Seduction of Helen

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DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fiction, intended for adults age 18 and over. Do not read if you are under age, or if you find lesbianism offensive, bla bla bla. The Author retains the rights to and title to her submitted works. If you want to repost this story ask permission first before doing so. Copyright (C) 2004 by Lilinye


She kept telling me how stressed out she was, from her homework at college and rehearsals for the play she was doing. I told her she should take some time to relax and watch a movie with me. She didn’t know it but I had other plans for how I could help her relax. She agreed to see a movie of my choice and invited me over to her dorm room. Her room is at the end of the hall and sound is very well insulated because of that, which is very good for what I had planned. Knocking on her door got me all nervous because I had never tried to seduce another woman prior to this but before I could change my mind, the door opened and there she was before me. The beautiful Helen was in front of me and I lost my ability to speak.

Helen is a dirty blonde with shoulder length hair that has long layers in it and green eyes the color of the forest. Her breasts are on the smallish side, with perky nipples, which are usually rock hard in her bra, and a nice sized bubble butt, which make people want to reach out and grab it. She is thin but not ghoulishly thin, like I have seen a lot of other girls on campus. Helen is a bi-sexual tease who likes to flirt and it is driving me crazy. She is constantly rubbing my boobs in public and in private she goes even farther by touching me close to my pussy. Nothing has ever come from this other than me being worked up into sexual frustration. Before meeting her I was never bi-curious but now she has awakened some sort of desire in me to sleep with other women. Tonight is the night where I am going to issue her the ultimatum either sleep with me or stop teasing me, so I can find someone else to explore my bi-sexual curiosity with.

I must have been staring because she says “Hey doll did you come here to stare at me or to watch a movie?”

“Is it my fault that you came to your door wearing barely anything?” I said staring pointedly at her. She is wearing a short pink cropped top, which shows off her toned stomach and a short black skirt that shows off her long legs. I continue on saying “That outfit is meant to be stared at Helen and you know it.” I then teasingly ask her “How many guys attempted to antalya escort grab your ass today? How many times did you get asked out?”

“Not that it is any of your business but I put on this outfit for you, easy access you know?” she whispers and cocks her head as an invitation to come into her room. As I enter the room she makes sure to rub her chest in my face and I notice her nipples are pressing hard against the shirt because she’s not wearing a bra. She licks her lips as I put my bag down and I think to myself, this seduction might not be as hard as I thought. “What movie did you bring for us to watch” she asks.

“That’s for me to know and you to find out Helen, just sit down and wait like a good little girl” I say as I am going through my “goodie” bag looking for the DVD, making sure she doesn’t see inside the bag. She doesn’t know it yet but I brought all my vibrating sex toys, massage oil, and a double dildo for us to use together because I have high hopes for this evening.

The movie I brought for us to watch is an erotic film by Andrew Blake called Hard Edge, which is a lesbian themed film. I had bought the film off of E-bay just to watch with her. I slide the movie into the DVD player and wait for her reaction. She raises her eyebrow when she saw what kind of movie I had brought with me but sits down on her couch anyway. Her already short skirt rides up even higher and I can see she is wearing a black satin thong. Helen crooks her finger flirtatiously at me and pats the couch next to her, as an invitation for me to sit closely to her. “I hope you like it Helen, I picked it out with you in mind” I say as I sit down close to her. We start watching the movie and I can tell the movie’s sex scenes are making her horny as her panties begin to get wet. Slowly her legs begin to part and she pushes her underwear aside to give her fingers access to her damp pussy. I watch her playing with herself as her clit begins to peek out and her slit gets slicker and wetter. I look at her as if asking permission to touch her but the only answer I got was her grabbing me and kissing me on the lips. My tongue found itself in her mouth, as her tongue aggressively started to move around mine. Her hand speeds up in her crotch as she moans into my mouth. She has her first cum of the evening but I’m not finished with her yet by a longshot.

With my teeth, I roll her shirt up exposing her stiff nipples to my hungry eyes and my mouth. I place my hands on Helen’s rib alanya escort cage and slowly run my hand up over the swell of my best friend’s breast, careful not to come into contact with her sensitive nipples. I squeeze her breasts softly in my hand and Helen makes an audible gasp of pleasure. Never breaking eye contact I lower my head to lightly lick her left nipple while lightly caressing the right one with a finger I wet with her juices. I took her ripe nipple sandwiched between my soft lips and sucking at it, stroking my tongue carefully over the tip, flicking it softly back and forth. I bring her breasts close enough together so I can run my tongue back and forth between her nipples, switching from one to the other indiscriminately, kissing and nibbling them. Helen takes a sharp intake of breath and says “Are you sure you have never done this before because you’re doing a fantastic job.”

My eyes twinkle with amusement as I say “I have been dreaming about what I would do with you if I ever got the chance. I never wanted another woman until I met you and now that I have you under my spell I am going to make you cum over and over until you pass out from too much pleasure.” Sitting on the floor I slowly run my fingers up her legs, from her exposed knees and up to her delectable thighs. My fingers reach her thong and wrap around it and tugging it down slowly but determinedly, past her knees and finally to her high heeled feet. I take off her shoes tossing them into her closet and bring the pair of panties to my face taking in her musky scent.

Standing up she says “Let’s get a bit more comfortable, Hun” and quickly takes off the rest of her clothes. She grabs the bottom of my t-shirt pulling it off over my head, exposing my large breasts to the cold night air. She unexpectedly leaves my bra still on and moves on to remove my jeans. Standing there in only my black lace underwear, she grabs my ass in both her hands. She then kisses me full on. with lots of tongue, and before I know it she has backed me up to the bed, pushing me on it. She then tells me “Lie down, get comfortable, and open your legs wide on the bed.”

“No”, I say pulling her down onto the bed next to me, “I’m in charge now; we will deal with my pleasure later, because right now is all about you.” I tease her body by dragging my hair all the way down it, from head to toe and I watch her shiver. Helen pushes my head down towards her pussy and I get the gist of alanya rus escort what she wants me to do next. “Uh uh uh, Helen you have to tell me what you want me to do first, or I won’t do it” I say teasingly.

“You are such a bitch; I can’t believe you are making me say it. Stop teasing me” she exclaims.

“Now you know how I felt all those months” I say as I trail my tongue down her stomach and pause at her navel, “you still haven’t said it Helen, I want to hear you say it.” With that, I began to kiss my way up Helen’s thighs, alternating from one to the other Finally, I near my target and I hover over Helen’s blonde down covered pussy. “What a pretty pussy you have, don’t you want me to taste it?” I ask her as I look her straight in the eye.

“God, just lick my pussy already, I’m so turned on I could explode” she says as she reaches to finger her pussy again.

I push her hand away saying “No, that’s mine for now, you don’t touch.” I cup her mound with my hand and slide a finger down her plump lips, getting it wet with her juices. I bring my wet finger to my mouth and suck it like I would a dick, saying “Mmm Helen, you are quite tasty, I think I’m just going to have to go for seconds.” Using my fingers to part her lips, I expose her hot wet box to the night air, lean my head down and lick her outer lips up and down. Hearing Helen’s moans getting a deeper and deeper, I nibble ever so easy on her engorged clit and place a finger deep inside her very tight, wet cunt. As I lap at her clit, I place another finger insider her and move it in and out of her pussy curling it inside her, hoping to hit her g-spot. Her breathing was getting faster as she began tremble all over and her whole pussy began to pulsate and quiver out of control

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck baby I’m going to cum” Helen says as her face contorts with intense pleasure and the orgasm I induced continues to pulse through her body. The room fills with the sounds of Helen’s pants and grunts and my exuberant but sloppy sucking sounds as I eat her cunt. Suddenly Helen screams and a clear liquid shoots me in the face from under her clit covering me even more in her juices. She shakes a couple more times and lies still on the bed, glistening with sweat.

“What the hell was that Helen? Did you just pee on me?” I ask, getting very upset at that thought.

“Haven’t you ever heard of female ejaculation? I have never cum like that in my entire life, you are a keeper my dear” she says as she raises her head up slightly in exhaustion and pulls me down for a tender kiss. “Let me just rest a moment and then it will be time for round two” she says as she strokes my hair and we fall asleep holding each other in our arms.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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