Seducing the Babysitter: Redux Ch. 05

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Weeks rolled by as Jamie felt she and Dave slipping further and further apart. Partly because of the intense feelings she had for Katherine, Taylor and the other women they introduced her to. But also the more frequent and long hours Dave began spending at the office. Even nights Jamie stayed home at the apartment, Dave usually called to say he was working on a case or had to do research for a trial and would be late, ‘don’t wait up.’

There were also the mysterious phone calls to Dave’s phone. When Dave and Jamie did find moments to spend together, sometimes Dave’s cell would chime. He might look at it nonchalantly before setting it back down or slipping it back in its case. However, he rarely took the call. Something he never did before. He almost always, unless he was in a professional setting or mixed company, took the phone call. But not these.

Jamie had noticed on the occasion it went off and Dave was not around it seemed to come from the same number. As a matter of fact his call history had many calls from this particular number. Jamie knew – there was someone else. A woman always knows.

She had become accustomed to his sneaking into the bed late at night, careful not to wake her. But she was always awake. His breath with a slight hint of beer or bourbon, his drink of choice. But more revealing was the faint scent of perfume on his body. Again, a woman always knows.

It was on a Saturday as the two watched television together, one of the few things they seemed to find time to do, the cell phone rang out. Dave acted uninterested until Jamie cut in, “Go ahead, answer her. I know Dave. I’ve known for some time.”

“What are you talking about?” he looked over indignantly.

“The woman on the other end of the phone. I know about her. I don’t want to live this lie anymore. We both mean too much to each other,” Jamie began. “I know you’re with her when you say you’re working late. I can smell her on you when you come home. I know,” she said back, her voice slightly faltering.

Jamie’s eyes started to tear knowing it was coming to this. Almost like the final chapter in a great book only this one would have no happy ending, no sequel.

Dave sunk his head, “Jamie, it’s not what you think. It’s not like that at all. We just sort of got caught up in something,” he tried to explain.

“Don’t,” Jamie stopped him. “I need to be honest with you.” Tears rolled down her cheeks. But rather sadness, it was almost as if a giant weight were being lifted from her chest.

“I love you. I will always love you. You are the only man I will ever really love. There’s no doubt about that,” she began. Dave started to speak but she stopped him, “No, let me finish. I will never love another man like I love you. You will always be my best friend. But Dave, I need more than that. I need more than you can possibly give me and its not fair.”

Dave couldn’t help it and blurted out, “So you want to get married? Is that it? Okay, I’ll do it. We can do it,” he rambled.

“No sweetheart,” Jamie stopped him. “Listen to you. You don’t want to get married and neither do I. Dave, I’ve found out something about myself. Something I think was always there, I just didn’t know. I’m attracted to women.”

Dave just stared at her. He didn’t know what to say back and Jamie let the realization of what she said sink in before she started again.

“Dave, I know I am a lesbian. I suppose I always was but just didn’t know. But I know now. I love women, just like you love women. I love their companionship but much more, I like their touch, their feel…actually its something we both have in common.”

Dave still seemed to be grasping at what she was revealing but for the first time in weeks Jamie felt refreshed, relieved, weeks of guilt washed away. “There’s no one special in my life right now. No specific woman that has my heart and I don’t want there to be. I don’t want another person to be the reason we split up… but in time, I know there will be. So I want to end it while we still love each other, respect each other. I don’t want any more of these lies we have both been living out. Sneaking behind each other’s back,” Jamie explained.

“So, you’re… we’re breaking up,” he grasped.

“Yes. Yes, that’s what we need to do. You have your whole other life. Your new career and apparently someone else who wants to share it with you,” Jamie smiled as she reached out setting her small hand on his.

“I want you to go to her. Go now and I’m going to pack a few things,” she explained.

“You’re really leaving?” Dave asked as his voice cracked

“Yes baby,” Jamie acknowledged. I’m going to pack a few things and stay with friends. I’ll be back this week while you’re at work and pick up most of my belongings. This furniture, the stuff we bought together… you keep it. I want you to have it. I’ll just take a few things I have to have.”

Jamie leaned in and kissed Dave lightly on the lips. Pulling back she realized it was different. It had been antalya escort for awhile. She knew that now and she knew she was making the right decision for them both.

Dave got up, reached for his keys off the counter and walked out the door. He didn’t look back. Jamie was glad he didn’t. She may have cried again if he had. But deep down, she knew this was best.

Jamie called Kat and asked could she come over. Kat said, sure but to grab a suit as they planned to spend the day out by the pool. Little did Kat know Jamie had news to share.

When Taylor answered the door, Jamie saw that both women already sported their skimpy bikinis ready for an afternoon of sun and fun. Jamie walked straight up to Kat. Kat could tell Jamie had been crying and was just about to ask what the matter was when Jamie slipped the silver necklace off from around her neck. Instantly Kat and Taylor knew there was a decision, this was it.

Jamie handed the heavy choker to Kat who took it in her hand and then Jamie wrapped her arms tightly around Kat and kissed her. Her tongue pushed past Kat’s soft lips, exploring her warm mouth Her lips sliding on Kat’s as Jamie’s hands dropped down to Kat’s ass, rubbing it in her hands.

Breaking the kiss, Jamie stared into Kat’s eyes, “I told him. I told Dave he’s the only man in my life, the last man in my life… but I know now what I am. What you and Taylor helped me realize.”

“And what’s that,” Kat asked.

“I’m a lesbian. It’s what I am and what I will always be,” Jamie smiled back. Taylor felt a warm rush as she joined the two women and they all hugged, wrapping their arms around each other in the middle of the room.

Kat pushed Jamie away and then looking seriously in her eyes, “Then show me. Show me what you have become. Show me what you have learned.”

Taylor backed away as Jamie removed her shirt, slipping it over her head revealing her pert tits. Then slipping off her flats and shorts, she was soon nude kneeling before her mistress — a position with which she had become quite accustomed.

Jamie slipped Kat’s modest bathing suit down her tanned legs, displaying the smooth shaved cunt she had come to worship. As Kat stepped free, she reached behind the brunette’s head and pulled her forcefully to her already moistening pussy.

Jamie wasted no time sliding her pink tongue through the folds of Kat’s delicious pussy. She knew she had tasted nothing like it. It was intoxicating, captivating, and she knew she wanted to taste pussy forever. Taylor meanwhile had stripped off her suit and was now sitting in an arm chair playing with her little box and tweaking her own hard nipples as she watched the scene unfold in front of her.

“That’s right you little dyke, lick that pussy. Lick it real good, and then when you’re done, I’m going to take you back there and fuck that little ass of yours. Is that what you want? You want me to fuck that hot little ass of yours?”

“Please mistress. Yes, please fuck me. I want to feel you in me. I want you to take me,” Jamie begged as she moaned into Kat’s warm cunt, the juices already started to flow down her cheeks.

“Take your fingers and run them around my ass. Wet your finger and stick it in there baby. Play with my butt hole,” Kat encouraged.

Kat loved anal play and Jamie knew that. She never liked Dave fucking her there. Actually they had only tried one time before. But with Kat it was different. Maybe it was because she was more relaxed or maybe it was just that she had given herself, her body to this young coed to do as she pleased. She only knew that Kat could do whatever she wanted.

Jamie ran her wet slick finger inside of Kat’s warm chute as she felt the inner walls of her ass clasp tightly around her fingers. She removed her finger and wet it again, sticking it into her mouth. Something she would have never done months ago but she knew how clean Kat kept herself and well, she simply loved being dirty with the girl. Her mistress brought out a side of herself she never could have imagined.

Jamie returned the finger and then probed with two in Kat’s ass as she sucked on the girl’s clit, “Fuck yea, do me, do me baby,” Kat groaned as Jamie used her now expert tongue on her clit, licking, sucking, biting as Kat bucked against her pretty face. Jamie drove her fingers further into Kat’s tight back door, feeling it give way to her advances.

The young brunette knew that Kat could take it. She knew Katherine often had Taylor fuck her back there and it turned her on to be fucking her mistress’s ass with her fingers.

“Fuccckkkk,” Kat almost shrieked as Jamie tore into her pussy with her mouth. Kat bucked hard into the woman’s face as her legs shook. Kat felt an intense orgasm take her body before leaving her limp and almost unable to stand. She pulled Jamie to her feet and kissed her long and deep before she took her by the hand and led her to the back bedroom.

Taylor took up a sitting position with her back to the headboard antalya rus escort and legs spread inviting Jamie to do her next. Without any words exchanged, Jamie simply slid between Taylor’s outstretched legs, on all fours, with her inviting ass perched in the air for Kat’s next assault.

Kat slipped the black harness over her legs and fastened the seven inch cock in the strapon. She was pleased that Jamie’s ass had stretched over the last few weeks to take the bigger dildo and soon she would move her up to the nine inch cock she regularly used on Taylor. Kat lubed it up and then generously applied the lube to Jamie’s gorgeous asshole, coating it with her fingers which she ran into her nether hole.

It was important that Jamie relax and become accustomed to her probing. That was the secret as she dipped her slender warm fingers in, teasing, probing, as she moved them slowly in and out. When she felt Jamie pushing back she knew the young girl was ready as she placed the head of the cock at her anxious hole. It slid in easily as Jamie moved slowly backwards, allowing it to fill her ass.

Kat knelt motionlessly behind her letting the girl take it in herself, the slick shaft sliding into Jamie’s accepting ass. “You like my cock back there don’t you sweetie? You like me fucking that ass,” Kat purred.

“Yea, I like it a lot. I never thought I would but I love you fucking my ass. It feels soooo good,” Jamie cooed back as she felt all seven inches bury itself into her backside. It felt warm and thick. God she loved it. She loved being Kat’s bitch as she went back to feasting on Taylor’s wet young pussy.

Jamie loved hearing the sounds of Kat’s thighs slapping against her burning ass as she licked Taylor’s box. She loved the little cooing noises, the soft sighs Taylor made as she sucked on her juicy clit. She loved the taste of pussy more than anything she had ever tasted. She was so happy Taylor and Kat had pushed her to explore this side of herself. She couldn’t imagine not ever knowing how much she loved being with a woman… or women.

No man had ever made her feel the way she felt with Taylor, with Kat, with Tiffany and she knew there would be many, many more as Kat pulled the cock out slowly and then inserted the monster cock back in her accepting ass.

“You like that baby. You like my cock buried in your ass? You like being my little dirty bitch?” Kat teased her.

“Oh yes, mistress. Fuckkk me back there. Fuck my ass. It belongs to you. You can fuck it any timeeee,” Jamie groaned.

As Kat worked the cock in and out, holding on to Jamie’s ass, she kept up her taunts. “It wasn’t long ago you said you weren’t into girls. When we took you up to Lisa’s. You wanted us to take you home that night. You were so put out with us for deceiving you weren’t you?” Kat pressed.

“Yes, but I’m gladddd you did,” she groaned into Taylor’s cunt. “I’m sooo glad you didn’t listen to me. Listen to how stupid I was beeinnng, oh shiiit,” Jamie exclaimed as the cock worked her ass.

“Yea, I know you are baby. We found out how much you liked pussy didn’t we. How you liked being our little slave. To use! You liked giving yourself to me didn’t you” Kat kept on.

“Oh yessss. I loved it. I love it now. I love belonging to you. Having you fuck me,” Jamie said as she backed away from Taylor’s pussy and pushed back harder on the cock pounding away at her sweet ass.

“Tell us baby. Tell Taylor and me what you are now,” Kat demanded as she slapped hard at Jamie’s thighs.

“I’m a lesbian. I’m your little lesbian dyke. I love pussy. I love being fucked by another woman,” Jamie panted as Taylor pulled Jamie’s head up planting her soft lips against her own.

“And men, what about men?” Kat inquired.

“No men,” Jamie’s muffled reply came out as Taylor pressed her soft warm lips to hers. “I’m strictly into women. Only women. I will always be a lesbian,” she moaned.

“Then cum for me. Cum as I fuck that dyke ass of yours. Show me how much you love me. Cum for me,” Kat demanded.

It didn’t take long as Jamie’s ass met Kat’s thighs in an explosion of flesh, pounding into each other, until Jamie screamed out, “Ohhhh my God, oh shiiit.”

Within moments she collapsed with her face buried in Taylor’s wet crotch but she didn’t move. She was totally spent.

Jamie waited till mid-week when Dave was at work to go over to the apartment she had shared with Dave and collect her belongings. She wanted to give a little space so they both could adjust to the finality. She packed up her clothes and could not believe how many garments she had collected and brought with her from Colorado.

All three girls packed both hers and Katherine’s cars before Jamie closed the door behind her. She left the key on the counter knowing that there would be no return trip.

Driving back to the apartment, Kat made an unfamiliar turn, taking them instead to a Tattoo and Piercing Parlor. It was the same one antalya ucuz escort she had visited getting her tattoo months before. Jamie knew that the time had come. She would be marked with a permanent symbol of what she was. So that everyone would know and there would be no turning back from her new life as a committed lesbian.

She was a little afraid but excited at the same time. But she also knew, there was simply no turning back now.

Kat had already picked out the design of the tattoo that would adorn Jamie’s lovely body. The tat would be inked on Jamie’s right shoulder plainly visible where anyone would see it when the girl wore any garment that exposed her bare shoulder. A bathing suit of any type, halter top or dress that exposed her upper body would reveal to everyone that Jamie was a lesbian. The tattoo was a striking and colorful pair of interlocking Venus gender symbols (the circle with the cross below it) in the six color rainbow adopted by lesbians as a gay pride symbol.

Jamie smiled and immediately told Kat how much she loved it and how she would wear it proudly.

“There’s one more I want you to have,” Kat began to explain. “I know I said a single tattoo and I want you to have that on your shoulder. But I also want to mark you also in a more private place. A place where your lovers will see it. They’ll see it every time they fuck that beautiful ass of yours,” Kat explained.

“What kind of tattoo?” Jamie asked with a real inquisitive look on her face.

“I want it to be a surprise. I’ll have it placed just under your waist line so it will be hidden with jeans. But nude or in panties or a bikini, others will see it. They’ll know what you are… and it will always be there. The one on your shoulder will let the world know you are ‘out’ but the one on your ass — that’s your gift to me. Your gift for training you to be the perfect little lesbian slut, a dirty little dyke.”

Jamie stood looking at Kat and then at Taylor. She saw a girl who worked there, herself adorned with multiple tattoos and piercings, staring at her, waiting for her decision. It scared her a little not to know what design Kat had picked out. She’d be marked with something she had never seen. Something she would always carry on her ass, something Kat said would forever identify her as a dirty little dyke…what would it look like?

“Okay.. I’ll do it. You can mark me like that,” Jamie said as her head bowed in ultimate submission. She realized she couldn’t say no to Kat. Kat wouldn’t force her to do something she didn’t want to do but deep down she knew she’d do anything Kat asked. A tattoo, a piercing, there was simply nothing she wouldn’t do for her mistress.

She followed the girl into a back room where she spent several hours. Later emerging and beaming with a smile when she saw Kat and Taylor anxiously awaiting her.

Both Katherine and Taylor wanted to see the new artwork but Jamie said she wanted to wait till the evening or perhaps the next day when the redness and puffy skin settled down a bit. Jamie was very aware she had sensitive skin. The procedure had been a little more intense than she had anticipated but she was more concerned that she allow the area to accept the ink and heal.

True to her word, the next day after a brief shower, Jamie emerged from the shower and turning around she showed off her new gay pride symbol to her roommates and lovers.

“Oh my God,” Taylor gawked. “I love it. I love it so much. I want one. Let’s go back down there!” Taylor said giddy with excitement. While Kat had a tat and Taylor always said she would, she had never been inked herself. The girls also talked about a piercing each might get as a gift to each other but they simply had not gotten around to it.

Taylor had actually looked at several designs down at the parlor when Jamie was there the day before and found a pattern she liked of what appeared to be a little topless fairy, with little wings and a gorgeous set of little tits hovering over a pretty arrangement of florals.

“Okay,” Kat said. “Now its time for you to see what is on your backside. Step around here close to the mirror.”

Jamie turned her back to a mirror over the couch as Taylor held up a mirror that allowed her to see her ass as Kat peeled off the white gauze bandage that had covered the tat.

Just below her waist line on her butt just above the split of her ass was the words “Cunt Lapper” tattooed in cursive in a black text called Channel Font. A bold, distinctive black font created by Mans Greback. The words would be totally obscured by most jeans but visible in panties, low riders or any two piece bathing suit.

“Oh my Gaaawwd,” was Jamie’s only words..

“That’s what I called you that weekend in the mountains. I told you, you were a little ‘Cunt Lapper.’ Those words made you shiver each time you heard them. But even then, you knew it was true. It’s what we have made you. It’s what you are,” Kat explained softly.

Jamie seemed transfixed as she stared at it…. ‘Cunt lapper.’

It’s what she was. What she would always be now.

“What are you baby?” Kat asked softly.

“I’m a cunt lapper and I love it,” Jamie gushed.

“Well then show me bitch,” Kat retorted. “Show me what a good cunt lapper you’ve become.”

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