Erin, they agreed it would be interesting to watch her at the party. Neither of them had been able to get Melinda to commit to what she was wearing.

So they were pleasantly surprised when, half an hour after the party started, Melinda showed up in a schoolgirl outfit, complete with a very tight top, necktie and plaid mini skirt. The top was unsnapped well below the girl’s full breasts with the necktie strategically placed to cover most of her cleavage.

“Wow, Melinda. You look GREAT,” Erin said as she walked Melinda through the massive house towards the family room.

“Thanks. I love your dress.”

“Wait until you see Courtney…if the guys will let you,” Erin said with a smile.

Melinda wasn’t sure if Erin meant the guys would be all over Courtney or herself. Before she could spend any more time thinking about it, somebody was handing her a drink. She was apprehensive about her costume—which she considered provocative—until she saw the wide variety of nearly naked people milling about the house. It was as if an adult Halloween costume web site had come to life.

It didn’t take long for Courtney to spot the new librarian in the sexy outfit.

“Oh my God, Melinda. You look fabulous,” Courtney cooed when they finally came together. Her eyes were all over the young woman, desperately wanting to see what was hidden behind the necktie.

“Erin said not to hesitate to wear anything I wanted.” Melinda took a drink and looked at Courtney with innocent, blue eyes. “I can’t wait to see what everybody else wore.”

Courtney wanted to say something about what everybody usually ended up NOT wearing at these parties, but she bit her tongue. No use scaring off the guests so early in the evening.

Melinda stayed close to her two friends during the next hour, meeting virtually everyone at the party at least once. The alcohol flowed and the noise level in the house rose accordingly. As did the flirting.

The women watched more than a few instances of groping on the part of both sexes, but as of yet they hadn’t seen any actual sex acts being performed. Erin warned Melinda not to rule it out.

By this time, the librarian had put down a couple large drinks and found herself not all that opposed to the idea of public fornication. She had talked to a guy dressed as a lifeguard in a Speedo that was not much wider than her necktie. So she already had one person on her list she wanted to see again.

Just as Erin had predicted, it wasn’t long before the women heard loud cheers coming from a room down one of the mansion’s long hallways. They worked their way through the crowd to the source of the noise. A couple people stood in the hallway, whooping and raising their glasses every few seconds.

When the women managed to squeeze into the bedroom they found a woman dressed in a thong standing at the side of a bed, leaning over a naked man. She stood between his legs, her long flowing hair occasionally concealing the thick cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

The woman’s small, firm ass reached out towards the people in the room, inviting some of the men to touch and rub and even slap it. The loudest cheer of all went up when a man dressed as Tarzan pulled down the woman’s thong.

“Fuck her.”

“C’mon, Tom.”

“Do it.”

Cries rang out from both men and women. Courtney, Erin and Melinda looked on as Tarzan pulled open his skimpy loin cloth and exposed his erection. Courtney and Erin both gazed at the librarian, anxious to see how see reacted. Except for what appeared to be a slightly redder face than normal, she seemed to be taking in the scene the same as she would a favorite TV show.

The crowd rearranged itself to get a better view of the now-naked Tarzan about to enter the woman from behind. rus escort bayan She continued to frantically suck the cock of the man on the bed as another cock was thrust deep into her pussy. Her muffled moans rose above the din surrounding her.

Melinda looked on with amazement–mixed in with a dash of voyeurism. And she wasn’t about to leave the room, especially with the Speedo man just a few feet away from her. It was difficult not to notice the outline of the erection under his suit. Never before had Melinda been so tempted to grab a man in public.

She turned back to watch the action on the bed. In the crowded room it was easy to ignore bumping into a nearby person. But she couldn’t disregard the fact that somebody had moved behind her and was pressing up against her body. She felt a hand touch the top of her thigh underneath her short skirt and immediately turned her head.

Melinda nearly gasped when her lifeguard in the Speedo smiled back. He slowly moved his hand until it cupped the right cheek of her ass. When he gently squeezed it, Melinda turned to look at the bed. She felt a quiver shake her entire body.

Speedo man now had both hands inside Melinda’s skirt, groping her thighs and ass. A few seconds later she could feel his cock press against her body as he moved forward. It felt like a stick to her.

At the same time, the man lying on the bed cried out as he began to cum into the woman’s mouth. Onlookers cheered wildly as cum overflowed onto the woman’s chin and dribbled down to the man’s body. She used her hand to pump him until the last of his cum had flowed from the cock. Then she licked him clean, still taking the brunt of Tarzan’s thrusts.

Melinda stared straight ahead as the lifeguard’s hand followed the edge of her thong around her hips and onto her pussy. He put his hand between her legs and pulled her back into him even harder than before. The young librarian felt the man’s cock wedge itself in the crack of her ass even through his suit and her skirt. His fingers searched for, and found, the opening to her pussy.

Melinda tried to catch her breath as the material of her thong entered her pussy. Then his fingers moved up to her clit and began to rub. She bent over at the waist attempting to move her body away from his fingers, but the lifeguard’s body blocked her from behind. She was trapped.

His hand slid inside her thong effortlessly and almost without her noticing. It was a large, thick hand that seemed to envelope her entire pussy at once. Melinda spread her legs involuntarily.

The man’s fingers slid over her clit again, then down to her pussy. Moisture covered his hand as he put a finger inside her. Deeper…up to his knuckles, until he couldn’t push it any further. Melinda wanted to scream out.

Courtney and Erin smiled, fully aware of what was happening to their young friend. As was usually the case at these parties, they would simply wait to see what transpired next.

In front of them, the woman being fucked by Tarzan was about to cum. She had both hands on the edge of the bed, her legs spread wide and her head flung back. Large breasts hung from her chest, bouncing back and forth as the man plunged his cock into her, then pulled it out.

She rubbed her clit for just a few seconds before screaming out. The crowd watched as her orgasm began, then built in intensity. The woman’s hair flew back and forth. Even the people in the hallway could hear Tarzan’s body slapping against her bare ass.

Just as the woman’s orgasm seemed to be subsiding, the man pulled out and began stroking his huge cock above her butt. She looked over her shoulder and watched him spray a long stream of white cum over her ass and lower back. He stroked his cock some more and a second and third stream covered her body.

Before he was done a large puddle of cum had formed. Eventually, the woman allowed herself to fall face-first onto the bed, still plastered with Tarzan’s cum. From somewhere off to the side a blue bath towel flew onto the bed next to her. A woman from the crowd grabbed it and cleaned off the woman…to the delight of the onlookers.

Melinda could barely stand up as the lifeguard pulled his hand from between her legs. In her ear, she heard him whisper, “I’ll find you again later.”

She heard him step away with many of the other people leaving the room, his cock no longer squashed against her ass. The librarian’s breathing didn’t return to normal until she, Courtney and Erin were back in the hallway.

“Well, what do you think?” Erin asked with a smile.

Melinda didn’t know how to answer. Did Erin mean the threesome or the Speedo guy’s treatment of her?

“I…I’m…that was really…uh, nice.”

Courtney and Erin laughed loudly as the women moved with the crowd towards the family room.

“I think you have a new friend,” Courtney said. “Did you get to feel him?”

“No.” As soon as she said it Melinda hoped she didn’t sound too disappointed. “I mean, I didn’t touch him. He touched me.”

“Did it feel as big as sıhhiye escort bayan it looked?” Erin added.


This time all three of them laughed.

They grabbed something to eat and drink and watched people for a few minutes. Melinda’s mind was too busy rehashing what took place in the bedroom to notice the short conversation taking place behind her back between Erin and Courtney. Little did she know that a plot to change her world was being hatched.

Taking advantage of the librarian’s willingness to follow her friends almost anywhere, Courtney and Erin guided Melinda through several rooms in the house. They briefly stopped to talk to people they knew, but for the most part continued at a steady pace towards the second floor. They walked up the stairs and down the hall, seeing more than a few naked guests along the way.

Just before reaching the end of the hall they turned into an empty bedroom. Like most of the other rooms in the house, it was very large and beautifully furnished. Erin closed the door behind them. Melinda looked puzzled, but waited for one of the other women to speak first.

“I hope you haven’t been offended by anything you’ve seen tonight,” Erin said, moving next to Courtney by the side of the bed.

Melinda couldn’t help but notice the beauty of both of her friends in the dim light of the bedroom. Their costumes fit them perfectly…both physically and in personality.

“Not at all. It’s been fun.”

“Good,” Erin smiled. “These parties make me SO horny.”

“It wouldn’t have taken that lifeguard much longer to make me cum,” Melinda said. She realized for the first time how close to drunk she was from the freedom of her speech.

“Really?” Courtney acted surprised. “Just because he was all over your pussy?”

“That will usually do it,” Melinda said sarcastically.

“Well, it made us really hot, too,” Erin said, turning towards Courtney. She put her hand on the portion of Courtney’s thigh exposed by the flowing, split skirt. Erin slid her hand upward and lightly kissed Courtney on the lips. Courtney responded by placing her own hand on Erin’s breast.

Melinda was surprised but not necessarily put off by her friends kissing. The tenderness of the kiss and their soft touches contrasted with the lustful scenes she had seen elsewhere in the house. She found it unexpectedly captivating.

Courtney took one strap of Erin’s dress and pulled it off her shoulder. She moved to the breast on that side and shifted the material until she could gain access to the large, pink nipple. Without hesitating, Courtney put her mouth over the nipple and surrounding skin. Melinda watched as Courtney used her hand to push up the breast until it was completely uncovered.

A moment later, the other strap of Erin’s dress was lowered and both breasts stuck out from the top of her white gown. Erin looked at Melinda and smiled while Courtney licked and sucked her nipples.

Melinda felt a tingle between her legs, the kind she felt when the lifeguard was behind her. She wished he was still there, his fingers inside her wet pussy.

Then Erin put her hand inside Courtney’s halter top and cupped her breast. She squeezed it and played with the nipple while Courtney became more frantic in her attack on Erin’s breasts.

Before long, both women stood half naked at the side of the bed, Courtney’s top removed and Erin’s dress pushed down to her waist. They kissed passionately, breasts pushed firmly against each other.

Melinda took this opportunity to walk over to a large chair in one corner of the room and sit down. She crossed her legs, the little skirt of her costume barely covering her pussy.

Courtney and Erin were ready to put on a show for the young librarian. They hoped she wouldn’t leave the room, both of them thinking she would have by now if their show of affection had offended her.

What they didn’t know was that Melinda was becoming more than a little desperate for sex and the possibility of watching her two friends intrigued her. Yesterday she wouldn’t have dreamed she’d be in this position. But after this party, anything seemed possible.

Courtney broke off the kiss and began to push Erin’s dress down her legs. She unwrapped it from around Erin’s ankles and tossed it aside. A pair of small, white panties was all that prevented Erin from being naked. Courtney ran her fingers over the front of the panties, feeling for the outline of Erin’s pussy.

Soon, Courtney’s own skirt was being removed. She was left in a pair of bikini panties, Erin’s hands grabbing at her ass as they kissed. Melinda stared at the two nearly perfect bodies. Her insecurities prevented her from joining them, but she wasn’t sure she could go much longer without touching herself.

A minute later her two friends were naked, each one taking off the other’s panties. They fell onto the bed. Their bodies tangled as they passionately kissed and hugged. Erin worked her way down to Courtney’s breasts and took one in her mouth.

Melinda couldn’t take it any longer. She untied the tie around her neck and laid it aside. This allowed her to reach inside her top and put her fingers on a nipple. She squeezed it at the same time Erin flicked her tongue over Courtney’s nipple. Melinda felt her pussy quiver. She put a hand under her skirt and on top of her panties. They were wet.

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