Seducing My Roommate

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I was desperate to fuck my roommate Lucy. Lucy with the long dark hair and candy-pink lips. She had the most luscious body. A set of fat D-cup titties, a trim little waist, and a beautifully rounded bottom. She was a Hooters waitress, for fuck’s sake.

I knew from living with her that she shaved her cunt totally bald. And I could tell from listening to her get fucked (we have thin walls in our apartment) that she was a good little slut when she wanted to be.

I wanted her to be my good little slut, and I knew she wanted me, too, even though she’d recently caught me blowing her boyfriend.

I just knew she had some dyke in her. I saw her looking through my bra drawer once, and once I spied on her in her bedroom as she sniffed a pair of panties and fingered herself. I found out later they were my panties. Her browser history was chock-full of “lesbian” and “big tits” searches.

I masturbated to Lucy constantly. The thought of her sitting on my face, her ripe peach of a cunt creaming all over my lips as she came for me, got me off every time. I wanted to kiss her beautiful lips as I fingered her to orgasm. I wanted to get on top of her and jam my huge tits into her mouth, one at a time, feeling her soft, girly tongue swirling around my nipples, making them hard. I wanted to play with dildos and strap-ons. I wanted to get into a 69 and eat each other’s assholes out. There’s nothing I didn’t want to do with Lucy.

I just needed a way to make it happen. We flirted a lot but I was terrified she’d freak if I made a move on her. In my experience, a lot of would-be dykes get freaked out at the idea that they might be lesbians. I’ve missed out on some hot pussy because of it.

Fortunately for me, Lucy was in massage school, and had recently reached the stage in her coursework where she needed to practice on real subjects. Of course I volunteered.


“Okay, I need to start with your shoulders and neck,” Lucy said. “Can you just sit in this chair and pull your hair up?” I did as she asked.

“Hmm…” she continued. “Do you have a tube top or something? I need your shoulders and neck to be totally bare.”

I saw my opportunity. “No, I don’t have anything like that,” I lied. “Sorry. If it doesn’t bother you, I could just take my top and bra off, though. Same difference.”

I saw her eyes widen slightly as she nodded yes. “Okay. After all, it is just antalya escort us girls tonight!” She giggled nervously. Just us girls, indeed, I thought.

I sat in the chair and made a show of getting topless. I whipped my tank top over my head and let my enormous breasts wobble and undulate in their big lace bra, then I reached between my breasts and unclasped it. I slowly pulled the cups away from the creamy flesh of my natural 34H tits, looking down to admire them as I exposed my pink nipples. My cunt gushed as I heard Lucy draw in her breath sharply.

She moved around to the back of me and I sat there, my massive jugs jutting proudly forward, extending nearly a foot from my chest. They were slightly pointed and very buoyant for their size, peaked with rosy half-dollar sized nipples. My nipples hardened almost painfully as Lucy put her hands on my shoulders and began to rub.

Her skills were undeniable. She massaged my oiled-up neck and shoulders for half an hour, cooing occasionally, asking me if I liked it. I moaned my responses. I was insanely wet and had a pretty good feeling Lucy was, too. She’d pulled my head back against her chest, so that it rested between her fat breasts, and I wished like hell she would take her top off.

After about 45 minutes of her decadent rubbing, Lucy spoke. “I can’t believe how busty you are,” she said quietly. “I mean, I knew they were big, but I had no idea. How big are they?”

I cupped my breasts and squeezed them together, laughing. “As of now, they’re a 34H. But they’re kind of spilling out over the sides of my bras lately. I might need to get measured for a bigger size.”

She kept rubbing my neck. “Do men like them? I have to imagine your boyfriends can’t get enough. They’re so perfect.”

At this point, the air was positively dripping with sexual tension. I decided to take a risk. “Men love them,” I said. “I can’t end a date without getting titty-fucked. But…well, women like them, too. At least the women I’ve been with.”

Lucy was quiet for a moment. “You’ve…you’ve been with women?”

“Oh, yes. Several. I’m sorry, does it bother you that I’m bisexual? I thought you knew.”

“No, it doesn’t bother me,” she murmured, still rubbing my shoulders. Her hands moved forward to rub my upper chest. “In fact, I think I might be bisexual, too. I think about women a lot. Sometimes I fantasize about women when alanya escort I’m getting oral from a guy. I imagine it’s a girl.” Her hands moved lower on my chest, still kneading.

She’s about to touch my breasts! I thought. I’d never been so horny in my life. I went for it.

“Do you think about me, Lucy? Because I think about you,” I said. She sighed and her hands moved lower. “I think about giving you lots of oral, Lucy. I know I can please you.”

That was all it took. My roommate’s soft, oily hands reached down and squeezed my huge breasts, continuing the massage, her fingers capturing my impossibly hard nipples and pinching them. I could feel her breathing heavily into my ear, so I turned my face to hers.

And there, in the living room of our apartment, with my hands at my sides and her hands kneading my jumbo melons, my roommate Lucy and I shared our first kiss. It was deep and wet from the get-go. Our tongues found each other and began to swirl together slowly. Exploring, we smacked and slobbered into each other’s soft mouths like a couple of wanton little dykes. Which is exactly what we are, I thought, as Lucy felt my tits up and groaned into my mouth.

After ten minutes of saliva-laden French-kissing, Lucy moved around in front of me and knelt between my spread legs. She was now eye-to-eye with my massive, pointed breasts. She looked into my eyes with a heat I’ve never seen from a lover before, and leaned forward to take one of my nipples into her mouth.

We both moaned as she suckled it. She reached up to tweak my other nipple with her fingers. I was going to have to masturbate soon; I needed to cum badly. I thought about masturbating as Lucy sucked my tits, and as if in response, she moved her mouth to my other nipple.

Lucy devoured my breasts. She licked and drooled on every square inch of my chest. She sucked my nipples almost to the point of me orgasming. She serviced my big, hot tits like a fucking professional dyke, and my cunt was on fire for her.

Then she looked back up to me and smiled. “Let’s go to bed,” she whispered. “I want oral now.” I leapt out of my seat and pulled her to her feet, desperate to be between her legs. We practically ran into the bedroom.

Before we tumbled into bed and really started lezzing out, I removed all of Lucy’s clothes. I saved her bra for last, and once she was alanya rus escort topless, I sat on the edge of the bed, stood her in front of me, and lavished her big breasts with the same loving tongue-bath she’d just treated me to. Eventually she pushed me onto my back and pulled my shorts and panties off.

The next two hours were a blur of lesbian fantasy. I started things off by rolling Lucy onto her back, making sure she had pillows under her head for comfort, and trailing kisses between her breasts and down her abdomen. When I was finally face-to-face with her hot cunt, I made sure to tease her by kissing the skin all around it. But then spread her bald, pink pussylips and dove in, burying my face in her pussy. She tasted like heaven. I teased her tiny clit with my tongue and took long, greedy laps along her wet slit, swallowing every drop of sweet girlcream I could get.

I ate her pussy like a fucking champion. She came in my mouth three times, squealing and bucking her hips, grinding her smooth cunt into my face, moaning and writhing for me. It was the hottest moment of my life up to that point.

Then it was my turn, and even though she was tentative at first, she ended up servicing my snatch with a level of skill and desire I’d never experienced before. She licked and lapped and sucked away, sliding her finger in and out of my twat, then fingering my asshole. I came twice on her tongue, practically screaming her name, telling her I was a fucking dyke for her, that I was in love with her cunt.

Then we 69ed, but not so we could keep eating each other’s pussies. We wanted to rim each other. And rim we did. Our tongues darted in and out of each other’s assholes, daintily at first, then deep and demanding. We each groaned as we slobbered on the other’s anus.

We made out with each other’s asses for what must’ve been a half hour before Lucy produced a dildo and slid it up my needy ass. She knew from my recent exploits with her ex-boyfriend that I loved it up the ass. She buttfucked me thoroughly with the dildo, still in the 69 position, licking and smacking on my cunt as she fucked my ass. At that point I really was screaming; no guy’s cock had ever felt so goddamned good rammed up my bottom. Lucy knew exactly what she was doing.

When we’d finally fucked as much as were capable of fucking, Lucy and I collapsed into each other’s arms and kissed deeply. Our faces were completely coated with each other’s pussycream as we giggled and caught our breath, basking in the afterglow of a sweat-drenched dyke-out fuckfest worthy of a porn award.

We fell asleep in naked, cuddling together, excited to wake up and enjoy each other’s bodies again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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